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                                                                                1892 through 1896


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Introduction: The following news items were randomly gathered and additions were made from court records that pertain to Reardan and the people of Reardan, Washington. No attempt has been made to create a comprehensive file. Two other files are posted on this website that pertain to the area: see also Reardan History in the News & Fairweather. The listing of the 1904 names from the History of Big Bend are on my computer and will be sent to individuals upon request, but as the material is under copyright, and a release form has not yet been received, the biographies were deleted from this file. Marge Womach 

"Postal service for the Reardan area began at Capps Station by John S Capps on their homestead located in the NW ¼ of 10-25-39 on May 24, 1882." (notes on Reardan: 1882)

"Bartholomew, Mary Gertrude. Born: Nov 3, 1882 near Reardan. Father: Jeremiah Jacob Bartholomew. Mother: Margaret Ann Hamilton." (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#110 for 11-03-1882)

"James Whitney Shot Dead. Just as the Tribune had gone to press last week, news reached us that some party whose name we could not learn, had been fatally shot by Geo Capps, a son of Justice Capps, near Fairweather. An investigation results in the following particulars: It seems that young Capps, and James Whitney have both been cutting fencing on land that Whitney a few weeks ago had filed on. Arrangements were made by which Capps was to remove what posts he had made up to the time of Whitney's filing. A week ago last Wednesday, the 14th inst., Capps, accompanied by his cousin, Charles Foster, went to haul some posts, taking with them a shot gun. They began loading, when Whitney forbid them. Capps and Foster proceeded to load the posts when Whitney came forward with a club, and as Capps says, threatened to kill him, when the latter picked up the shot gun which was near by, and fired, Whitney falling dead almost instantly, shot through the heart. Capps then proceeded home and gave himself up, and his father turned him over to special constable E J Hubbard, with instructions to take his son to Cheney for examination. On Saturday constable Hubbard arrived here with his prisoner in charge, and an examination was had before Justice Still that evening, prosecuting attorney Hyde appearing for the Territory. After a very hasty examination the prisoner was discharged. As the matter will probably come before the grand jury, we will not give the evidence before the coroner's inquest and the preliminary examination or refer to the various theories advanced by those acquainted with the circumstances." (NW Tribune: 2-23-1883)

"Married. Bolon-Powers.-In Cheney, 25th inst., by J W Range, Justice Peace. Mr J H Bolon and Miss Adalade Powers, all of Fairweather, Spokane County." (NW Tribune: 11-02-1883)

"Strayed-from Crescent Park, two year old bay filly... also a sorrel filly same age... I will give $5 reward for the return or information leading to the recovery of each. J Rockhold, Crescent, Lincoln County." (Edit: Crescent Park area is about 7 ½ miles north of Reardan. NW Tribune: 3-04-1886)

"Mann, Walter Robert. Born: Aug 28, 1887 at Reardan. Father: John William Mann. Mother: Mary Johnson." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#277 for 8-28-1887)

"Jessen, Anna Christina. Born: Sept 18, 1887 at Reardan. Father: Nicolaus John Jessen. Mother: Christina Marie Tramm." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#382 for 9-18-1887)

"Webb, Charles Harrison. Born: June 21, 1888 at Reardan. Father: William Newton Webb. Mother: Louisa Jane Coffman." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#77 for 6-21-1888)

"Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Reardan. Articles of Incorporation. Filed: July 14, 1890. Vol. A, page 150." (Lincoln Co Auditor: Misc. Index #2; document not found dated 7-14-1890)

