Edwall Registry For The Army 1917


                                                                   Submitted by Marge Womach




(Taken from the Lincoln County Times, July 20, 1917)

Lincoln County has 1,915 men from whom the quota for Army will be chosen. Those using an Edwall address are taken from the list of “every man who registered, whether native or foreign born, white or other color, or alien enemy.” Those called “will have to appear before the local exemption board and either accept service in the army or show reasons why they should be exempted.” 




Anderson, Clifford H.

Appel, Anton Pargeen

Appel, Joseph B.

Arneson, Sigiud E.

Baden, Carl

Bender, Joseph H.

Bennett, Charles W.

Black, Elva E.

Braun, Oscar J.

Brenna, Martin

Brinsfield, Elzie D.

Brown, Olin S.

Brugman, Joseph C.

Bundy, Isaac LeRoy

Butler, William E.

Cameron, John

Carl, Ervin E.

Clark, Milo C.

Cole, Cecil H.

Cordoba, Tiburcio

Davis, Emerson J.

Dechwald, Louis J.

DeLong, William F.

DeSpain, Benjamin E.

DeSpain, Joseph L.

Elliott, Ralph W.

Erickson, Edward F. R.

Franseen, Ernest H.

Fritsch, Chas W.

Fry, David A.

Gariety, Joe F.

Gauger, Gilbert W.

Gauger, Herbert A

Gehrke, Frank C

Gehrke, Fred F.

Gehrke, George G.

Geiselbrecht, John

Gilkison, Ralph E.

Guhlke, Henry A.

Halaris, Christ

Harper, George M.

Heineman, George A. H.

Herman, David A.

Herman, James H.

Hogan, James C.

Holznagel, John

Howell, Charles A.

Jans, Fred

Johnson, Carl W.

Jones, John R.

Jones  Walter W.

Keinholz, David T

Kempken, Fred W.

Kempken, Henry

Kennedy, homer

Kintschi, Chris

Klein, Albert C.

Klein, Linas C.

Koegler, Albert

Lambrith, Charles L.

Low, Lester W.

Manriquez, Ysabel

Menkel, Geo F.

Moore, Verl T.

Moos, Walter O.

Moos, William F.

McLain, Homer L.

Nelson, Alvin M.

Norske, Rudolph M.

Oakley, Leonard H.

Palmquist, Harold F

Pflum, Samuel H.

Pomelen, Harry

Reeves, William G.

Reidinger, Fred S.

Reynolds, Allen A.

Rinker, Irvey M.

Rinker, Paul L.

Schafer, Charles H.

Scheidler, William L.

Schoepflin, Charles

Sobek, Joseph C.

Stack, Michael G.

Strauss, Delbert J.

Stuart, Charles J.

Thorp, Arthur R.

Timm, J. W. C.

Trapp, Milton A.

Travers, Francis J.

Tuttle, William

Vivian, Albert W.

Weidemann, Charles W.

Weidemann, William C.

Whan, Robert H.

Wright, William J.



Edwall, Washington, draft registry of 1917, submitted to the Lincoln

County Washington GenWeb,  January 2, 2006  by Marge Womach

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