Krupp Valley Cemetery & Obituaries


                                       Also known as Marlin Cemetery


                            Grant County, Washington submitted by Marge Womach


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The Krupp Valley Cemetery at Marlin, Grant Co, WA is located west of town, taking the first graveled road/cow trail on the left side of the road (south) as one leaves the town to the west. Records of the cemetery compiled by Ruth Briscoe (undated) and Geo Beck were carefully studied and researched in an attempt to provide an accurate reading of the cemetery. I walked the cemetery in 1998 with several return trips to photograph and compare placements of graves and family plots.  Marge Womach  <>

The town went through a name change circa 1919, legally it is yet Town of Krupp, Marling PO, and the cemetery is deeded Krupp Valley Cemetery.


Edberg, John		*	1863-1934; d. 6-12-1933
Edwards, Mildred M	*	1916-1918 "our darling"
Edwards, Riley Asa	*	1892-1920; 2-26-1920
Emery, Charles T	!	1848-1919 (h/o Margaret) d. ? June 26, 1919
Emery, Margaret 	*!	1852-1921 (nee Hutchinson; w/o Charles T)
Emery, infant of Thos   *	b. & d. 1-06-1910, grandchild of Chas T Emery
Emery, W H		*	(b. 1851; d. 1914; brother of Chas T Emery)
Emery, C B		!	footstone CBE; d. 12-08-1908; Chas Burton Emery)
Engle, Dick		+	1906-1985  (s/o G E & Irene)
Engle, G E (Ed) 	+	1876-1964 (2 on 1) marr. Feb 22, 1905
Engle, Irene C		+	1887-1970 (2 on 1, with G E) "married Feb 22, 1905"
Engle, Ray S		*	1909-1933  (s/o G E & Irene; d. 8-18-1933)
Engle, Rebecca	        *	1848-1933 "mother" (d. 7-25-1933)
Erickson, Lillian Loch  !	1904-1965 w/o Lou (2 on 1; w/ Dorothy Westenhiser)
Farmer, Jessie	        +	bur. far corner of cem; Mar 9, 1909 (Hist of Cem)
				(name appears as John A Farmer, father of two)
Fiess, Alvin C		*	1916-1922;  d. 4-08-1922
Fiess, Emanuel		        1913-1944 (Strates marker; no record in files)d. 2-07-44
				TSgt Emanuel Fiess; Siciliy-Rose American Cem.
Fiess, Emil E		+	Mar 6, 1902-Aug 17, 1918
Fiess, Flora			May 21, 1907 (2 on 1) d/o Robt & Marie
Fiess, Hans J   		1915-1939
Fiess, Keith Arthur	+	June 10, 1938-Nov 19, 1994; (shared w/Virginia)
				"h/o Virginia G; married Feb 4, 1967"
Fiess, Maria F		*	1875-1939 "mother"; d. 11-05-1939
Fiess, Merle Leona	+	b. Dec 23, 1919; d. Sept 30,1999
Fiess, Otto			Apr 11, 1909 (2 on 1, with Flora) s/o Robt & Marie
Fiess, Robert G   	+	Nov 11, 1913; d. Mar 28, 1948; Job 19:25; Ps 26:6-7
Fiess, Rudolph	        +	b. Apr 11, 1909; d. June 23, 1994  US Army
Fiess, Sandra Joan	+*	1943-1943 (d. 4-10-1943)
Fiess, Thomas 	        +	(May 1, 1912-Jan 8, 1989)
Fiess, Virginia G		b. Dec 30, 1944; d. ________) shared w/Keith A
Foster, George L	+*	1865-1934 "father" d.4-09-1934
Foster, Glen L	        +	(Oct 23, 1926-Nov 28, 1997) "son" 
Foster, Mamie M	        --	1882-1967
Grabow, Earl Paul	

(Items labeled “scrapbook news” most frequently were taken from the Odessa Record, the Wenatchee World, Grant County Journal, Big Bend Chief or the Spokesman Review, and were found in scrapbooks at local museums.)

Edberg, John;  (1863-1934) “John Edberg. Residing 13 yrs 8 mos in R-3, Marlin, Lincoln Co, WA. 50 yrs in US. Male, white, single. Birth: April 20, 1860, Sweden. Age: 73 yrs 1 mos 23 days. Occupation: Farm Labor, lived with Cater Bros. Parents: (not filled in) Informant: Otis T Cater, Marlin, WA. Death: June 12, 1933. Cause: Coronary Thrombosis. Contributory: Arteriosclerosis of 20 yrs duration. L J Bonney, MD. Burial: Marlin on June 13, 1933. Undertakers: Turnbell & Mirage of Spokane.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death.)

