Church  Affiliations  of The Big Bend Country circa 1904.
                                                       Compiled and submitted by Marge Womach 

The index to the Big Bend is not the index from the book, it is what I made based on the book, to make it easier to find the towns from which they came and most likely affiliated with in 1904..., and which minister would most likely perform the last rites at the cemetery!

Witt, August	    Evangelical	* N. of Sprague
Carstens, Henry B		?
Hardin, Frank P	   Presbyterian	?
Leipham, Peter		        ? Dav-Edw
Downie, Warren W		? Dav-Mohler
Hilton, Richard J		?Creston&Garfield Co
Gibson, Stephen A		?Edwall&Spokane
Fry, William S	      Methodist	?Lincoln Co
Jordan, John T	Christian Church?Lincoln Co
Weismann, Christen K		?Lincoln Co
Gravelle, Alfred		?Reard-Spok
Bennington, Joseph M		?Ritzville
Snyder, George L		?Spok-Creston
Brock, Judge Jackson non-denom. Christian, Sprag-Dav
Burke, Edmond J		        Almira
Crossgrove, George W		Almira
Harms, Herman F		        Almira
Harper, William Saulsbury   M E	Almira
Hatch, Theophilus		Almira
Hughes, Harrison S		Almira
Hughes, Richard T		Almira
Jessen, Jonas		        Almira
Johnson, Julius C		Almira
Jones, Richard G      Episcopal	Almira
Kirk, William H		        Almira
Knox, Amel H		        Almira
La Follette Brothers		Almira
McKay, Peter		        Almira
Peterson, Jens		        Almira
Peterson, Mads		        Almira
Rosenbalm, Gerhard & John	Almira
Sallee, Sallee W		Almira
Salter, Milton C		Almira
Southard, T B		        Almira
Squire, Fred B		        Almira
Stephens, Richard J		Almira
Zimmerman, John		        Almira
Anderson, Lewis	       Lutheran	Big Bend
Cole, James Jesse		Brents
Grinstead, Thomas		Brents
Houck, Oliver C		        Brents
Hudkins, Walker       Methodist	Brents
Drumheller, Hon D M		Crab Creek Valley
Hoffman, Charles		Crab Creek Valley
Barbre, Charles M     Methodist	Creston
Bishop, Levi C		        Creston
Cole, Andrew J		        Creston
Cole, John C		        Creston
Coman, Samuel, M		Creston
Dodd, James J		        Creston
Elliott, James		        Creston
Gollaher, Emary D		Creston
Greenwood, Raphael		Creston
Hills, Charles C		Creston
Hills, Henry		        Creston
Hilton, J Henry		        Creston
Howard, William H 		Creston
Johnson, Ephraim		Creston
Johnson, Samuel M		Creston
Jump, James T		        Creston
Jump, William R		        Creston
Lanter, E C (MD)		Creston
Lilengreen, August (dec)	Creston
Maib, John W		        Creston
McKay, Donald F		        Creston
Peffley, D Frank		Creston
Plank, Sherman P		Creston
Ratliff, Liberty L		Creston
Rhodes, William Wallace		Creston
Simons, George H		Creston
Simons, William Franklin	Creston
Stambaugh, Isaiah     Methodist	Creston
Steffey, B F		        Creston
Stimson, Willard		Creston
Stookey, Alfred E	Baptist	Creston
Straub, Charles A		Creston
Watson, Fred L		        Creston
Ziegler, Elijah	   Presbyterian	Creston
Anderson, J Waverly		Davenport
Anderson, Orlander		Davenport
Birge, George K       Methodist	Davenport
Brink, William		        Davenport
Brown, Adrian S		        Davenport
