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                                                                                  1901 through 1903


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“Rolson, Ranny A. Lincoln County probate file #479 was filed Feb 13, 1901 showing the death of Ranny A Rolson on Jan 8, 1901 in Lincoln County. The name appears in the file as Rolson and Rollison. The property was shown to be in SE ¼ 20-26-39 with the only heir and petitioner, his daughter, Phebe M Crosby, age 44, of Reardan.” (probate file notes: 1-08-1901)


“Resolutions of Condolence.—At a regular meeting of CWH Bentley Post, GAR No. 60, the following resolutions were adopted relative to the death of Commander of Post Samuel Hamilton, late of 5th Kansas Cavalry, who died on the 7th day of February 1901, at Reardan.  We regret his loss. He was post commander seven years, he was a good and patriotic citizen, we herewith extend our sympathy to his wife and family and it was further resolved to send a copy of these resolutions to each of the newspapers at Davenport and one to his widow, Mrs Mary Hamilton, at Reardan. Committee.—John Glazebrook, John Wickham, Jerry Rockhold.” (Edit: Samuel Hamilton was buried in the Spring Creek Cemetery; Dav. Tribune: 3-07-1901) 


“Reardan Way.—On Feb 26 the ladies of Rebekah lodge entertained their friends at whist. An enjoyable evening was spent. Mr O B Setters and Mrs Chas Warren were the fortunate ones.** Dr Wright of Wilbur was in town last week looking the ground over with a view to locating.** Dr Kenebach of Edwall is attending Mrs Fred Wagner who is seriously ill at this place.** Frank Thurston who came here last fall from Bozeman, Mont. and was employed in the mill during the winter, left Monday with is family for his old home. ** Very encouraging reports come from E L White who is now in San Diego, Cal,. for his health. His mother expects to leave Reardan on the 11th inst. to spend a couple of months with him.** The children of Rev Barnhardt, who have been ill for several weeks, are now on the road to recovery.” (Dav. Trib.: 3-07-1901)


“Waukon Literary.  The literature social held Feb 26, at the Star school house, two and one-half miles south of Waukon, was, despite the bad roads, a success.  The program, consisting of music and recitations, was well rendered and listened to by an appreciative audience.  The prize, consisting of an exquisite bouquet, and given to the one guessing the most books correctly, was received by Miss Mattie DeChenne.  A dainty and appetizing lunch was served, after which the crowd dispersed, all declaring the evening well spent.” (LCT: 3-08-1901)


“W P Dalton, for several months drug clerk for G M Wilson, at Wilbur, went over to Reardan, where he has purchased a half interest in the ‘Pioneer Drug Store.’  Dalton will succeed in his new venture, because he is a competent druggist and an exemplary young man.  His Wilbur friends regret his leaving but wish him unlimited success.” (LCT: 3-22-1901)


“Garber, Lucile M.  Born: Apr 3, 1901, female, Reardan. Father: Chas F Garber, 40, Switzerland, farmer. Mother: Della M Rogers, 30, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-03-1901)


“Reardan Items.—With Monday has come a decided change in the weather. The character is clearly indicated by the smiling faces of the Reardanites.** Mrs Lutzhoft, wife of one of our general hardwaremen who has been for a time under the care of Dr Kaulback, is improving rapidly.** Carrie, daughter of Mr J W Hughes, is ill with typhoid.** Mr Griffin of Iowa has been spending a few days with his cousin, Mr M Brink. He talked interestingly of Southern California where he spent the winter but not liking the coast as a location left Tuesday for Wyoming.** Come smallpox, cholera, bubonic plague—we care not as we now have three resident physicians, the last to arrive is Dr Sanger. We wish them health and happiness but can hardly be expected to wish that all may be kept busy.** Monday morning Mrs W Sexon began her labors as teacher in the Sexon district.** The Reardan Saloon is being treated to a coat of paint. Mr Forbes is the artist.** According to the latest report Mr Peter Setters who has been quite ill is improving.** At last Reardan is to have a newspaper edited by Mr O B Setters.” (Dav. Tribune: 4-11-1901)


“Leslie, James. Born: Apr 14, 1901, male, Reardan. Father: James Leslie, 56, Scotland, farmer. Mother: Elsie Urquhart, 42, Scotland.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-14-1901)


“B B Jordan, the sturdy blacksmith and constable of Reardan, brought Mr Beckman here to wait the investigation of the cause of the death of W B Waller, who died suddenly at Creston.” (Dav. Tribune: 5-09-1901)


