Davenport Methodist Church Records




                                         German Methodist of Davenport, 1901 Membership 


                                                             submitted by Marge Womach


Articles of Incorporation:

First Methodist Episcopal Church of Davenport, Art of Inc., filed Apr 19, 1892, Geo Oswalt, Geo L Oman, J V Lawrence, J W Earles, Charles Buck, J F West, and A V Oliver, “friends of Davenport circuit, Columbia District, Columbia River Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church”…principal place... Davenport.


(B-334) Art. of Agreement, filed 14 Mar 1902 by request of Thomas Campbell .

Art of Inc of German Methodist Episcopal Church of Edwall, WA, filed 21st day of Jan 1902.


Maas, W F                                                       Bleck, Julius

Merkel, John                                                    Baeder(Barder), J J

Bertz, Geo                                                        Voss, Henry

Kron, August                                                    Hagemann, Phillip

Rathke, John                                                    Thiel, Wm C

Bertz, Adelene                                                 Thiel, Anna

Maas, Mary                                                     Merkel, Sophia

Kron, Amelia

(located at Edwall) “Notice is hereby given that 21st Jan 1902 at 2 PM in the ME Church South of the town of Edwall there will be held a meeting…”


Quit Claim Deed:

Hugh H McMillan to GME Church of Davenport. Filed Oct 10, 1907 @ 9 a.m.. Request of Fred Huesmann. Recorded Oct 12, 1907. #72425. Quit Claim Deed. This Indenture, Made the 22nd day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seven between Hugh H McMillan a single man, the party of the first part, and German Methodist Episcopal Church of Davenport (Washington), a corporation, the party of the second part.  Witnesseth, That the said party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of one and no/100 Dollars lawful money of the United States of America, to him in hand paid  by the said party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, does by these presents remise, release, convey and forever quit claim unto the said party of the second part, and to its successors and assigns all those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land situated in the County of Lincoln, State of Washington, and bounded and particularly described as follows, to-wit: Lots eight (8), nine (9) and ten (10) of Block twenty-nine (29) Timmons’s Second addition to Davenport according to the official plat thereof on file and of record in Auditor’s office of said County. The object of this deed is to correct a certain warranty deed made by the said Hugh E McMillan to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Davenport, Washington said deed being recorded at page 266 of Book 7 of Deeds of the records of the County Auditor of said County and State, and conveying said lots herein described. It was intended at time of said conveyance to incorporate under the laws of the State of Washington, a corporation under the name ‘Methodist Episcopal Church of Davenport, Washington’ and whereas no such corporation was ever organized and whereas the members of the church interested in said corporation have recently incorporated under the name: ‘German Methodist Episcopal Church of Davenport’, it is the desire and wish of said members that this conveyance be made and it is hereby made by the said members that this conveyance be made and it is hereby made by the said Hugh H McMillan to the said Corporation, in accordance with their wishes. In trust for the use and benefit of the ministry and membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America, subject to the discipline, usage and ministerial appointment of said Church as from time authorized and declared and if sold the proceeds shall be disposed of and used in accordance with the provisions of said Discipline. Together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof. To Have and To Hold, all and singular the said premises, together with the appurtenances unto the said party of the second part, and to its successors and assigns forever. In Witness Whereof, the party of the first part has hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written. Signed, sealed and delivered in the Presence of G W Weeks. Hugh H McMillan. The State of Washington SS. County of Lincoln. I G W Weeks, a Notary Public in and for the State of Washington, do hereby certify that on this 22nd day of August AD 1907 personally appeared before me Hugh H McMillan, a bachelor, to me known to be the individuals described in and who executed the within instrument and acknowledged that he signed and sealed the same as their free and voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. Given under my hand and official seal this 22nd day of August AD 1907. G W Weeks, Notary Public, Residing at Davenport, Washington.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: Vol. 34 page40-41)


Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy (Edited by Donald E Walter, 1988, excerpts)

“Davenport. The Methodists, who had held the first religious services in Davenport, erected a church in 1892. This was a substantial frame building at Morgan and Tenth streets. The manse still stands in that vicinity, now occupied by Mr and Mrs Henry Guhlke.  About 1892, another Methodist church was built at Seventh and Sinclair streets at a cost of $12,500. The congregation is still worshiping at the same location, but its building has been remodeled and updated several times and a new manse constructed next door. It is now the United Methodist Church and it includes the congregation at Edwall.” (pages 151-2) “Methodists in Davenport date from 1892. Today’s United Methodist Church is on the same site as the original building of 1892.” (photo caption, page 152)