"Military Duty 1891 Roster with address of Reardan: Adams, Wm (44, farmer); Alcar, J S (40, school teacher); Alley, A J (32, farmer); Ambrose, Moses (26, farmer); Anston, J _ J (40 , farmer); Avenell, C (30, farmer); Avenell, Jacob (23, farmer); Baldwin, Owen (20, farmer); Baughman, W L (32, farmer); Beck, Frank (32, school teacher); Bently, C B (34, farmer); Bently, Jas (33, farmer); Bently, Joshua (19, farmer); Bently, S S (26, butcher); Bousquet, E (31, laborer); Bowie, Archibald (40, farmer); Bowie, Neal (30, farmer); Boyd, Joshua (21, farmer); Brand, Harry (18, farmer); Bronson, Mark (34, farmer); Buchanon, Mark (33, farmer); Byrd, J W (18, farmer); Byrd, K E (42, farmer); Byrs, , N S (32, merchant); Cameron, Herman (24, farmer); Cameron, S T (34, farmer); Capps, G W (27, farmer); Capps, J H (33, farmer); Capps, W H (32, farmer); Carstens, A (27, farmer); Ce_il, Anthony (36, farmer); Chiles, E W (32, druggist); Chiles, Wm (35, farmer); Christopherson, A C (35, farmer); Clark, F M (35, farmer); Clark, Joseph (19, farmer); Coleman, Wm (21, farmer); Cone, Arthur (35, farmer); Cone, Lewis (30, farmer); Coopman, Westley (18, farmer); Crosby, Charles (39, farmer); Davidson, J R (30, farmer); Davis, E B (32, farmer); Davis, M J (30, farmer); Derby, H G (38, farmer); Dowe, Davidson L (36, farmer); Dowel, Davitson (38, farmer); Easton, J (42, farmer); Ellis, Wm (34, farmer); Enson, Ed (20, farmer); Estman, B (Eastman) (30, farmer); Eustis, E (19, farmer); Florence, David (27, farmer); Franz, C F (31, farmer); Galbreith, E S (27, furniture agent); Garber, Ed (21, farmer); Garber, Frank (23, farmer); Garber, Fred (26, farmer); Gatewood, B (36, merchant); Gewer, Chas (30, farmer); Glover, T W (31, farmer); Godwin, C A (36, farmer); Green, George (32, school teacher); Green, Jesse (45, mechanic); Green, Oscar (22, mechanic); Haak, Peter (45, farmer); Hage, Anton (33, RR man); Hage, C A (23, RR man); Hage, C R (33, farmer); Hagenlocker, John (20, farmer); Hamilton, J V (30, farmer); Hamilton, Martin (21, farmer); Harmon, F M (32, farmer); Heard, James (44, farmer); Heath, Wm (39, farmer); Hecket, F H (28, farmer); Hinkle, G E (29, farmer); Holman, J (39, farmer); Howard, A (45, farmer); Hughes, Chris (38, farmer); Humphrey, A (24, farmer); Humphrey, D C (29, farmer); Johnson, G E (23, farmer); Johnson, J G (45, farmer); Johnson, M (22, farmer); Judy, J H (25, farmer); Kimbal, E (41, laborer); Kimbal, Henry (37, farmer); King, J H (41, mechanic); Kipp, Harold (19, farmer); Kruger, H (38, farmer); Kurtz, Joseph (23, farmer); Lair, James (33, farmer); Landreth, Henry (26, farmer); Landreth, William (24, farmer); Lane, Harry (18, laborer); Latham, H W (25, mechanic); Littell, Charles (34, farmer); Lauder, W P (33, farmer); Limmons, J (45, farmer); Luntsford, Peter (38, farmer); Lutzhoft, A (38, farmer); Lyons, Frank (26, farmer); Mahrt, Fred (31, farmer); Mahrt, H (23, farmer); Mahrt, John (34, farmer); Mann, J W (39, farmer); Mann, T M (37, farmer); Martin, Charles (23, farmer); Martin, W C (19, farmer); McDougill, D (38, farmer); McDougill, Donald (20, farmer); McLane, Jasper (18, farmer); McLane, John (38, farmer); McMillan, L (29, farmer); McVey, W (23, farmer); Messinger, E (29, farmer); Moriarty, M F (30, merchant); Mortimer, C (25, laborer); Mosier, A W (26, farmer); Nelson, Chas (41, farmer); Nipp, William (23, farmer); Oleson, Fred (22, RR); Oleson, M (34, merchant); Pilant, James (41, farmer); Price, C E (35, merchant); Rake, G W (34, farmer); Raymer, John (33, merchant); Reese, John (29, farmer); Reid, Robert (40, farmer); Reynolds, John (23, farmer); Rice, C P (19, farmer); Richter, Julius (31, farmer); Riff, R (25, farmer); Robinson, Charles (22, farmer); Sailor, Charles (29, farmer); Schultz, Herman (19, farmer); Schultz, John (27, farmer); Schultz, William (24, farmer); Setter, J W (30, farmer); Setters, Henry (23, farmer); Setters, Marvin (21, school teacher); Sexton, G A (29, merchant miller); Sexton, John (42, farmer); Shephard, S S (39, farmer); Shoemaster, J W (36, farmer); Shultz, John (27, farmer); Sloan, E S (35, farmer); Smith, T J (F J) (41, farmer); Smith, W (23, RR man); Smith, William (39, farmer); Songster, George (45, farmer); Stevens, W O (29, farmer); Stevenson, T G (40, farmer); Stiles, R H (31, farmer); Surber, John (22, farmer); Swoort, W (18, farmer); Tanner, Michael (29, farmer); Taylor, J S (34, school teacher); Tholl, N (35, farmer); Thompson, C H (35, farmer); Tramm, Henry (19, farmer); Tramm, Peter (20, farmer); Tramm, Peter (45, farmer); Travis, J W (23, farmer); Unger, A C (41, shoemaker); Unger, Samuel (28, RR); Vosburgh, John (25, farmer); Vought, O M (34, farmer); Wagner, Charles (38, farmer); Wagner, Fred (34, farmer); Waldren, John (36, farmer); Warren, Benj. (22, butcher); Warren, Lewis (19, butcher); Warren, W B (39, farmer); Webb, E A (18, farmer); Webb, W W (44, farmer); Weise, Peter (42, farmer); Wilkie, Charles (24, farmer); Williams, H L (30, farmer); Wolf, Okum (28, farmer); and Woolweber, O (32, farmer)." ("List of Persons Liable to Military Duty in Lincoln County for the year 1891")