“Reardan.—Tuesday morning, April 30th, the members of the Washington Mission of the Evangelical Assoc, met to transact business. Bishop S C Breyfogel, of Reading, PA, was present and served as Chairman. He opened the meeting with devotional exercises, after which he gave some practical hints as to what to preach, and how. The bishop is an earnest as well as eloquent speaker, who believes in a present as well as a future salvation. George Koch was chosen as secretary, and the following ministers responded: H Schuknecht, Geo Koch, G Seeberger, W F Komm, J B Schneider, John Whitestine, J W Rinear, W D Barnhart and A A Powers. Reports made indicate a gain of about 30 per cent of the entire membership. The financial reports were not so flattering, but it is hoped the people of this growing and prosperous country will come to the rescue of the ‘missionaries of the cross’ and help to spread the gospel of glad tidings. For this conference year the ministers are stationed as follows:  H Schuknecht: Supt of missions; George Koch: Spokane Trinity; W D Barnhart: Reardan; G Seeberger: Davenport; J B Schneider: Pleasant Valley; J W Rinear: Spangle mission; B Komm: no appointment; J Whitestine: no appointment; and A A Powers: returned to Harrington.  The committee on appointments could have used four more preachers could the right material have been found. The Evangelical Association is truly a missionary church, and it invites the active cooperation of all Christian people in the dissemination of  gospel truth among the people. The superintendent and mission board will endeavor to send out from time to time the best men available to extend the gospel work. The church last year celebrated its one hundredth anniversary, and in that time thousands have been led to attribute to her beneficence influence the blessings that flow from an active Christian life. May the good work be continued. A A Powers.” (Lincoln County Times: 5-10-1901)


“Reardan Items.—Dr Andrews, who has been attending Mrs Chas Garber, returned to Spokane on Friday.** Mr Mengar, who is going to move his general merchandise stock into Mr Wickham’s new stone building, is putting in fine fixtures.** We are pleased to chronicle the return of Mrs John Hughes. She has been under medical treatment at Harrington for ten weeks.** This is the last week of school.** On account of rain last Sunday the ball game which was to have been played by the Foresters and Woodmen came to naught.** A Litzhoft has purchased the hardware business of the Spokane Implement Co., and will continue business at the same stand.** Frank Walker returned from a visit east last Friday.** G H Finrow moved his family from Spokane Monday.  They are occupying the Oyster camp house.** Thomas C Hunter and family have rented Mr Capp’s house, he having moved back on his ranch.” (Dav. Tribune: 5-23-1901)


“Reardan Items.—The loss caused by the burning of the Tacoma Grain Co’s warehouse has been adjusted by the insurance companies. The damaged wheat was all sold readily at twenty-five per sack.** Messrs Hughes and Menson took a fishing trip last week to Crab Creek and report good luck.** Schultz Bros who conduct the Commercial Livery Stable have bought the stock of R E Rucker who was proprietor of the Reardan stable. The boys expect to conduct the business at both places in the future.** Dr Ellis is in Spokane this week attending a meeting of the state medical examiners.** Mrs P Tramm is in Edwall receiving treatment of Dr Kaulbach.** It is rumored that Joe Ruprath who formerly conducted the Reardan saloon is going to again open a saloon in town.** Dr Sanger has been ill for the past few days.** O B Setters, our attorney and editor, is planning a camping and fishing trip for himself and wife in the neighborhood of Springdale, Stevens Co.** The ladies of Old Glory Circle of Woodcraft, gave a very pleasant entertainment and dance last Tuesday night which was highly appreciated by a large concourse of their friends.” (Dav. Tribune: 7-04-1901)


“Thornbrue, Joseph.  Dated: July 8, 1901. Warrant #118, for $6 monthly.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 7-08-1901) 


“Joseph Ruppath who recently purchased the Eagle Saloon has moved it across the street into Chas Blake’s building formerly occupied by the Reardan Saloon.” (Dav. Tribune: 7-11-1901)


“Reardan Items.—A son was born to Mr and Mrs C W Eckman, on July 14.** A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs J C Driscoll on July 15.** A son was born to Mr and Mrs H Setters, a son on July 17.** R G White accompanied by his brother Aubrey made a flying trip to North Yakima last week.** Dr Hardinge has occupied the office lately vacated by Dr Sanger.** Robert Narl and John Johnson are drilling a well for Frank Walker on the lots recently purchased by him.** The Washington Grain & Milling Co., have begun the erection of a large warehouse.  It is badly needed as for the past two years they have been compelled to pile a large portion of the grain they received outside where it was considerably damaged by the weather.** Haying is well under way and harvesting will soon be at hand. The farmers have bought more machinery this year than ever before.** Mr J J Sargent is now assistant editor on the Reardan Gazette. He is an old time journalist and the Gazette is to be congratulated for securing his services.” (Davenport Tribune: 7-25-1901)


