Census of Zion Vicinity 1902


                                                                                       Lincoln County, Washington


                                                                                            Submitted by Marge Womach



Rural unlabelled page 182-190


Buck, Kate; 37, Germany, marr

Buck, Lizzie; 14, WA

Buck, Michael, Jr; 13, WA

Buck, Frederick; 11, WA

Buck, David; 9, WA

Buck, Philip; 8, WA

Buck, Dora; 3, WA

Buck, Anna; 1, WA

Schendel, Herman; 38, MN, marr, farmer

Schendel, Minnie; 39, MN, marr

Schendel, Edward; 18, MN

Schendel, Mamie; 4, MN

Evans, Harold; 24, MO, marr, farmer

Evans, Blanche; 25, MO, marr

Evans, Olive; 1, MO

Beckro, Fritz; 62, Germany, marr, farmer

Beckro, Sophia; 50, Germany, marr

Beckro, Maurice; 18, Russia

Voss, Fredericke; 78, Germany, single

Long, J A; 47, Ireland, single, farmer

Long, Emma; 26, Ireland, single

Condell, June; 21, NC, single

Miller, L F; 51, IN, marr

Miller, Bertha; 46, IL, marr

Ahlf, Henry; 49, Germany, marr

Ahlf, Albertine; 36, MN, marr

Ahlf, Edward; 14, WA

Ahlf, Lizzie; 8, WA

Ahlf, Ella; 4, WA

Ahlf, Sadie; 2, WA

Ahlf, Baby; 6 mos, WA

Ward, W H; 29, IL, single

Ahlf, John; 53, Germany, single, farmer

Fanck, J A; 52, PA, marr, farmer

Fanck, Lydia; 46, OH, marr

Fanck, Marvin; 10, WA

Merwhiter, G J, 70, female, OH, single

Owens, F D; 54, Wales, marr, farmer

Owens, Sarah A; 47, Wales, marr

Owens, Wendell, 17, PA

Owens, Anna; 15, PA

Kirchan, Lou; 36, WI, marr, butcher

Kirchan, Augusta; 28, Germany, marr

Kirchan, Emily; 1, WA

Schreder, Victor; 41, Belgium, marr,  machinist

Schreder, Elizabeth; 36, IN, marr

Schreder, Albert; 12, IL

Schreder, May; 10, IL

Schreder, Emily; 8, IL

Schreder, Edwin; 5, IL

Schreder, Maggie; 4, WA

Peters, Joseph; 24, IN, single

Pypers, Theophels; 23, Belgium, single, priest

Owens, Precilla; 14, PA, single

Owens, D J; 12, male, PA, single

Owens, Jane; 10, WA, single

Owens, Luther; 3, WA, single

Lawrence, J P; 43, OH, marr, farmer

Lawrence, Mary; 27, PA, marr

Lawrence, Edna; 13, WA

Lawrence, Alta; 11, WA

Lawrence, Ethel; 9, WA

Lawrence, Lawten; 7, male, WA

Watkins, W M; 53, IL, marr, farmer

Watkins, Emma; 46, TN, marr

Watkins, Olive; 21, MO, single

Warwick, E E; 34, TN, marr, stockman

Warwick, Rose; 26, WA, marr

Warwick, Floyd; 3, WA

Huck, Augustus; 50, Canada, single,  stockman

Barber, L F; 40, WI, single

Myers, Geo M; 23, WI, single

Cagle, John F; 49, TN, marr, farmer

Cagle, Flora A; 47, MO, marr

Cagle, Luman A; 21, MO, single

Cagle, Walter; 16, WA

Cagle, Annie; 14, WA

Cagle, Lester; 12, WA

Morgan, George W; 48, OR, marr,  farmer

Morgan, Elizabeth; 42, IL

Morgan, Lela; 17, WA, single

Morgan, Ethel; 15, WA

Morgan, Duprey; 13, WA

Morgan, Virgel; 11, WA

Morgan, Hazel; 9, WA

Morgan, Sarah; 7, WA

Morgan, George; 5, WA

Morgan, Grace; 2, WA

Rux, Gustave; 24, MN, marr

Rux, Clara; 20, MN, marr

Rux, Harold; 6 mos, WA

Grant, W A; 43, male, MO, marr, farmer

Grant, Anna; 51, IA, marr

Grant, Dennis; 19, MO, single

Hastings, H P; 30, CA, marr, farmer

Hastings, M A; 21, MO, marr

Kruger, Geo; 33, MN, marr, farmer

Kruger, Minnie; 28, Germany, marr

Kruger, Henry; 7, MN

Kruger, Geo; 5, MN

Kruger, Minnie; 5, MN

Miller, Ed; 39; CA, marr, farmer

Miller, Minnie; 32, marr, MN

Miller, L D; 1, WA

Meilke, Minnie; 69, Germany, single  (Mielke)

