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Happenings at......Reardan





The Lincoln County Times, July 21, 1905

...MRS. C. H. FINROW and daughter CORA are visiting in Spokane this week.

...Born to Mr. and Mrs. HERMAN SCHULZ on Tuesday, a son.

...Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCOY and daughter returned from the Portland fair Tuesday.

...Mrs. T. G. STEVENSON and children were Spokane visitors Monday & Tuesday.

...Mr. and Mrs. TRAMM, left for Portland,  Oregon, Monday where they will visit the fair and also an oldtime friend of theirs.

...Mrs. H. G. BURNS and children departed for Spokane Monday.  Mr. BURNS joined them Tuesday and they departed for Portland, Oregon.

...Mrs. R. ABRENS is slowly recovering from an attack of the measles.

...Dr. and Mrs. ELLIS returned from Portland Sunday.


The Davenport Times-Tribune,  Sep 28, 1939   

...Mr. & Mrs. GEORGE EKINS, Miss DOROTHY EKINS, DICK EKINS and Miss  MAXINE PHILLIPS were dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. HENRY WEYEN and daughters on Wednesday evening of last week.

...ROY MANN left Friday for Santa Monica, Calif., following a ten day visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. HENRY MANN.  He is employed with Douglas Air Craft Corporation.

...Miss LUCY PECK of Spokane was a visitor at the home of Mrs. WILLIAM J. HENO and Mrs. ANNA GERBER Friday.

...HARRY HARDER of Missoula, Montana, who spent the last month with relatives in California is visiting this week with his sister, Mrs. ROSA MOON and other relatives.

....Mrs. ELLA RINKER of Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. PAUL RINKER and their son JIMMY RINKER drove to Colbert Sunday where they visited Mr. RINKER's brother, J. M. RINKER and family.

...The BRIDGETTs met Friday for their first meeting following summer vacation at the home of Miss MILDRED McLAUGHLIN.  High honors went to Mrs. ED HEIN and low to Mrs. J. H. ELLIS.

...Sunday Mr. and Mrs. OTTIS BECK and family visited Mrs. GILBERT BURROWS.

...Mr.s R. A. RIFFE received word Friday that her brother GEORGE AVENEEL, 67, of Los Angeles had died suddenly Thursday, September 21.  He was a former resident of this region having farmed here for many years.


The Davenport Times-Tribune,  Oct 19, 1939     

...Among the lucky deer hunters that should have been mentioned last week were V. P. DENSON and JOHN CHILDS who got their game near Republic.  Mrs. NORMAN MCLAIN who was hunting with her husband in Okanogan County also brought home a deer.

---Mr. and Mrs. TED SCHULTZ of Seattle, former residents of Reardan have moved to Vera where Mr. Schultz is operating a service station.

...Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES GARBER and Mr. and Mrs. NORMAN ANDERSON left Thursday by auto for Detroit, Michigan where Mr. Garber will take delivery of a Dodge car.

...Mrs. ZELLA EMLEY and Mrs. JOHN RICE entertained " the Crescent Coulee club " at the Crescent hall Wednesday afternoon.  Sic tables of pinochle were in play.  Mrs. HENRY MANN had high score and Mrs. MILT LANDRETH low.  The new club officers are Mrs. WALTER CARSTENS, president and Mrs. SAM COVLIN, secretary-treasurer.

...Mr. and Mrs. E. K. HENRY of Spokane are guests at the home of their daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Alfred KRUPKE.


The Davenport Times-Tribune,  Oct 19, 1939     

...Mrs. G. B. WOODS, Mrs. PAUL RINKER, Mrs. GRACE BILYEU and Mrs. O. L. KING attended a meeting of home demonstration club member at the Community church hall Thursday.

...EVERETT ANYAN and BILL ADAMS went to a lake near Creston Sunday to hunt ducks.  They returned with several.

...Mrs. G. MANOR of Little Falls is in a Spokane hospital with a broken wrist.  She had just alighted from a car and when it drove away the door came open striking her wrist.

...BILLY SCHULTZ, 11 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. EBE SCHULTZ suffered a broken left leg above the knee when a sheep truck from Wilbur struck him while he was crossing the Sunset highway on his way to school yesterday. The driver stopped and took him to Dr. Wm Kettleberger's office....

...Mr. and Mrs. CARL CARLSON and children CAROL JANE and BILLY of Seattle visited Mr. and Mrs. PAUL McALLISTER and daughters last week.  Mrs. CARLSON is Mr. McALLISTER's sister.

...Mrs. A. C. PITTS of Ritzville spent the weekend with her son A. C. PATTON and family.

...LAWRENCE HAMILTON and C. E. PERRYMAN were deer hunting on Deer Creek, Stevens Co., Sunday, where Mr. Hamilton bagged a large buck.  HERMAN BROMMER and G. B. WOODS are also two lucky hunters getting their deer Sunday the last day of the season, near Kettle Falls on Deadman Creek.  Mr. Wood's buck weighted 260 pounds the largest brought to Reardan this year.

...HENRY CAPPS one of the early pioneers of this community died at his home north of town Thursday following an illness of only a few days.*


The Davenport Times-Tribune,  Oct 19, 1939     

---John Schwartz and Mrs. Anna Schwartz have completed their new barn built on the foundation of the one that burned last July.  The building is 42 by 60 feet.

---Mrs. Nellie Fackneitz who has leased her land to Mr. and Mrs. August Schmander left Thursday for Denver, Colorado where she will be the guest of relatives.

---Miss Margaret Joslin who is employed in the agricultural office at Davenport spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Joslin.

---Mrs. Homer Pike of Spokane was a Sunday guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Erdman

---Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Godwin had for their dinner guests Sunday, Dr. L. O. Edgar of Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Flood, and Seymore Flood.

---Mrs. George Ekins and Mrs. Emil Koeller returned Saturday from Connell where they spent a few days visiting Mrs. Koeller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell and Mrs. Ekins; parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Younce at Pasco.  Mr. and Mrs. Younce formerly lived here.

---Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rettkowski visited Monday with Mr. Rettkow3ski's mother, Mrs. August Rettkowski at Wilbur.

---Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pelfarsh and sons of Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson and son were Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hanning.

---Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schultz entertained at a birthday dinner party Thursday evening honoring Mr. Schultz's brother, Frank Schultz.  Gusts were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Schultz and son of Vera, Mr. and Mrs. William Spilker and children of Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schultz and sons and Mrs. John Schultz.


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