Record of  Marriage Licenses 1884-1890

Lincoln County, Washington Territory

The Groom.....alphabetical

These records were very, very hard to read the cursive writing in pen and ink. I deciphered as best I could. The ones that I was uncertain of, I placed an asterisk* by the last name* if I was uncertain, or the first name* if it was hard to distinguish.  If you have a correction please email me, Lincoln County Co-ordinator .
The majority of these were recorded as having an affidavit or a consent. Most of the brides were underage and perhaps a few grooms, it didn't distinguish who had the written consent.  The dates in the parenthesis I copied as recorded as there were several that had the second date, the difference between the date the marriage
certificate was purchased and the actual recording. All dates had a check mark beside them.
Towns in Lincoln County listed below: Cottonwood, Davenport, Fairview, Fort Spokane, Harrington, Mondovi, Sprague. 
Voting Precincts in Lincoln County listed below: Fairweather, Sedalia
Towns in Spokane County listed below: Cheney, Spokane Falls
Counties listed below: Lincoln (Linc), Douglas (Doug), King, Spokane, Stevens (Stvns),
Walla Walla(Walla2), Whitman (Whit).

 Key: Pt=Precinct    Spokane=Spokane County, not the city
      Frwthr=Fairweather voting precinct

Submitted by Rella Gleaton

Name of Groom                  Date          Name of Bride    Place of Residence
                                                                 Town or County
ABBOTT, Henry                  Oct 01, 1886    WARBURTON, Ellen     Missoula,Mt
AHLF*, Henry                   Dec 21, 1886    KRUGER, Albertina       Lincoln 
ALK_ISUS*, Frank               Aug 02, 1890    HYDE, Nellie E.         Lincoln 
ALLEN, Geo A.                  Nov 15, 1890    WEBLEY, Tracy Lincoln & Douglas Co
ALLEN, Thomas J.               Jul 24, 1888    JONES, Maggie           Lincoln Co
AMON, James R.                 Aug 24?,1890    PATTY, Martha J.        Lincoln Co
ARMSTRONG, James T.            Feb 02, 1884    HAGEN, Olga M.          Sprague
ARMSTRONG, L. W.               May 30, 1885    ALEX, W. Eve            Lincoln Co
BALFE, Bernard                 May 31, 1888    GIBNEY, Margaret        Lincoln Co
BALFE, John                    Oct 26, 1889    MURRAY, Mary J.         Lincoln Co
BARNES, George N.              Jan 26, 1888    FASS*, Sarah B.         Lincoln Co
BARTLETT, John                 Jan 28, 1885    DAVIS, Elizabeth        Lincoln Co
BASSNOL, David                 Nov 22, 1890    DOUGLASS, Angie         Spokane Co
BAUER, Charles H.              Aug 05, 1887(Sep 1)REINBOLD, Eva        Lincoln Co
BEARDSLEE, Geo M.              Sep 09, 1890    MEFFIRD*, Delia E.      Lincoln Co
BECK, Jas A.                   Oct 14, 1889    MAURER, Annie B.        Lincoln Co
BEEMAN, Geo F.                 Nov 28, 1889    VERNON, Mary E.         Whitman Co
BEERS, C. H.                   Dec 26, 1890    PARK, C.                Lincoln Co
BENNY, Francis M.              Nov 30, 1886    BLAKE, M.Ellen          Lincoln Co
BENTLEY, Sherman               Feb 28, 1888    WARREN, Mary Elizabeth  Lincoln Co
BETTINGER, Peter               Apr 02, 1887    BENSON, Mary E.         Spokane Co
BLAINE, Lucian                 Oct 31, 1885    McNEILL, Emma J.  Marshall,Spok.Co
BLAIR, Marcus                  Jan 14, 1886    HERRON, Mary            Whitman Co
BLAKE, Wm S.                   Feb 26, 1889    SMITH, Nettie J.        Lincoln Co
BLINN, A. W.                   Jan 24, 1889    PARK, Martha B.         Lincoln Co