"Emmanuel Lutheran church dedication." (Lincoln Co: A Lasting Legacy; page 330, Date Shown: 7-19-1891)

"Reardan's first school building was erected in 1892." (Lincoln Co: A Lasting Legacy; page 350; photo caption; 1892)

"Mahrt, Henrietta Anna. Born: Feb 1, 1892 at Reardan. Father: Henry Mahrt. Mother: Annie McRae." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#71 for 2-01-1892)

"Lutzhoft, Henry August. Born: Feb 3, 1892 at Reardan. Father: Jacob Lutzhoft. Mother: Dora Hartwigsen." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#175 for 2-03-1892)

"J Q Reynolds and of Nancy P Reynolds. Patent dated Feb 23, 1892 for S ½ NE ¼ and SE ¼ NW ¼ and Lot 1 of Sec 4 Twp 25 R 39." (notes from affidavit of J Q Reynolds Jr in Misc B page 354 with Lincoln Co Auditor: patent date noted: 2-23-1892)

"State of Washington, County of Lincoln. Certificate of Marriage. I Hereby Certify, That on the 6 day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one at Reardan in the County of Lincoln and state aforesaid, I, the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace, by authority of a license bearing date the 1st day of March AD 1892, join in lawful wedlock, J L Deardorff of the County of Lincoln, state of Washington, and Lottie P Smothers, of the County of Lincoln, State of Washington. In Presence of W McVey and Myrtie E Foy, witnesses. C W Travis, Justice of the Peace. J L Deardorff, Groom. Lottie P Smothers, Bride." (Lincoln Co Auditor: Marriage Certificate: 3-06-1892)

"Kinson, John. Lincoln Co Probate file #177 filed April 20, 1892; died Feb 17, 1892; Mrs Molisa Kinson executrix; only heir Molisa Kinson; no will, Mondovi. File shows the purchase of tombstone of Myrick & Co of Spokane, 4 ft tall, 10 inch thick, deliver to Reardan, 6 miles from PO in Oct $80. Engraved with name, death date & aged 44 yr 4 mos 17 dys." (taken from Probate notes, file of 4-20-1892)