Davenport in Early News:

“Today Davenport may be said to be a city of homes, churches and schools, of wealth, culture and refinement. The Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian and Catholic denominations have erected houses of worship. The churches of the city, as a rule, are strong, vigorous, healthy societies.  They compare favorably with similar bodies in any city of equal age and size in other states. The stranger within our gates may worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience and the fashion of his fathers and find himself in company with those of his own belief.** In the Big Bend National bank, Davenport has as solid a moneyed institution as can be found any where in the state of Washington. The present new court house and jail combined, together with the modern fixtures, cost $20,000 and the children of the city are taught in a $10,000 public school building. Here is an auditorium with stage and settings and a seating capacity of 1,000 or more, that only a young Chicago of the west could build, maintain and afford.  Here are three excellent newspapers, a city hall and calaboose, a private hospital, a conservatory of music, three livery stables, two hotels and another in source of erection, a circulating library, a large flouring mill, a creamery and cheese factory, a steam laundry, telephonic and telegraphic communication with the outside world, a machine shop and two chip mills, a brewery, several warehouses, a brass band, a fire department, a brick yard, several hustling real estate agents—and a whole community of live, enterprising, public-spirited citizens who work together as one man for the welfare and well being of the city.” (LCT: 12-16-1898)

“Davenport Dots.  Battery ‘A’ of this city are making arrangements to have the basement of the Methodist Church fitted up for an armory, something they have been in need of for a long time.” (excerpt: Citizen: 3-24-1899)

“Rockdale. Quite a number of our young people attended the Methodist church fair in Sprague recently, they report a very enjoyable time.”  (Dav. Tribune: 1-03-1901)


Methodism in the Northwest by Erle Howell; The Parthenon Press, Printers, Nashville, TN, 1956. Editor: Chapin D Foster, President, Historical Society, Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. (excerpts)

“Methodist Episcopal Church at Davenport, organized, 1882, with 8 members. Trustees were J W Earles, George Oman, J P Lawrence, J F West, George Oswalt, Charles Buck, A P Oliver.  Rev M S Anderson was the organizing pastor. He was followed in 1882 by Rev L J Whitcom, later by Rev N E Parsons and Rev J H Shepard in 1885. ** The Ladies Aid was organized at an early date. First church building was erected in 1892 and the parsonage, same year. ** A revival in 1908 added 65 to the church rolls. A new church building was erected in 1916 and dedicated, same year. Rev Fred E White, was pastor. Rev W H W Reese, Tacoma, delivered the sermon. Between 1918 and 1926 the German Congregation merged with the English speaking congregation. Rev A F Kroneman was pastor 1926-1936.  ** In 1953 a new parsonage costing $20,000 was erected. Rev James E Doak was pastor. An oil burning furnace was installed. In 1956 Rev George A Odgers and Rev Paul Brown entered the Methodist ministry from this church. ** In 1963 Rev Joseph L Woodford, pastor fourth year. There were 194 members, 132 in Sunday School and 60 members of Woman’s Society of Christian Service gave $834. Value of church building, $103,750. Parsonage, $31,000.”

“German Church, 1883. German Methodism began to take root in the Northwest in 1883, Walla Walla being the first church organized.  With the discontinuance of the German Conference as a separate entity, in 1928, the following churches became a part of The Pacific Northwest Annual Conference:  Connell, WA, Rev G A Maas; Bethel at Ridgefield, WA, Rev G S Roeder; Ritzville, WA, Rev George J Kleinbach; Rocklyn-Davenport, Rev H B Mann; Rosalia, WA, Rev A F Hilmer; Spokane, WA, Rev E J Aschenbrenner, Walla Walla, WA, Rev J A Beck.”

“German, Davenport:

1898—Joseph Hepp.

1901—George A Jahn.

1904—Ludwig Gaiser.

1908—G A Maag.

1911—H Hauisen (supply)

1912—A F Cramer.

1918—to be supplied.

1919—A F Hilmer.

1924—E J Traglio.

1926—L N Hostettler.

1927—R R Finkbeiner.

1928—H B Mann.”