BORDEN, Levi H.                Oct 19, 1885    ELLIOTT, Georgianna     Cheney
BOOTH, William D.              Jan 05, 1887    CULLERNE*, Kate V.      Whitman Co
BOWEN, Wm W.                   Sep 29, 1886    SETTERS, Amanda N.      Lincoln Co
BOWERS,, J.                    Dec 19, 1887    PRUITT, Janey           Lincoln Co
BRACKEN, John                  Mar 03, 1886    BOON, Nettie            Lincoln Co
BRESLAWN, Ferdinand            Nov 28, 1885    GLADE, Elizabeth M.     Lincoln Co
BREUCKLEY, Richard             Nov 23, 1888    LYNCH, Elizabeth M.     Lincoln Co
BRINK, D. M.(David)            Dec 29, 1887    WILLIAMS, M. L.(Martha) Lincoln Co
BROGGER, Chris                 Apr 07, 1888    MOLLER, Rosina          Lincoln Co
BROOKS, Emery A.               Jan 23, 1888    PATTY, Sarah F.         Lincoln Co
BROOKS, Marcus L.              Jun 14, 1884    CRAIG, Elizabeth F.     Sprague
BROWN, Fred L.                 Dec 28, 1887    SHEWELLER, Ada          Lincoln Co
BRUCE, James                   Jul 04, 1889    JONES, Kate A.          Lincoln Co
BRAND, Thos*                   Jun 28, 1890    DERBY, Annie            Spokane Co
BUCK, John                     May 25, 1888    BRODIS, Sallie          Lincoln Co
BUCK, Michael                  Apr 05, 1887    WAGNER, Kath.           Lincoln Co
BURDASS, S.B.                  Nov 06, 1890    WEITTENHILLER, Cora F.  Lincoln Co
BUTLER, Edward                 Mar 01, 1886    LOGAN, Lillie M.        Lincoln Co
BYERS, John C.                 Dec 22, 1887    FORNEY, Lydia           Lincoln Co
CALAVAN, Lewis L.              Sep 16, 1884    CARY, Annie             Sprague
CALLY, Wm                      Aug 09, 1890    WHITAKER, Alice         Lincoln Co
CAMERON, James B.              Apr 10, 1886    HART, Minnie B.         Lincoln Co
CAMP, John L.                  Jun 07, 1886    MERRILL, Belle L.       Lincoln Co
CAMPBELL, James N.             Jun 27, 1885    WHITE, Ida              Sprague
CANN, James M.                 Nov 19, 1888    BOWDEN, Sarah           Lincoln Co
CARCENUE*, James               Dec 15, 1887    McEAN*, Susan           Lincoln Co
CARNEGIE, J. J.                Dec 13, 1887    REED, Alice             Lincoln Co
CARPENTER, Jeremiah H.         Sep 14, 1889    ALLEN, Mary C.          Lincoln Co
CARPENTER, Patrick             Jan 19, 1889    KELLY, Julia S.         Lincoln Co
CASSIDY, Thomas                Aug 08, 1888    O'CONNER, Catherine     Lincoln Co
CAULSON, Charles A.            Jun 28, 1886    SAYLER, Hattie E.       Lincoln Co
CAVENAUGH, Joseph W.           Nov 30, 1887    KEATON, Mary E.         Lincoln Co
CLANCY, Albert                 Oct 15, 1890    CAMERON, Jennie         Lincoln Co
CHAPMAN, J. H.                 Dec 28, 1886    REDMAN, Sarah           Lincoln Co
CLARK, Geo W.                  May 14, 1890    DUNN, Mary              Lincoln Co
CLIUK, William G.              Jun 27, 1887(Aug 7)MABRY, Emaline J.    Spokane Co
COCHRAN, W. H.                 Apr 19, 1889    DAYLES, Cora B.         Lincoln Co
COLYAR, William A.             Sep 13, 1890    IMBLER, Edith May       Whitman Co
CONOVER, Hollis D.             Nov 30, 1885    McKINNEY, Rachael M.    Lincoln Co
COOPER, Trausdell M.           Sep 01, 1888    BARRETT, Alice W.       Lincoln Co
CULLING, Thomas J. F.          Feb 06, 1890    KAY, Camie              Spokane Co
CURRY, Frank                   Nov 25, 1890    FRINK, Edith            Lincoln Co
DASSEY, John                   Apr 29, 1886    MORAN, Delia            Lincoln Co