Edwards, Mildred M;  (1916-1918 “our darling”)  “Mildred May Edwards. Female, white, single. Birth: May 29, 1915, WA, aged 2 yrs 5 mos 8 days. Father: John Edwards b. Kansas; Mother: Ella Conlish, b. NE.  Informant: John Edwards, Krupp, WA.  Death: Nov 7, 1918, 8 p.m., at Davenport, Lincoln Co, WA. Cause: Influenza, duration of 8 days. Contributory: Bronchial pneumonia. (Physician: Illegible). Burial: Krupp, WA on Nov 8, 1918. J T Lyse, undertaker, Davenport, WA” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death) 

Edwards, Riley A;  (1892-1920)  “Asa Riley Edwards. Male, white, laborer. Birth: March 20, 1892, Illinois. Father: J J Edwards, born IL; Mother: Lillie M Patrick, b. Nebraska. Informant: Mrs C Z Haskins, Marlin, WA. Death: Feb 26, 1920, 10 a.m., Reg. Dist 4 R, Marlin, Grant Co, WA. Cause: Bronchial Pneumonia of 4 days duration. Secondary: Influenza of 9 days duration. L M Thompson, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: Marlin, WA on Feb 28, 1920. Undertaker, W C Dashiell, Marlin, WA.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death) “About the hardest sledding of any in town has been Riley Edwards, son of Mrs C Z Haskins, who has had a hard fight with pleurisy. Riley was one of Uncle Sam’s ‘teufel hundens’ (devil dogs) for four years, and we sure hope the lad pulls through this scrap all right. No warriors’ feet ever ran so swiftly the paths of glory as did the Marine in the World War, and there will ever be a warm spot in the heart of humanity for them the wide world over. Here’s to you, Riley.” (Odessa Record: 2-27-1920; Marlin column) “Clayton Haskins, who was called home by the death of his brother, Richard (sic) Edwards, last Wednesday, returned to Spokane Tuesday.” (3-05-1920) “Riley Edwarrds. Pictured in 1912 Krupp School photo in Black Rock collection. Served in 1918 war and died soon after return. Riley played guard on our first high school basketball team, 1910-1911.” (G Beck data card collection)

 Emery, Charles T;  (1848-1919;  h/o Margaret) d. 6-26-1919. Charles Thaddeus Emery was born in Hancock, IL on April 25, 1850 to Henry P and Frances L Emery. On April 25, 1870 in Oxford, Iowa, Charles married Margaret Hutchinson. Following the birth of ten children, Charles and Margaret moved to Lakefield, Minnesota, in 1886.  In the early 1900’s the Emery family moved to Washington State.  Charles died on June 26, 1919 at the age of 69 years with burial in the Marlin Cemetery. His children were: Ella Corrine Snider (1870-1955), Mary Jane Emery (1872-1921), Ada Amelia Emery (1874-1960), Ana Frances Emery (1875-1879), Maggie Katherine Emery (1877-1906), Charles Burton Emery (1878-1908), Clara Hutchison Emery ____ (1880-1957), John Henry Emery (1882-1962), Elmer Hutton Emery (1883-1934), James Glenholmes Emery (1884-1970), Chrystal Irene Engle (1887-1970), Glee Agusta Simpson Pierce (1890-1974), and Gay Amber Emery (1890-1891).  Lincoln County Probate #2378, Charles T Emery, showed his death as occurring in Grant County on June 26, 1919. His will was recorded in probate on August 11, 1919, in which he granted $5 to Hulda Eckert of Myrtle Creek, Oregon and $5 to Viola May Emery of Krupp, WA, with the remainder of his estate to his wife, Margaret, until her death at which time the estate should be divided equally among his children: Ella May Snyder, Mary Jane Willbraugh, Ada E Emery, Clara Etzhoff, John Henry Emery, Elmer Emery, Irene Engle and G Augusta Simpson. (No obituary or death certificate were located.) “C T Emery, buried Marlin, plus two other graves. From Minnesota, 1902. Stayed at Cheney with brother for some time previously. Burt had homestead, C T bought railroad land. Apparently returned to Lakefield, MN in 1905. Dance held at C T Emery place Friday night, Nov 17, 1905, BBC. Dan Lynn building barn on C T Emery place, 1912. C T and Glen Emery help improve Krupp Cemetery, Dec 1912.” (G Beck data card collection)

 Emery, Margaret;  (1852-1921; nee Hutchinson; w/o Charles T) Margaret Hutchison Emery was born May 1, 1852 in Orange County, NY. Her father was John Hutchison and her mother was Mary Glenholm. She married Charles T Emery on April 25, 1870. She gave birth to ten known children. Margaret died on Feb 5, 1921 at the age of 68 years, with burial in the Marlin Cemetery.  (Family History) “Margaret Emery.  Female, white, widow. Born May 1, 1854 in NY. Housewife. Father: John Hutchinson born Scotland.  Mother: Mary J Glenholm born Zeeland.  Informant: Mrs Glee Simpson of Odessa. Death Feb 5, 1921 in Odessa, age 68 yrs 10 mo 4 dys. Cause: Toxemia. Contributory: Tubercular nephritis. L M Thompson, MD of Odessa, WA. Burial Marlin, WA. Undertaker G B Stone of Odessa.” (WA State Board of Health Death Cert.)

Emery, W H; W H Emery was a brother of Charles Thaddeus Emery, He was born Jan 1851 in Hancock, Illinois. He suffered financial losses in the 1909 fire at Krupp. He had been married at one time. He reportedly died in 1916, per family.  “William Henry Emerson (sic). Male, white, janitor. Birth: Jan 28, 1851. Aged: 63 yrs 3 mos 2 days. Widower. Birthplace: IL. Father: Henry T Emery, born PA.  Mother: Francis L Hutton, born NY.  Informant: Jake T Emery, Krupp, WA.  Died: 4-30-1914, 3 p.m., Krupp, Grant Co, WA. Cause of death: Anemia, duration one year. Contributory: Chronic Rheumatism, duration 20 yrs. E K Wolfe, MD, Krupp, WA. Burial: Krupp, WA on May 2, 1914. Undertaker: W C Dashiell, Sexton.” (Washington State Board of Health: death certificate);