“The farm residence of Geo Farwell, in Crescent, was destroyed by fire Tuesday. Fred Smith and family were occupying the place, and lost everything they had in the house, Mrs S and children barely escaping with their lives. Mr Smith was absent at the time with a threshing crew.” (LCT: 9-17-1901) 


“Warren, Roy.  Born:  Sept 13, 1901 at Reardan. Father: Lew L Warren.  Mother: Minnie Bird.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#234 for 9-13-1901)


“J J Sargent, who formerly worked on the Times, but who is now doing the heavy work on the Reardan Gazette, paid the county seat a hurried visit Tuesday.” (LCT: 9-17-1901)


“Mahart, - (Mahrt) male.  Born: Sept 27, 1901, male, Reardan. Father: Henry Mahart, 33, WI, farmer. Mother: Annie McRae, 38, Switland.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-27-1901)


“As was thought to be almost inevitable from the nature and extent of his disease, Henry G Setters died at the Sacred Heart hospital, Spokane, last Saturday at 1:30 p.m., after undergoing an operation which left but one chance for his life.  It was found that the condition of his liver was such as to preclude any hope of recovery whatever, and death was a welcome release.  The remains were brought back to Reardan, Oct 13th, and deposited in the hall of the Odd Fellows lodge, deceased being a member of that order.” (LCT: 10-22-1901)


“Ole Nosburg, of Waukon, in a Fit of Insanity, Shoots Himself Through the Head. Mr Ole Nosburg, of Waukon, committed suicide Sunday morning by shooting himself through the head. Sheriff Gardner was immediately notified of the unfortunate affair, and, accompanied by Coroner Moore, repaired to the scene of the tragedy, and to the former we are indebted for the particulars.  Mr Nosburg was a middle aged man of about 45 years, and has a wife and four children.  He was a Swede, and was the only one in the family who could speak English. Besides his wife and children, his aged parents, well on to 80 years, are left to grieve over the mournful tragedy that has overtaken their only son. It is about ten years since this son came to this country, and a little later the father followed, and they were so well pleased with their surroundings that the latter went back, sold off all their property in the old country, and together the family came to Washington, and secured a couple of good farms about a mile and a half north of Waukon, where they have since continued to live, and wher they have prospered.  They were a happy family, to all appearance, and there was no known cause or reason for the terrible deed on Sunday morning.  Of late it had been noted that Mr Nosburg sometimes acted peculiar, and it is presumed that in a sudden fit of insanity, was seized with the impulse to end his life.  He had just purchased a lease to an adjoining farm, with a good house, into which he expected to move with his family for the winter. Sunday morning he said he was going to the post office for mail, though some effort was made to dissuade him. When he got over the hill, two or three hundred yards from the house, a shot was heard.  One of the boys, thinking something might have happened, followed after, and soon came upon his body. The fatal shot had been fired into his mouth, coming out the back of his head. Sheriff Gardner had the battered and bruised bullet with him which was found in the hat after going through the head. The shot had been fired out of a large Colt’s revolver, which he always kept under his pillow, and which no one knew he had in his possession when he left.  The wife and family were prostrated over the tragedy, and an object of pity to all who witnessed their grief. The sheriff had to use an interpreter to glean the facts gathered. Mrs Nosburg is said to be quite an intelligent looking woman, although she does not speak English. They are financially in good circumstances.” (Dav. Trib: 10-22-1901) 


“John Wickham, of Reardan, departed several weeks ago for San Francisco, where he expects to meet his brother and wife, residents of Australia, who are touring Canada and the United States. They will sail for home from ‘Frisco, where Mr Wickham will, as stated, intercept them and visit for a few days with the brother he has not seen in years.” (LCT: 10-29-1901)


“Schalock, Gilbert F.  Born: Oct 30, 1901 at Waukon. Father: Frank F Schalock. Mother: Meta Helena Harder.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#113 for 10-30-1901)


“Mrs Karen Hope died at her home near Reardan Tuesday at Spokane. She was 71 years old and had lived in the county 13 years.” (Citizen: 12-06-1901)


“Thos McLain, one of the first settlers in this country, who left Reardan in 1896 for Alberta, BC, thence removing to Montana, arrived in town last Monday evening, accompanied by his children and his aged father, John McLain.  Mr McLain, Jr, lost his wife about two weeks ago. The family expect to return to Reardan permanently. Their arrival caused considerable surprise and a lot of personal reminiscences of the ‘early days’ with the oldtimers.” (LCT: 12-10-1901)