DAVIS, Charles O.              Feb 18, 1889    BRUER, Nellie E.        Lincoln Co
DAVIS, Griffith W.             Aug 18, 1888    JOHNSON, Mattie         Lincoln Co
DAWRELL, Wm R.                 Dec 17, 1888    BERRY, Suella Belle     Whitman Co
DEFREE, Richard                May 16, 1889    JORDAN*, Ruth E.        Lincoln Co
DEMSEY, Elijah M.              Mar 10, 1888    PRUETUTT*, Elizabeth J. Stevens Co
DESPAIN, Benjamin J.           Dec 23, 1889    SERVICE, Martha         Lincoln Co
DISCULL, Thomas B.             Aug 16, 1888    QUINLAN, Johanna        Lincoln Co
DORTON, P.C.                   Dec 24, 1890    HUGHES, Dora            Lincoln Co
DUBUL, Charles                 Dec 19, 1888    HUGHES, Elizabeth       Lincoln Co
DUNCAN, James                  Mar 23, 1885    BURTON, Carrie B.       Lincoln Co
DUNYAN*, James M.              Nov 09, 1886    RHODES, Eunice E.       Lincoln Co
EARL, Wm                       Oct 05, 1890    JOHNSON, Lizzie         Lincoln Co
ECKEL, Edmund T.               Mar 06, 1888    SHIBLER, Louisa         Lincoln Co
EDWARDS, George                Mar 13, 1888    SPEER, Mary E.          Lincoln Co
EDWARDS, Henry                 Mar 26, 1889    BURCHER, Clara M.       Lincoln Co
ELLIOTT, James                 Feb 24, 1890    CONVER, Bettie J.       Lincoln Co
ELMUS, Charles W.              Nov 29, 1887    KIRK, Harriet E.        Lincoln Co
EMERY, Loat*                   Jul 02, 1888    WOLF, Anna              Lincoln Co
EMERY, W. H.                   May 08, 1889    WILKEN, Louisa          Lincoln Co
FEELEY, J. W.                  Jul 05, 1886    HOUSER, Maybelle        Spokane Co
FIRES*, V. E.                  Oct 23, 1889    FRENCH, N. H.           Lincoln Co
FISHER, George                 Oct 26, 1886    WHITNEY, Etta           Adams Co
FISK, Charles L.               Dec 25, 1884    SMITH, Hattie M.        Lincoln Co
FOLSOM, Hevain*G.              Sep 18, 1890    LeCONNER*, Stella       Whitman Co
FREESE, Wm Olsen               Sep 08, 1884    SELDE, Hannah H.        Davenport
FRITSEK, Oscar                 Dec 28, 1887    RUX, Bertha             Lincoln Co
GAFFNEY, Michael R.            Oct 01, 1886    BURKE, Mary A.          Lincoln Co
GALLAWAY, James                Dec 28, 1888    HOUSTEN, Mattie         Lincoln Co
GARBER, G.                     Oct 03, 1889    JENSEN, Gwin* M.        Lincoln Co
GATELEY, George U.             Feb 19, 1889    CRISP, Marjorie   King/Lincoln Cos
GENTRY, Samuel                 Jun 07, 1889    CROCKETT, Alice         Lincoln Co
GEROW, Allen W.                Oct 22, 1890    BENDER, Rosa A.         Lincoln Co
GLASSOTCK, Harrisen            Nov 08, 1888    McKINNEY, Francis J.    Lincoln Co
GODFREY, Jno W.                Nov 07, 1889    BARLETT, Sarah J.       Lincoln Co
GRAY, Wm S.                    Apr 09, 1887    STEWART, Sarah S.       Lincoln Co
GREENWOOD, George W.           Jan 29, 1887    PURDY, Emma K.          Lincoln Co
GREENWOOD, J. H.               Dec 20, 1890    SCHENCH, Emma           Lincoln Co
GREENWOOD, Wm L.               Oct 03, 1884    PAINE, Sophia           Lincoln Co
GRIMES, Clarence E.            Dec 14, 1888    DALL, Annie G.          Lincoln Co
HALLAM, Hugh B.                Aug 14, 1888    BARTOL*, Mary E.        Lincoln Co
HALLER, John C.                May 11, 1887(Jul 1)SAWYER, Bessie       Lincoln Co
HARDING, Jalnel*               Mar 22, 1887    THOMPSON, Lenora M.     Lincoln Co
HART, W. J.                    Jul 06, 1886    CHIRPILLOD, Mrs. Martha Lincoln Co