Emery, C B;   (footstone visible only CBE) Charles Burton Emery was born Aug 21, 1878, the son of Charles T and Margaret Emery.  He died on Dec 8, 1908 after the family arrived in Washington, reportedly arriving in 1902.  He had married Carrie Sharp in 1906.  Lincoln County Probate #1173 showed his death date as Dec 8, 1908 in Lincoln County. He owned the SE ¼ of Sec 22 T 24 R 31, with an estimated value of $5,000 and personal property valued at $1,320, community property. A guardian was appointed for his daughter, Viola May, and his wife chose George M Stapish, a friend, to be executor of the estate. The legal papers were thick with many filings and counter filings. Chas B Emery’s widow signed court papers as Carrie Emery through April 1910. Papers filed in 1911 and 1912 she signed as Mrs Carrie Hart. Later papers were again signed as Mrs Carrie Emery, formerly Mrs Carrie Hart. 

 Engle, Dick;  (1906-1985;  s/o G E & Irene) “Dick Engle, born July 11, 1906 in Krupp, passed away Oct 27 at a Tacoma hospital. He had been a druggist in Oakesdale for many years before moving to Tacoma four years ago. He was a life member of the Moose Lodge, and a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  Survivors include his wife, Evelyn, at the family home in Tacoma; two sons, Ralph Engle of Spanaway and Ray Engle of Auburn; seven brothers: Jack, Roy and Bob Engle, all of Spokane; Don Engle of Sandpoint, and Charles Engle of Wenatchee; and 5 grandchildren. Mountain View Funeral Home was in charge of cremation service. Memorial service is scheduled for Marlin next Memorial Day.” (Odessa Record: 11-07-1985) “The names of two brothers unfortunately were omitted from the obituary printed last week of Dick Engle of Tacoma, a native of Krupp.  The two, whose names were not provided to The Record last week for the original obituary, are Harvey Engle of Sumner and Jim Engle of Eugene, OR.” (Odessa Record: 11-14-1985)(TS listing is shown at Marlin's Krupp Cemetery)

Engle, G E (Ed);  (1876-1964;  2 on 1, marr. Feb 22, 1905) “Funeral services were held on Monday for G E  (Ed) Engle, Marlin pioneer, at Spokane. The Rev Clifford Cecil officiated, and burial was in the Marlin Cemetery, with the Rev A Hausauer in charge of committal.  Phil Crosbie, Spokane, was the vocalist, and Elizabeth Wenske, the organist.  Pallbearers were Alvin Goetz, Thomas Fiess, Henry Kallenberger, James Ralls, R D Thrall and Roger Schlimmer.  Engle came to the Marlin area in 1899 to homestead. He added other holdings in the area and became a community leader in school and farm organization work. When the present wheat programs were forming, Engle was chosen by his neighbors to represent them on the wheat control boards and similar county farm set-ups. He was a charter member of the Canniwai Grange. He was born May 7, 1875.  Engle came from his birthplace in Essex, Iowa, to Wilbur, in 1898.  He worked on the Sam Mars and Walt Thrall ranches during the summer and in the winter worked in the timber at Elk, WA.  He took up his homestead in 1902, 10 miles north of Marlin.  Following his marriage he remained on the homestead a year, then moved to the ranch home a mile south. They lived there until the fall of 1948 and they retired to Spokane. He was the first master of Canniwai Grange, in 1926.  In 1905, Mr Engle married Irene C Emery.  They raised a family of boys, which Mr Engle referred to as his ‘baseball nine.’  One of these, Horace, was killed in action in World War II.  Survivors include his wife, Irene, at the home; eight sons, Dick Engle of Oaksdale; Forrest (Jack) Engle of Spangle; Roy Engle of Spokane; Don Engle of Sandpoint, ID; Jimmie Engle of Albany, OR; Bobbie Engle of Marlin; Harvey Engle of Seattle; Charles (Fay) Engle of Wenatchee; brother, Dave Engle of Spokane; sister, Betty Wallace of Bigger, Sask.;  33 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.” (scrapbook news-d. 4-10-1964); “Born in Iowa, 1876, to Thos Benton Engle and Rebecca Resh Engle, who came to Iowa from Illinois in 1860s. The father, Thomas, was a Civil War veteran who died in 1931. G E Engle’s mother died in 1932. He began farming in Iowa in 1897, two years later came to Washington. Was eventually farming 2000 acres with tractor. Large family reunion in June 1947.” (G Beck data card collection);

