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Happenings at.......Sprague


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The Sprague Herald     Mar 28, 1894          

--Conductor DOC HIGDON is down for the ball.

---HON. R. J. REEVES of Wilbur was in the city last Friday.

---REV. MARK BASKERVILLE is in Pullman this week in attendance upon the convention of Congregationalists.

---MR. B. G. EWING of the wholesale firm of Gray, Ewing & Co.., Spokane wholesale, stationery and printery supplies, favored this office with a call last week.

---A box car was broken open in the yard last night and a large box of millinery goods consigned to Mrs. M. HEARD was taken out of the car and broken open.  The contents of the box were all taken and a portion carried away. The rest was found near the box.  The Northern Pacific company will foot the bill.  

---MESSRS. N. J. Johnson and JOHN FLEKKE, two wealthy pioneers of Walsh county, North Dakota, are now looking over Eastern Washington with a view to making this section their future home.  Mr. Flekke has been engaged in the general mercantile business at Grafton, N.D. during the past 13 years and Mr. Johnson has tilled the soil. in that vicinity the same length of time. 


The Sprague Times, July 21, 1921   

---The four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. MILLSPAUGH, while playing in their yard last Sunday, fell and broke her arm above the elbow.  The child is getting along nicely at present.

---WILBERT WHITAKER is also in the cripples list.  While working with his father's threshing outfit he had his left foot severely crushed and will be laid up for a few weeks. he is able to be about, however.

---One of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. HEAVNER'S children was slightly injured by the premature discharge of a 22-calibre rifle Tuesday.

---Mrs. OLIA De HAVEN daughter of ANSON GOSS, arrived here this morning She and her father will leave tomorrow morning for Bangor, Michigan , with the body of Mrs. Goss.

---DR. F. A. BAYER was appointed police judge at a special meeting of the city council last night to succeed MR. DANIEL WINTER, deceased.

---ALONZO SANBORN perhaps suffered the most painful accident of the week last Tuesday evening when his team became frightened at a threshing outfit and ran away.  (He) was thrown under the wheels of his wagon and when picked up it was found that the bone in his left leg between the knee and thigh was broken.  The accident happened at his ranch, four miles from town.  He was brought to his town home as soon as possible and the bone was set with great difficulty. Mr. Sanborn suffers great pain, and as he is rather well along in years, will no doubt be confined to the house for several months.

---The nine-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE W. THOMPSON died while in a teething spasm Saturday morning, August 23.

---THOMAS ORVILLE, the seven months old child of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. MITCHELL, died Tuesday morning from a spasm caused by teething.  The little one was buried Wednesday morning in Lakeview Cemetery.


The Sprague Advocate, July 21, 1921 

---Mr. and Mrs. JACK MCELROY who recently sold their residence in the southwest part of town have moved into the house at the corner of Third and D streets directly west of MATT BRISLAWN'S. They have planned a new house and will build on the southeast corner of Second and E streets.  Mr. McElroy purchased this location about a year ago and will tea down the house that is now there.

---Mr. and Mrs. GEO. HARING returned last Thursday from a motor trip which included a visit to Yellowstone Park. They spent five days in the Yellowstone Park covering a route of 192 miles camping at the five principal camps and viewing the wonderful scenery of this national playground.

---The Mesdames P. N. SNALLEY and W. ATHOL HALL were hostesses at a dancing party Saturday evening at Fishtrap Resort.  It was given in honor of Misses PAULINE CHILD and HELEN SALISBURY who expect to leave soon for Hilo, Hawaii where they have accepted positions in the schools.


The Sprague Advocate, September  1, 1921   

--- President Harding will call a national conference representative of the country, here next month to inquire into the unemployment problem, Secretary Hoover announced.  The objective of the conference, he said will be to inquire into the volume of needed employment, ....

---FRANK BRISLAWN had the misfortune to mutilate a finger on his left hand when starting a gas engine on a harvester last Thursday.  The pin used in starting failed to release and carried his hand along with the fly wheel in its progress striking an oil cup.  The end of the finger was almost completely cut off and the bone of the finger was broken. 

---ALFORD WURMAN, brother of E. L. WURMAN of Chewelah arrived here Sunday night and is one of the helpers at the Cole warehouse. He is stopping at his brother's. 


The Sprague Advocate, December 1, 1921

---ANDREW ANDERSON, who for many years was section foreman on the N. P. here died at Spokane November 27 of pneumonia.  About three years ago he retired and went to Spokane to live.  He was about 80 years old and lived at Sprague for about 15 years. H had the faculty of saving his earning and had accumulated something over $4000 all of which he bequeathed by will t the Salvation Army.  He had no relative in this part of the country as far as known.

---A marriage license was issued yesterday to GEO H. LEIGH, son of Mr. and Mrs. GEO LEIGH and Miss JOSIE MCKEE of Tyler.

---C. E. BECKWORTH, formerly superintendent of the W. W. P. Co. for this district but now in charge of the company's affairs at Pullman was greeting friends in Sprague Saturday.  He and Mrs. Beckwith ha spent Thanksgiving in Ritzville.

--The Sunflower Entertainers, two young ladies, Miss SCOTT and Miss HARPER were the attraction at the third number of the lyceum course last Friday night.  Miss Scott was a soprano soloist and Miss Harper a violinist.  They entertained mainly with musical character sketches. Their talent was only ordinary and the audience did not show much enthusiasm.

The Sprague Advocate,    July 9, 1925

---Martha Jane, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dooly fell while playing and suffered a broken arm week before last, but is getting along nicely.



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