The Methodists of Davenport, A Story of 75 Years.

A History of the First Methodist Church of Davenport, WA 1882-1957.

“Anniversary Program for Sept 29, 1957.  9:45 a.m. Church School.  11 a.m. Morning Worship in Sanctuary with EuGene Ford, the Pastor, preaching.  1 p.m. Luncheon and Program. Mary Thomas Hall of the Masonic Temple.  3 p.m. Service of Anniversary and Dedication in the Sanctuary with Bishop A Raymond Grant, Portland Area of the Methodist church and Dr Richard D Decker, Dist. Supt. of Spokane District of the Methodist Church.  4:30 p.m. Fellowship Gathering, social rooms in basement of the church. Introduction of former pastors and members and visitors.  Historical Committee: Jason Horwege, Chairman. Mrs Lynn Gunning. Mrs Orlin Maurer. Mrs Fred Magin. Gilbert Gauger. Willard Zellmer.  ‘And there he builded an altar unto the Lord.’ Gen. 12:8.”

“Service of Anniversary and Dedication.” (pages 2-4; not included herein)

“Methodists in Davenport 1882-1957. (pages 5-18 including photos)”

“The Circuit Riders in by-gone days

Felt great concern for their fellow men

And as pioneers came to the far Northwest

The Riders were found in the famed Big Bend.

Cottonwood Springs on an Indian trail

Was a focal point as the country grew

And the old school house where all meetings were held

There the Methodists met in the year ’82.

No sidewalks were there, just a trail or a road

That led to the school from the town by the spring

When the service was held and the songs given out

We can still hear the echo as the people did sing.”


“In this bit of verse we hope you can envision the beginnings of Methodism in Cottonwood Springs or Davenport, as it was later called. The school house referred to above, which stood at the northeast corner of First and Maxwell, ceased to be used as a school about 1890 and was then used as a dwelling for many years.**   Later, services were held in a building down town until the Presbyterians erected the first church in Davenport and shared their building, with the two congregations holding services on alternate Sundays. The church not holding the city service would conduct services at Larene with each alternating at that charge also.  **The first Methodist church building was built about 1892, for news items in the Lincoln County Times in ’93 refer often to meetings and socials being held in the ‘new church’.  The trustees accepting the deed, according to County records, were J W Earles, Geo Oman, J P Lawrence, J F West, Geo. Oswalt, Chas. Buck and A P Oliver. The grandchildren of two of these trustees are living in Davenport at this time, James Huck, Joe Huck and Mrs Harold McQuillan. ** The historical committee has delved into old records, talked with the few remaining folk that had contact with that period and read old clippings and newspaper files that we might present to you a partial picture of our beginnings.** We are indebted to the late Mrs Chas. E Myers for an article in the Times of 1933 for much of our data. Also to Miss Arta F Lawrence for clippings from her father’s files for he was a charter member and a first trustee.** An excerpt from the Times of Dec 24, 1888, reads thus:  ‘There are two religious organizations in Davenport—The Methodists, the earlier of the two in its origin, and the Presbyterian.  At the same time, while they are two outwardly, they are one complete harmony, working together for one grand purpose of elevating humanity and leading them onward to a higher and better life.’ H H McMillan.”

Photo Caption: “First ME Church and Vicinity before 1900.” (View shows church in foreground with town and hillside in background.)

Photo Captions: “Early School Where First Methodist Services Were Held—1882.” And “First Methodist Church Building 1892.”

“This fraternal spirit was further shown in an item of ’94 that said  ‘The two Sunday Schools of the city and the Larene Sunday School will hold their annual picnic at Larene.’ ** As the committee looked at unknown names and orderly rows of figures that were only statistics, they had to, perforce, draw conclusions and read between the lines. We wondered why so many names appeared on the church rolls of folk southeast of Davenport, when investigation showed regular services were held in the country schools districts.  Early news items tell of our pastors holding revival services with many folk joining the church. Later items told of the ever present and hardworking Ladies Aid giving chicken pie suppers at twenty-five cents, and the always welcome ice cream socials.  Thus was the physical man nurtured and the monies derived from these events used to augment the church treasury.** An ad from the 1894 Times says, ‘The ladies of the ME Church will give a Hard Times Social in the council chambers. One of the novelties will be a female tinsmith, who will mend Tinware at 5 cents the patch’.” 

