Lincoln County Draft Roster 1917


                          For the towns of Lamona, Downs & Mohler


                                                               Submitted by Marge Womach




From Lamona:

Borton, Frank                     

Calliott, J. E.                               

Harms, W. F.                               

Huck, A. C.                             

Johnson, J. T.                              

Laney, J. C.                                

Leschinsky, Benjamin                 

Linder, T. A.                                

Luiten, Jacob G.                          

McKenzie, Cecil                     

Moellering, Henry W.                  

Moellering, Martin F.                   

Ohland, Ernest F.                       

Phillips, Morton P.                       

Schirber, C. C                          

Schleef, W. H.                              

Shields, J. E.                                

Shields, John W.                         

Tabler, Stephen E.                      

Tewinkel, Joseph O.                   

Westerman, Fred H.  



From Downs:

Ablutz, John P.                      

Alford, James A                        

Baumgartner, Emery J.                

Boukal, Joseph                          

Drinkard, John T.                       

Farrier, Leonard A.                

Hermandez, Tony                     

Hornby, Thomas L.                   

Kalisty, John                            

Owne, Victor O.                       

Sandygren, John A.                   

Stiles, Earl D.                            

Strickler, William J.                   

Reichow, W. R.    


From Mohler: 

Cambrom, John H.                 

Cruppe, Edward J.                 

Hickes, H. Chesternutwood    

Hinshaw, H. B.                        

Holley, John I.                        

Kirchafer, John C.                 

Krauss, John J.                       

Lee, Charles                          

Love, James E.                       

Luiten, William F.                   

Miller, Fredk W..                   

McKellips, Roy R.                 

McKellips, Vernon                

Parr, James R.                        

Phillips, Thomas A.                 

Rowland, Jack                       

Runyan, Eula W.                     

Shields, M. H.                         

Smith, L. L.                           

Stiles, A. L.                             

Thompson, H. A .                   

Treit, Ludwig                         

Ulrich, B. M. F.                       

Unbewust, George A.             

Warwick, C. C.                      

Warwick, M. E.                       

Williams, Karl L.                     

Williams, R. T                         



Submitted to the Lincoln County Washington GenWeb by

Marge Womach

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