"Spring Creek Cemetery Association. Articles of Incorporation filed Oct 13, 1892. Capital Stock of $500. Corporation formed by M S Taylor, John Hamilton, Wm Childs and S Hamilton. Five Trustees: M S Taylor of Crescent; John Hamilton of Crescent; Wm Webb of Reardan; Wm Childs of Reardan; and S Hamilton of Crescent." (notes taken from document with Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-13-1892)

"J C Alley, a prominent merchant of Reardon, for the past few months has been suffering with pleurisy with effusion. Within the two months just past his physician has aspirated three gallons of fluid from the effected lungs. Mr Alley has been advised to spend the winter in California, which may temporarily benefit his condition." (Spokane Review excerpt: 10-18-1892)

"J Q Reynolds, son of J Q Reynolds (died Nov 21, 1892) and of Nancy P Reynolds (died 19 Nov 1897). Patent dated Feb 23, 1892 for S ½ NE ¼ and SE ¼ NW ¼ and Lot 1 of Sec 4 Twp 25 R 39. Children of J Q Sr and Nancy Reynolds: Elizabeth Bebout; Wm A Reynolds; Mary R Capps; Susan Green, and J Q Reynolds." (notes from affidavit of J Q Reynolds in Misc B page 354 with Lincoln Co Auditor: earliest date noted: 11-21-1892)

"Childs, - female; born Nov 23, 1892, at Reardan; Father: E W Childs, 33, b. NY, pharmacist; Mother: Grace Tillotson, 18, NY." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-23-1892)

"Mahrt, Julia. Lincoln Co Probate file #196, filed 15 Dec 1892; property in 20-25-39. Julia Mahrt reportedly died 15 March 1891 in Lincoln Co. The petitioner is shown as John Mahrt with children Annie, 10, and Chas age 9, residing in Reardan." (notes from Probates, filed 12-15-1892)

"Raymer, Norman Franklin. Born: Jan 23, 1893 at Reardan. Father: John Raymer. Mother: Hattie Latham." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#333 for 1-23-1893)

"1st Baptist Church of Reardan. Articles of Incorporation filed May 11, 1893. Trustees: J F Rice, J H Lair, J Q Reynolds, Wm J Austin, and John Wickham." (notes taken from document at Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-11-1893)

"Green, Harry Blaine. Born: July 6, 1893 at Reardan. Father: George Green. Mother: Susan J Reynolds." (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#380 for 7-06-1893)

"Mahrt, Edward Albert. Born: Dec 15, 1893 at Reardan. Father: Henry Mahrt. Mother: Annie McRae." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#73 for 12-15-1893)

"Goshorn, Margaret. Born: Feb 9, 1894 at Reardan. Father: Lintsford Boyd Goshorn. Mother: Margaret Herman." (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#425 for 2-09-1894)

"Our Crescent correspondent sends us the following account of a sad accident that occurred near that place Monday night: We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mrs Maria Vanatta, sister of Mr Hiram Johnson of Crescent, who was killed Monday night, as she was returning home to her homestead on the Spokane River, by the upsetting of the wagon. Mr Hiram Johnson was driving and had to go some distance to obtain help to extricate her from under the wagon, and when help came she was found dead." (LCT: 4-06-1894)

"Huser, Clarence Frederick. Born: June 12, 1894 at Waukon. Father: George G Huser. Mother: Martha Ann Hyatt." (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#81 for 6-12-1894)

"Bartholomew, Earl Nathaniel. Born: July 16, 1894 at Reardan. Father: Oliver Bartholomew. Mother: Lydia Denney." (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#260 for 7-16-1894)

"Humphrey, Amy Albina. Born: Aug 11, 1894 at Reardan. Father: Daniel Humphrey. Mother: Margaret E Wolferd." (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#442 for 8-11-1894)