HARTILL, J. F.                 Apr 29, 1889    SEXTON, Martha          Lincoln Co
HARRIS, James F.               Sep 19, 1889    HITT*, Katie A.         Douglas Co
HARROLD, C. P.                 Dec 24, 1890    RAYMOND, Ruby           Lincoln Co
HASTINGS, Jno D.               Oct 07, 1889    SMART, Susan I.         Lincoln Co
HAYNES, Edward                 Oct 28, 1889    AMENIA*, Nora           Lincoln Co
HAYTER, Samuel F.              May 09, 1889    DAVID, Maggie J.        Lincoln Co
HAUCK, Samuel J.               Feb 22, 1887    SIMPLE, Minnie S.   Lincoln/Walla2
HEALY, Thos S.                 May 14, 1886    HOPKINS, Laura A.       Lincoln Co
HEFFELMAN, Ira J.              Dec 29, 1890    ENSLY, Lue              Lincoln Co
HERALD, Otto                   Feb 01, 1889    WANLESS, Ella           Lincoln Co
HESWEEK*, Victor               Aug 31, 1888    MAYLAN, Maggie M.       Lincoln Co
HYANES, Bert W.                May 01, 1888    WADHAUS*, Emma L.       Lincoln Co
HIGGINS, Stephen H.            Oct 28, 1889    BURKE, Laurie*          Lincoln Co
HILL, George W.                Jul 31, 1890    DORAN, Sarah J.         Lincoln Co
HINSHAW, J. D.                 Dec 18, 1890    LACEY, Bertha R.        Lincoln Co
HINSHAW, Wilber                Nov 22, 1890    LACEY, May              Lincoln Co
HOGAN, Chas A.                 Dec 30, 1886    BASWORTH, Lizzie        Lincoln Co
HOLLARD, James                 Nov 15, 1889    HOLLARD, May J.         Lincoln Co
HOUGHTON, Wm G.                Aug 23, 1888    DARNELL, Mary B.        Lincoln Co
HOWE, Lucious H.               Oct 06, 1888    SMITH, Cora E.          Lincoln Co
HUGHES, Thomas                 Feb 26, 1889    WILLIAMS, Anna          Lincoln Co
HULL, Joseph B.                Mar 07, 1888    STAFFERD, Anna B.       Lincoln Co
HUMPHREY, Lucian D.            Jan 28, 1884    GLAZEBROOK, Ferba A.    Mondovi
INGALLS, Lucius L.             Jan 01, 1885    ADWELL, Hattie M.       Whitman Co
INKSTER, John James            Feb 11, 1889    MOORE, Maggie Jane      Lincoln Co
INMENNS*, Jackson              Dec 20, 1887    DAY, Jessie             Lincoln Co
JACKEL, William                Jun 15, 1885    VALTA, Annie   Stevens/Lincoln Cos
JACKSON, Daniel J.             Nov 03, 1885    SMITH, Malinda J.       Lincoln Co
JAYES, Thos                    Dec 08, 1885    GUNNING, Mary A.        Lincoln Co
JEFFERIES, W. H.               Jun 15, 1889    SEVILL, Clara           Lincoln Co
JEFFREY, Alexander L.          Jan 19, 1888    TAYLOR, Anna L.         Lincoln Co
JENKINS, William               Apr 21, 1890    WILLIAMS, Martha        Lincoln Co
JENSEN, O. C.                  Oct 25, 1886    ADAMS, Maggie S.        Sprague
JOHANSEN, C. M.                Dec 17, 1890    PETERSON, Christine     Lincoln Co
JOHNSEN, James M.              Jul 06, 1888    LAUR, Annie             Lincoln Co
JOHNSON, Davis                 Dec 27, 1890    ALYEA, Mary C.          Lincoln Co
JOHNSON, Knox                  Dec 15, 1884    BRACE, Harriet E.      Sprague
JOHNSTON, Jas W.               Feb 06, 1886    PARKS, Letitia A.       Lincoln Co
JOHNSTON, James W.             Jan 08, 1890    GALLOWAY, Ida M.        Lincoln Co
JONES, Edmund I.               Nov 20, 1888    NASH, Mattie A.         Lincoln Co
JONES, Osmer B.                Jul 29, 1890    ANDERSON, E. D.         Lincoln Co
JUDD, Thomas                   Dec 21, 1887    REID, Elenor            Whitman Co
KEABLES, John H.               Oct 03, 1884    STEWART, Sarah E.       Lincoln Co
KEEDY, Harry P.                Jun 26, 1886    BOYES,(Elizabeth)Lizzie Lincoln Co
