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Happenings at.......Peach




The Davenport Tribune, Feb 14, 1901   

... Mr. LEE RODGERS, of Ashland, OR, is visiting with his sister, Mrs. ALMIRA BRANNON.

... REV. CROW was called to Wilbur Saturday and returned Monday. 

...While attending a dance last Saturday eve at Miles, Miss IDA THOMPSON fell and broke her arm.

... The Methodist revival has proven quite a success there being 25 converts at present writing. 

...No fighting allowed” and “keep off the grass” notices can be seen most any place now days.

... Miss CARRIE GREENWOOD closed a very successful five months term of school Feb 22, with a nice literary program. Everybody cordially invited.

... The roads are getting dusty on one side of the creek while on the other there is snow and ice.

... Mr. J. G. WATERS made a flying trip to Davenport the first of the week.


The Lincoln County Times, February 24, 1905

 ...Miss BERTHA STALDER is visiting a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. JAMES BAYLEY.

...Mr. CLARENCE DAVES return ed home after spending the winter with hiss relatives in Oregon.

...Mrs. DAN LEONARD returned home last Sunday after spending a few weeks with friends in Spokane.

...Miss MAY MESSINGER, w2ho has been visiting her sick brother at Medical Lake, returned home Saturday.

...Mr. HENRY aPASLEY died at the home of Mr.MOODY last Wednesday after a few days illness with pneumonia. 


3 Nov 1911-Dav. Tribune reprint

“E L Fulmer, for several years a barber of this city, and Roscoe Sherwood of Egypt expected to open a barber shop, pool hall and cigar stand at Peach in the near future. They had a building in the course of construction and would open for business as soon as it was completed.” (Dav. Times: 100 Yrs Ago in Nov 3, 2011 representing 11-03-1911)(submitted my Marge Womach)


Davenport TribuneJuly 25,1912

...C. J. HETTMAN and mother drove to Plum, Tuesday to visit Mr. and Mrs. E. O. GOFFNET." Taken from Rocklyn column of Dav. Trib of 7-25-1912, submitted by Marge Womach


"Miss LUCILE ELLIOTT, of Peach, who has been engaged to teach primary room here, was here to look the situation over Saturday and returned home Sunday."  (Citizen: 6-27-1913, Mohler Column) submitted by Marge Womach      


The Creston News, June 4, 1920

..Yes, "Come on in the water's fine" Mrs. H. BALCOM went fishing the other day and fell in the backwater she liked it so well that she went fishing another day but we didn't learn  whether she fell in the water again.

...Last Wednesday Misses GEORGIA SNOOK, ROSE and ANN BALCOM and BOYD SNOOK motored up to Cheney to attend the high school commencement.  ESTHER BALCOM and DWIGHT NELSON were members of the graduating class.

...Mrs. S. F. LYNN visited Mrs. F. L. PUGH last Sunday.

...Mrs. D. W. ELLIOTT, of Spokane, visited her daughter, Mrs. E. S. BAYLEY last week.

...MACK KELLEY left last Wednesday for Spokane where he enlisted in the radio branch of the service.

...W. T. HILL has gone to Creston to work for about ten days.

...I. E. METCALF preached at the Christian Church in Creston Sunday.

...Mr. and Mrs. J. K. HOPE were Creston visitors Sunday.

...Mrs. J. E. METCALF visited Mr. and Mrs. E. S. BAYLEY Sunday.

...The graduating exercises of the 8th grade took place Saturday evening at the Peach hall. The entire class of nine passed in their examinations and received diplomas.  The class prophecy being given in pantomime, members of the class were shown ten years from now IRENE LYNN as an old maid school teacher; ORA BAUMANN was seen walking down an avenue in Washington, D. C. as the first lady Senator from Washington; ANN BALCOM as a suffragette, JAS. WATERS as a cowboy, BRAINARD PUGH as a second Fatty Arbuckle catching a freight  train; MABEL LYNN as a matron in an orphans home; ROSE BALCOM on her first trip to town, and CLARA NELSON as a bride.  MACK KELLEY was also a member of the class but not present.  SUPT. W. S. SHELTON made an address to the class.

...W. T. HILL and son, WILL JR., and ALAC PUGH went up to Cheney last Friday, returning the same day with KATE PUGH, SELMA and DWIGHT NELSON, who have been attending high school and normal.

...Mrs. HOMER HILL of Opportunity came down Saturday evening for Decoration Day.

...Mr. and Mrs. WALTER MARSHALL of Wilbur were visiting relatives here, Saturday and Sunday.

...Miss LILLIE RADAMACHER, of Davenport, was a visitor in the NELSON home over Sunday.

...HAROLD WHICKER, of Colbert, was visiting MAURY NILSON last week.


The Davenport Times-Tribune, August 1, 1929  

...The ice cream social given by the Dorcas society at the M. E. church here Friday night was well attended.  About $14 was cleared.

...Mrs. KERUS BEAN of Wilbur is visiting her mother, Mrs. LILLIAN URIBE for a few days.

...Mrs. EUGENE MOSS is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. CHRISMAN on route No. 1.

...Mr. and Mrs. J. A HILL and family of Fruitland were visitor at the D. L. RICHARDSON home Sunday.  They are former residents of the Peach district.

...ERNEST LYNN who has been at Wenatchee for some time is home on a visit.

...Mrs. ANNA JOHNSON and children and Mrs. HARRY BALCOLM and children, all of Tacoma, who have been visiting relatives here returned to their homes Monday.+ Submitted by Shaun K. Young.


The Davenport Times-Tribune, August 28, 1930    

...Mr. and Mrs. TED TRINKLE of Chelan visited relatives in Peach last Sunday.  Miss JESSIE BALCOM, returned to Chelean with them where she will attend high school.

...Mrs. GEORGE OWENS went to Spokane last Tuesday to spend a few days.

...BORN--to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. JUMP at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, August 23, a son.

...Mrs. J. A. HILL and children will moved to Wapato soon where Mr. Hill has been employed for some times.

...Mr. and Mrs. JOHN F. LYNN of Peach, were visitors (at Davenport) Monday.+


The Davenport Times-Tribune, January 3, 1935        

...Word was received here of the marriage last Saturday at Davenport of Miss FAE COCHRANE of Peach and VALLIE VANSICKLE of Creston.  Miss Cochrane is the daughter of MRS. MABLE HILL of Peach.  Mr. Van Sickle is the son of Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES VANSICKLE.

...MRS. GEORGE LYNN and sons of Idaho are visiting relatives at Peach.

...C. GROAT of the Dalles, Ore., was here Saturday and made a moving picture near Peach school house.

...Mr. and Mrs. E. V. RIDDLE were visitors in Peach and Wilbur last Thursday evening.

...J. M. HAGGARTY of Garfield spent the Christmas holidays at the home of his brother-in-law, C. G. DECKER

...MRS. CHARLES BALCOM returned to her home at Opportunity last week after spending a few weeks with relatives at Peach.

...Mr. and Mrs. V. M. MOORE and children spent the Christmas holidays in Spokane with relatives.

...LOUISE DECKER is at the Deaconess hospital in Spokane. She has been suffering with ear trouble.  Mr. Decker went to Spokane last Tuesday to visit his daughter.


The Odessa Record: 11-25-1937   

..."Word from the Sacred Heart hospital at Spokane reported the death of one twin born at Wilbur, 16 days ago, to Mr. and Mrs. MARVIN CRIGGER of Peach. The infants were born two months prematurely and were placed in an incubator. The other twin is reported well."  submitted by Marge Womach




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