"Military Roster of 1894 of names giving precinct residence at Reardan: Ahrens, W (22, farmer); Ahrens, E (21, farmer); Ahrens, R (18, farmer); Ahrens, Thos (28, farmer); Ahrens, R (25, farmer); Alkire, J L (42, farmer); Anderson, Geo (44, farmer); Avenell, J E (25, farmer); Avenell, Geo (22, farmer); Bently, G B (26, farmer); Bowie, Neal (33, farmer); Bowen, Wm (38, farmer); Capps, W H (35, farmer); Capps, John (36, farmer); Childs, E W (35, farmer); Childs, Wm (38, farmer); Christopher, O C (38, farmer); Dalbow, Geo (26, farmer); Dalbow, Ben (19, farmer); Davidson, J R (39, farmer); Davis, M J (33, farmer); Derby, O L (22, farmer); Denney, Joseph (30, farmer); Dresser, I H (20, farmer); Dresser, Marion (30, farmer); E Dueber (28, farmer); Ensor, L S (33, farmer); Felkner, J (27, tel. operator); Gardner, H E (32, farmer); Garber, F (26, farmer); Garber, Fred (34, farmer); Garber, G (35, farmer); Garber, Ed (24, farmer); Gillette, Chas (32, farmer); Garden, Wm (25, farmer); Hartson, A H (42, farmer); Hagenbacher, - (24, farmer); Hardin, Henry (26, farmer); Heath, J D (19, farmer); Heath, Wm (42, farmer); Henning, W (28, farmer) Hemming, F (26, farmer); Herd, J G (41, farmer); Holman, Geo (21, farmer); Humphrey, D C (32, farmer); Humphrey, O (27, farmer); Johnson, H C (22, farmer); Jordan, B B (27, farmer); Juerd, E F (28, farmer); Kathore, Joe (40, farmer); Kaulbach, J (35, farmer); Layman, N (28, farmer); Leduc, Frank (29, farmer); Leck, Lloyd (25, farmer); McDonald, D M (23, farmer); McRea, D M (32, farmer); Moriarty, M (34, laborer); Mohart, J (37, laborer); Moon, N J (40, farmer); Moon, Dan (27, farmer); Moore, F M (36, farmer); Noble, E (22, farmer); Olsen, M (35, merchant); Ostercamp, E (27, merchant); Pilant, J W (44, farmer); Plummer, W O (23, farmer); Prince, Geo (28, farmer); Rake, Geo (38, farmer); Reasoner, G M (26, farmer); Richa, A (30, farmer); Rice, Chas (21, farmer); Roberts, Thos (24, farmer); Schailock, F (27, farmer); Seaman, Chris (44, farmer); Setters, J W (38, farmer); Setters, H (27, farmer); Schocking, G G (22, attorney); Sherman, John (22, clerk); Sherman, C (33, butcher); Shulz, Wm (33, farmer); Shulz, Herman (23, farmer); Shoemaker, J W (39, farmer); Shepherd, S S (42, farmer); Smothers, Dick (28, farmer); Smith, John (27, farmer); Smelcer, A (20, farmer); Sparks, G M (26, farmer); Spark, S (33, farmer); Suzbu, J C (25, farmer); Timmons, W W (43, farmer); Tramme, Peter (23, farmer); Tramme, Henry (22, farmer); Unger, S (32, farmer); Vought, O M (36, farmer); Wagner, Fred (38, farmer); Waldron, J (39, farmer); Warren, W B (42, farmer); Welsh, T R (28, druggist); Weise, Peter (43, farmer); Webb, Edd (24, farmer); White, R G (37, grain merchant); Williams, H L (32, farmer); and Wilcox, L (42, farmer)." ("List of Persons Liable to Military Duty in Lincoln County for the year 1894", filed by clerk 8-08-1894)

"The structure originally built for Reardan's Baptist Church has served various purposes. As a church building (seen in 1895 photo above) it was used by other denominations as well as the Baptists." (Caption for photo on page 343 of Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy) {1895}

"Sam Creger who has been in charge of a bankrupt stock in the Luce building for some time, has boxed up his goods and gone to Reardan to open up." (LCT: 1-18-1895)

"Miss Viney O'Leary, who is teaching in north of Reardan, was visiting with her folks over Sunday." (LCT: 4-12-1895)