KELLEY, Wm B.                  Apr 20, 1884    HARVEY, Amanda          Sprague
KELLY, Melbourne               Dec 12, 1887    WRIGHT, Lizzie          Lincoln Co
KELLY, Thomas N.               Feb 25, 1887    BOWERS, Emma            Lincoln Co
KENNEDY, Douglas               Dec 21, 1889    ROBINSON, Emma          Lincoln Co
KIK, David                     Apr 07, 1885    RUX, Louisa             Lincoln Co
KILDUFF, Rewy*                 Sep 25, 1888    DANIELS, Clara E.       Lincoln Co
KING, Chas L.                  Nov 05, 1890    ADAMS, Mary L.          Lincoln Co
KIRK, Richard A.               Sep 06, 1889    SMITH, Jennie           Lincoln Co
KNAPP, Christopher             Oct 09, 1889    WALKER, Polliana*       Lincoln Co
KNOX, Patrick                  Oct 23, 1888    LEHREN, Sarah H.        Lincoln Co
KREOGER, Herman                Feb 09, 1885    VOIGT, Dora             Lincoln Co
KRUER, Henry                   Nov 22, 1888    BURSCH, Augusta         Lincoln Co
LAMONA, P. W.                  Aug 23, 1890    CLEARY, Bell            Lincoln Co
LEACH, John A.                 Mar 21, 1887    WARREN, Ida E.          Lincoln Co
LEDGERWOOD, Christopher A.     Oct 29, 1888    McGILLIVRAY, Mary A.    Stevens Co
LEONARD, Daniel                Mar 28, 1885    CURTIN, Bessie B.       Lincoln Co
LEWITH, Joseph L.              Feb 14, 1889    DRAKE, Carrie           Lincoln Co
LOGSDON, J. G.                 Nov 29, 1890    ADAMS, R. L.            Lincoln Co
LOGSDON, Fieldon               Nov 22, 1886    RIDOUT, Clara E.        Walla2  Co
LOWE, Leo U.                   Sep 23, 1889    PARKER, Lue             Lincoln Co
LINDER, William H.             Jun 20, 1885    LOGSDON, Sarah C.       Lincoln Co
LONG, Francis M.               Apr 19, 1886    HOUSTON, Sallie J.      Lincoln Co
LONG, James H.                 Jul 06, 1888    OLIVER, M. A.           Lincoln Co
LORAN, Wm                      Nov 25, 1890    EDWARDS, Jossie         Lincoln Co
LYNCH, Frank                   Aug 28, 1886    DAVIDSON, Elizabeth     Lincoln Co
MAGEE, Jas F.                  Jan 17, 1887    RUSHO, Elmira           Lincoln Co
MAHER, Keyrau*                 Dec 07, 1887    HOGAN, Elizabeth        Lincoln Co
MALTBIE, Albert L.             Oct 21, 1887    DOW, Mary Elizabeth     Lincoln Co
MATHEWSON, Donald W.           Mar 06, 1886    SCHEMERHAM*, Mary P.    Lincoln Co
McALLISTER, Thomas M.          Oct 20, 1888    POULSON, S. A.          Lincoln Co
McCLURE, E. J.                 Dec 24, 1886    BRINK, Bertha G.        Lincoln Co
McCLURE, Wm G.                 Apr 30, 1888    BRINK, Lizzie W.        Lincoln Co
McCORD, Thomas W.              Jan 24, 1889    HIRE, Gertrude          Lincoln Co
McCOY, C. W.                   Nov 29, 1890    COLE, Mary L.           Lincoln Co
McCULLOUGH, C.C.               Dec 23, 1890    BLAKE, Dollie  Lincoln/Douglas Cos
McDANIEL, Wm                   May 11, 1889    BAYLEY, Laura M.        Spokane Co
McELHANEY, Millidge S.         Aug 20, 1889    MALKASON, Agnes         Lincoln Co
McINNIS, Charles               Oct 31, 1887    KIRK, Harriet E.        Lincoln Co
McKINNEY, Jas M.               Jan 06, 1886    McNALL, Susan A.        Whitman Co
McLAUGHLIN, Edward             Feb 14, 1885    STRIPE, Lillie E.       Lincoln Co
McMILLAN, John A.              Mar 11, 1889    GURNING, Isabella       Lincoln Co
McNEILL, Edward F.             Sep 26, 1888    WHITED, Alida F.        Whitman Co
McQAID*, Hugh M.               Apr 28, 1888    McPEELE*, Elizabeth     Lincoln Co