“Travis, Westley Allen.  Born: Dec 24, 1901 at Reardan.  Father: John Westley Travis.  Mother: Ella Regina Woolsey.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#231 for 12-24-1901)


“Styles, - (Stiles) female.  Born: Dec 29, 1901, female, Reardan. Father: Homer Styles, 42, ME, farmer. Mother: Mary Higgins, 32, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-29-1901)


“The ‘Reardan School Bulletin’ is the title of a neat pamphlet just issued by the 8th grade for public information and sale.  It embraces a concise history of the school district, lists of all officers and teachers from 1883 to date, a synopsis of the clerks’ minutes of Board proceedings since1883, and several original sketches by pupils.  It is entirely the work of the 8th grade pupils—printing, of course, excepted.  They wish to sell it for the benefit of the school library fund, and if the smallpox scare had not knocked out their proposed public entertainment just as the pamphlet was published, all would have been sold.” (LCT: 1-21-1902)


“The business men of Reardan have signed resolutions condemning the action of Spokane jobbers in refusing to receive checks on country banks free of exchange, and stating that the drayage charges made by Spokane are an injustice to the country merchants.” (Citizen: 1-31-1902)


“Bentley, Ruth Esther.  Born: Feb 2, 1902 near Reardan. Father: Sherman S Bentley. Mother: Mary E Warren.” (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#137 for 2-02-1902)


“Clother, Jennie Marie.  Died: Feb 14, 1902, at Reardan. Aged: 22 yrs.” {Edit: Jennie Clother was buried in the Reardan Cemetery, 1879-1902.} (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-14-1902)


“Mr J J Sargent, assistant publisher of the Reardan Gazette, is just recovering from a serious illness.” (LCT: 2-18-1902)


“W P Dalton of the Pioneer drug store, Reardan, has sold out his interests to J C Ellis, and will leave that place. The change is caused by Mr Ellis poor health.” (Citizen: 3-14-1902) 


“Mr M Olsen, of Reardan, who has just sold his bank at that place to Mr Moriarity, was in town on Wednesday, getting ready to go back to Denmark on a few months’ visit, accompanied with his family. It is 27 years since he left his native land, and he wishes to pay it another visit and see mother, who is now over 90 years of age. He has prospered here in the west, and intends to return in five or six months and again re-enter business. The Times wishes him a pleasant visit.” (LCT: 4-01-1902)


“Logan, baby. Born: Apr (no date), 1902, female, Reardan. Father: Fred Logan, 33, IA, farmer. Mother: Althea Hutchinson, 23, CO.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-__-1902)


“Weipert, Georgia M.  Born: Apr 6, 1902 at Waukon.  Father: Sebastian A Weipert.  Mother: Florence B Kerns.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#332 for 4-06-1902)


“Ensor, - male. Born: Apr 9, 1902, male, Reardan. Father: L E Ensor, 39, MD, farmer. Mother: Mary Barneo, 36, MD.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-09-1902)


“August Wendlant (2nd m, age 33, of Reardan) married Hulda Rathke (19, of Edwall) married 30 Apr 1902 at Edwall by J P Ehret.)  (Lincoln County Auditor-Marriage ledger: 4-30-1902)


“Brommer, male.  Born: May 24, 1902, male, Reardan. Father: Henry Brommer, 31, Germ., farmer. Mother: Gesine Sturcke, 28, Germany.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-24-1902)


“Ellen E, the bright and interesting 6-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs J J Smith, of Reardan, died last Thursday morning at 6 o’clock from incision of the bowels, brought on originally by a severe attack of shooping cough about a hear ago.”  (LCT: 5-27-1902)


“Four Cars, of wagons, buggies, plows and seeders, and three more cars coming. John Raymer, Reardan.” (LCT: 6-03-1902)


“Thornbrue, Joseph.  Dated: June 1902. Died.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 6-__-1902) 


“Webb, Bessie Amelia. Born: June 9, 1902 near Reardan.  Father: Thomas D Webb.  Mother: Emma Peterson.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#436 for 6-09-1902)


“McLane, John.  Dated: June 7, 1902; Warrant #148 for $15. Nursing care at advanced age of 87 years.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 6-07-1902) 


“MacLane, John.  Dated: June 13, 1902; Warrant #149 for $35. Funeral expenses. Post #60, Reardan.”  {Edit: probable burial in Spring Creek Cemetery as J T McLain, Co A, 1st Kansas Cavalry.} (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 6-13-1902) 


