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                                                                                1897 through 1900


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“Wendlandt, Dora.  Died: Feb 4, 1897 at Reardan. Age: 21 years. Birth: Germany. Married. Residence: Reardan.  Father: Peter Wiese, born Germany.  Mother: Bertha Larson, born Sweden. Cause of death: septicemia.” {Edit: A TS in the Reardan Cemetery shows Margaret Dorothea Wendlandt. Born: 1875. Died: 1897.} (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-04-1897)


“Seeman, - male. Born: Feb 17, 1897, male, Reardan. Father: Chris Seeman, 47, Germany, farmer. Mother: Gertrude K Ostercamp.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-17-1897)


“Howard, Albert.  Warrant # (not shown) for $25, dated Feb 15, 1897, sickness relief.”  (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 2-15-1897) 


“Ensor, Fanny May.  Died: March 2, 1897, at Reardan,  aged 27. Cause: pulmonary tuberculosis. Birth: IL. Residence: Reardan. Father: Samuel Enstis, born Maine; Mother: Ellen Reynolds, born England.” {TS in Reardan Cemetery shows Fannie M Ensor, 1869-1897}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-02-1897) 

“Wipert, Mary.  Died: March 12, 1897, age 43, at Waukon. Married. Cause: Heart Disease. Birth: OH.  Residence: Waukon. Father: Thomas Castel, born OH; Mother: Lida Cacret, born VA.”  {Edit: TS in Reardan Cemetery shows: Mary E Weipert. 1854-1897} (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-12-1897)


“McDougall, Douglas. Lincoln Co Probate file #209, filed 13 March 1897; estate. Douglas McDougall reportedly died Feb 18, 1893 in Lincoln Co. with property in 8-26-39. His heirs are shown as:  D McDougall age 36 in KS; James A Bently, 30, in Reardan; _____ McDougall, 23, Reardan; J McDougall, 38, in Reardan, Archabald A McDougall, 32, Reardan; and Jane McDougall in Kansas. John Surber, friend.” (probate notes filed: 3-13-1897)


“Reynolds, Mrs Nancy.  Dated: March 16, 1897; Warrant #13, for $50. Headquarters Reardan, destitution of soldier’s widow, now point of death.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 3-16-1897)


“Reynolds, Nancy P.  Died: March 19, 1897 near Reardan, age 65. Birth: MO.  Residence: near Reardan. Father: Mathew Kidd, born KY; Mother: Mary Greidner, born KY.”  {TS in Spring Creek Cemetery shows: 1832-1897}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-19-1897) 


“The two year old child of Mr & Mrs H D Carson of Cresent Park died Friday evening. The funeral will be held from the residence today. Interment will be at Spring Creek Cemetery.” (Edit: Carstens; Spokane ___: 3-21-1897 )



“Ahlf, female.  Born: March 23, 1897 at Reardan. Father: J August Ahlf, 34, Germany, farmer; Mother: Myrtle Bailey, 22, IA.” . Birth at Reardan on March 23, 1897.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-23-1897)


“Kurz, - female. Born: Apr 4, 1897, female, Reardan. Father: Ludwig Kurz, (no data). Mother: Maggie Kurz, (no data).” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-04-1897)


“Kurtz, Joseph.  Died: April 8, 1897 at Reardan. Age: 28, born: MO. Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Residence: Reardan.  Married. Father: Joseph Kurtz, born Germany.  Mother: Pauline ____, born Germany.” {Edit: Buried in Reardan Cemetery with probable erroneous single date of 1892.}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-08-1897) 


“Notice of Final Proof. Moultrie J Davis. Land office at Spokane Falls, Wash. May 25, 1897. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Register and Receiver of the US Land Office at Spokane Falls, Wash., on Aug 5, 1897, viz:  Moultrie, J Davis, who made H’d entry, No. 7555, for the SW ¼ Sec 24 Twp 27 N, R 39 EWM.  He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: George Cary, Frank Hanes, and Mark L Buchanan, all of Crescent, Wash.  Matthew E Logan, Register.” (LCT: 5-28-1897)


“Menger, - female. Born: July 15, 1897, female, Reardan. Father: O A Menger, 33, KS, merchant. Mother: Lizzie Nagely, 31, Switzerland.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-15-1897)


“Rice, - female. Born: Aug 18, 1897, female, near Reardan.  Father: Charles Rice, 25, CA, farmer. Mother: Julia Crow, 24, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-18-1897)