McQUANIS*, Eddie D.            Sep 05, 1890    HOLMES, Minnie L.       Lincoln Co
MESSINGER, E. J.               Jan 07, 1886    BUELL, May              Lincoln Co
MEYERS, George W.              Jan 02, 1889    McCLENEY*, Maryst       Lincoln Co
MICHEL, Jacob                  Apr 12, 1888    MATHYS, Rosa            Lincoln Co
MILLER, Jacob                  Jun 04, 1885    MIELKE, Augusta         Lincoln Co
MILLER, John F.                Jun 17, 1885    WEITTENHILLER, Jennie   Lincoln Co
MILLER, N.M.                   Oct 29, 1890    CARDURU*, Minnie L.  Spok/Linc Cos
MILLER, Phillip                Dec 28, 1885    MIELKE, Bertha          Lincoln Co
MISNER, Jas H.                 Dec 31, 1886    BROWN, Minnie E.        Lincoln Co
MISNER, Willis E.              Nov 21, 1885    HISCOTT, Sophia J.      Lincoln Co
MITCHE___*, W. F.              Nov 08, 1890    HADDOCK, Ida            Spokane Co
MOLL, A. J.                    Nov 08, 1890    WOODWARD, M. E.          Lincoln Co
MONAGHAN, Wm                   Jan 12, 1889    CASTELLO, Mary          Lincoln Co
MOORE, Henry A.                Sep 09, 1889    ADAMS, Jessie Euston    Lincoln Co
MOORE, Moore M.                Jan 18, 1887    EDWARDS, Eva D.         Lincoln Co
MORRIS, Grant                  Sep 20, 1888    KENDRICK, Lucy A.       Spokane Co
MUEHLMAN, Charles H.           Nov 23, 1885    MALONEY, Ellen B.       Lincoln Co
MURPHY, Matthew P.             May 24, 1887    CULROSS, M.A.           Lincoln Co
NEELY, Jas H.                  Nov 24, 1890    SMITH, Florence G.      Lincoln Co
NEZBITT, William               Sep 02, 1889    OSBORNE, Alvira         Lincoln Co
NEWTON, Noris E.               Oct 07, 1887    BROUNSON*, Adelle E.    Lincoln Co
OLESON, Ole                    Dec 30, 1885    KARTAK, Tillie M.       Lincoln Co
OLSEEGER, Adolph               Dec 02, 1887    MARSHALL, Kate          Lincoln Co
OSWALT, Graul* R.              Jun 29, 1889    BENSEN, Clair S. L.     Lincoln Co
OXLEY, John W.                 Aug 14, 1885    VANDEVAHE*, Mary        Fort Spok
PARRY, Thomas                  Oct 31, 1887    ROBERTS, Elizabeth E.   Lincoln Co
PARSENS, Louis                 Apr 07, 1888    COFFENBERY, Mary        Lincoln Co
PEA, Francis S.                Aug 25, 1888    SAWYER, Rizpah          Lincoln Co
PERTCH, Edward A.              May 16, 1889    FISHER, Ada Z.          Lincoln Co
PHAR, Isaac E.                 Dec 20, 1887    LOGSDON, Sarah S.       Lincoln Co
PHILHOUSE, C.A.                Nov 04, 1889    BOWN, Kate              Lincoln Co
PLASTER, Albert C.             Oct 15, 1888    ROBINSON, Luella        Lincoln Co
POLENSKE, Emil                 Oct 22, 1890    KRAUCH, Emelia          Lincoln Co
PRAEBSTIL, Falture*            Jan 14, 1889    HUFF, Salema            Lincoln Co
PURDY, Emery A.                Jul 13, 1888    RUSSELL, Kate           Whitman Co
PUTMAN, Dr. W. O.              Jun 30, 1885    FAIRWEATHER, Addie      Sprague
PYLE, Daniel                   Sep 09, 1890    FREY, Theresa           Lincoln Co
RALPH, J. H.                   Sep 15, 1890    BELL, Flora G.          Lincoln Co
RAMBO, Wm D.                   Feb 13, 1889    TURNER, Laura I.        Lincoln Co
RAMM, Edward                   Dec 22, 1884    SELDE, Anna             Lincoln Co
RAMSEY, Jno P.                 Nov 20, 1888    MERTON, Mary D.         Whitman Co
REED, Henry K.                 Sep 08, 1887    RONEY, Mary             Lincoln Co
REED, Malcolm                  Nov 29, 1886    MALTON, Etta            Adams Co.