Buck, Charles Jr       Lutheran	Davenport
Camp, John L		        Davenport
Caton, Hon Nathan T Christian Church Davenport
Cuddeback, Peter W 		Davenport
Davies, L		        Davenport
Davis, Hubert J		        Davenport
Earles, James W	            M E	Davenport
Eddy, Lucius B		        Davenport
Faulk, John A	            M E	Davenport
Finney, William	      Meth Epis	Davenport
Francis, Valentine		Davenport
Freese, William O		Davenport
Gardner, Jerry H		Davenport
Gibson, Bela O	      Methodist	Davenport
Gibson, Charles C Christian Church  Davenport
Gibson, O H P	      Methodist	Davenport
Glasgow, David M		Davenport
Hair, Ole S		        Davenport
Hansen, James D        Lutheran	Davenport
Hansen, Marcus A       Lutheran	Davenport
Hein, Philip		        Davenport
Hoople, Joseph A		Davenport
Huesmann, Fred		        Davenport
Huffman, George W		Davenport
Huffman, John S		        Davenport
Hughes, Charles H Christian Church Davenport
Hurley, Benjamin F		Davenport
Inkster, James S		Davenport
Inkster, John J    Presbyterian	Davenport
Inkster, John Jr		Davenport
Inkster, John Sr		Davenport
Jayne, William H	   M E	Davenport
Katsel, Harry C	        Baptist Davenport
King, Benjamin		        Davenport
Lange, Matthias C      Lutheran	Davenport
Leipham, Oscar		        Davenport
Level, Charles A		Davenport
Level, John A		        Davenport
Logsdon, George Thomas		Davenport
Lucas, Elmer E		        Davenport
Lucas, William P		Davenport
Luce, Hon Frank H		Davenport
McLean, Ezra W	        Baptist	Davenport
McLellan, Fred	   Presbyterian	Davenport
McNew, Hon William N Presbyterian  Davenport
Michael, Isaac P		Davenport
Minnick, Isaac J		Davenport
Muehl, John		        Davenport
Myers, Charles E      Meth Epis	Davenport
Neal, Alice	           M E	Davenport
Neal, Charles H		        Davenport
Nichols, John H		        Davenport
Nichols, William P		Davenport
Noble, Sidney G		        Davenport
Odgers, James		        Davenport
O'Farrell, John P      Catholic	Davenport
Olsen, Ole		        Davenport
Phar, Hannah M		        Davenport
Phillips, Joseph B		Davenport
Reiter, E DeWitt		Davenport
Rookstool, Cornelius		Davenport
Sarasin, Joseph		        Davenport
Sawyer, John W		        Davenport
Sessions, Joseph		Davenport
Setters, Marion F (MD)		Davenport
Stender, Henry	       Lutheran	Davenport
Stimson, Luther A		Davenport
Strout, Albert D		Davenport
Sullivan, Bridget      Catholic	Davenport
Thomas, Abram J		        Davenport
Thomas, George W		Davenport
Tischner, Otto	  Germ Lutheran	Davenport
Tripp, John L	   Presbyterian	Davenport
Tucker, Orson		        Davenport
Turner, George A   Presbyterian	Davenport
Watkins, William M		Davenport
Whitney, John D		        Davenport
Wilke, Charles		        Davenport
Wilson, Willard A		Davenport
Woodin, Julius D	    M E	Davenport
Zellmer, Emil	German      M E	Davenport
Ahern, Morris W		        Downs
Amon, Delbert Leroy		Downs
Darby, George E		        Downs
Dixon, Barnett D		Downs
Glascock, Harrison		Downs
Hansen, D C 	       Lutheran	Downs
Page, Sylvanus		        Downs
Polson, Otto C		        Downs