“Jordan, George William.  Born: Aug 27, 1897 at Reardan.  Father: Benjamin B Jordan. Mother: Lydia Hamilton.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#138 for 8-27-1897)


“Made a Mistake in Medicine. Reardan, Wash., Sept 18.—Jack Hawkins, a farm hand working for Fred Gravelle at Grevelle Station, on the old Seattle railroad, took a dose of strichnine yesterday, for what he supposed to be common salts, and died within 20 minutes.  Coroner Waterhouse was summoned, but decided that an inquest was not necessary. His family, at Brainerd, MN, was wired for instructions for the disposition of the body.” (LCT: 9-24-1897)


“Green, - female.  Born: Sept 25, 1897, female, Reardan. Father: Geo Green, 40, MO, grain buyer. Mother: Susan Reynolds, 29, MO.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-25-1897)


“Moon, - female. Born: Sept 26, 1897, female, Reardan. Father: N G Moon, 44, PA, farmer. Mother: Rosa Harder, 21, CA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-26-1897)


“Carstens, James Arthur.  Born: Oct 22, 1897 at Reardan. Father: Oscar Carstens. Mother: Jennie Smith.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#280 for 10-22-1897)


“Mahrt, James Alexander. Born: Oct 27, 1897.  Father: Henry Mahrt. Mother: Annie McRae.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#70 for 10-27-1897)


“Reardan Grain Co. Lincoln Co probate file #323 was filed on Nov 15, 1897 for the Dissolution of the Reardan Grain Company.” (probate file notes: 11-15-1897)


“Imhoff, Henrietta L.  Born: Nov 15, 1897, female, Reardan. Father: H L Imhoff, 27,  IA, laborer.  Mother: (not shown) Hutchinson, 22, CO.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-15-1897)


“J Q Reynolds, son of J Q Reynolds (died Nov 21, 1892) and of Nancy P Reynolds (died 19 Nov 1897). Patent dated Feb 23, 1892 for S ½ NE ¼ and SE ¼ NW ¼ and Lot 1 of Sec 4 Twp 25 R 39. Children of JQ Sr and Nancy Reynolds: Elizabeth Bebout; Wm A Reynolds; Mary R Capps; Susan Green, and J Q Reynolds.”  (notes from affidavit of J Q Reynolds in Misc B page 354 with Lincoln Co Auditor: death date noted: 11-29-1897)


“Mr John Raymer, the Reardan hardware merchant, was in town on business Tuesday and Wednesday.  He is one of the most prosperous business men in the county.  He stated that there was perhaps about fifteen per cent of the wheat crop unthreshed around Reardan, but that the farmers of the county, generally speaking, are in better shape than they have ever been since the country was first settled.” (LCT: 11-27-1897)


“Zwainz, - female.  Born: Dec 1, 1897, female, Reardan.  Father: Sebastian Zwainz, 38, Austria, farmer. Mother: Minnie Steiner, 30, Austria.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-01-1897)


“Mr C H Blake, the Reardan liveryman, drove to this city Thursday last, and on his way home in the evening was ‘held up’ by two highwaymen within half a mile of his home and relieved of $200 and a gold watch, which he carried on his person.  The robbers, who were masked, made him get out of the sleigh and start back toward Davenport, while they took possession of the rig and drove into Reardan, left the team at Blake’s stable, and then started off east across the fields.  After Mr Blake’s arrival a party was organized to pursue them, but they have not been overtaken up to date.” (LCT: 12-10-1897)


“Mansfield, Rupert. Born: Dec 24, 1897, male, Reardan.  Father: A Mansfield, 37, MI, farmer. Mother:  (not shown) Jones, 28, MI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-24-1897)


“Davidson, - male. Born: Dec 26, 1897, male, Reardan. Father: John R Davidson, 42, CA, drayman and farmer. Mother: Susan Cory, 38, IN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-26-1897)


Marht, - (Mahrt) male.  Born: Jan 16, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: Fred Marht, 37, WI, farmer. Mother: Emma Steffen, 28, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-16-1898)


“Mary E Clark, deceased prior to Jan 29, 1898. Her children were identified as Thomas G Clark, 18; Lewis P Clark, 15; Florence A Clark, 10; and Lawrence A Clark, age 8. The children’s father was Simon S Clark of Reardan. Their grandfather was G Davidson of Lincoln Co, WA.  The children own 1/16 interest in the property of SE ¼ 22-25-37.” (research file notes: 1-29-1898)