"Shmitt, Ruth C. Born: July 1, 1895, female, Reardan. Father: Chas F Shmitt, 39, Germany, laborer. Mother: Susan N Parker, 37, IA." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-01-1895)

"Menger, - male. Born: Aug 31, 1895, at Reardan. Father: O A Menger, 31, KS, clerk; Mother: Lizzie Nazely, 29, Switzerland." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-31-1895)

"Reynolds, J Q. J Q Reynolds was temporarily confined from March 13, 1895 to Sept 16, 1895 with a condition of brain fever that resulted in acute mania and being a danger to himself. His brother-in-law, Geo Green of Reardan, and John Wickham of Reardan took over the responsibility of acting as his guardians. J Q Reynolds was aged 28 at this occurrence, born in MO, single, Protestant, and a farmer. He came from MO to WA in 1894. His relatives were identified as Nancy P Reynolds, mother, of Reardan; Mary Capps, sister of Reardan; Susan Green, sister of Reardan; W A Reynolds, brother of Edwall, and Elizabeth Bebout, sister, of Pratt City, KS. At this time, J Q Reynolds owned property in NW ¼ 3-25-39." (research files: 9-16-1895)

"Mahrt, Elsie Kate. Born: Sept 18, 1895 at Reardan. Father: Henry Mahrt. Mother: Annie McRae." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#72 for 9-18-1895)

"We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mrs Peterson, who died September 27th of typhoid malaria, and was buried on the 28th at Spring Creek Cemetery. There was a very large attendance both at the Spring Creek school house and at the grave. Rev Girade, of Reardan, conducted the burial services. Great sympathy is expressed for Mr Peterson and family. They were preparing to leave this fall for Alberta, where they hoped to improve their prospects, and were only waiting for Mrs Peterson's health to improve before starting when her death terminated so suddenly their hopes." (LCT: 10-04-1895)

"Emerson, Emma Jane. Born: Oct 11, 1895, female, Reardan. Father: S L Emerson, 39, TN, farmer. Mother: M E Butler, 38, TN." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-11-1895)

"Weipert, Bessie May. Born: Oct 21, 1895 at Lincoln County. Father: Antone Weipert. Mother: Otie Walston." (Superior Court Delayed Births-#209 for 10-21-1895)

Green, - female. Born: Oct 23, 1895, Reardan. Father: Geo Green, 37, MO, laborer. Mother: Susan Reynolds, 26, US." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-23-1895)

Childs, - male. Born: Oct 26, 1895, Reardan. Father: E W Childs, 35, NY, druggist. Mother: Grace Tillotson, 21, US." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-26-1895)

Brindle, - male. Born: Nov 26, 1895, male, Reardan. Father: Geo W Brindle, 39, OH, farmer; Mother: Eliza Imhoff, 38, OH." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-26-1895)

King, Percival. Born: Nov 28, 1895, male, Reardan. Father: Jos H King, 52, Eng. blacksmith. Mother: Sarah Adams, 44, England." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-28-1895)

"Miss Poole, teacher at Spring Creek school, was baptized by Rev Stuart, Seventh Day Advent preacher, Sunday, Nov 10th, at Wood's lake. We understand four or five more would also have been baptized had they known earlier about it." (LCT: 11-29-1895)

"Mrs Bennet Sailor died at her home at Deep Creek, Monday, the 11th inst., and was buried Tuesday, the 12th. Quite a large number of people from here attended the funeral as she ws one of the pioneer settlers of Crescent and only moved away this year." (LCT: 11-29-1895)

"Word was received Wednesday morning that John H Bellinger, who lived on a farm south of Reardan, had the same morning been found dead at his home by one of his neighbors. Mr Bellinger was a well known citizen and possessed of considerable property. Death is supposed to have resulted from heart failure." (LCT: 11-29-1895)

"Udderback, Gladys. Born: Dec 2, 1895, female, Reardan. Father: John Udderback, 39, IA, farmer. Mother: Elizabeth Pershall, 29, IA." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-02-1895)

