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Taken from the Davenport Times-Tribune, Davenport, Washington, with permission.

Taken from the Lincoln County Times, Davenport, Washington, used with permission.




Lincoln County Times, Davenport, WA   Oct 04, 1907

...Mrs. PERSHALL and family returned from Spokane Friday afternoon where they were attending the wedding of Miss Effie Pershall that morning.

---ARTHUR PEANT was in this city Sunday.  He has been conducting a general store in Reardan for several years.

---Mrs. B. J. HAISTEN, representative of the Home Finding and Industrial Association of Spokane was in this city lat Friday in the interest of the association.  Mrs. Haisten says they have several children to be placed in homes and anyone desirous of the of this information can obtain it by advising the association at ....Spokane.

---HOWARD SPINNING, formerly editor of the Wilbur Register  was in this city a few days this week.  He has located at Ben, Oregon, and will leave in a few days.

---G. F. ELLINGHOUSE returned from Hartline Saturday morning where he has been assisting in the sale of the store recently bought by F. H. GILPIN of this city.

---The many friends of FRANK HAYNES, now living at Twin Falls, Ida. will be greatful to hear that he is rapidly improving after being very ill for several weeks.

---H. LOTTE, a farmer living near Egypt, was in the city last, Tuesday and reports that his oats which he had just finished harvesting went 79 bushels to the acre.

---L. DAVIES, state Dairy and Food Commissioner, returned from a a trip to the Sound on Sunday where he has been attending to his official duties.

---Rev. J. M. SKINNER went to Odessa Monday afternoon on the stage where he attended the Presbytery which met thier(there) that evening.  He returned the next day.

---J. BERT COWAN of the Lincoln County State Bank returned from Hunters on Tuesday where he has been assisting in the Hunters Exchange of the Lincoln County State Bank.

---Mrs. MYRTLE L. HILDEBRAND, aged 26, of Bellingham, Wash., died at St. Luke's hospital yesterday.  The remains were shipped to Bellingham this afternoon, accompanied by the husband of the deceased, CLARENCE J. HILDERBRAND.  Mrs. Hildebrand was the gentlemenly salesman for the Perfect Pantry, and was located here some times this summer.  He also supplied many of our merchants with new signs for their windows, and his many friends will be sorry to hear of his loss.

---C. H. NEAL was a passenger on the east bound Central Washington on Wednesday morning bound for Spokane.

---MRS. JOSEPHINE DITMAR  living near this city has just finished threshing.  The crop went 35 bushels to the acre on a 1100 acre farm.

---GORDON HENSELY, a farmer living near Larene accompanied his sister and her husband to Spokane Wednesday morning. They will return to their home in the east after spending several weeks visiting here.

---WALTER KINNAN and wife returned Tuesday from numerous stations on the N. P. where Mr. Kinnan has been doing relief work as agent and operator.  Mr. Kinnan will take his new position in the depot in this city.

---Word has been received here that FRED SLY who formerly lived here and recently had been at Rose Lake, Idaho, has left for his old home in Minnesota, where he will spend the winter.

---EUGENE OSWALT returned from Hartline last Sunday where he has been bookkeeper in the store recently purchased by G. H. GILPIN.  He has accepted a position in the county treasurer's office and assumed his new duties the first of the month.


Lincoln County Times, Davenport, WA   Oct 18, 1907

---JOHN HOGAN and wife returned to their home in California Sunday after spending several weeks visiting in this vicinity.

---MISS CHARASTIE WILLIAMS spend Sunday in this city visiting with relatives she returned to her school work at Medical Lake on Monday morning.

---MRS. THOMAS GOODLAD returned to Spokane Sunday morning after spending several days visiting with friends and relatives in this city.

---MISS MABEL BOWEN left for Coeur D'Alene, Idaho on Tuesday where she will spend her vacation visiting with MISS GRACE CROUNQUIST formerly of this place.

---MRS. W. D. MOFFAT left for Lewiston, Idaho last Tuesday where she goes to join MR. MOFFAT who recently went there to accept a position as treasurer in the Northern  Pacific office there.

---United States Deputy Marshall PREY was in this city last Saturday and returned to Spokane Sunday morning with a man named OLE AKER, whom he arrested for selling liquor to an Indian.