“Seeman, Chris. Lincoln Co probate file #370, filed May 4, 1900, showing the death of Chris Seeman on Feb 6, 1898, leaving a widow, Gertrude Seaman, and children at Reardan. The children were shown as: Mary, 14; Emma, 12; Ella, 10; Willie, 8; Lizzie, 7; and Henry Seeman, 2 yrs.” (probate notes: 2-06-1898)


“Seamon, Chris. Died: 2-15-1898 at Reardan, aged 47. Married. Cause: pneumonia. Birth: Germany. Father: Seaman, born German; Mother: born Germany.”  {Edit: Reardan Cemetery burial showing age as 47 years 6 months}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-15-1898)


“Crescent Crumbs. Febr’y 15th. There will be a dance at the West Crescent school house, Friday evening, 18th. ** Mr Emley, Sr, whose health has been failing for some time, is now entirely helpless, with small hope of recovery.** Two Mormon preachers are here, guests of Mr James Dwiggins. So far they have held no meetings, but simply distributed tracts.** Mrs Peter Carstens, Mrs Webb and Mr Rockhold are all indisposed. These, with Mr Emley, will give work to the Grange relief committee.** The revival meetings held at West Crescent by Messrs Pershall and Brink have closed. They were well attended and the church has gained several new members.** Mr John Jackson is the new Master of the Grange, and during his reign we hope to see the order what it was intended to be—a benefit to its members and the farming community at large. The Grange open literary is held each Tuesday night at West Crescent school house, and is well attended. The debates are very interesting.** As will be seen by above items the West Crescent school building has been kept warm for the last month, no one seeming to mind the rough weather or roads.  As the house can not be used during the school terms there is talk of building a hall for other than religious purposes. Rock has also been hauled for the foundation of a church on Mr A Cone’s land—a church, it is understood, for all denominations.”  (LCT: 2-18-1898) 


“Bell, - female.  Born: March 10, 1898, female, near Reardan. Father: Howard E Bell, 28, IA, farmer.  Mother: Elizabeth H Williams, 28, KS.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-10-1898)


“Raymer, - male. Born: Mar 14, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: John Raymer, 41, MI, hardware dlr. Mother: Hariet F Latham, 31, Canada.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-14-1898)


“King, Alfred.  Died: April 19, 1898 at Reardan, age 2. Cause: influenza epidemic. Birth: WA. Residence: Reardan. Father: J King, born England. Mother: Sarah Adams, born England.” {Edit: Alfred Percival King, son of Joseph Howard King, was buried in the Reardan Cemetery.} (Lincoln Co Auditor:  4-19-1898)


“Statistical Report. Of the Lincoln County Sunday School Association for the Year Ending April 1st, 1898.  A statistical report of the condition of the Sunday Schools of this county has been forwarded to the State SS Association, which was in session at Spokane this week. Following are the names and statistics of the schools included in the report, together with the names of the superintendents: ... Reardan Baptist—George H Lair, supt; membership 47, average attendance 30, expenses $25, missionary offering $1.65.” (Lincoln County Times:  4-29-1898) 


“Wipert, - (Weipert) male. Born: May 23, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: Antoin Weipert, 40, WI, farmer. Mother: Otie Walston, 21, MO.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-23-1898)


“Reiha, - male.  Born: May 31, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: August Reiha, 35, Germ. blacksmith. Mother: Martha Wright, 46, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-31-1898)


“Rice, Jeremiah Farmer.  Lincoln Co probate file #343 was filed on June 15, 1899. The file contains his will. Jeremiah’s will was dated Jan 17, 1898, and the will was filed in court on May 26, 1898. Edward Ensor was executor of the estate with property in Sections 21, 28 and 30 all in Township 25 Range 39. Jeremiah F Rice died in Reardan before Aug 22, 1898.             His widow was shown as Sarah Rice of Reardan with heirs to include Chas P Rice and Gertrude Emma Rice, both of Reardan.”  (probate file notes: 5-26-1898) 


“Leslie, - female. Born: July 17, 1898, female, Reardan. Father: James Leslie, 53, Scotland, farmer. Mother: Elsie Urquhart, 40, Scotland.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-17-1898)


