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Happenings at.....Davenport

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 Lincoln County Times,  Nov 18, 1904

"John Jump of Wilbur brought a full grown lynx to town last Monday, which he had caught in a steel trap, says the Register. He had the animal chained inside a strong box, and whenever it was disturbed by spectators it emitted a low growl which boded no good to him who should come too close. Mr Jump lives in a canyon near Creston, where he also caught a wild cat a few years ago, which was becoming too familiar with his hen roost." (LCT: 11-18-1904)
LCT is Lincoln County Times, pub. in Davenport in the early days, a forerunner of the present Davenport Times.Submitted by Marge Womach,2012.

Davenport Tribune, 27 Oct 1911-reprint
"W. G. Duncan, the pioneer merchant of Egypt, entered into negotiations for the sale of his store to Spokane parties. Mr. Duncan settled in Egypt in 1889 and was in the mercantile business for the past 12 years." (Dav. Times: 100 Yrs Ago  in Oct 27, 2011, representing 10-27-1911)Submitted by Marge Womach, 2012

Lincoln County Times,  Feb 08, 1918 

---G. E. Huffman last week received a shipment of eleven of the finest Hampshire sheep that have come into this territory in some time.  This shipment was purchased in eastern Oregon and arrived in excellent shape being added to a previous shipment of fifteen from Michigan.  Mr. Huffman recently succeeded his father, G. W. Huffman, as proprietor of the Spring Valley Farm and is stocking it will some of the best livestock he can secure, including the Hampshire sheep, Poland China hogs and Rhode Island chickens, all purebred stock.

 Lincoln County Times,  March 01, 1918 

---Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Stewart returned Wednesday evening from a few months' trip to California.  Mr. Stewart brought back with him for the Times a branch from an orange tree, having six fine big oranges on it, two of them having dropped off on the way. 

---More 566 Automobile licenses have already been issued to owners of ear and motor vehicles in Lincoln County for the new year, commencing today; and the sum of $3547 has already been remitted to the secretary of state as payment of those licenses.....

The Davenport Times Tribune, Oct 26, 1939

---Mrs. G. B. Woods, Mrs. Paul Rinker, Mrs. Grace Bilyou and Mrs. O. L. King attended a meeting of home demonstration club members at the Community Grange hall, Thursday.  Miss Esther Pond, State Home Management Specialist spoke on "The Profit of Good Buying".

---Everett Anyan and Bill Adams went to a lake near Creston Sunday to hunt ducks, they returned with several nice ducks.  Pot holes around here have all dried up with the exception of one or two.

---H. G. Clayton who had been ill for many weeks was able to be down town last week.

---Mrs. Abner Girffith of Espanola entertained at a double miscellaneous shower at her home Thursday evening for Miss Annita Alberta who became the bride of Edward Mann of Spokane and Miss Margaret Albert who will marry Jobe Smith Jr., of Spokane next month.  Miss Lena Schwartz, Miss Lavina Anderson and Mrs. Anna Anderson were among the guest.  

---Wldo Anyan was transacting business in Spokane Friday.

---Mrs. A. E. Brooks entertained her bridge club Friday afternoon.  Honors for high score went to Mrs. Milt Landreth, for second to Mrs. Paul Rinker, Mrs. L. O. Turner was admitted a member. Guests were Mrs. Landreth, Mrs. George Schultz and George Zwainz. 

---Mr. and Mrs. Hugo E. Schultz, Janice and Keith Schultz drove to the Coulee dam Thursday and from there to Wenatchee where they were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Smith formerly of Reardan.

---Mrs. Lulu Fronfelter moved into the Tom McLain home, known as the J. R. Davidson place.

---Mrs. Hattie Raymer was hostess at a luncheon Tuesday of last week.  Guests included Mrs. Emma Safford, Anchorage, Alaska, Mrs. D. A. Gunning and Mrs. Ida Jackson, Spokane.  Mrs. Rosa Moon, Mrs. Neil Bowie, Mrs. Alex Quirie, Mrs. Henry Engdahl, Mrs. D. M. Hickox and Mrs. A. D. Hanel. 

---Mr. and Mrs. Richard Matlack of Spokane were overnight guests Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Schultz at Little Falls.  

Davenport Times-Tribune,  Nov 23, 1939 

---Phil Haislip, Davenport city street and park commissioner, was brought home from the Deaconess hospital in Spokane, Wednesday, by C. W. Bumbarner in his ambulance, after spending two weeks there.  He was stricken with a severe heart attack just two weeks ago, yesterday, and was rushed to the hospital. His condition is still not too good, and he will have to remain in bed at home for some weeks reports state.  


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