"Fitzgerald, - male. Born: Dec 10, 1895, male, Reardan. Father: B Fitzgerald, 29, WI, farmer. Mother: Catherine Flood, 26,WI." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-10-1895)

"Childs, - female. Born: Dec 21, 1895, female, Reardan. Father: Wm H Childs, 39, NY, grain dlr. Mother: Kate C Hamilton, 29, KS." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-21-1895)

"Bellinger, John H. Lincoln Co Probate file #286, filed Dec 24, 1895; estate contains a neat inventory list. John H Bellinger reportedly died 26 Nov 1895 at Reardan, Lincoln Co, WA. with property in 9-24-39 & 4-24-39, lots in 3, 6, & 11 of 4-24-39. The file included the Smith & Co Undertaker bill, casket & total $155. The undertaker was shown to be J L Bailor at Oakesdale. The father of John H Bellinger was John Bellinger Sr, deceased; with the only heir shown as his mother, Catherine S Bellinger, 88 yrs, residing in Ogdensburg, NY. John H Bellinger's nephew, William N Bellinger applied to be administrator of the estate and a letter written against him was filed by John's mother. The file appears to show lots of excesses in billings with Wm Bellinger as administrator, and W R Gant was then listed as administrator. Part of John H Bellinger's estate is in NY. File showed a petition to mortgage his land here." (probate file notes: 12-24-1895)

"Roberts, - male. Born: Dec 31, 1895, male, Reardan. Father: Joseph T Roberts, 26, MO, farmer. Mother: Minnie Webb, 19, CO." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-31-1895)

"Wendlandt, - male. Born: Jan 28, 1896, male, Reardan. Father: August _ Wendlandt, 27, MN, farmer. Mother: Dora M Weise, 20, Germany." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-28-1896)

"Anderson, - female. Born: Feb 15, 1896, female, Reardan. Father: John Anderson, 39, Sweden, farmer. Mother: Anna P Johansdotter, 41, Sweden." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-15-1896)

"Mondovi was the scene of an unusually pleasant dancing party the 18th inst. As it was probably the last before the lenten season begins, those present entered into the enjoyment of the occasion with great zest. The Reardan string band of four pieces furnished the music. ** Miss Mary Davidson, of Reardan, has been visiting among her friends in the vicinity of Gravelle station during this week." (LCT: 2-25-1896)

"Reardan Budget. March 10th.-D M Drumheller, of Spokane, has been in town the last few days buying hogs for shipment to his Falls City packing house.** Mr Blake is hauling lumber to town, and rumor says he is intending to erect a large hotel here during the present season.** Mrs Jones, of Deep Creek, spent several days of the past week with her sister, Mrs Moriarty, and visited her many friends here.** Mr John Sherman, formerly of Reardan, but now located in Kaslo, BC, has been visiting relatives and friends here during the week.** The Warren brothers are fitting up the Reardan hall for an implement house, and Mr Lutzhoft is to move his business up to the town.** Mr and Mrs Commissioner Tom Stevenson are expected home today from their wedding trip. They have visited several coast cities and spent a week very enjoyably in San Francisco. ** A school meeting was held on Tuesday afternoon to vote on a special tax for sustaining a spring term of school The vote was lost-eighteen for and twenty-one against. 'Beaten by the Hobo club' is the decision of the town.** The Gypsies are with us reading the past, present and future in the palms of those willing to invest a dollar to penetrate the mysteries of the unknowable. And all faith in the mystic art is not dead as the fortune teller's purse would testify.** The Reardan literary gave an entertainment at the school house hall, Tuesday evening, which proved a very successful affair, and was largely attended. The program consisted of vocal and instrumental music, recitations, dialogues, pantomimes and tableaux. A special feature of the affair was a series of exercises in acrobatic sports by Mr Tubbs, of Davenport. Eniam." (LCT: 3-13-1896)

"Lutzhoft, Bertha Margaretha. Born: Mar 14, 1896, female, Reardan. Father: Jacob Lutzhoft, 39, Germany, farmer. Mother: Dora Hartwigsen, 28, Germany." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-14-1896)