“Thornbrue, Joseph; probate #646, filed Mar 22, 1905; intestate.  Joseph Thornbrue died on 23 June 1902.  Adm = Julia A Thornbrue;  Property: Lots 1 & 2 & S ½ of NE ¼ 3-26-38 and one town lot in Davenport Lot 9 Blk 14.  Heirs: Elijah H, son, 47, Sawtell, CA;  John D, 45, Mondovi, WA; Chas A, 42, Creston; Emma R Stinsman, dau, 39, Springdale, Stevens Co, WA; Ada J Young, 36, Portland; Julia A Stanley, (dec. dau w/ heirs:  Grattis E Stanley, 13, Mondovi; Bernice E Stanley, 11, Mondovi; and Elgin G Stanley, 9, Mondovo); Joseph N, 30, Mondovi; and Geo A, 28, Mondovi.” (notes from Lincoln Co Probates: 6-23-1902)



“First Presbyterian Church of Reardan organized with 15 members.”  (Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy, page 330; Date shown for organization: 7-13-1902)


“Hanes, - male.  Born: July 28, 1902, male, Reardan. Father: Otis A Hanes, 26, WI, drayman. Mother:  Mary A Davidson, 23, CA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-28-1902)


“G H Lair, who had been a Washington resident since 1886, died August 2, 1902 at his home north of Reardan. The funeral was held at the Baptist Church and the GAR burial in Spring Creek Cemetery. Mr Lair was born in Ohio in 1826.” (Wilbur Register: 8-15-1902)


“O A Stevenson pulled his threshing outfit in Tuesday, having run 24 days, in all in the Reardan country.  Mr Stevenson threshed 2,813 bushels of wheat and 175 bushels of oats last Monday with his 30-inch Russel outfit; moved four times and made three clean-ups.  He challenges any other make of machine of the same size to beat this record.” (LCT: 9-30-1902)


 “Chas Prest (22, of Deer Trail) and Ella McDowl (17, of Fruitland) married 11 Oct 1902 at Reardan by W D Barnhart.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor-Marriage Ledger: 10-11-1902)


“Mrs Peter Tramm, of Reardan, was given a surprise party Wednesday night, it being her 60th birthday.  A number of handsome presents were made her, and a very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all present.” (LCT: 11-04-1902)


“Wayne, the little ten year old son of Mr & Mrs W H McCoy of Reardan, was run over by the local freight Wednesday noon, and killed. It is not known for certain whether the little fellow was trying to cross in front of a car, or was trying to climb on. The wheels passed over his right leg near the top, breaking and lacerating it in a horrible way, Dr R Moore was called from Davenport to see him, but he was then sinking, and died in the evening. Mr McCoy is the postmaster and druggist at Reardan.” (LCT: 11-28-1902)


“Daniel Kohler, of Reardan, returned Wednesday last from Washington, DC, where he had been attending the GAR encampment.** A Reardan carpenter swallowed a nail, a few days ago while engaged at work, and for fear it might go through cross-ways, gave a couple of heaves and threw it up again.” (LCT: 12-02-1902)


“Mrs Chas Crosby, who has lived six miles north of Reardan for the last 22 years, died at her home last Saturday, the 6th, and was buried at Spring Creek cemetery, Monday. She had been ill for about two years, and passes away mourned by all who knew her. She was born in Columbus, Ohio, December 20, 1856, was married to Charles R Crosby in Santa Rosa, California, June 25, 1873, and in 1880, located on a homestead a few miles north of Reardan. Three children were born to them, two of which are still living. Deceased was an affectionate mother and wife, kind neighbor and a good Christian woman. The funeral services were conducted from their residence, Rev Pershall conducting the same. A large number of friends and neighbors followed the remains to their final resting place.” (12-12-1902)


“A number of local capitalists have organized a company to deal in real estate in the Horse Heaven country.  At a meeting today it was decided to incorporate under the name of the Reardan Land and Investment company.  The amount of capital stock is to be $50,000.  J W Hughes, W B Warren and C S Warren were named as a board of directors to serve for the first six months. The company holds options on large tracts in the Horse Heaven.” (Dav. Tribune: 12-18-1902)


“Miss Whitson has been employed by the Reardan board of school directors to take Miss Houtchins room for the remainder of the year.  Miss Houtchins resigned for the purpose of getting married Christmas eve. Reardan school teachers seem to be in demand in the matrimonial line.  Miss Houtchins is the second one of the teachers to get married since school started last September, and it is hoped the present list of teachers will postpone getting married until after school closes, a it works a hardship on the directors, and especially the clerk, in trying to find teachers, remarks the Reardan Gazette.” (LCT: 1-09-1903)