“Leslie, male.  Died: July 18, 1898, aged: 2 hours; near Reardan. Premature. Father: James Leslie, born Scotland; Mother: Elsie Urquhart, born Scotland.” {Edit: Infant sons of James & Elsie Leslie were buried in the Spring Creek Cemetery, with no dates.}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-18-1898) 


“Combs, - male. Born: Aug 18, 1898, male, near Reardan. Father: W P Combs, 34, IL, farmer. Mother: Annie Livegood, 32, NE.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-18-1898)


“Landreth, Theckla Rose.  Born: Aug 29, 1898 at Reardan.  Father: William W Landreth. Mother: Lovia Belle Emley.” (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#434 for 8-29-1898)


“Hamilton, Samuel.  Dated: Sept 3, 1898. Warrant #30, $50. (Reardan) unable to work, aged 69 yrs, destitute circumstances.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 9-03-1898)


“Ahlf, Female. Born: Sept 27, 1898, Reardan.  Father: J August Ahlf, 36, Germany, farmer; Mother: Myrtle Bailey, 23, IA.” (LC Auditor: 9-27-1898)


“Peter Tramm (28, of Reardan) and Gertie Buckman (21, of Reardan) married 12 Oct 1898 at Reardan by H Schuknecht.” (Lincoln County Auditor-Marriage ledger: 10-12- 1898)


“Lewis, - male. Born: Oct 14, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: T Lewis, 25, CA, farmer. Mother: Sadie Kerby, 30, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-14-1898)


“Thornbrue, Joseph.  Dated: Oct 19, 1898. Warrant #34, for $6 per month. Soldier & Sailors; Post #60, severe paralytic stroke; wife also an invalid.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 10-19-1898)


“Eilmann, Margretta.  Died: Oct 29, 1898, at Reardan, aged 42 yrs. Married. Cause of Death: pneumonia. Birth: Germany.  Father: Hans Gloy; Mother: Martha Grauer.”  {Edit: Margaret Eilmann was buried in the Reardan Cemetery: 1855-1898} (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-29-1898) 


“Brown, - male.  Born: Nov 1, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: John L Brown, 48, TN, farmer. Mother: Rebecca M Entsler, 31, KS.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-01-1898)


“Setters, - female. Born: Nov 3, 1898, female, near Reardan. Father: Henry G Setters, 32, MO, farmer. Mother: Lettie Hickox, 21, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-03-1898)


“Ensor, -stillborn on Nov 6, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: L E Ensor, 35, MD, farmer.  Mother: Mary M Barnes, 33, MD.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-06-1898)


“Travis, Chas W.  Died: Nov 13, 1898, at Reardan, aged 56. Married. Birth: NY. Cause of death: pneumonia.  Father: Noah Travis, born NY; Mother: Chloe Denny, b. ___.”  {C W Travis was buried in the Reardan Cemetery, with a military TS showing: Corporal, Company B, 35th IL Infantry.}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-13-1898)


“Travis, CW.  Dated: Nov 13, 1898. Warrant # __, $50. Post #60 CWH Bentley Post, Reardan, death of C W Travis, funeral expenses.” (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 11-13-1898) 


“Capps, - male.  Born: Dec 13, 1898, male, Reardan. Father: Geo W Capps, 37, CA, farmer. Mother: Mollie K Kirby, 26, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-13-1898)


“Jurgens, - male.  Born: Dec 22, 1898, male, near Reardan. Father: Louis Jurgens, 33, Germany, farmer.  Mother: Adeheid Vogel, 26, Switzerland.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-22-1898)


“Howard, Minnie E.  Died: Dec 24, 1898, at Crescent, age 15. Birth: CA. Residence: Crescent. Cause: Diabetes. Father: Albert Howard, born Iowa; Mother: Mary A Benton, born IN.”  {Edit: TS for Minnie E Howard is in Spring Creek Cemetery north of Reardan. It shows her to be the daughter of Albert and Mary, died Feb 24, 1898, aged 15 years,10 mos 5 days. This discrepancy is likely visual from the age and condition of the TS.} (Lincoln Co Auditor:  12-24-1898) 


“The vicinity of Crescent was saddened by the death of Miss Minnie Howard on Christmas Eve at 8 p.m.  She had been sick a long time. Lately she herself thought she was improving, and she was making preparations on Thursday last for a visit to friends at Spokane. On Friday she was suddenly taken very ill, which culminated in her death on Saturday. The funeral took place Monday morning at West Crescent school house, Rev and Mrs Bryans coming from Spokane to conduct the services. There were also present the Revs Taylor, Cromwell and Purchell, each and all taking part in the service. From the immense crowd that attended, the school house not being able to hold them all, the country around showed the very high esteem in which she was held and their wish to pay this last tribute of love and respect to her memory.”  (LCT: 12-30-1898)