(Engle, Horace G) “Horace G (Stub) Engle was killed in action in France on December 3, it was revealed in a telegram from the war department to his parents, Mr and Mrs G E Engle, received on Sunday.  Engle, who was born Oct 25, 1913, at Marlin, was inducted into the army March 21, 1942, and spent most of his training period in California. He went to the European sector in June 1944, and was in several major battles, receiving the expert infantry medal and the purple heart for wounds in action in October. Survivors include his parents; his wife, Hazel, and infant daughter, Irene, and eight brothers, five in the services; Dick, a druggist at Palmer, Alaska; Pfc Forrest, with the signal corps in the Philippines; Roy, Marlin; Don, Portland; Pvt Jimmie, Camp Wolters, Texas; Bobbie, R M 2/c in the navy at Treasure Island, Calif.; Sgt Harvey, quartermaster corps in India, and Fay, S 2/c, in the navy, on duty somewhere out of San Francisco.” (Odessa Record: 12-21-1944) “The body of Pfc Horace Greeley Engle has been returned from France where he was killed in action Dec 3, 1944. Graveside services were held at Wilbur Cemetery on Saturday with Chaplain Ernest L Mitchell of the American Legion post in charge of the service.  Pallbearers were brothers of the deceased: Dick Engle, Oakesdale; Forrest Engle, Marlin; Roy Engle, Spokane; Don Engle, Veradale; Bob Engle, Marlin; Jimmy Engle, Corvallis, OR; Harvey Engle, Spokane, and Fay Engle, Pullman.  Pfc Engle, son of Mr and Mrs G E Engle, Spokane, was born at Marlin, Oct 25, 1913, and graduated from Marlin high school. He worked on his father’s farm until March, 1942, when he entered the army, serving with the infantry. Before entering the service he was married to Miss Hazel McMillen, of Wilbur, and she and their daughter survive him, along with his parents and eight brothers.” (Odessa Record: 12-09-1948)

Engle, Irene C Emery;  (1887-1970; 2 on 1, with G E;  “married Feb 22, 1905”) “Funeral services for Mrs Irene Crystal Engle, 83, former resident of the Marlin community, were held Monday, Feb 9, 1970, at the Ball & Dodd Funeral Home in Spokane. The Rev Dr Gerald M Ford of Central Christian Church of Spokane officiated. Burial was in the Marlin Cemetery with the Rev Daniel Crawford of the Marlin Presbyterian Church conducting the committal service. Mrs Engle died Thursday, Feb 5, 1970, in a nursing home in Spokane, just one week after her 83rd birthday. Born in Oxford, Iowa, Jan 28, 1887, she came West in 1902 with her parents, the Charles Emerys, who settled in Krupp, WA, which later became Marlin.  She was united in marriage with G E (Ed) Engle of Marlin, Feb 22, 1905. They lived on a ranch 10 miles northeast of Marlin until the fall of 1948 when they retired and moved to Spokane. Mr Engle preceded her in death April 10, 1964, at the age of 89. Mother of 10 sons, eight of whom survive and six of whom served in the Armed Forces in WW II. Mrs Engle in 1957 was named ‘Mother of the Year’ by the Spokane Chapter of Gold Star Mothers, of which she was a past president. She was also a past president of the Women’s Democratic Club of Spokane and a member of the Central Christian Church and Spokane Temple 4 of Pythian Sisters. She was a charter member of the Canniwai Grange.  Mrs Engle is survived by her sons, Dick, Oakesdale, WA; Forrest (Jack), Spangle; Roy, Spokane; Don, Milton-Freewater, OR; Jimmie, LaGrande, OR; Bobbie, Marlin; Harvey, Seattle; and Charles Fay, Wenatchee; numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren; a brother, Glen Emery and a sister, Mrs Glee Pierce.”  (Odessa Record) “In Memory of Irene Engle.  Born Jan 28, 1887; Passed away Feb 5, 1970; Services at Ball & Dodd Funeral Home, Spokane, WA on Feb 9, 1970. Dr Gerald M Ford officiating.  Phil Crosbie, Soloist.  Mila Ball, Organist.  Pall Bearers:  Thomas Fiess, Henry Kallenberger, Alvin Goetz, Howard Pfeifer, James Ralls and Loren Schlimmer.  Interment Marlin, WA. Rev David Crawford, Officiating.” (Funeral Program)

Engle, Ray S;  (1909-1933;  s/o G E & Irene)  “Ray S Engle, Residing: Marlin, WA. Male, white, married, husband of Viola Underwood Engle. Birth: April 20, 1909, Marlin, WA. Age: 24 yrs 3 mos 28 days. Farmer, last worked Aug 1, 1932. Father: George Engle, b. Iowa; Mother: Irene Emery, b. Iowa. Informant: Sister Pancratius, Sacred Heart Hospital. Death: Aug 18, 1933, 10:12 p.m. in Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Cause: Sarcoma of Primary lymph nodes of the right testicle, onset: 8-01-1933. Contributory: sarcoma, onset: 6-01-1933. Surgery: Right testicle removed on 8-01-1933. F W Milburn, MD, Spokane, WA. Burial: Marlin, WA, on Aug 20, 1933.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert of Death)

Engle, Rebecca;  (1848-1933 “mother”)  “Rebecca Engle; Residence: 1214 W Sprague. Female, white, divorced, Husband: Thomas B Engle. Birth: Oct 11, 1847, PA. Age: 85 yrs 9 mos 14 days. Housewife. Date last worked: 1918. Father: Daniel Resh, b. PA; Mother: Matilda Bowman, b. PA. Informant: Dave Engle, Spokane, WA. Death: July 25, 1933, 8 a.m., Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Cause: Cardio-renal vascular disease, onset 1920; broncho-pneumonia, onset July 1933. Contributory: Ununited fracture neck of femur. Patient slipped and fell on wet bathroom floor, 1930. James M Nelson, MD. Burial: Marlin, WA; July 27, 1933. Undertaker: Hazen & Jaeger of Spokane.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death)