REINBOLD, Jacob                Jun 11, 1888    BUCK, Louisa            Lincoln Co
REINHART, Oscar                Nov 24, 1890    DENNEY, Alfretta        Lincoln Co
RIBERTIN*, James E.            May 03, 1889    MECKELUBY*, Caroline    Lincoln Co
RICE, Jeremiah A.              Nov 25, 1886    GLASBURN, Mrs Sarah*    Lincoln Co
RICHARDSON, Wallace B.         Jun 06, 1885    REED, Covilla      Lincoln/Whitman
RICHTER Conrad                 Nov 19, 1890    RUFFEN, Margaret        Lincoln Co
RIGGS, Alonzo                  Apr 15, 1885    BAUMAN, Lena A.         Lincoln Co
RIPPETOE, James Lee            Oct 10, 1889    IMBLER, Sarah E.        Whitman Co
ROBERTS, Jno P.                Apr 13, 1888    EVANS, Annie            Lincoln Co
ROGERS, Harvey O.              Sep 17, 1885    WINCHELL, Belle         Davenport
ROSE, Conrad                   Dec 08, 1885    MILNER, Elizabeth H.    Lincoln Co
ROHRAR, John                   Mar 17, 1888    KLINE, Lizzie           Lincoln Co
RYAN, James W.                 Jun 28, 1884    KELLY, Flora Bell       Sprague
SCHINCK, Henry                 Feb 15, 1889    HENCHEL, Sopha          Lincoln Co
SCHNEIDER, Edward              May 26, 1888    BUSEY, Nellie M.        Lincoln Co
SCHWARTZ, Chas                 Sep 29, 1890    HILL, Alice             Lincoln Co
SCOTT, Stephen E.              Sep 06, 1884    ADAMS, Minnie C.        Lincoln Co
SEAMAN, Chas G.                Oct 14, 1886    HALL, Annie B.          Fairview
SEEMAN, Henry Christian        May 26, 1884    OSTERKAMP, Gertrude Fairweather Pt
S___TEN*, Albert               Jun 11, 1889    HASSE, Elle E.          Lincoln Co
SE-----Frank P.                Mar 06, 1888    WANLESS, Ella           Lincoln Co
SETTERS, Peter W.              Nov 29, 1888    WHITE, Ella             Lincoln Co
SHEARER, John W.               Dec 31, 1887    HUGHS, Anna             Lincoln Co
SIMMONS, David M.              Dec 05, 1884    McMILLEN, Eva D.        Lincoln Co
SIMONS, Wm F.                  Dec 28, 1889    SPENCER, Mary C.        Lincoln Co
SIRGINSON, John M. B.          Dec 24, 1889    DYKE, Jennie E.         Lincoln Co
SKELTON, Clarence E.           Feb 10, 1884    HAFERKOM, Nettie        Sprague
SLUSHER, Charles A.            Jun 29, 1886    BARTLETTE, Charlotte A. Lincoln Co
SMITH, Chas M.                 Jan 02, 1888    SMITH, W. A.            Douglas Co
SMITH, E.G.                    Oct 22, 1890    ASKER, Kate             Lincoln Co
SMITH, Guy                     Nov 21, 1885    BENSON, Edna L.         Lincoln Co
SMITH, Jacob                   Sep 19, 1887    DUNN, Lucy E.           Lincoln Co
SMITH, J. P.                   Jul 26, 1890    HINTIN, Minnie          Lincoln Co
SMITH, Thompson                Aug 07, 1885    MURPHY, Catharine       Sprague
SNYDER, Joe                    Feb 25, 1889    RADKE, Mary             Lincoln Co
SORENSON, W. D.                Feb 01, 1888    DALTON, Gertrude        Lincoln Co
SPENCER, James F.              Jan 18, 1889    JUMP, Eliza J.          Lincoln Co
SPINNEY, Howard                Mar 26, 1888    LOWE, Alice P.          Lincoln Co
STACIE, Wm H.                  Jun 17, 1890    GEORGE, Hannah Viola    Lincoln Co
STANFORD, Fred A.              Sep 03, 1890    SANBORN, Louisa J.      Lincoln Co
STARLIN, Jacob E.              Jan 21, 1886    ENES, Effie             Lincoln Co
STEPHE, David E.               Dec 15, 1884    WHITE, Eva L.           Lincoln Co

STERRITT, A. J.                Nov 07, 1889    BRENCHLEY, Elizabeth    Lincoln Co
STRAHIN*, John U.              Nov 23, 1885    CHILTON, Lillian E.     Lincoln Co
STRALUN*, August D.            Jun 27, 1890    BAUDITT, Ida E.         Lincoln Co