“Hinkle, Della V.  Died: Jan 11, 1899, at Reardan, aged 14. Birth: WA. Cause of death: Scarlet Fever. Father: G E Hinkle, born IN; Mother: C L Abbott, born IN.” {TS is in Spring Creek Cemetery, 1884-1899.}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-11-1899) 


“Crescent Items.  Mr George Rake is busy hauling brick from Mr Adams’ yard for a fine residence to be built this spring.  We understand it will be superior to any around. Mr Adams will do the brick work and plastering.** The Grange last Saturday gave a feast to its new members.  In spite of bad weather there was quite a crowd and the tables were loaded with good things.  The new officers for this year will be installed at the next meeting.  John Jackson was re-elected master, Peter Carstens, overseer, Jay Lyle, secretary, Rosa Heberlein, lecturer, West Warren, treasurer, and Victor Heberlein, door-keeper.** Crescent is again saddened by the death of Mr Moultrie Davis of pneumonia yesterday, the 16th, at 8 a.m.  He will be buried today on his own land near to the Spokane River. Mr Davis was very highly respected and liked by all who knew him. He leaves a wife and five children who have the sympathy of all for their great loss.** Mrs Fred Smith has a baby girl, born the 12th.  Mr Jim Boyd, of Ouray, Colorado, is in Crescent visiting relatives.** Union Grange No. 109 passes resolutions of condolence to the parents of the late Miss Minnie Howard, one of its members, and the charter was draped in mourning for thirty days.** Lagrippe has a strong hold on Crescent, hardly a family not having some sick with it.** Mr Peachy has a new organ and proposes to have music in the family.”  (LCT: 1-20-1899)


“Waukon Notes.—Mr J A Alexander, of the wheat buying firm of Alexander & Oakley, has returned after a month’s visiting with friends and relatives in Seattle and Portland.  Mr Alexander has for a long time been in the employ of the Great Northern railroad company, and for the remainder of this winter will accept a position as operator and agent at Wilson Creek. The heavy snowfall that came with the New Year has been slowly disappearing for several days under a slow and drizzling rain much to the regret of farmers that have winter wheat sowed. But the winter wheat as yet seems to be in a fairly good condition.** The children of Mr and Mrs Walker, as well as Miss Ella Hoover, are down with the measles. No other losses being reported as yet in this neighborhood.** Mr McKay is now the regular agent at this place for J Q Adams’ warehouse, relieving O Hudgius, who has formerly been in charge.** Most of the grain in this section has passed out of the hands of the farmers. Only large lots being held for the fifty cent mark.** Mr J M Oakley will go to Spokane in a few days on business of various kinds, and will probably spend a couple of weeks in the city.” (LCT: 1-27-1899)


“Warren, - female.  Born: Feb 16, 1899, female, Reardan. Father: Lew Warren, 26, MO, elevator. Mother: Fannie Byrd, 20, MO.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-16-1899)


“Taken Up—At my place, 5 miles northwest of Waukon, one sorrel mare, weight about 200 lbs., no visible brand. Geo M Reasoner, Waukon, Wash.” (LCT: 3-31-1899)


“Waukon Warbles. Waukon, May 1, 1899.—Mr J M Johnson has been quite sick for a few days, but is much better this morning.** J E Bruce, Geo Hutchinson and Fred Logan just returned from fishing. They found it too cold, yet secured a nice lot of fish.** Uncle Cass Cooper, as he is familiarly called, made a pleasant visit over Sunday to Waukon, and was the guest of his niece, Mrs L Walker.** School in District No. 88 is in admirable condition, and Miss Myrtle Chamberlain is an excellent teacher and deserves the approbation daily given her.** The crops for this vicinity are insured. Most all are through seeding, and in the past few days showers sufficiently heavy have fallen to soak the ground deep enough, and all appearances are for a bountiful crop.** The spring has been late, but no more so than all the Pacific slop as far as the southern line of Oregon.  This morning, though cool, is bright over head, and indications point to more settled weather.** Mr L Walker, the congenial merchant and postmaster at Waukon, pays the highest price for wheat at all times, and keeps his store supplied with all articles usually found in a country store.** In District No. 18 the attendance is small, but the attendance and application makes up for numbers and all are pleased with the progress being made. The teacher, S A DeVaney, is bringing the school to a successful business standard, and all are well pleased.** Mrs B McDowell and daughter, and Isaac Hughes start this morning for Dalla, Polk Co, Oregon.  Mr McDowell will remain here for a few weeks yet....” (damaged item, mention of Mr Slater of Chitwood).  (LCT: 5-05-1899)