---Dr. E. A. KEEPINGS has moved his office into the rooms formerly occupied by R. M. DYE in the McMillan block where he has much nicer rooms than before.  He has received some new furniture from Spokane and now has a very nicely furnished operating room. 

---CAPTAIN C. J. JENKINS of Wenatchee will give a lectured in the M. E. church in this city next Tuesday evening, October 22.  His subject will be "The Salvation Army; Its Origin, Motives, Methods and Achievements"

---MRS. C. F. NEYLAND spent a few days visiting with Mr. and Mrs. P. JENSON in this city last week returning to their home in Lewiston, Idaho on Sunday morning.

---J. MAYNARD HANNA who is well acquainted here because of having taught at the Larene school house last year is in this city in attendance at the annual teachers institute. Mr. Hanna is now teaching at Mohler.

---MISS DASIEY O'LEARY, a former Davenport girl and a graduate of the Davenport High School, who is now teaching in the public school at Almiria is in attendance to the institute here this week.

---PORF. H. B. DEWEY, assistant state superintendent of schools who has been in this city for severals day this week as an instructor at the teachers institute left Tuesday afternoon having completed his work here.

---Presiding Elder O. W. MINZTER of Spokane will hold the first quarter conference at the M. E. Church this Friday evening at 7 o'clock. 

---L. A. INKSTER has sold his residence on West Morgan street to C. A. PETTIJOHN for $2,100. The residence is now occupied by WILLIAM GUNNING.

---WILLIAM MCLEAN of Winnipeg, Man., is here visiting his brothers MARTIN and SIMON MCLEAN.  He visited her a few years ago and he marks the improvements have been made in the meantime.

---DR. TETER of  Davenport preached at the Presbyterian church in this absence of REV. WILSON.

---The MISSES JENNIE PLESSINGER and JOSEPHINE LACY visited friends at the city Monday and Tuesday.

---Mr. and Mrs. ALF and family are visiting Mrs. Alf's brother in Spokane.

---MISS ELSIE KRUPKIE is staying with Mrs. W. H. POLLEY while Mr. Polley is attending institute.

---HENRY BREITHAUPT came down from Mondovi Saturday.

---EMMA and HUGO SCHULZ havedbeen sick with tonsilitis.

---Mrs. GEO. GUNNING and Mrs. D. HICKOX returned Tuesday from a few days visit at Spokane. 


 Thursday, August 1, 1929    

...CLAUDE L. LAWS, formerly of Harrington narrowly escaped death recently in an airplane crash at Yakima.

...LESTER WHERTZEL, age 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. ANDREW WHERTZEL, died at Sprague Thursday after an extended illness.

...WILLIAM EVANS, age 64, a resident of Almira, died there Sunday after a long illness.

...DR. E. E. LANGLEY of Spokane and his brother in-law EARL GRANT, formerly of Harrington have incorporated the Idle Hour pool room business in Spokane for $20,000 and Mr. Grant will have charge of the business.+

Submitted by Shaun K. Young.


Thursday, October 10, 1929   

...A. E. MANKE, who recently resigned as Shell Oil company agent at Sprague has taken over a lease on the Union Oil company station in that city.

...LEO McCUTHEON has purchased the interest of DENNY CORCORAN in the DAVIS and CORCORAN cigar store at Sprague.

...I. PETERSON of Tyler was fined $150 and costs for driving while drunk when arraigned in the justice fourt at Sprague last week.

...JOHN HANLON of Edwall has been elected president of the Society of American Military Engineers at Washington State College.

...G. T. HUGHES of Almira suffered painful bruises and had a narrow escape from death, when his car went over a 10 foot bank recently.

...C. M. TAYLOR and Miss LAVERA SWINFORD were married recently at Moscow, Idaho and are making their home at Almira where the bride has lived for a number of years.

...THOMAS W. BRADY, 58 years, who had been working for E. J. PLASTER at Reardan for some time died last week at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.

...The Odessa Ministerial association gave a dinner last week for REV. N. A. CHRISTIANSEN who is leaving to become pastor of a Baptist Church at Startup, Wash.