“We find the first pastoral appointees were M S Anderson, N B Parsons, F L Young, J H Shepherd, and H F Williams, which covered the years 1882 to 1889. The records of this period showed 45 members, 2 local preachers and 2 probationers. ** Since the church discipline stated that no pastor could hold a charge longer than three years a continual parade of faces and names flowed before the Methodist congregations, so if you took the pastor and his family to your bosom, you were aware that, at the most, three years later, you must part. ‘Pastors may come and pastors may go, but the church goes on forever’. ** Again referring to records, we find one local preacher, one exhorter, five leaders and eleven stewards, and the following names were found as leaders from ’82 to ’85: Frank Young, Samuel Hamilton, J Rockhold, F W Hoffman, David Brink, Hannah Oakley, W J Duncan and Mrs J D Woodin.”

“In 1889 F L Young was returned for one year, followed by H M Mobbs. Sometime in the next two years, under W O  Benadom, the first Methodist church building was built. We understand there were but eight charter members, only six of them being known:  Mr and Mrs Charles Buck, Mr and Mrs J W Earles, and Mr and Mrs J P Lawrence.  It is thought that Mr and Mrs H H Plough were the other two.   A Times item of this period noted the gift of an organ to the new church by Thomas Morrow, the local purveyor of musical instruments. ** During these years, the salaries were low and money hard to obtain but as long ‘as meat, potatoes, and other vegetables and gooseberries’ could be raised in the community, the pastors ate well and editors kept warm with subscription wood. The parsonage was erecte3d about this time and consisted of a two story home, two rooms down stairs with a stairway between, leading to the bedrooms above.”


“After G G Muller in 1893 and 1894, Reverend W B Eakin was appointed and served the two  years of 1895 and 1896. A news item of that period tells of Mrs Eakin presenting her husband with a surprise gift of a ten pound boy at the close of the fourth quarterly conference. Since the living room had been converted into a temporary  bedroom the pastor’s wife ‘thought she was in a palace’.  A dining room was added to the parsonage before Reverend Eakin left.  ** Sometime during the pastorate of T H Fertig, who followed Eakin, the church was dedicated with Bishop Cranston preaching the dedicatory sermon.  ** 1899 saw H B Creel as our leader. Later, giving up the ministry, he built a large two story home near town, which has been moved into the city and now serves as an apartment house.  ‘Surely this man builded well’.  An item in the Times of Dec 2, 1898 tells of a detachment of soldiers from Fort Spokane attending a memorial service for the Spanish American dead at the ME Church, ‘and those who heard Reverend Creel spoke in warm praise of the sermon’. ** Following Creel came R C Motor who was spoken of ‘as a very devout man’.  In those days it was customary for people to keep a cow and apparently the one owned by the pastor was of the ‘Ada, the Ayrshire’ type. Quite often it was found necessary for him to bring home this errant one and ‘tis said that sometimes on these occasions, he forgot to ‘cease from anger and forsake wrath’.  From 1900 to 1910 we find the following names recorded: Stacy Smith, J J McAllister, H N Rounds, H A Sheldon and E McOmber.” 

“To keep the spiritual fires burning, annual or biennial revivals were held in the different churches. Two seem to stand out in the memories of the townspeople.  One, in 1896 under W C Boyd, when many names were added to the church rolls of the city, and the other one under Reverend Honeywell, in 1908 when sixty-five names were added to the ME church alone. These early day services oft times started at 7:30 p.m. and continued nearly to midnight. Even the commencement exercises of the eighth grade, held in the ME church in 1898, started early with a student program, followed by the main speaker, who closed at 11 p.m.  At least the folk of that period didn’t have to ration their time to fifteen minute sections to cover the many activities that clutter our lives today.  ** We find next the names of R A Gailey, Geo W Bradley, Wm Hoskins and Chas E Miller as ministers. A sleeping porch was added to the parsonage while Miller was pastor and when it was suggested that it be painted white the pastor insisted that the entire building be given a new coat ‘or else it would be like painting the tail of a dog, turning him loose without painting the rest of him’.  Later years, as Sunday school scholars were studying about Elijah lamenting under the junipers, it was pointed out that two such trees were growing before the parsonage, planted by C E Miller.  ** Fred E White was appointed to this charge in 1916 and remained three years. When the bell was rung calling the people to worship and one could see the old tower sway and ‘twas feared that the steeple would soon come crashing through the roof, the official board decreed that a new church building must be erected.** Committees were appointed to go out and canvas the people for subscriptions and on June 6, 1916, the corner stone was laid and placed therein ‘was a copy of the minutes of the annual Columbia River Conference, copies of the Times and Tribune, a roster of the Trustees, Stewards, Ladies Aid, Epworth League, City Officials, a hymn book and a copy of the program’.  Services were held in the Lewis Hall during the erection of the new church and on Oct 15, 1916, the dedicatory services were held with Dr Rees of Tacoma giving the morning message, assisted by former pastor, Wm Hoskins. The afternoon program was presided over by Dist. Supt., Dr Robert Brumblay and Dr Rees again occupied the pulpit in the evening. News items report that over one thousand people attended the three services.” 

