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Sketches of Candidates


Short Biographies of Republican Nominees for County Offices

Submitted by Barbara Curtis


The Sprague Times, Friday, Oct 5,1900


Listed Alphabetically by Surname..........

"Before election day we hope to make the nominees of the republican county ticket known to the voters of this vicinity and will take them up in the order in which they were nominated."...


   For Auditor the Republican county convention nominated R. D. ANDERSON, the editor of this paper.  The nomination was unanimous and unsolicited and when considering that no other Sprague man was given a place on either ticket it is not only an honor to myself but to this vicinity as well.  While it would perhaps be ungentlemanly of me to advocate my candidacy in my own paper I do not think it wrong to make the voter a fair proposition.  I have been here ten years, and there are many here who have known me since the firs day I arrived, a tenderfoot from the Illinois banks of the Mississippi river.  I have held clerical positions with SHIELDS & BASSETT, STANTON & SCHNEIDER, F. M. WINSHIP and the Northern Pacific Railway.  If my reputation and conduct have been such that you deem me worthy of your vote and support for auditor I shall be pleased to have them.  I could not expect your support under any other circumstances.  Is not this a fair proposition?   I do not expect to get your vote by criticising the democratic nominee for this office.  By a peculiar circumstance his name, also, is ANDERSON and while no relative of mine he is a gentleman nevertheless.  But I believe that I am capable of conducting an economical administration of the auditor's office and upon such belief I solicit your support.


   Had the bunchgrass of Lincoln county been raked over with a fine tooth comb no better man could have been found for the office of Sheriff than J. H. GARDNER.  It is no experiment voting for Mr. Gardner for sheriff.  For two years he has had the office and so persistent has he been in the discharge of his duties that the opposition is endeavoring to use it against him.  When Sheriff GARNER is given a warrant for a man's arrest he does not parley about weather, distance or danger but starts for his man and what is more, gets him.  He has surely been a terror to law-breakers in this county. Mr. Gardner has lived in Miles precinct for sixteen years.  Two years ago when running for sheriff, with three tickets in the filed, Mr. Gardner received 32 out of the 33 votes cast in that precinct.  That's the way he is respected wherever known.  He stand upon his records as an officer and a man and has nothing to fear in going before the people for re-election on that record.


   SAMUEL S. SHEPHERD of Reardan has been the custodian of the county's money now for two years and is again the nominee of the republican party for county treasurer.  A man who has already held office in a county needs very little introduction to the voter.  His administration has shown his capabilities and he stands upon his records in office.  This is the case with Treasurer Shepherd.  His term of office has been so successful that never one word of criticism has been raised against him even yy his political opponents.  Mr. Shepherd is a very unassuming man, quiet in his disposition and manners.  He is recognized as a man of the highest honor and integrity.  He has been in Lincoln county for 12 years and in his neighborhood is held in the highest esteem by those who know him best.  We have no doubt that Mr. Shepherd will be continued in County Treasurer's office for the ensuing two years.

To The Voters of Lincoln County

   Since my nomination for State Senator it has come to my notice that some parties are circulating the story, that in case I am elected I will endeavor to have Lincoln County divided on a north and south line.   I wish to say emphatically that in case I am elected there will be no division of Lincoln County on any lines whatever if within my power to prevent.  I shall not only oppose it at home but will positively and unequivocally work and vote against all such schemes in the State Senate.  I can say for an almost certainty that there will be no division of Lincoln County during my incumbency of the office.  Trusting this is plain enough so there can be no further question in the matter, I remain, Your very truly.  M. E. HAY  


   CHARLEY SEAMAN is the first to announce himself as a candidate for the office of city clerk and marshal.  Charley is a good fellow, an old timer and would no doubt fill the office with credit to himself and to the citizens as well. 


WM. GEMMILL of Wilbur, republican candidate for county commissioner was in the city yesterday looking after some property interests.  He is not campaigning but is making votes wherever he goes as he carries with him the reputation of a man eminently fitted for the office of commissioner. 

Closing of Registration Books

   Notice is hereby given that on October 16, 1900, at 6 o'clock p. m., the registration books of North and South Sprague precincts, Lincoln Co., Wash., will be closed for the general national, state and county election to be held November 6th, 1900.  Dated Oct. 3rd, 1900, W. H. CAMPBELL, Registration Clerk.


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