STRUPEL, Wencel                Sep 17, 1887    BUSEY, Dora             Lincoln Co
STURGES, Frank W.              Jul 07, 1888    ESTERBROOKS, Hellen     Lincoln Co
SUTHERLIN, J.                  May 07, 1889    RICE, Alice E.          Lincoln Co
SWENSON, Peter                 Dec 22, 1888    POHLSON,Mathalia Sophia Lincoln Co
TANNER, Michael                Sep 14, 1886    KALSER, Caroline        Lincoln Co
TEMPLIN, James S.              Nov 19, 1884    YOUNG, Frances A.    Spokane Falls
THOMPSON, Marriner M.          Oct 31, 1887    LONG, Cynthia J.        Lincoln Co
THOMPSON, O. A.                Sep 27, 1890    DEARBINE*, Celia R.     Lincoln Co
THORNBRUE, Elijah H.           Dec 21, 1886    PLUMMER, Martha B.      Lincoln Co
THORNTON, George               Dec 21, 1887    REID, Alta M.           Whitman Co
TERWILIGER, Oliver J.          Jun 19, 1886    GREEN, Emma J.          Lincoln Co
TIMM, Frederick                Apr 26, 1884    HELLINGER, Mary         Sedalia Pt
TEMPLIN, James S.              Nov 19, 1884    YOUNG, Frances A.    Spokane Falls
TOPPS, W. H.                   Oct 21, 1889    REYNOLDS, Mary R.       Lincoln Co
TRAUL, Richard                 Jan 04, 1886    LOGSDON, Nancy          Lincoln Co
VENT,* John R.                 Oct 30, 1886    PARKER, Zella           Lincoln Co
VETTER, Morrice L.             Jun 08, 1885    OSBORN, Kate R.         Lincoln Co
VINYARD, David                 Oct 16, 1884    SEAMAN, Mary E.         Sprague
WAGLEY, W. H.                  Oct 15, 1887    SCOTT, Margaret E.      Lincoln Co
WAHER, Keyrau*                 Dec 07, 1887    HEOGAN*, Elizabeth      Lincoln Co
WALCH, Fred                    Oct 01, 1886    HAMMERSHMIDT, A.M.      Harrington
WALLACE, Jessee C.             Jul 16, 1884    SOFA*, Jessie A.       Okanogan,Wa
WARREN, Wesley B.              Mar 01, 1887    LANDRETH, Augusta A.    Spokane Co
WARWICK, Russel                Apr 18, 1888    WHITE, Eliza Jane       Lincoln Co
WATSON, John H.                May 28, 1885    JOHNSON, Lorinda    Walla2/Lincoln
WEIPERT, Aulina*               Dec 20, 1890    WALSTON, Ida            Lincoln Co
WELLS, Butler*                 Jun 18, 1888    STIMPSON, Mrs. Ora B.   Douglas Co
WEST, C. S.                    Sep 25, 1889    HODGEN, Ellen           Whitman Co
WEYER, John William            May 12, 1884    LAUB, Eve               Sprague
WEYGANT, W. E.                 Nov 23, 1889    JOHNSON, Luereia Kate   Spokane Co
WHITESIDE, Michael H.          Jul 27, 1888    SPENCER, Ida            Lincoln Co
WHITNEY, John Dallas           Feb 20, 1884    WOODIN, Angie S.        Cottonwood
WILLIAMS, H. L.                Dec 28, 1885    MELCHER, Bird A.        Lincoln Co
WILLIAMS, J. E.                Jul 12, 1890    HUGHS, Elizabeth L.     Lincoln Co
WINTER, Daniel                 Nov 03, 1890    BROOKS, Pauline         Lincoln Co
WITT, August                   Nov 16, 1888    MEYER, Mollie           Lincoln Co
WITTE, George                  Apr 29, 1887(JUl 1)WILLIAMS, Elsie      Lincoln Co
WOLF, Able                     Jan 03, 1887    MOBLEY, Lucy C.         Lincoln Co
WOLKE, August                  Mar 22, 1887    SCHAFFER, Augusta E.    Lincoln Co
WOODIN, Julius Dean            Dec 28, 1889    VINING, Charlotte Helen Lincoln Co
WORMALD, J. E. U.              Jul 27, 1888    MAHLER, Louisa          Lincoln Co
WRIGHT, Loran                  Nov 25, 1890    EDWARDS, Jessie         Lincoln Co
WRUFF, Thos A.                 Dec 17, 1890    JUDD, Nettie A.         Lincoln Co
YOUNGST, Joseph R.             Dec 08, 1888    DUNCAN, Lizzie          Lincoln Co
ZEAHL, August                  May 07, 1887(Sep 7)LAWRENCE, May        Lincoln Co

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