Photo of Peach School, Peach Washington

                                                                 Submitted by Diane Blodgett

                                           The little boy in the white collar in the bottom right corner is Fred Timm, a relative.

                                       If you can identify anyone else in the photo please contact the Lincoln County Co-Ordinator.

                                           Teachers in the photo are David Dallas and Ida Hankel (she married David Dallas)
                                           David is the man in second row, second on left (with necktie, no hat)
                                           Ida is the lady at the right end next to the boy with the open coat & wearing a white shirt.
                                           Ida was the daughter of Carl & Charlotte Hankel of Wilbur. She married Malcolm McMillan
                                          after the death of her husband, David Dallas. Her children were Ross, Earl, Ray and Hazel --

                                           life long  residents of Wilbur. This information submitted by Lola Moore, March 28, 2013.


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