"Mr R S White, a well known Reardan grain merchant, accompanied by one of his sons, was visiting in town Monday." ** Those attending the teachers' institute (from Reardan) were: "William McClure, Jennie Gee, Lucile Daniel, Gertie Rice, Dora Rucker, Madge Poole, Samuel Holman; (and from Edwall) W R Conway, Ida Schy, Gertrude Cosgrove and Emma C Murray." (LCT: 4-03-1896)

"Mahrt, - female. Born: Apr 8, 1896, female, Reardan. Father: Fred Mahrt, 36, WI, farmer. Mother: Emma Steffen, 27, WI." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-08-1896)

"Smelcer, Myrtle Irene. Born: June 5, 1896, female, Reardan. Father: Allen S Smelcer, 22, MO, farmer. Mother: Metta Irene McLain, 21, KS." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-05-1896)

"Kelso, - male. Born: July 2, 1896, male, Reardan. Father: I N Kelso, 32, WV, farmer. Mother: M A Stevenson, 27, WI." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-02-1896)

"Moon, - male. Born: July 7, 1896, male, Reardan. Father: N G Moon, 43, PA, farmer. Mother: Rosa E Harder, 20, CA." (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-07-1896)

"Hamilton, Samuel. Dated: July 10, 1896, Warrant # 5, for $22. CWH Bentley Post #60." (Lincoln Co GAR Relief Applications: 7-10-1896)

"John Raymer and some other Reardan delegates, who were on their way to Harrington to attend the silver convention, got lost on the prairie somewhere north of that place and it was only after diligent inquiry that they succeeded in finding the town at all. It is said that their zeal on behalf of Harrington as the county seat has considerably cooled." (Dav. Times 1996 reprint: 8-14-1896)

"Walls, Homer. Died: Sept 1, 1896, age 12 years. Born: MO. Died at Mondovi. Cause: Enteritis. Residence: near Reardan. Father: James Walls, born PA. Mother: Mary Avenell, born MO." {Edit: A TS for Homer Wall is in Spring Creek Cemetery with the age showing as 12 years, 4 months and 9 days.} (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-01-1896)

“Buckman, John Henry. Lincoln Co probate file #292 was filed Sept 23, 1896.  John Henry Buckman reportedly died 10 Sept 1896 in Lincoln and was a resident of Reardan. His heirs were shown as: Lizzie Glen Buckman, widow, of Reardan; and children. File contains an order of consolidation, as the widow, Lizzie Buckman, died with her probate file #2818 in July 1926 with Molye Cassels, administrator. The heirs are then shows as:  Alice Kelley, daughter, 59, Cincinnati, OH; Mrs Harry Buckman, Newport, KY, wife of Harry, deceased; Grace L Garber, daughter, 52, Long Beach, CA; Gertrude M Tramm, daughter, 50, of Reardan; Molye Cassels, daughter, 43, Davenport; Birdie L Helman, daughter, 46, LA, CA; Florence Buckman Driscoll, age 40, Wilmington, CA. Property was owned in Sec. 8 Twp 25 Range 39. Lizzie Glen Buckman’s death was recorded as June 27, 1926.” (probate file notes: 9-23-1896)

“Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Big Bend Drug Co.** A hacking cough is not only annoying to others, but is dangerous to the person who has it. One Minute Cough Cure will quickly put an end to it. Big Bend Drug Co., Davenport, T R Welch, Reardan.** Many political speakers, clergymen, singers and others who use the voice excessively, rely upon One Minute Cough Cure to prevent huskiness and laryngitis. Its value as a preventive is only equaled by its power to afford instantaneous relief. Big Bend Drug Co., Davenport, T R Welch, Reardan.” (LCT: 11-20-1896)


“Wagner, Ernest & Otto (twins). Born: Nov 27, 1896, male, Reardan. Father: Chas Wagner, 46, Germany, farmer. Mother: Emma Richter, 33, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-27-1896)


“Waterhouse, - male. Born: Dec 6, 1896, male, Reardan. Father: C L Waterhouse, 27, IN, physician. Mother: Nellie McFarlane, 18, CO.” (Lincoln co Auditor: 12-06-1896)



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