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Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Happenings at.......Creston




The Creston News, Creston, Washington  Aug. 23, 1901   

...It is stated that the freight to the Indian agency this fall will amount to 500 tons. Shipment will begin soon.  It will be unloaded here and transferred by team to the reservation

...Mr. STIMSON, who owns the ferry near French's ranch on the Columbia, is opening a horse trail from his ferry to connect with the Creston-Silver Creek road near the summit, beyond the river.

...JIM KUNZ of Dayton, brother of MIKE and JOHN KUNZ of near Sherman, has arrived in that neighborhood with his wife and two pairs of twins.  The people over there pronounce the quartet "cute".

...The gasoline engine that GEORGE SNYDER is running his thresher with is astonishing the natives.  It is a compact little affair, moved with two horses, but it pulls the cylinder steady and strong and can't be choked down.

...DR. LANTER and the father of little JESSIE INMAN, whose illness has been mentioned before, took her to Spokane yesterday morning where an operation was to be performed for appendicitis.  We have not heard from there since, but suppose the operation will be performed today.

...WALKER HUDKINS is the first to begin delivering wheat here.  His first was brought in Tuesday--110 bushels, weight 59 1/2 pounds to the bushel.


The Creston News, Sept 27,1901   

...Squire W. H. HOWARD has had a new floor laid in his office.

...F. J. SPRAGUE began wyrk(sic) yesterday upon his new shop and bath room next door to O'KEIFFE's village smithy.

...L. A. MESSING, the expert watch maker has moved on.  Messing was doing well enough here, but is the kind of man who can't stand poverty.

...Marriage licenses were issued Saturday to ANTON LUNBLAD and LATTIE A. CRABTREE, of Almira, and JAMES A. S. SILKFORTH, of Fruitland and Miss CARRIE M. SWEENEY of Miles.

...We hear that MORRIS SMITH, Creston's new attorney, will locate temporarily in the rooms adjoining the La Grande hotel formerly the office of J. J. Dodd, the veteran legal adviser of the town.

...Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


The Creston News, Sept 27, 1901  

...F. J. SPRAGUE will build himself a new shop between O'Keiffe's blacksmith shop and Foster's store.

...L. A. MESSING has sold out his interests here and will seek another location.

...WILLIAM SIMONS and a younger brother whose first name was not learned, both sons of GEORGE SIMONS are sick with typhoid fever.

...REV. WHITE will preach at Sans Poel next Sabbath evening, hence there will be no church services here. Christian Endeavor will meet as usual.

---If you want to buy or sell town property in Creston, or buy railroad land in the vicinity of Creston, see J. J. DODD, townsite agent.

...JIM SPENCER says his combined harvester has been a success as an economizer in cost.  He says he heads, threshes and sacks four hundred sacks a day at an expense of $30.  At the weight he gives, 130 pounds to the sack, this makes the cost about 3 1/2 cents a bushel.

The Creston News,  Nov 10, 1905

...HIRE and MARKEY pulled in from the Welch creek neighborhood with their threshing outfit Wednesday afternoon.

...W. H. HOWARD has moved his sleeping quarters from his house to his office during the absence of Mrs. Howard in Arizona.

...HENRY SMITH, who lives on Welch creek, has moved the house on his property in the west part of town back and is building a new house in front of it.

...Mr. and Mrs. JESSE WARWICK are the proud parents of a son, born in  Davenport last Sunday.  Mrs. Warwick is well known here as formerly Miss RELLA MANGIS.

...REV. MYERS of Wilbur held services at the Baptist church here Tuesday night and at the same time administered the right of baptism to one candidate, Mrs. S. J. BISHOP.


The Creston News, October 25, 1901

---R. M. STAFFORD of Almira, a painter and paper hanger, came down yesterday to do the work in that line on a number of houses now being completed.

---Mr. SIWASH ISO drove into town, bringing his numerous family in a fourhorse wagon and spent part of yesterday taking in the scenes of a rapidly growing town.

---Mrs. FRANK HERTRICK died at the home of her sister, Mrs. LAUTWIEN in Sprague Monday of last week after a long illness.  The funeral was held from the Catholic church in that place on Wednesday.  She was thirty-five years old.

---A __ monument, a square marble shaft four feet high, has been ordered for W. R. Waller's grave, paid for by his friends here.  It will be an attractive ornament to the Creston cemetery, which by the way, has been beautified in line manner recently by others with relatives or friends buried there.