“Statistically we find G A Wells, J A Hill and Wm Hodshire our leaders from 1918 to 1926. During this period of the early Twenties the Davenport German Methodist Episcopal Church was consolidated and the two congregations became one, meeting at the First Church.  ** At this time the three year rule of tenure was discontinued and our next pastor, A F Kroneman held forth for ten years from 1926 to 1936.  In 1929 the ‘crash’ was upon us and before we were through we found that ‘only by eating ox tail soup, then having calves brains sweet, were we able to completely make ends meet’. ** Mrs Myers article referring to Will Carleton’s poem, ‘A patch of thick plaster, just over the schoolmaster’s chair, seemed threateningly o’er him suspended, like Damocles’ sword, by a hair’, aptly described the perils that threatened the congregation in the 1930s so that it was found necessary to put up a new steel ceiling. With pastoral forbearance, work donations and careful planning, we were able to weather the depression years of twenty-five cent wheat and low wages. ** With R S McCulloch, T E Poindexter and Erling Bergan covering the years of 1936 to 1942 we again found ourselves getting back on our feet. Under the guidance of Erling Bergan the dining room tables we now use were made. It was during this period that the ‘First Methodist Episcopal Church’ became the ‘First Methodist Church’ with the uniting of the three branches of Methodism nationally.  ** Following a short tenure by Hunter McKain, who became ill, J Dean King came to us and stayed until 1950. With short interim terms by supply pastors J R Rice and Paul Bard, the conference appointed James Doak who served until June of 1956. ** By 1953 the old parsonage of some sixty years seemed to be costing too much in time and money spent for repairs so again committees sallied forth and ‘gathered in the monies ripe for harvest’ and built a new $20,000.00 brick parsonage with connecting underground passage to the church. ** In the fall of 1956 the old coal furnace of many years of service gave indications of ‘giving up the ghost’ and a new oil burning one was installed. The old furnace and coal rooms were added to the kitchen area. With an island sink and modern builtins, we now have a plant of which we are proud. ** The new pastor, EuGene Ford, who came to us in June of 1956, is starting on his second year of service. ** We again ask the reader to bear with the committee, if names and dates are in slight error, for inadequate data and dimmed memories sometimes err. We have labored long in our search of the past and hope our efforts have not been in vain. Other than the two members of our church who became minister, namely, Dr George A Odgers and Paul Brown, we would have liked to have mentioned some outstanding laymen of the past and special work carried on by pastors, but when our searching brought ‘that we owed so much to so many’ for contributions to our church, it was thought better to leave more detailed history to future historians whose space was not limited. So now we’ll close as we started, with a wee bit of verse:

The Circuit Riders are gone. Rode on with the past

Their work is completed but their efforts will last.

The men that have followed are still pushing on

Carrying forward the message of the ones that are gone.

We hope this brief picture of Methodist past

Will Strengthen the reader and to his faith will hold fast

That he might carry on this Gospel of Light

Where our fathers left off in their work for the right.”


Photo Captions:

J P Lawrence; Charter Member and a first Trustee.

H N Rounds, Pastor; 1903-1905.

H A Sheldon, Pastor; 1906-1907.

E McOmber, Pastor; 1908-1910.

G A Wells, Pastor; 1919-1920.

J A Hill, Pastor; 1921-1923.

M E Ladies Aid—1934.

A F Kroneman, Pastor; 1926-1936.

R S McCulloch, Pastor; 1936-1938.

Erling Bergan, Pastor; 1941-1943.