Erickson, Lillian L;   (1904-1965) (Data provided by Loch relation: Lillian was the first born child of Norman Loch and his wife Johanna Pauline Wagner. Lillian Jane Loch was born July 29, 1904 in Krupp. She was married to Paul Laws and they were the parents of one child, Rex Laws, born in 1923 in Wapato, WA. On Nov 18, 1929, Lillian married Vern Woods. Her third marriage was with Lou Erickson. Lillian died August 1, 1965 in Ellensburg, Kittitas Co, WA and Lou died Oct 1, 1965. Lillian was survived by two sisters, Eunice Hicks and Dorothy Taylor. She was preceded in death by an infant brother in 1916. Lillian had purchased the plot in the cemetery in Marlin, and her son followed her wishes and she was interred according to her wishes. Her friend, Dorothy Westenhiser, also divorced, had planned to be buried in Marlin also, however, since Dorothy lived many more years, it is assumed that her daughter was not aware of her earlier plan. Dorothy was buried in the Seattle area.); “Mr and Mrs Oscar Wagner attended the funeral services for Lillian Erickson in Ellesnberg last week. Burial was in the Marlin Cemetery. Mrs Erickson was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Norman (Hannah Wagner) Lock, early pioneers in the Marlin area, and a niece of Mr Oscar Wagner.” (Odessa Record: 10-14-1965; Beck data card)

 Farmer, Jesse;  (buried far corner of cemetery; Mar 9, 1909 per Hist of Cem; name appears as John A Farmer, father of two) “Jesse Farmer, well known here, and a son-in-law of Preston McMenus, committed suicide by hanging at his ranch home south of Krupp Monday afternoon.  Farmer had been drinking heavily of late and had been away from home for two or three weeks, only returning Sunday evening.  As he had made no preparations to put in the crop, he and his wife had some words Monday morning (March 9th, 1909).  He refused to do the work himself and told her he was going away to work. His wife then announced that she would go to Krupp and get seed wheat and have the crop put in herself. She returned between four and five in the afternoon with a load of wheat and a man to do the work and going to an upstairs room was horrified to find her husband hanging dead from the roof beams. Despondency over money matters is thought to be the cause that led him to commit the deed. His aged father, A J Farmer, arrived from California yesterday and arrangements for the funeral were deferred awaiting his arrival. We understand that the burial took place at Krupp today.”  (Odessa Record of March 12, 1909)  “Krupp, Wash., March 10.—Monday night, about 8 o’clock, word reached Krupp by phone that J S Farmer, a rancher, living 14 miles south of here, had been found hanging in an upstairs room at his home.  His wife was in town during the day and arrived home about 5 o’clock, accompanied by some friends, and on going upstairs the body was found, still warm.  He had tied a rope to a rafter and slipped the noose around his neck while standing on the edge of the bed, and then stepped off. His feet were touching the floor and he could have saved himself with slight effort, but his evident intention was to ‘end it all’. He leaves a wife and two children. No direct cause is known for his act, but he had been despondent for some time.”  (Wenatchee Daily World of March 10, 1909)  (Mention in Black Rock Country: 1889-1909 was made in June 1906 column that John Farmer was proving up on his homestead. Probate letters indicate that John Farmer and Jesse Farmer are the same person.) (Pearl Farmer, the eight year old daughter resided with Geo P McMenus family on the 1910 census, where she is reported as his granddaughter. As this was Geo McMenus’ 2nd marriage, the connection is not clear. George’s wife was Elizabeth.) “Jesse Farmer, son-in-law of Preston McMenus of Odessa, takes life. Buried in SE corner Marlin Cemetery, alone, no date or marker. Property in NE ¼ 22-20-30, April 18, 1901. Goes to Sand Hills to break horses, May 1905. Starts restaurant in Krupp, Dec 1906. Witness in case for Chris Esslinger, May 1906; for John Scharchburg, July 1906. Puts in addition to saloon bar, Feb. 1907.  (Geo Beck data card collection)

 Fiess, Alvin C;  (1916-1922) “Elvin Feiss. Male, white, single, Born: Nov 15, 1916, WA; Death: 4-08-1922, Reg. Dist. #6, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Robert Feiss, born Russia; Mother: Mary Prennen born Russia.  Cause of death: ‘died before I got there, heart failure, contributory, la grippe.’ L M Thompson, MD. Burial: Marlin Cemetery on 4-10-1922, no attendant.” WA State Register of Death)  

 Fiess, Emanuel;  (1913-1944;  Strates marker; no record in files) Died in the service, Feb 7, 1944. “Emanuel T Fiess, Inducted from Washington; Rank: Sergeant; Combat Organization: 15th Infantry 3rd Division; Death date: 7 Feb 1944. Monument: Sicily & Rome, Italy. US Awards: Purple Heart Medal, additional Army awards.” (Taken from listing of WW II and Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas) “Memorial Service For Emanuel Fiess. With the Odessa post of the American Legion assisting, memorial services for Technical Sergeant Emanuel Fiess were held by the Rev A H Grabow at the Salem Lutheran church at Marlin on Sunday.  Sgt. Fiess was born at Marlin on Nov 7, 1913, and was inducted into military service on Feb 20, 1941, taking his training at Fort Lewis, Wash.; Fort Ord, Calif., and Camp Pickett, VA, from where he went to overseas duty.  He took part in the first invasion of North Africa in November, 1942, and served through the campaign. He was reported missing in August, 1943, but succeeded in returning to his company after five days and continued with it into Italy.  He was awarded the purple heart for wounds received Oct 13, 1943. He returned to duty Dec 5, 1943, and was reported missing February 7.  Later messages confirmed the fact that he was killed in action that day, presumably in the Cassino area.  Surviving him are his father, Robert Fiess of Soap Lake; seven brothers, Roland, Wilson Creek; Charles, Reardan; Arthur and Thomas, Marlin; Pfc. Rudolph, with the army in the South Pacific; A/C Walter, Garden City, Kansas; First Lieutenant Paul, with the air force in England; three sisters, Mrs Louise Borgens, Ritzville; Leona and Elsie, Seattle.” (Odessa Record: 11-23-1944) “Memorial services were held at the Lutheran Church for Emanuel Fiess, last Sunday.” (Western Sage: 11-21-1944)