Smith, Marshall R		Downs
Cagle, John F  Church of Christ Earl
Earl, Robert   Christian Church Earl
Hotaling, Charles L  Presbyterian Earl
Huck, George M		        Earl
Brown, Josiah J       Methodist	Edwall  
Despain, B J		        Edwall  
Fritsch, Oscar H		Edwall  
Gill, John J		        Edwall  
Hall, Joseph B		        Edwall  
Herman, William L      Lutheran	Edwall  
Hinckley, Henry I		Edwall  
Koegler, John F J 7th Day Adventist Edwall  
Larrabee, Frank T		Edwall  
Logan, John H		        Edwall  
Lumpp, Jacob	      Methodist	Edwall  
McDonald, Alexander W		Edwall  
McGourin, Walter E		Edwall  
McLaren, Robert		        Edwall  
Melcher, Hon Augustus S		Edwall  
Mielke, Charles A		Edwall  
Moffatt, Charles H		Edwall  
Nail, Benjamin F		Edwall  
Panek, Frank		        Edwall  
Reddy, Owen J		        Edwall  
Robinson, Charles F		Edwall  
Thompson, Hugh L		Edwall  
Thorp, G W		        Edwall  
Harrison, Andrew W  Evangelical	Edwall (south)
Downing, Benjamin F		Egypt
Duncan, William G	   M E	Egypt
Frans, John Stephen	   M E	Egypt
Frans, William M		Egypt
Powers, James H		        Egypt
Reinbold, Jacob	       Lutheran	Egypt
Reinbold, Simon	       Lutheran	Egypt
Smith, John C	United Brethern	Egypt
Snyder, Thomas M	   M E	Egypt
Wolfrum, John N	       Lutheran	Egypt
Worts, John K	       Eng Luth	Four Mound Prarie
Bodeau, Theodore		Govan
Joss, Alexander		        Govan
Nash, George W		        Govan
Smith, Almon J	        Baptist	Govan
Butler, George E Christian Church Griffith
Allen, Louis V		        Harrington
Ball, Joseph Lightfoot		Harrington
Beck, William	      Methodist	Harrington
Belknap, Jerome W Universalist Church	Harrington
Bender, William H		Harrington
Bethel, Charles W		Harrington
Brugger, Christian  Evangelical	Harrington
Cameron, George W		Harrington
Cameron, Hon Jasper J		Harrington
Cardwell, Thomas J Christian Church	Harrington
Comer, Samuel R		        Harrington
Cormana, John J		        Harrington
Gohlman, William		Harrington
Hansard, Thomas A	Baptist	Harrington
Hill, William P		        Harrington
Johnson, Thomas J		Harrington
Kerr, John	   Presbyterian	Harrington
Lakin, Thomas C		        Harrington
Lockhart, John		        Harrington
Luper, Lewis T		        Harrington
McInnis, John		        Harrington
Miller, Solomon H   Evangelical	Harrington
Muller, John H	    Evangelical	Harrington
Noble, John M		        Harrington
Ochs, Harry	       Lutheran	Harrington
Olson, J Gus		        Harrington
Patty, Harve	           M E	Harrington
Porter, Edward		        Harrington
Russell, John E		        Harrington
Samuels, Cook		        Harrington
Scott, Andrew J	    Evangelical	Harrington
Swenson, Swen P		        Harrington
Talkington, Thomas E		Harrington
Turner, Luther P	Baptist	Harrington
Unbewust, John	       Lutheran	Harrington
Wesp, Sylvester R		Harrington
Witt, Natt	   Presbyterian	Harrington
Cox, Milo		        Hellgate
Carlson, Jonas A		Hesseltine
Childs, Edwin B		        Hesseltine
Engelsen, Edward		Hesseltine
Hurlbert, William S		Hesseltine
Menke, Henry		        Hesseltine
Morgan, Samuel Alvingi	Methodist Hesseltine