T Earl Poindexter, Pastor; 1939-1941.

J Dean King, Pastor; 1945-1950.

James E Doak, Pastor; 1952-1956.

EuGene Ford, Pastor; 1956-1957.

After Church Picture—Sept. 15, 1957.

Robed Choir—Christmas 1955.

Church Building 1957.

Parsonage 1957.

(interior of church) “Thy name, O Lord, endureth forever; … throughout all generations.” Psalms 135:13. 





DAVENPORT LEDGERS (additions in bold)

(incomplete records, watch for errors)


NAME                                    DATE OF DEATH            COMMENTS

Jayne, W H                              Mar 05, 1912                                     (TS-Mt View Cem)

Jarvis, Jennie                           July __, 1911

Kirkendall, Mary                      Feb 01, 1911

Nelson, Elizabeth                    Jan __,  1912                                     (TS-Mt View, 1-11-1913)

Teeter, Sabina                          Feb 17, 1912

Adams, Christine                   Sept __, 1896                    (married)

Anderson, Jessie                   Aug __, 1896                    (married)

Burge, Mary E                        May 23, 1905                     (married) (TS-Mt View)

Gibson, Mary J                        Feb 20, 1901                                      (TS-Mt View)

Glasgow, Adam                       Apr 24, 1899                     (married)(?TS-Mt View-A G only)

Lawrence, Ella                         Nov 25, 1898                                       (TS-Mt View)

Oman, Mary C                         Mar 21, 1887                     (married)        

Sample, Rebecca                     ___ __, 1887                     (married)        

Sharp, Mrs L                           Aug 27, 1894                     (married; of Larene)

Schuelt, Charles                       Jan 20, 1900                     (married)

Woodin, Hellen M                  Mar 31, 1885                                     (TS-Mt View)

Wooden, J D                            Apr 11, 1905                    (married)(TS-Mt View-Julius)

VanHorn, Isaas L                   June 17, 1900                     (married)        

Buck, Laura                              10-15-29                            (married) (TS-Mt-View-Lurana)

Baugh, Robert Jr                       9-28-29                             (single)

Corbin, Chas                           10-10-35                             (married) (TS-Mt View-1936)

Estep, H S                                  1-23-30                             (married)

Fry, J W                                   11-12-32                              (married)

Fry, M E                                     1-20-30                             (married)

Ferril, Daniel                              8-16-23                             (married)

Hensley, Gordon                      8-16-34                            (single; of Larene)(TS-Mt View)

Harper, Laura E                      March 1918??                   (widow)((TS-Mt View-11-14-17)

Horwege, Bessie Jane           12-15-36                                            (TS-Mt View)

Huffman, Sarah                        6-08-31                              (married)(TS-Mt View)

Huffman, John S                      May 17, 1940??               (married)(TS-Mt View-1940)

Huffman, George W                1-12-30                              (married)(TS-Mt View)

Huffman, George E                  8-20-32                              (married)(TS-Mt View)

Hart, Wm                                  9-19-32                              (married)(TS-Mt View)

Huesman, Bertha                     5-15-37                              (married)(TS-Mt View)

Huck, Mrs Verda B                 2-12-28                               (married)(TS-Mt View)

Hansen, H B                            4-06-39                               (married)        

Hansen, Mrs H B                   11-26-33                              (married)        

Heller, Mrs Mary                     1-01-34                              (married)(TS-Mt View)

Huffman, Aaron                  Jan __, 1937                          (single)  (TS-Mt View)

Jarvis, C W Sr                         5-07-29                                (married)

Jarvis, C W Jr                         5-28-34                                 (married)

Leipham, Nannie                    3-20-36                                (married)

Lang, C D                                8-28-24                                 (married)

Myers, Catherine                   4-24-39                                 (married)(TS-Mt View)

McNeilly, Arty R                    9-15-19                                 (married)

McGowan, Rose C               Sept __, 1932                     

Myers, Olive                           Oct __, 1941                       (single)  (TS-Mt View)

Odgers, Leona                        7-14-14                                (m; age 41y3m)(TS-Mt View)

Prouty, Loyd                        June __, 1918                       (single)

Plummer, Amanda                   8-30-32                               (widow)

Rinker, K M                             3-28-25                                                (TS-Mt View-Korah)           

Rinker, Mrs                              5-26-40                                                (TS-Mt View-Ella)

Rademacher, Marie                 6-29-37                                (married)(TS-Mt View)

Seimer, W W                        Sept __, 1934                                        (TS-Mt View-WH)

Schultz, Chas H                     11-15-34                   

Schultz, Etta T                      Sept __, 1934

Simmons, Mrs Polly                3-18-37??                             (widow)

Schendle, Minnie                   Apr 27, 1939                         (single) (TS-Mt View-1929)

Schiffler, Fred                           8-21-26

Schiffler, Mrs Fred                 10-18-26??                

