US Citizenship RECORDS



                         Declaration of Intention  Affidavit of Applicant


                                        Submitted by Marge Womach


(The records of Lincoln County were moved from Lincoln County to the Eastern Regional Archives Branch of State Archives (located on the Eastern Washington University campus in 1997 when these records were photocopied from the originals. This is not to be construed as a comprehensive search, merely names that were familiar to the Harrington vicinity. From those documents, the name, previous authority and the date was extracted.)


I, ___________, native of _______, do declare on oath, that it is bona fide my intention to become a citizen of the United States of America, and to renounce all allegiance and fidelity to all and any foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to ________ and that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America. So help me God. 


The three phases of Naturalizations: 

Declaration of Intention
Certificate of naturalization
Certificate of citizenship

Bakenhus, Herman; Emp. of Germany; 19 Dec 1903.

Betz, George; Emp. of Germany; 11 Sept 1905.

Breidenbach, Carl; Wm II, Emp. of Germany; 14 Oct 1895.

Depner, Fredrick; Czar of Russia; 21 Dec 1896.

Edwall, Ida; Oscar III, King of Norway and Sweden; 30 July 1892.

Fritsch, Herman; Wm II, Emp. of Germany; 24 Sept 1891.

Goetz, Saloma; Nicholas, Emp. of Russia; 10 May 1901.

Grob, Jacob; Emp. of Germany; 25 June 1900.

Henning, Criss; Emp. of Germany; 7 Jan 1901. 

Itzenhauser, Charles P; Emp. of Germany; 23 July 1900.

Itzenhauser, Fred; Emp. of Germany; 3 March 1905.

Itzenhauser, Henry A;  Emp. of Germany; 3 March 1905.

Jarvis, George R; Victoria, Queen of Great Britian & Ireland; 10 Aug 1892.

Jenne, Conrad F; Emp. of Germany; 9 May 1900.

Kennedy, Geroge F; Victoria, Queen of Great Britian & Ireland; 26 May 1893.

Kerr, Thomas J; Edward VII, King of England; 28 Oct 1905.

Kloster, Jules; Republic of France; 5 May 1891.

Kruger, Otto; Wm II, Emp. of Gerrmany; 15 Mar 1902. 

Lehman, August; Edward VII, King of Great Britian & Ireland, 18 Apr 1901.

Lehman, August; Victoria, Queen of Great Britian & Ireland; 28 Dec 1900.

Mead, James; Edward VII, King of Great Britian & Ireland; 19 July 1905.

Meade, John; Victoria, Queen of Gr Brit & Ireland & Empress of India; 1 Dec 1897.

Mecklenburg, Max; Emp. William of Germany; 30 March 1901.

Neff, William; Emp. of Germany; 5 Sept 1900.

Newman, Isaac; Alexander II, Czar of Russia; 13 Nov 1893.

Nissen, Mary; Wm II, Emp. of Gerrmany; 26 Feb 1902.

Schiffler, Hugo; Emp. of Germany; 17 Nov 1900.

Schoepflin, Ernest; Emp. of Germany; 16 Mar 1900.

Schroeder, William; Sovereign of Holland; 17 March 1891.

Schulz, Friedrich; Victoria, Queen of Great Britian & Ireland; 19 Jan 1900.

Seidel, Maggie; Emp. of Germany; 7 June 1906.

Sheffels, Emma; Wm II, Emp. of Germany; 20 April 1891.

Tuttle, Lena; Haakow I, King of Norway; 11 June 1906.

Vohwinkel, Emil; Emp. of Germany; 5 July 1900.

Wagner, Karl G; Wm II, Emp. of Gerrmany; 6 June 1902.

Wagner, Mathias; Emp. of Germany; 10 July 1906.



Bonneywell, William Henry; England; 8 Feb 1888.

Hammershmitt, Leonard F; Germany; 8 Aug 1889.

Huesmann, Karl F; Germany; 12 Aug 1890.

Luginbuhl, Christian; Switzerland; 28 Jan 1887.

Muller, Rosina; Switzerland; 18 Mar 1887.

Polenske, Emil; Germany; 22 Oct 1890.

Ristau, Frank Nelson; Canada; 27 Feb 1889.

Schmidt, John A; Denmark; 10 Dec 1888.

Schmitt, Hans Lornzen; Germany; 8 May 1889.

Timm, August H W; Germany; 12 Mar 1889.

Unbewist, Adam; Germany; 9 Feb 1889.

Witt, August; Germany; 8 Feb 1887.



Lincoln County, Washington US Citizenship affidavits

submitted to the Lincoln Co. WAGenWeb by Marge Womach

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