Fiess, Emil E;  (Mar 6, 1902-Aug 17, 1918) “Emil Fries (Fiess), oldest son of Mr & Mrs Robert Fries, residing about four miles north of Krupp, died Saturday morning from the effects of a rattlesnake bit which happened Thursday evening while rabbit hunting. His body was returned Saturday evening from Spokane and funeral services were held in the German Lutheran church at four o’clock Sunday afternoon. The interment was in the Krupp Cemetery. Mr & Mrs Fries have the sympathy of the entire community in their great loss. Emil was a bright, promising youth just entering manhood, having returned only three weeks ago from the Concordia College where he had been a student the past year, preparing for the ministry.”  (Wenatchee Daily World, Tuesday, Aug 20, 1918) “Emil was hunting, shot rabbit which crawled in badger hole, he reached in and pulled out snake, walked slowly home.” (G Beck data card collection)

Fiess, Flora;   (May 21, 1907 (2 on 1) d/o Robert & Marie) Flora Fiess was the 6th child born to Robert Fiess and his wife Marie Brenner, of which only Karl Fiess was deceased in Bessarabia. The Robert Fiess homestead was in Sec 28, dated Jan 11, 1902. The family appears on the Enos precinct census reports of 1910 and 1920. A total of 17 children born to Robert and Marie can be accounted for. Death record not located.

Fiess, Hans John;  (1915-1939)  s/o Robert & Marie; “died in accident in Alaska” (G Beck data card)

Fiess, Keith Arthur;  (June 10, 1938-Nov 19, 1994; shared w/Virginia; “h/o Virginia G; married Feb 4, 1967”) Fiess, Keith Arthur (age 56)—Longtime Marlin-Wilson Creek resident and area farmer, passed away Nov 19, 1994 (Thurston County) near Olympia, WA from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Keith was born June 10, 1938 in Odessa, son of the late Roland and Angeline (Bongiorni) Fiess. He was raised in Wilson Creek and later Ephrata. He was married to Virginia G Cinotto on Feb 4, 1967 in Renton where they continued to live until 1976. They then moved to Wilson Creek and later Marlin where they have farmed since.  He was a member of Salem Lutheran Church in Marlin, custodian of the Marlin Cemetery and was a Grant County Fire Commissioner for Wilson Creek. He is survived by his wife, Virginia Fiess, Marlin; one son, Mark Fiess, Moses Lake; one daughter and son-in-law, Shannon and Brian Thompson, Mukilteo, WA; one brother and sister-in-law, Craig and Mary Fiess, Sacramento, CA; two step-sisters, Barbara Quann, Santa Cruz, CA and Shirley Boger, Hartline, WA; one nephew, Kyle Fiess, and one niece, Lana Fiess. He was also preceded in death by a step-mother, Myrtle Heathman Fiess. Funeral Services will be held Nov 30, 1994 at the Zion Emanuel Lutheran Church in Odessa. Interment will follow at the Marlin Cemetery....” (Spokesman Review) “Keith A Fiess, a 56 year old Marlin area farmer was killed and his wife critically injured in an accident early Saturday morning on I-5 near Olympia that killed two others, the State Patrol reported. Fiess, his sister-in-law, Betty Lou Peterson, 66, of Renton, and June D Hall, 47, of Centralia died at the scene, while Virginia Fiess, 49, of Marlin was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where she was listed in serious condition this morning with head and internal injuries...” (Nov 19, 1994-scrapbook news excerpt) Keith Arthur Fiess... “graduated from Ephrata High School in 1957. Following graduation he went to Alaska where he worked on a gold dredge before returning to Washington and attending Columbia Basin Junior College for two years. Mr Fiess was drafted into the US Army in 1961 and served in Germany until his honorable discharge in 1963. He returned to the Grant County area working for the nest few years in farm-related industries in Ephrata and Othello. He moved to Renton in 1966 where he worked for the Boeing Airplane Co for five years. Mr Fiess began working for the Milwaukee Railroad in 1971 where he stayed until 1976 when he and his wife moved back to the Wilson Creek area. He went to work for his uncle, Tom Fiess, on his farm near Marlin. When his uncle retired, Mr Fiess took over the family farm and operated it until his death....” (scrapbook news item excerpt)

Fiess, Maria F;  (1875-1939 “mother”)  “Marie Fiess. Female, white, married. Wife of Robert Fiess, his age 65. Birth: Sept 9, 1875, aged 64 yrs 1 mos 26 days. Birth: Sarata, Russia. Occupation: housewife.  Father: John Brenner, b. Sarata, Russia; Mother: Barbara Wagoner, b. Sarata, Russia. Informant: Robert Fiess, Marlin, WA. Death: Nov 5, 1939, 2 a.m., Marlin, Grant Co, WA. Cause: carcinoma of Liver. No Physician Called. Burial: Marlin, Wash, Nov 7, 1939. Funeral Director: T E Jenkins, Ephrata, WA.” (WA State Dept of Health: Cert. of Death) “The community was saddened by the death of Mrs Robert Fiess on Sunday morning, November 5. An early resident of Marlin, she has resided in Grant County for 38 years. She is survived by her husband and twelve children.” (Western Sage: 11-__-1939) 