Schendle, Herman                  11-22-29                                            (?TS-Mt View-1916)

Shoemaker, James W               Jan 6, 1940                          (widowed)      

Tuttle, Eliz.                              Mar 7, 1940                           (widow; 88 y 9 m) (TS-Mt View)

Tuttle, John                          (Mar 13,)1943                        (single) (TS-Mt View-Merton J)

VanHise, Nancy                     July 14, 1933                         (widow)

Wiedey, Mrs                             4-17-34                                              (TS-Mt View-Lena)

West, Mrs Sarah Jane              7-16-35                                             (TS-Mt View-1936)



Koch, Rose                               Jan __, 1925                            (rec’d Aug 14, 1922)

Michal, Mrs Mary                            5-29-38                            (rec’d Nov 1, 1921)

Strauss, Mrs Katie                            6-03-43                           (rec’d Aug 14, 1922)

Thorpe, Emma                                   3-09-53                             married; (rec’d 6-03-1917)

Westenberg, John                   Oct 20, 1918                            (rec’d Jan 1911)

Wiedemann, Wm                    ___ __, 1925                           (rec’d Aug 14, 1922)

Wiedemann, Mary                  Dec __, 1942                           (rec’d Aug 14, 1922

Peterson, Oluf L                        23 Dec 1934                            age 63; interred Spokane

Voss, Mrs Lillie Emma              23 Feb 1938                            age 55; Wiedemann; Edwall burial 

Michael, Mrs Ella May Law   31 May 1938                            age 65; Greenwood Cemetery, Spokane

DeSpain, Mrs Mattie Service   15 Jan 1939                            age 67, Edwall Cemetery

Abrocrombre, Mrs C M           __ ___ 1938                            Bundy; Payette, ID, possibly

Jayne, Mrs C S                          __ ___ 1939                            Edwall

Coe, Mrs Emma                        10 June 1940                             age 67, Sprague burial

Davis, Mr                                  __ ___ ____                            burial Sprague

Williams, Mr                              16 July 1941                             burial Sprague

Robinson, Mr Robert               29 July 1941                             Reardan burial

Strauss, Harry                             6 Sept 1941                            Spokane burial

Mielke, Mrs                                 27 Oct 1941                            Edwall burial

Anderson, Mrs Clarinda          16 Sept 1942                            nee Walker; 46, family plot at Medical Lake

Edwall, Mrs Carl A                       8 Oct 1942                            age 57; Florence;

Wiedemann, Mrs Mary            __ Dec 1942                            Edwall Cemetery

Strauss, Mrs Katie                      3 June 1943                            Edwall Cemetery

Simpson, Mrs Blanche              __ Feb 1947                            age 47; Spokane burial


German Methodist of Davenport, 1901 Membership:

Huesmann, Fred

Bakenhus, Hermine

Schnasse, Clara

Schnasse, Martha

Huesmann, Bertha

Becker, Frederick

Becker, Sophia

Becker, Emmanuel

Bakenhus, Herman

Bakenhus, Lydia

Bakenhus, Diedrick

Bakenhus, Eliza

Hepp, Joseph

Hepp, Katherine

Hepp, Ella

Hepp, Arthur

Hepp, Eddie

Hoffman, Ludwig

Hoffman, Henretta

Hoffman, Lydia

Hoffman, Benny

Kurz, Louis

Schendel, Herman

Schendel, Mina

Schendel, Eddie

Schnasse, Herman

Rademacher, Carl

Rademacher, Maria

Norgal, Carl

Jahn, Rev.


R L Polk Business Directory (1910) for Davenport:

German Methodist Church; Rev Gustav Maag, pastor; Morgan NE corner 11th.

Methodist Episcopal Church; Rev E McOmber, pastor; Sinclair NE corner 6th.


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