...Damages of $1,000 for a broken collar bone, a fractured arm and cuts are sought by W. LAMONT BARNES, JR., age 16, from F. M. ROTHROCK, Sprague stock man in an action started in the Spokane county superior court, Thursday.  Barnes was riding in an automobile in Spokane when it was struck by a car driven by Mrs. ROTHROCK.  It is alleged and the complaint charges that Mrs. Rothrock was carless (sic) in the operation of her machine.

...CHARLES KIRKWWOD, local game expert, gave us his famous recipe for cooking bass this week.  he says one takes a nice, three pound bass, cleans and scales it, puts in on a board two feet long and eight inches wide, garnishes the bass with tomatoes, string beans, peppers and other vegetables, places the board and its passenger into a hot oven, leaves the fish there to cook for three and one half hours, then removes it from the oven, throws away the fish and eats the board..

...We hear that the high school home economics teacher here asked her class last week what the first and most important thing in getting a meal is, and thirty girls answered as with one voice, " Find the can opener."+


The Davenport Times-Tribune,  Aug? , 1937   

...The REV. JOHN PRINCE, assistant pastor of St. Augustine church in Spokane, has been made pastor of the Catholic church at Odessa.  He is a native of Spokane and was ordained in Rome after four years pastoral study there.

...The Odessa schools opened Monday with an enrollment of 450 pupils.  A fleet of 12 buses is operated by the district.

---IVAN WALTER, 10 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. JACOB WALTER, Sr., suffered a broken arm last week.  It is the third time the arm has been broken and the second time within three months.

...A marriage license was issued at Wenatchee Saturday to ROBERT H. FARWELL of Boise, Id. and MILNE SMELTZER of Odessa.

DALE LAMPHERE who leased the Hansen dairy at Wilbur six months ago has purchased the wholesale and retail bottled milk business at the Grand Coulee Dam from Frank BELL.

...A marriage license was issued in Spokane, Friday, to CARL SCHELL, age 22, of Ruff, and ELEANOR MELCHER, age 19, of Odessa.

...The engagement of Miss MARGARET WEGELE and JON KUPERS of Harrington has been announced, and the marriage will take place early in September.

...Mrs. BEATRICE STEVENS, a former Harrington resident, has been chosen to tour Japan this fall as a guest of the Japanese government.  She is a teacher in the Portland, Ore. schools.

...The engagement of Miss ETHEL RUX and HOWARD JOHNSON popular Wilbur young people has been announced.

...The REV. DR. CHARLES EVANS and Mrs. EVANS of Newport, formerly of Odessa, are leaving this week for Portsmouth, New Hampshire to visit their son, Lieutenant R. L. EVANS, U. S. Navy, a former Odessa high school student. 

...Mrs. LENA MERKEL of the Sprague region has leased her farm to Mr and Mrs. WILLIAM RUSS of Venice, Calif., and has purchased the H. HARRY MILLER home in Sprague.

..ROY C. IRVINE, former Reardan newspaper man, and for many years a newspaper publishers at Ritzville, will open his $30,000 motion picture theatre in Ritzville, September 9.

...Mrs. MINNIE MUHS and daughter ANNALU, returned to Davenport Saturday from Veradale, where they spent most of the summer.  Mrs. Muhs, a teacher in the Davenport schools, attended the summer session of the college at Cheney.+



The Davenport Times-Tribune

A crew from the Ball-Dodd Funeral Home in Spokane was here yesterday morning enroute to the banks of the Spokane rifer at the mouth of Squaw Canyon, northeast of Davenport where they are to open eight Indian graves and remove the bodies to the cemetery at Wellpinit.  The company has the contact for moving all the graves in the Coulee Dam backwater area to ground that will not be covered by the flood waters.  GIB DETILLION of Davenport is guide for the party as he is well acquainted with locations of cemeteries on both sides of the Spokane river in this region.  Gib says that the Squaw Canyon Indian cemetery near the E. R. LAUGHBON ranch is the only one in Lincoln county in this region.


The Davenport Times-Tribune, Nov 02, 1939 

...Many activities are being planned in honor of visiting fathers of the more than FOUR THOUSAND Washington State (college) students on the occasion of the weekend of the Idaho gridiron game there November  10...*




+ Submitted by Shaun K. Young

*  Submitted by Barbara Curtis

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