 Fiess, Merle Leona;  (b. Dec 23, 1919; d. Sept 30,1999) “Merle L Fiess, a native of Marlin and resident of Wilson Creek, died Thursday, Sept 30, 1999, in Spokane, She was 79 years old.  She was born Dec 23, 1919, in Marlin, the daughter of Guy and Emma (Miller) Ralls. She attended Marlin School and was graduated from Marlin High School. She married Thomas Fiess in Tacoma on Oct 13, 1941. Mrs Fiess was a life member of Salem Lutheran Church in Marlin, and Cannawai Grange. She was a homemaker.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas, in 1989, and four brothers and one sister. She is survived by one son, Vaughan and wife Robin Fiess, of Olympia; three daughters, Cheryl and husband Don Hatch of Sunnyside; Carla and husband Mike Darrah of Spokane; and Kristie and husband Randy Wright of Phoenix, AZ, and eight grandchildren.  Funeral services were held on Wednesday, Oct 6, at Zion-Emmanual Lutheran Church in Odessa, with Pastor Don Smith officiating. Concluding services and vault interment followed at Marlin Cemetery. Strate Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.” (scrapbook obit; d. 9-30-1999)

 Fiess, Otto;  (Apr 11, 1909;  2 on 1, with Flora;  s/o Robert & Marie) “Otto Fiess, died 1909, the seventh child of Robert and Marie Fiess.” (History of Marlin Cemetery) TS shows: Apr 11, 1909. Otto Fiess, a twin, was born Apr 11, 1909, seven children born prior to these to Robert G Fiess and his first wife, Marie Brenner Fiess.

 Fiess, Robert G;  (Nov 11, 1873; d. Mar 28, 1948; Job 19:25; Ps 26:6-7) “Funeral services are being held today from St Paul Lutheran Church, Wenatchee, for Robert G Fiess, 71, Marlin pioneer, who died there Sunday, after a year’s illness. Burial is in Wenatchee Cemetery. The Rev Richard A Tschirley of Wenatchee and Rev A H Grabow of Marlin are officiating. Fiess came to the United States in 1901 and homesteaded near Marlin, where he operated a wheat ranch until 1940, then residing for a time at Soap Lake, and later at Wenatchee. Survivors are his widow; 7 sons, Roland, Ephrata; Charles, Reardan; Arthur and Randolph, Wilson Creek; Thomas, Marlin; Walter, Reardan; and Paul, Portland; 3 daughters, Mrs George Borgens, Ritzville; Mrs Everett Ulich, Milton, OR; and Mrs Roy Garner, Missoula, MT; one brother, two sisters and 14 grandchildren.” (Odessa Record: 4-01-1948) “Robert Fiess of Grant Co, Mary Kern of Grant County, married June 2, 1940 in Grant Co by Rev A H Grabow, Minister of the Gospel. Witnesses: Karl Kruse, Elisabeth Kruse.” (Details from Marriage Certificate: #1806, license dated: June 1, 1940); Robert Fiess, Maria Fiess and Louise Fiess were on the NY Passenger List for Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse, departure Bremen, arrival New York, New York on 15 Oct 1901.  Note, his tombstone is in Krupp Valley Cemetery. No research was done to determine if his body is here or if the obit was in error.

Fiess, Rudolph;  (b. Apr 11, 1909; d. June 23, 1994  US Army)  “Rudolph Fiess, 85, a native of Marlin and lifelong resident of Grant County, died Thursday, June 23, 1994, in Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake.  He was born April 11, 1909, the son of Robert G and Maria (Brenner) Fiess at Marlin, where he grew up and attended the Kallenberger country school. He worked on the family farm near Marlin and later acquired his own farm between Marlin and Wilson Creek.  He served in the Medical Corps of the US Army during World War II.  Following military service, he returned to Marlin, where he farmed until retiring in 1982. He moved to Moses Lake in 1987, residing at the Hearthstone Retirement Inn. He was a member of Salem Lutheran Church in Marlin.  Survivors include two brothers, Arthur, of Albuquerque, NM, and Paul, of Portland, OR; two sisters, Leona Hulick, of Milton-Freewater, OR, and Elsie Barner of Missoula, MT, and 21 nephews and nieces.  Memorial services were held Sunday, June 26, at Grace Lutheran Church in Moses Lake. Private commitment will be at a later date at Marlin Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: 6-30-1994) 

Fiess, Sandra Joan;  (1943-1943;  d. 4-10-1943) “Sandra Joan Fiess (child); white, female, single; Died Sacred Heart Hosp; Born Mar 23, 1943; Death April 10, 1943; 18 days; Born Odessa; Father = Thomas Fiess (born Marlin); Mother = Merle Ralls (born Marlin); Cause of death = Dermatitis erfolialiva; Physician = Dr E J Barnett of Spokane; Burial at Marlin Cemetery; Committal Service only on 4-11-43 by Rev Grabow” (Mortuary Ledger) “Sandra Joan Fiess, 14-day-old daughter of Mr and Mrs Tom Fiess of Marlin, was buried there on Sunday, the Rev A Grabow officiating, following her death in a Spokane hospital. she is survived by her mother and father.” (Odessa Record: 4-15-1943)  