Neal, Robert R		        Hesseltine
Price, Samuel L		        Hesseltine
Rinker, Samuel C		Hesseltine
Shaw, Jacob E		        Hesseltine
Turner, Henry W		        Hesseltine
Warehime, Frank		        Hesseltine
Warehime, John H		Hesseltine
Whiteside, Ida & Michael	Hesseltine
Irby, I		                Irby
Allen, Alice M		        Krupp
Calliott, William		Lamona
Finch, Cyrus W		        Lamona
Hamersmith, Fred L		Lamona
Ingle, John C		        Lamona
Lowe, George N		        Lamona
McKay, John		        Lamona
Purcell, Ralph		        Lamona
Walch, Fred		        Lamona
Beieler, Frederick		Larene
Combs, Lemuel		        Larene
Corbin, Charles 	   M E	Larene
Florin, John L	    Evangelical	Larene
Furgeson, Leroy	      Meth Epis	Larene
Heid, George	   Presbyterian	Larene
Heid, John		        Larene
McCallum, James	   Presbyterian	Larene
McInnis, Donald		        Larene
Slater, James A	    resbyterian	Larene
Dixon, Joseph G		        Lincoln
Klobucher, John		        Lincoln  
Dunham, Edward (MD)	Baptist	Lincoln Co
Robertson, William		Lincoln Co
Anderson, Major Albert M	Miles
Harris, Joseph M		Miles
Nee, John F		        Miles
Griffith, Charles G		Mohler
Hinshaw, Luke	   Presbyterian	Mohler
Hinshaw, Wilbur		        Mohler
Warwick, Russell	Baptist	Mohler
Behan, James		        Mondovi
Betz, George H	United Brethern	Mondovi
Betz, John W	 Free Methodist	Mondovi
Byers, John C		        Mondovi
Dotson, John I	United Brethern	Mondovi
Engle, Stephen		        Mondovi
Florin, David		        Mondovi
Forney, James F	United Brethern	Mondovi
Godwin, Philip W		Mondovi
Heath, William J		Mondovi
Hughes, Christopher		Mondovi
Hutchinson, Richard Ashton Episcopal Mondovi
Littell, Charles H  United Brethern  Mondovi
Long, Alfred W		        Mondovi
McClure, Evan J	United Brethern	Mondovi
McLin, Frederick		Mondovi
Siegman, John M	       Catholic	Mondovi
Smelcer, George        Lutheran	Mondovi
Sprinkle, Edwin O     Methodist	Mondovi
Sprinkle, Frank	United Brethern	Mondovi
Stanley, Henry CUnited Brethern	Mondovi
Tanner, Michael		        Mondovi
Thornbrue, John D		Mondovi
Thornbrue, Joseph	    M E	Mondovi
Hammack, Elvis E    Evangelical	Moscow
Long, Isaac Huston	Baptist	Moscow
Long, Ulysses Sheridan		Moscow
Robinson, James E		Moscow
Shaw, Abram		        Moscow
Springer, F H	       Catholic	Moscow
Stang, Edward F		        Moscow
Stewart, Robert R Cumberland Church Moscow
Talkington, J Albert		Moscow
Talkington, Joseph  Evangelical	Moscow
Warwick, Horace Maynard		Moscow
Black, Lewis L		        Odessa
Connell, Richard (MD)		Odessa
Cox, Jesse P		        Odessa
Drazan, Charles V		Odessa
Guth, Frank J		        Odessa
Joyner, Lee M		        Odessa
Kellum, Charles E		Odessa
Kennedy, George A		Odessa
Kriegler, Edward J		Odessa
Logsdon, Fieldon		Odessa
Michaelsen, William L		Odessa
Smith, William L		Odessa
Weber, Jacob P	Germ Congregational Odessa
Williams, Oliver G		Odessa
Bayley, Lester S (dec)		Peach area
Emerson, Allen (ret Rev-Bpt)	Baptist	Peach area
Hill, John R	      Methodist	Peach area
Leonard, Daniel 		Peach area
Snook, Edwin	   Presbyterian	Peach area