“The Reardan band boys met Saturday evening and organized a brass band, to be known as the Reardan Band.  W H Capps was elected president and O B Setters, secretary and treasurer. William Sparks was secured as instructor and given authority to procure music for the band.” ** “The stockholders of the Reardan Exchange Bank held their regular annual meeting on last Monday evening. The old officers were re-elected for the ensuing year. The stockholders also voted to start a surplus fund and set aside $5,000 for that purpose. This virtually increases the capital stock of the bank to $30,000.” (LCT: 1-13-1903)


“Egypt Events. Rev Rodgers, of Reardan, is holding a series of meetings this week, but owing to the poor condition of the roads, but few are able to attend.” (LCT: 1-30-1903)


“On account of a serious attack of rheumatism, Miss Olive Kelso has had to resign her position as teacher in the Reardan public school, thus necessitating the employment of another teacher.  Miss Kate Wolford has been engaged to succeed Miss Kelso.” ** “Mrs Jennie F White, formerly a resident of Reardan, and now of North Yakima, was visiting with old time friends last week.” (LCT:3-03-1903)


“1st Presbyterian Church of Reardan. Articles of Incorporation filed March 20, 1903. Signed by John Hoover, D L Reaugh, and F P Walker.” (notes from Misc B page 524, Lincoln Co Auditor: dated 3-20-1903)


“Killed at Reardan.  Wayne, the little ten-year old son of Mr and Mrs W H McCoy, of Reardan, was run over by the local freight Wednesday noon, and killed. It is not known for certain whether the little fellow was trying to cross in front of a car, or was he trying to climb on.  The wheels passed over his right leg near the top, breaking  and lacerating it in a horrible way.  Dr R Moore was called from Davenport to see him, but he was then sinking, and died in the evening. Mr McCoy is the postmaster and druggist at Reardan.”  (LCT: 3-31-1903) 


“Big Bend Editors. The second annual meeting of the Big Bend Editorial Association convened in Davenport on Monday...Those in attendance were: President O B Setters, of the Reardan Gazette; Howard Spining of the Wilbur Register; D Frank Peffley of the Creston News; R S Crowl of the Odessa Record; CC Hammerly of the Almira Journal; and the two Davenport editors...” (LCT: 4-03-1903)


“Baeder, Bertha Louise. Born May 10, 1903 at Waukon. Father: Baeder, John J; Mother: Zeigner, Lizzie C.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#304 for 5-10-1903)


“Dolbow, Mable Roxy. (#210). Died: May 26, 1903; Age: 18 yrs. Place of death: Lincoln County.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death register: 5-26-1903)


“The commissioners have driven to the Spokane River at a point north of Reardan to inspect a proposed bridge site. The bridge is to be upon a prospective road from Reardan to the Cedar Canyon mining country.  The citizens of Reardan are making an effort to secure the trade of this district and agree to build the proposed road providing the county will construct the bridge.” (Dav. Tribune: 6-05-1903)


“Moon, Rosa E.  Born: June 29, 1903 at Reardan.  Father: Nathan Gould Moon. Mother: Rosa Emma Harder.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#462 for 6-29-1903)


“Taggert, - male. Born: June 25, 1903, male, Reardan. Father: L E Taggert, 39, KY, laborer. Mother: Lena O Sayre, 21, OH.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-25-1903)


“Setters, - male.  Born: June 26, 1903, male, Reardan. Father: O B Setters, 26, MO, lawyer. Mother: Della M Knapp, 27, OH.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-26-1903)


“Stevenson, - male. Born: July 8, 1903, male, Reardan. Father: T G Stevenson, 48, Canada, retired. Mother: Emma M D Tramm, 28, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-08-1903)


“Travis, Jos James. Born: July 10, 1903, male, Reardan. Father: John W Travis, 35, IA, teamster. Mother: Ella R Woolsey, 18, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-10-1903)


“Lair, - male. Born: July 15, 1903, male, Reardan.  Father: Geo Wm Lair, 39, IL, laborer. Mother: Janeaum E Vaude Walter, 36, IN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-15-1903)


“Burns, Dean H.  Born: July 23, 1903, male, Reardan. Father: Harvey G Burns, 25, MO, banker.  Mother: Edna Dean Crawford, 24, OR.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-23-1903)


“Sperry, Chas L.  Born: Aug 24, 1903, male, Reardan. Father: Chas H Sperry, 30, IA, farmer. Mother: Mary Keplinger, 23, UT.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-24-1903)


“C H Blake residing six miles north of Reardan on Saturday sold his ranch containing 276 acres to Fred B Barnard of South Dakota for $5,000.  Mr Blake will move to Almira where he has property interests.” (LCT: 9-08-1903)