---LILLIE LABER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. PHILLIP LABER, after beginning to fever from three weeks of sickness with fever was attacked with appendicitis. A consultation of DRS. LANTER, in charge of the care; MOORE of Davenport and YOUNT of Wilbur, was held Monday, all agreeing upon the diagnosis.  It was decided than an operation was necessary and accordingly Lanter and Mr. and Mrs. Laber took the child to Spokane Wednesday, where the operation was performed. Dr. lanter, who returned last night, regarded her case as hopeful when he left. (Note: she died Oct 26 at 7yrs old. See Creston cemetery records)


The Creston News, August 19,1904    

...W. W. SCOTT, merchant of Peach, was in town Tuesday.

...JESSE COLE has been on the sick list this week with stomach trouble.

...MRS. A. W. BLINN of Almira visited with MRS. A. C. HUGHES Sunday.

...Mr. C. Papst of this city, entered the harvest field a few days ago.

...Miss ETHEL McCOY of Reardan visited with Mrs. B. L. STEVENSON this week.

...Don't miss the Ringling Brothers big show at Spokane Saturday the 20th.

...N.F. SHEPHERD, is one of the new subscribers to the News.

...BEVE JUMP expects to make another trip to the San Poil region soon.

...B.W. FELDER, the Wilbur jeweler, was a passenger Spokaneward Tuesday morning.

...Mrs. BERT ANDERSON of Davenport visited over Sunday with Mrs. E. E. CANCAN.

...Miss ETHEL FRIZZELL, who is teaching music at Wilbur, was in Creston this week.

...R. J. REEVES, U.S. Land Commissioner, passed thru Creston on Tuesday.

...BENTON STOOKEY is sporting a badly skinned nose and cheek this week, the result of running against a rope.

...JOHN MARKEY expects to have his threshing outfit under operation the first of the week.

...It is rumored that barbed-wire fences are being molested throughout the vicinity surrounding Creston.

...FRANKHIRE is building a nice residence on his ranch five miles southwest of town.  Clarence Inman is doing the work.

...J. D. Peasley is a new subscriber to the Creston News.  Mr. Peasley has a saw-mill near his ranch on the Columbia River.

...W. J. Loutzenhiser, who has the sub-contract for the brick work and plastering on the new school house, met with a painful  

   accident on Tuesday morning.  He was working on a scaffold above the second floor when a board broke, allowing him to drop 

   about seven feet.  He struck with his entire weight on one foot, badly wrenching his ankle.  Dr. Stevenson was not sure whether 

   there was any injury  t the bones of the joint, but the strains on the ligaments was severe enough to cause several weeks of 

   ameness likely.

...LOCAL MARKET REPORT: Bluestem...70 cents; Little Club....61 cents; Jones Fife...64 cents; Eggs.....17 1/2 cents; Butter.....25 cents.*

...Submitted by Barbara Curtis


The Creston News, November 3,1905     

...O.A. KIRBY and family left Tuesday evening for Hartline, where they will reside.  Mr. Kirby will still retain his studio here and visit Creston on dates that will be previously announced.

...HUGH L. SALNAVE, of Spokane, assistant state labor commissioner, was in town Monday on a round of inspections of labor employing institutions.  He paid his respects to the mill and found it up to requirements as to provisions for the safety of employees.

...MRS. MARY GRANGER and MRS. SUSAN FULLER left this morning for Spokane, whence they may return to their homes in Wisconsin.  They enjoyed a very pleasant visit at the home of JAMES CARMAN, north of town and were so pleased with the country that Mrs. Granger and family may decide to locate in the west.

...The janitor of Creston Hall requests us to say that he will be much obliged if the parties who borrowed coal from the hall will make good for the same as the supply of fuel is becoming exceeding shy.

...The Creston Pharmacy, which has been closed for the past two months, is to be reopened for business again.  Dr. AKEY has purchased the old stock, which he will at once increase by the addition of new goods.

...Girls, if you want red lips, laughing eyes, sweet breath and good looks, use Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.  The greatest beautifier known.  35 cents tea or tablets. *


The Creston News, November10,1905      

...HIRE and MARKEY pulled in from the Welch creek neighborhood with their threshing outfit Wednesday afternoon.

...W. H. HOWARD has moved his sleeping quarters from his house to his office during the absence of Mrs. Howard in Arizona.

...HENRY SMITH who lives on Welch Creek has moved the house on his property in the west part of town back and is building a new house in front of it.

...Mr. and Mrs. JESSE WARWICK are the proud parents of a son, born in Davenport last Sunday.  Mrs. Warwick is well known here as formerly Miss RELLA MANGIS.