Timm, Fred D	  Church of God	Peach area
Wynhoff, Henry S		Peach area
Adams, William M		Reardan
Bartholomew, Jacob J		Reardan
Bentley, John Wesley		Reardan
Bentley, Sherman s		Reardan
Brindle, George W		Reardan
Capps, John Stanford		Reardan
Childs, William H		Reardan
Davidson, John R		Reardan
Denney, Harrison A		Reardan
Farwell, George Elliott		Reardan
Gillett, Charles		Reardan
Hansen, John A		        Reardan
Harder, Henry 	       Lutheran	Reardan
Highbarger, Jacob		Reardan
Howard, Albert		        Reardan
Hughes, John W		        Reardan
Kelso, John Newton		Reardan
King, Joseph Howard   Episcopal	Reardan
Landreth, Squire B		Reardan
Landreth, William W		Reardan
Lemley, John C		        Reardan
Mahrt, Fred		        Reardan
Mahrt, Henry		        Reardan
Mahrt, John		        Reardan
Menger, Otto August	 	Reardan
Moore, Marion F		        Reardan
Moorhouse, James W		Reardan
Rake, George W		        Reardan
Raymer, Hon John		Reardan
Rockhold, Jerry		        Reardan
Schultz, Albert		        Reardan
Schulz, William	    Evangelical	Reardan
Setters, John Wesley		Reardan
Setters, Peter		        Reardan
Shepherd, Samuel S Presbyterian	Reardan
Sparks, George M		Reardan
Stevenson, Thomas G		Reardan
Thing, Charles E		Reardan
Tramm, Henry C		        Reardan
Tramm, Peter	       Lutheran	Reardan
Tramm, Peter N	       Lutheran	Reardan
Walsh, Peter		        Reardan
Warren, James M		        Reardan
Weadon, Turner A		Reardan
Wollweber, Otto	       Lutheran	Reardan
Culp, Andrew		        River
Clinton, Patrick J		Rock Creek
Borck, Gustav	German Evangelical Rocklyn
Chapel, David M		        Rocklyn
Denham, James Franklin		Rocklyn
Depner, Gustav	    Evangelical	Rocklyn
Grob, Frederick	German Evangelical  Rocklyn
Jenne, Frederick German Evangelical Rocklyn
Kirsch, Adam	German Evangelical  Rocklyn
Knack, Herman A	     German M E	Rocklyn
Kurz, J L	     German M E	Rocklyn
Maurer, Herman A       Germ M E	Rocklyn
Maurer, John German Evangelical	Rocklyn
Maurer, William	German MethodistRocklyn
Telford, Robert		        Rocklyn
Wolke, August C F    German M E	Rocklyn
Hansen, Hans	       Lutheran	Sherman
Hopkins, Frank Arthur		Sherman
Houston, Thorne		        Sherman
Hudkins, Floyd		        Sherman
Martin, Peter		        Sherman
McNeil, John		        Sherman
Portch, Daniel L		Sherman
Powell, James		        Sherman
Sherman, George W		Sherman
Tufts, James P		        Sherman
Walker, Nathan E		Sherman
Carstens, Peter		        Spokane
Gray, Hon John		        Spokane
Proulx, Napoleon       Catholic	Spokane
Baldwin, Ansel		        Sprague
Bittner, Joseph E (MD)		Sprague
Bradley, William       Catholic	Sprague
Brislawn, J Frank      Catholic	Sprague
Brislawn, Matthew      Catholic	Sprague
Dawell. Augustus		Sprague
Evans, William H		Sprague
Fahlen, Oscar J		        Sprague
Fish, Charles L		        Sprague
Franseen, A Robert Swedish Luth	Sprague
Gee, William Raymond		Sprague
Haas, Theodore W       Catholic	Sprague
Hamley, Eugene C (MD)		Sprague
Harding, John R		        Sprague
Henkel, Gustave A		Sprague
Hilgers, Michael       Catholic	Sprague