“Adolph Heberlein, of Crescent, civil and mining engineer, well known in mining states, was laid to rest in Spring Creek Cemetery, Aug 30, 1903. Deceased was born in Braubach, on the Rhine, Germany, and studied at the Koblenz and Kelausthal mining academies from whence he followed a call to the Michigan iron mines, in 1860, where he served also as state surveyor.  Failing health forces him to leave his occupation temporarily, and he moved with his family to a farm at Crescent, WA, several years ago, where the family is held in high esteem.” (LCT: 9-15-1903)


“King, Mervil.  Born: Sept 18, 1903 at Reardan. Father: Walter H King. Mother: Emma Adam.” (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#352 for 9-18-1903)


“Little Beatrice Hughes came near being trampled and run over by a six horse team Tuesday.  The little girl was coming up from the post office and was walking backwards when she got in between the wheelers and the swing team. The horses were stopped and the little one taken out on the other side badly scared but uninjured.—Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 10-23-1903)


“Restless Pencil Pushers. The newspapers of the Big Bend have been experiencing all kinds of changes this fall. Spining & Bassett of the Wilbur Register and the Hartline Standard have dissolved partnership, and Spining is now ‘it’ on both papers.  Setters of the Reardan Gazette recently climbed off the tripod in favor of Taylor, and has re-engaged in the business in the Palouse country. Garretson of the Harrington Citizen and the Downs Dispatch has sold the latter to Arthur and the former to Goodwin and gone to where he can listen to what the wild waves are saying, over on the coast.  Crowl, who some time since sold the Odessa Record to Weik, has re-purchased an interest in it. Norton, who sold the Washtucna Enterprise to a former employee of the office, whose name we do not recall, has been called to the desk of managing editor to the Walla Walla Daily Union.  This promotion is understood to be the reward for his lonesome championship of fellows who in the rotten roost at Olympia last winter sold out their constituents’ interests, but in the deal gave honest Levia toga. A new paper was born at Quincy not long after the funeral of one at Coulee City. Outside our bailiwick changes have also happened.  Burrows, who sold the Register at Rockford to Campbell, was soon in harness again with the Journal at St John—another new one.  Hawkins of the Springdale Record turned the scissors and paste-pot over to Bisson.  It seems that the newspaper fraternity is about as restless as any other element of society in the far west.—Creston News.” (Citizen: 10-23-1903) 


“On Monday of last week the Reardan Hotel changed proprietors, Mrs Joseph Pillanda, of Spokane, buying Mr Speegle’s interest.** Dr Whitney, of Davenport, and Dr Ellis of Reardan, held a council Monday, of last week, over Arthur Davis of Reardan, who is very low of heart disease.” (LCT: 10-27-1903)


“J R Laird, of Reardan, reported Sunday evening that he had been held up, robbed of two bottles of booze, and stabbed twice while walking along the track near the elevator.” (Harrington Citizen: 11-10-1903)


“The fourteen year old daughter of Fred Mahrt, of Reardan, met with a peculiar accident last Thursday. She was pushed out of the swing and in falling struck the side of a building and ran a sliver five inches long into her back just under the right shoulder blade. She was brought to Reardan and Dr Ellis successfully removed the splinter.” ** “Curtin Bros, who have been running the Big Bend Meat Market the past six months, sold out their stock and closed their shop last Thursday. Joe will buy stock in this vicinity for a Spokane firm. Oscar and John Meyers departed Friday for Sand Point, Idaho, to work in a slaughter house.  The boys are gentlemanly fellows and made many friends here who were sorry to see them leave.—Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 11-13-1903) “J R Laird, of Reardan, reported Sunday evening that he had been held up, robbed of two bottles of booze and stabbed twice while walking along the track near the elevator.” (LCT: 11-10-1903)


“Passing of Pioneer.  Hardly a week passes by without the removal for all time to come of some old settlers—passing over the border line, into that ‘undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler e’er returns’.  Hardy pioneers were they; digging and delving and causing this land to bloom like the rose of Sharon. Grand people were they too, heroic souls, forceful and courageous. We have a few left. May life be pleasant to them. The blessings we now enjoy are traceable to their inconvenience and labor in days that are past and gone.  Give the old settler a warm greeting, his days are passing swiftly by and the scenes he once knew so well he will soon know no more forever.” (Reardan Gazette: 11-13-1903)