The Creston News, November10,1905     

...Mrs. W. S. FRENCH received a telegram yesterday morning announcing the death of her youngest brother C.R. BELL, at Maquoketa, Iowa, on Wednesday night.  He was about fifty years old.  Death was supposed to have been rather sudden.

Deceased was treasurer of Jackson county Iowa, which office he had held for two terms and was a prominent and popular citizen of his community.


The Creston News, December 08, 1905      

--- CHARLES KIBLEN went to Spokane Monday.

---DR. AKEY was in Spokane buying holiday good.

---G. W. SIGLER spent part of Spokane on business.

---Mrs. GEORGE B. REES returned from Almira Tuesday morning.

---EMARY GOLLAHER and son journeyed to Spokane last Saturday.

---VICTOR MALDEN was an east bound train passenger on the....train.

---NATE WALKER of Sherman was in the city Tuesday on one of his....trips this way.

---Miss ORA RICE of Lewiston arrived last evening to visit Mrs. A. A. WOODS.

---CHARLES and HENRY MAIB left....morning for Spokane.

---HARRY GLOVER and JOE HUDSPETH returned Friday night from their buying trip in Douglas county.

---Dr. CHADWICK, the optician, has been holding forth for two weeks, left Monday for Reardan.

---MISS SADIE PEFFLEY, whose services were greatly in demand in Davenport spent but one day in this office last week, going back to the Times office this morning.


The Creston News, August 9, 1907       

...Mrs. DEISNER who had been visiting in Spokane, returned Sunday evening, bringing with her one of JACK COLE's little boys.  The young man left for the city yesterday morning, taking JACK with him.

...Mrs. JAMES CARMAN was reported quite sick Tuesday.  Clementine, the youngest daughter of the family, had also been sick, but was better at that time.

...During the little storm of a week ago last night, lightning struck and killed a fine brood mare belonging to SAM SQUIRE, east of town.  He had refused two hundred dollars for her recently.

...RILEY JUMP went to Davenport Tuesday to talk with the board of equalization about the assessment of his Orchard Valley fruit land.

...Reub Lillengren was down from Coulee City for a short visit Monday.  He will return later to work in wheat harvest.

...Charlie Watson, who had both ankles badly sprained a couple of weeks ago by jumping from a hack in a runaway, is off crutches but still weak in the feet.

...Miss Lillie Worby was quite sick the first of the week.

The Creston News, Nov 18, 1921

...E. E. BALCOM and A. R. SIMONS returned Friday of last week from a trip to Pateros and

   Tonasket where they were employed on the steamer Bridgeport in hauling apples.  They

   went into Spokane Armistice day for the celebration.

...Mr. and Mrs. P. A. STEINKE, of the STEINKE BROS. SUPPLY CO., Mrs. ?. A. HOLBROOK

   and Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Holbrook of Lincoln visited Sunday afternoon in the Mr. and Mrs.

   O. U. HAWKINS home.

...Mrs. D. D. NEED gave a party Saturday evening November 12th in honor of her son, Ralph,

   the occasion being his 21st birthday.  Those present were Miss LUCY GUTHRIE, Mrs. W. M.

   LITKE and Mr. and Mrs. ALEX ANDERSON of Spokane.  Mrs. LITKE and Mr. and Mrs.

   Anderson returning home Sunday.


The Davenport Times-Tribune    January 3,1935      

Last Weeks Happenings in Creston District

...JOHN MCKAY is suffering from infection in his heel.

...Miss MARIE DEWINTERS and Miss GENEVIEVE MCGUIRE went to Spokane to spend their Christmas vacation with their parents.

...Miss SALLY LAWSON spent Christmas vacation with her folks in Seattle.

...JAMES HOUSTIN is home from Cheney spending Christmas vacation.

...WINIFRED CONNER is home from Whitman college spending Christmas vacation.

...WELLMAN DUVALL is home from the University of Idaho during the holidays.

...Mr. and Mrs. DON MCKAY, CLYDE VINCENT and ROBERT MILLIKEN went to Spokane to meet Miss ALMA SKONARD who came out from Joplin, Mont., to spend her vacation with them.

...Mr. and Mrs. ED ANGSTROM took their baby to the hospital in Spokane.  He has been suffering with the flu.

...ERNIE MITCHELL's two sisters from Idaho are visiting here.

...Mr. and Mrs. CHARLIE HILLS were here from Veradale Sunday to visit.



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