“The Roll Call.  We publish a list below of those in attendance at the Teachers’ Institute. The names of a few visitors were included in the roll as it appears upon the records, and some who expect to be teachers are on the list. We could not divide the teachers from those who are not teachers, so publish the list in full. If any are missed it is because they failed to register:  Mrs J A Gee, Reardan; S A DeVaney, Waukon;  Miss E Pearle Spencer, Edwall; Miss Lillian M Spencer, Edwall; Miss Verna Reynolds, Reardan; Miss Jessie Price, Reardan; Mrs Rita Roberts, Mondovi; Miss Mary Priess, Edwall; Miss Jean Hedges, Edwall; Miss Fannie Robertson, Waukon; Miss Nellie Hamilton, Reardan; Miss Frances Baldwin, Reardan; Miss Estella Hinkley, Edwall; Frank Beck, Reardan; A S Melcher, Edwall; E E Lair, Reardan; E A Hillhouse, Edwall; W V Oadley, Moscow; and Monroe Roberts, Reardan.....”  (deleted those from other towns; LCT: 5-12-1899)


“Morarity, - male.  Born: June 16, 1899, male, Reardan. Father: Michael Morarity, 41, MN, grain dlr. Mother: May Morton, 34, PA.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-16-1899)


“Kelso, - male. Born: July 6, 1899, male, Reardan. Father: John N Kelso, 35, WV, farmer. Mother: Maggie Stevenson, 30, WI.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-06-1899)


“Blake, Ava/Ara.  Died: Aug 25, 1899, at Spring Creek, age 24 years. Married. Birth: IL. Father: Geo W Holman, born PA; Mother: A S Swisher, b. PA.”  {Edit: Burial occurred in the Spring Creek Cemetery as Ara Blake, wife of C H. Feb 21, 1875-Aug 25, 1899.} (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-25-1899) 


“Elkins, Samuel. Died: Sept 27, 1899 at Reardan, aged 61. Birth: VA. Cause: paralysis. Married. Residence: Reardan. Father: Hiram Elkins, born VA. Mother: Charlott Phillips, born VA.”  {Edit: Burial of Samuel H Elkins occurred in the Reardan Cemetery, 1839-1899, Co G, 49th IL Infantry.}  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-27-1899) 


“Crescent Items. [The following items from Crescent were received too late for the issue of last week, as the paper was printed one day in advance.] Last Tuesday being Mrs Miller’s birthday a few of the near neighbors gave her a surprise party in the evening, bringing her a few presents besides a basket supper.  A very pleasant time was had.** Miss Leona Hopkins, who is visiting with Rev and Mrs Miller, is an accomplished musician and is a great aid to the Sunday school and church.** Mr Howard is breaking ground on the old Harmon place. So much rain making if fine work.** So much rain has fallen lately that everybody expects good crops next year.** Mr M S Taylor got 90 pounds of honey from one hive of bees this fall. It looks as though bee culture would pay in Crescent.” (LCT: 12-08-1899) 


“Riffe, Marjorie Gertrude.  Born: Dec 11, 1899 at Reardan. Father: R A Riffe. Mother: Floye G Avenell.”  (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#112 for 12-11-1899)


“Noble, - female.  Born: Dec 15, 1899, female, Reardan. Father: Ernest E Noble, 27, MN, farmer. Mother: Bessie Sexson, 18, NE.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-15-1899)


“J G Heard of Reardan was a visitor in town Monday. Mr Heard does not get over to the county seat often, as this was his first visit in a year.  The gentleman is entitled to be enrolled among the pioneers of Lincoln County, as he settled at his present home some 20 years ago.” (Davenport Times 2000 reprint of 2-16-1900) 


“Zwainz, Mary Sophia.  Born: Feb 16, 1900, female, Reardan. Father: Sebastian Zwainz, 41, Austria, farmer. Mother: Minnie Stimer, 31, Austria.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-16-1900)