“Reardan citizens who have been visiting the beet sugar factory at Waverly, Spokane County, report that $52.50 is realized per acre from the beets, expense per acre $30, leaving a net profit of $22.50 to the farmer.  Mr Corbin informed the visitors that if they would put in two or three hundred acres to beets in the vicinity of Davenport and Reardan next season, he would buy them.” (Dav. Tribune: 11-17-1903) ** “Mr C E Rude, of Davenport, and Miss Sadie Edwards, of Reardan, were married at noon, Sunday, Nov 15th, 1903, Rev H F Thompson officiating. The ceremony occurred at the home of the bride’s parents, a few miles north of Reardan, in the presence of about thirty invited guests.  Mr Rude is a thrifty, energetic young man, who enjoys the respect and confidence of a wide circle of friends, and the bride is also a charming and pleasing young woman.  Rude is a professional auctioneer, and the owner of a lot of good land, which he purchased four years ago, before the rise in land values, and is, therefore, in easy circumstances. The Times joins in wishing Mr and Mrs C E Rude much happiness and continued prosperity.” (LCT: 11-17-1903) “Wallace Richard Byrd died at the home of his father in Reardan Monday, aged 40 years, 3 months and 4 days. He was a mechanist and is said to have been a first-class workman. About five years ago he was severely injured while running an electric plant at Athens, Illinois, from which he never fully recovered and which was the indirect cause of his death, says the Gazette.” (LCT: 11-17-1903)


“On Wednesday, Nov 4th, the marriage of Mr George G Gunning and Miss Maude Smith was solemnized by the Rev S M Forsythe, DD, at the home of the bride’s parents at Crescent. The bride was gowned in a tasteful costume of white crepon and looked very pretty.  Her sister, Miss Felicia, who acted as bridesmaid was becomingly gowned in white.  Mr Swinger of Crescent supported the groom. After the ceremony, the guests, with the bride and from sat down to a bountiful repast.  Mr and Mrs Gunning will make their future home in the vicinity of Reardan.—Gazette.”  (Citizen: 11-20-1903)


“G H Whitson (26, of Reardan) and Blanche A Gibson married 26 Nov 1903 at Reardan by W D Barnhart, minister.”   (Lincoln Co Auditor-Marriages Ledger: 11-26-1903)


“J W Hostetter, living a few miles north of town, lost his house and contents by fire between 6 and 7 o’clock last Thursday.  All that was saved was a cook stove and sewing machine.—Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 11-27-1903)


“A quiet wedding occurred at the home of Mr and Mrs N G Moon on Thursday afternoon of this week at 3:30 o’clock, at which time their niece Miss Blanche Gibson was united in marriage to Mr G H Whitson.  Rev W D Barnhart tied the nuptial knot.  Only a few of the near relatives were present.  After the ceremony the happy couple were driven to Edwall where they took the train for Spokane where they will spend a part of their honeymoon.  The bride is a most worthy young lady and one of the most popular in Reardan.  The groom is the energetic warehouse manager for the Washington Grain & Milling Co, at this place and is a thrifty and upright young man.  Mr Whitson has purchased S Heard’s residence on Maple Avenue and he and his fair bride will occupy it immediately upon their return from their wedding tour.  This popular and worthy young couple have a host of friends in this vicinity and all will unite in wishing them the happiness and prosperity they deserve.—Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 12-04-1903)


“Mr Chas Dittmar and Miss Laura Hoye stole a march on their numerous friends by going to Spokane and being married Saturday.  The bride is the accomplished daughter of Mr and Mrs J H Hoye of this place while the groom is one of the popular clerk’s in John Raymer’s store.  The happy couple returned home Sunday afternoon and have now gone to housekeeping in the rooms over the Pioneer Drug store. These worthy young people have many friends in Reardan and vicinity who will join with the Gazette in wishing them a happy wedded life replete with prosperity.—Gazette.” (Citizen: 12-11-1903)


“At the town election at Reardan, Tuesday of last week, 52 votes were cast.  J C Driscoll was elected mayor, and John Raymer, T G Stevenson, John Wickham, Peter Tramm Sr, and Wm Brandenburn, councilmen.  Harvey G Burns was elected treasurer.” (LCT: 12-15-1903) “Miss Bessie Asmus, the 16-year-old daughter of Mrs R Rucker, of Reardan, died last Friday morning, after an illness of only a few days. Sunday she was able  to attend church, although suffering from a cold. Pneumonia developed and resulted in her death before her friends realized that she was seriously ill. She leaves her mother and step-father.” (LCT: 12-15-1903)


“Reardan Lodge, No 84, IOOF, celebrated the 12th anniversary of the institution of the lodge last Saturday. A banquet was served and a short program rendered, to which all the members of the lodge, with their families and a number of friends, were invited. The lodge has been growing steadily and now has a membership of 90.” (LCT: 12-22-1903)


“Mrs F H Tompson died at her home five miles northeast of Reardan Sunday morning about one o’clock of general tuberculosis, aged about 40 years. The funeral was held Monday from the Evangelical church Rev Barnhart and Rev Streyffeler preaching the funeral sermon.” (LCT: 12-29-1903)




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