Jensen, Harry	 Congregational	Sprague
Kinch, Samuel C		        Sprague
Long, Volney J		        Sprague
MacDonald, James      Episcopal	Sprague
McCoy, Thomas	       Catholic	Sprague
McGinnis, Henry W		Sprague
McKenna, Elmore A		Sprague
McKy, Noah B		        Sprague
McNall, Jesse A		        Sprague
Miller, Aaron		        Sprague
Scheuss, Matthew		Sprague
Smith, Jacob		        Sprague
Smith, Thompson 		Sprague
Stolp, Friedrich  Germ Lutheran	Sprague
Thorp, Ellsworth M		Sprague
Troy, George A		        Sprague
Vent, William H		        Sprague
Vinyard, David		        Sprague
Feil, Charles		        Tipso
Irvin, Felix A		        Tipso
Jamison, Robert		        Tipso
Jones, William Henry		Tipso
McAvoy, James A		        Tipso
Peterman, George W		Tipso
Roberts, Alexander D		Tipso
Robinson, John H		Tipso
Shaffer, Minor		        Tipso
Spangle, Edward		        Tipso
Tompers, W Boltes		Tipso
Cooper, Trausdell M   Episcopal	Twp 27 R 34
Chaffee, Elmer S		Waukon
Stark, Andrew		        Waukon
Vest, James E		        Waukon
Walker, W L		        Waukon
Bandy, George		        Wilbur
Bandy, Robert H		        Wilbur
Bean, J N Jasper		Wilbur
Connery, Thomas		        Wilbur
Cushman, Hon Isaac Newton	Wilbur
Davenport, Noah C		Wilbur
Eriksen, T E		        Wilbur
Faris, T H		        Wilbur
Felder, Bruno W		        Wilbur
Fletcher, Harry B  Presbyterian	Wilbur
Geer, Theodore D		Wilbur
Gemmill, William		Wilbur
Gerlach, Charles G		Wilbur
Hagen, Nels H		        Wilbur
Hansen, Hans M	       Lutheran	Wilbur
Hesseltine, Judge E A		Wilbur
Holmes, C H		        Wilbur
James, G W		        Wilbur
Jensen, Simon P		        Wilbur
Johnson, John E		        Wilbur
Jurgensen, Gerhard T B		Wilbur
Jurgensen, Holger		Wilbur
Kelley, Mathias J		Wilbur
Kennedy, Joseph B		Wilbur
Kiner, Frank		        Wilbur
Kiner, Fredrick S		Wilbur
Kolb, Charles		        Wilbur
Lewis, Lafayette (MD)	Baptist	Wilbur
Lyse, Peter M		        Wilbur
Markey, John		        Wilbur
Mars, Samuel C		        Wilbur
Martin, John P		        Wilbur
Martinson, Olaus		Wilbur
Matzger, George N (DDS)		Wilbur
McCord, Thomas W		Wilbur
McManis, Hiram		        Wilbur
McQuarie, William H		Wilbur
Nelsen, Laurs		        Wilbur
Nestoss, Henry R		Wilbur
Nicholason, John		Wilbur
Peterson, Simon		        Wilbur
Phillips, Charles A		Wilbur
Pierce, Andrew J		Wilbur
Reeves, Rollin J		Wilbur
Richardson, Benjamin F		Wilbur
Robertson, John H & Mrs* Methodist Wilbur
Rosman, Joseph	Catholic	Wilbur
Scarborough, Edwin    Methodist	Wilbur
Scheibner, Fredrick M		Wilbur
Short, James H		        Wilbur
Smith, George E		        Wilbur
Spining, Howard		        Wilbur
Stookey, Allen J		Wilbur
Stookey, William		Wilbur
Thompson, Henry M		Wilbur
Van Buren, Fred		        Wilbur
Vanskike, William J		Wilbur
Wachter, William		Wilbur
Wagner, Damian		        Wilbur
Walters, Thomas		        Wilbur
Warren, William T		Wilbur
Williams, William & Daniel	Wilbur
Matthew, Hon F X		



Churches & Ministers of Lincoln County, Washington, submitted

January 03, 2006 to the WAGenWeb by Marge Womach 

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