 Fiess, Thomas;   (May 1, 1912-Jan 8, 1989) “Fiess, Thomas.—Passed away Jan 8, 1989, Wilson Creek, WA. His home, Wilson Creek, WA. Survived by his wife, Merle, at the home; one son, Vaughn Fiess, Olympia, WA; three daughters, Cheryl Hatch, Sunnyside, WA; Carla Darrah, Spokane, WA; Kristie Fiess, Mesa, AZ; six grandchildren; three brothers, Arthur Fiess, Albuquerque, NM; Rudolph Fiess, Moses Lake, WA; Paul Fiess, Portland, OR; two sisters, Leona Hulick, Milton-Freewater, OR; Elsie Garner, Missoula, MT.  Life member of Salem Lutheran Church, Marlin, WA. Funeral Service, Jan 11, 1989 at Zion Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Odessa, WA. Pastor David Blair, officiating. Interment, Marlin Cemetery. Strate Funeral Home in charge.” (Spokesman Review) “In Memory of Thomas Fiess. Born May 1, 1912 at Marlin, WA. Passed away Jan 8, 1989 at Wilson Creek, WA.  Casket bearers: Keith Fiess, Gregg Woods, Bill Kreiter, Doug Woods, Joe Stevens, and Reinhold Weber.” (Funeral program)  “Thomas Fiess of Wilson Creek, born in Marlin May 1, 1912 to Robert and Maria Fiess, passed away Jan 8, (1989). He was baptized into the Christian faith on May 19, 1912, and was confirmed April 1, 1928. A faithful member of Salem Lutheran Church, Mr Fiess served the congregation as assistant treasurer 1941-1946, as treasurer 1947-48, and since 1949 had been congregational chairman.  He was married in Oct 1941 to Merle Ralls in Tacoma, and the couple had four children, all surviving. They are a son, Vaughn Fiess of Olympia, and three daughters: Cheryl Hatch of Sunnyside, Carla Darrah of Spokane, and Kristie Fiess of Mesa, AZ. Mr Fiess is also survived by three brothers: Arthur Fiess of Albuquerque, NM; Rudolph Fiess of Moses Lake, and Paul Fiess of Portland; by two sisters, Leona Hulick of Milton-Freewater, OR, and Elsie Garner of Missoula, MT; and by 6 grandchildren. Funeral service was held Jan 11 at Salem Lutheran Church of Marlin, Pastor David Blair officiating. Interment followed at the Marlin Cemetery.” (scrapbook item: 1989)

Fiess, Virginia G;  (b. Dec 30, 1944; d. ________; shared w/Keith A) 

Foster, George L;  (1865-1934 “father”) “George L Foster; male, white, married; Born July 30, 1865 in Iowa; Died April 9, 1934 near Marlin, Grant County; Age 68 yrs 6 mos 9 days; cause of death was uremia; contributory cause: renal disease; occupation farmer; Father = Theodore Foster (born Ohio); Mother (not shown); Informant: Mamie M Foster of Marlin, WA; Physician L J Bonney; Burial Marlin, WA; Burial 4-10-34; H H Strate, Undertaker.” (Strate Mortuary Ledger with death cert.) (Mamie remarried and is listed also as Mamie M Foster Peterson.)  “Lyman Foster Dies at Home.  G L Foster, 69, resident of the Marlin section, died at his ranch home on Monday morning after several years of illness. Funeral services were held on Tuesday from the Marlin church, with the Rev M J Galle, Odessa, officiating. Burial was made in the Marlin Cemetery.  Mr Foster was born in Adel, Iowa, in July, 1865, and at the age of 20 came west to California. In 1901 he moved to a ranch near Odessa, wher ehe made his home for the intervening years. Shortly after his arrival here he met and married Mrs Foster, who survives him. Before his death Mr Foster had named his pallbearers, selecting them from among Marlin friends, as follows: Gib Egbert, Homer Carr, Bert Hull, Harry Hull, Charles Peterson and L A West. Survivors include his widow, two children, twins, aged 7, Garnita and Glen, at the family home. Mr Foster had been one of the better known of the pioneer ranchers of the region, having ranched in the Marlin and Ruff regions for many years.” (Odessa Record: 4-13-1934)

Foster, Glen L;  (Oct 23, 1926-Nov 28, 1997;  “son” ) “Private memorial services for Glen L Foster were held on Sunday, Dec 20, at Marlin Cemetery, with Pastor Dexter Edwards officiating. Glen died in Kristal Bell Care Home in Phoenix, AZ, on Friday, Nov 28, 1997.  He was born on Oct 23, 1926, south of Marlin on the family farm.  He was graduated from Marlin High School in 1944. He was graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in education and taught school in Colville and Ephrata. He worked for Boeing for 15 years and retired in Phoenix. He was preceded in death by Vickie Lynne Norwalk, his mother, father and step-father. He is survived by his sister, Garnita and husband Harvey Schell, of Marlin; nephew Gary Schell and wife Carol; niece Linda Sly and husband George; three great nephews, Trever Schell, Jeremy Schell and wife Amy and Kristoffer Sly, and one great niece, Jocelyn Sly.  A L Moore and Sons, Inc, Mortuary, Phoenix, were in charge of arrangements.”  (Odessa Record-scrapbook item; est 11-28-1997)

Foster, Mamie M;  (1882-1967)  died legally as Mamie Peterson, w/o Claus


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