“McCoy, - female. Born: June 24, 1900, female, Reardan. Father: W H McCoy, 49, OR, druggist. Mother: Ella Crawford, 32, OR.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-24-1900)


“Overdorff, Ann M. Born: July 17, 1900, female, Reardan.  Father: Chas H Overdorff, 46, PA, farmer. Mother: Anna Anderson, 39, Earlville, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-17-1900)


“Hanning, - female.  Born: July 26, 1900, female, Reardan. Father: Wm F Hanning, 34, IA, farmer. Mother: Maggie Hutton, 25, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-26-1900)


“Raymer, - male. Born: Aug 2, 1900, male, Reardan. Father: John Raymer, 43, MI, merchant. Mother: Harriet F Lathan, 33, Canada.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-02-1900)


“Rice, Cecil Charles.  Born: Aug 9, 1900 near Reardan. Father: Charles Pearson Rice. Mother: Lulu Jane Crow.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#207 for 8-09-1900)


“License Date: Aug 10, 1900. Groom: Geo L Clother, 25, b. IA, residing Reardan, farmer; father: D C Clother; mother: Lena Friday.  Bride: Jennie Anderson, 20, b. MN, residing NE; father: A N Anderson; mother: Ella Ackirland.  Date of Marriage: Aug 10, 1900, at Davenport, by G R Schlauch, minister. Witnesses: E H Paige, Mrs G R Schlauch.” (Register of Marriage Statistics: 8-10-1900) 


“Reardan Items.—The two year old son of John Raymer has been very sick during the past week.** Mrs H T Jones has returned to Spokane, after an extended visit with the family of M Moriarty.** O A Stevenson has purchased a new Russell separator to take the place of the one burned recently, and started to work again last Monday.** Hunting parties are numerous these days. Dr McClymonds, R G White and J M Moorehouse visited the river last week and the combined efforts of the crowd netted six grouse and one pheasant.** James Turner, an old gentleman about 70 years of age, died Saturday afternoon of heart failure at the home of his daughter, Mrs John Stern. The funeral occurred Monday afternoon from the Baptist church at this place, Rev Miller of Crescent officiating, and burial taking place at the Spring Creek Cemetery.  The old gentleman had been a sufferer for a number of years form a complication of diseases, but heart failure is supposed to have been the cause of his death.” (LCT: 8-24-1900)

“ Grace Evangelical Church of Reardan. Warranty Deed in Book 8 page 301 for Lots 5 and 6 in Block 20 in Town of Reardan from John Wickham, an unmarried man,  to the ‘Missionary Society of the  Evangelical Association’ was filed Sept 10, 1900 at the request of Rev W D Barnhart. Fee was $600.  Book 8 page 302 for Lots 7-12 in Block 20, Town of Reardan from G A Fellows and Mabel Fellows, his wife, for $120, to the Evangelical Assoc of NA was filed Sept 10, 1900 by request of Rev Barnhart.” (Harrington History: The Evangelicals: 9-10-1900)


“Rice, Charles P. Lincoln County probate file #470 was filed on Dec 20, 1900, showing the death of Charles P Rice on Nov 19, 1900 at Reardan. The petitioner is shown as Lula J Rice, age 24, with the following children:             Hazel, 3; Floyd, 1 ½; and Cecil 4 mos.” (probate notes file: 11-19-1900)


“Reardan, WA. Nov 21.--David Gunning, an old-time resident of this county died at his home, four miles west of here, yesterday. This is the fourth death to occur in this vicinity within a week. Mr Gunning was about 72 years of age and was widely known. A wife and 8 grown children comprise the remaining members of the family. The funeral occurred today from the Baptist church. Interment in the Reardan Cemetery. Review.” (Citizen: 11-30-1900)


“Alf Hughes, until December first in charge of the Oswalt hardware and furniture store, was married in Spokane early last week to Miss Imhoff, sister to the Imhoff brothers recently of this place, but now of Reardan.  The affair took place so quietly and unexpectedly, that little has been learned about it, and now they have gone to  housekeeping on Mr Hughes’ place north of town.  The groom was one of those happy, self-satisfied bachelors, confirmed to a life of celibacy, it was supposed, and therefore he has surprised and perhaps shocked some of his old companions.  However, the young groom and bride will have the hearty good wishes of a large circle of friends.” (LCT: 12-14-1900)



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