Kruger, Gus; 41, MN, single, farmer

Kruger, E; 39, male, MN, single,  farmer

Kruger, Roman; 33, MN, single, farmer

Meilke, Ed; 23, MN, single, farmer (Mielke)

Welch, W A; 29, KS, single, farmer

Eddy, L B; 33, male, IA, single, farmer

Eddy, E R; 23, male, NY, single, farmer

Goldfinch, _; 21, male, CT, single, farmer

Hooley, J P; 37, IN, marr, farmer

Hooley, Rose; 30, PA, marr

Hooley, Inez; 7, OR

Anderson, Rosa M; 26, WV, marr

Anderson, Harry; 8, MN

Anderson, Anna May; 6, MN

Anderson, Louisa; 4, MN

Anderson, George; 2, WA

Anderson, Babe; 6 mos, WA

Layson, W H; 49, OR, single, stockman

Staples, C; 36, MN, marr, stockman

Staples, Hattie; 24, OR, marr

Staples, Andra; 6, WA

Staples, Herbert; 3, WA

Staples, John; 81, ME, single, farmer

Staples, Loleta; 1, WA, single

Maurer, Geo; 70, Germany, marr, farmer

Maurer, Annie; 63, Germany, marr

Maurer, Herman; 25, MI, marr, farmer

Maurer, Bertha; 25, MN, marr

Maurer, Wallace; babe, WA

Maurer, Wm F; 31, MI, marr, farmer

Maurer, Ida; 28, MN, marr

Maurer, Lester; 1, WA

Kruger, H; 43, MN, marr, farmer

Kruger, Gusta; 30, MN, marr

Kruger, Emma; 12, WA

Kruger, Edward; 9, WA

Kruger, Bertha; 7, WA

Kruger, Walter; 1, WA

Grab, Jacob; 26, Germany, single, farmer (Grob)

Trenkle, Gus; 29, Russia, marr, farmer

Hadley, M F; 44, CA, marr, farmer

Hadley, Harriet; 43, OR, marr

Thorp, Alva; 19, male, WA, single

Taylor, A; 23, male, TX, single, farmer

McCue, E E; 28, male, MO, marr

McCue, Ida; 24,, MO, marr

Taylor, J R; 30, AL, marr, farmer

Taylor, Minnie; 28, MS, marr

Taylor, Nona; 8, TX

Taylor, Bessie; 6, TX

Taylor, Amos; 4, TX

Taylor, Herbert; 1, WA

Kik, Chas; 24, Dakota, single, farmer

Kik, David; 25, Dakota, single, farmer

Lesley, Ed; 33, IL, marr, farmer

Lesley, Dora; 32, IN, marr

Earl, Robert; 67, IL, marr, farmer

Earl, Lourena; 65, IL, marr

Earl, Wm; 33, OR, single, farmer

Earl, Ernest; 20, CA, farmer

Earl, Clarence; 11, WA

Earl, Elmer; 8, WA

St Clair, Lillie; ID, single

Bursch, Saml; 23, MN, marr, farmer

Bursch, Lena; 19, MN, marr

Bursch, Axel; 6 mos, WA

Bursch, Henrietta; 50, Germany, single, farmer

Kiel, Wm; 26, OH, single

Studer, Emanuel; 54, Germany, marr, farmer

Studer, Caroline; 64, Germany, marr

Schultz, A; 48, Germany, marr, farmer

Schultz, Charlotta; 44, Germany, marr

Schultz, August; 14, Germany

Schultz, John; 12, Germany

Schultz, Louie; 9, Canada

Schultz, Philip; 8, Canada

Schultz, Wm; 1, WA

Schultz, Julia; 9, Canada

Schultz, Lidia; 7, Canada

Schultz, Mary; 6, Canada

Schultz, Lizzie; 5, Canada

Schultz, Christiana; 3, Canada

Schultz, Lotta; 2, Canada

Whitaker, J R; 70, PA, marr, farmer

Whitaker, Caroline; 67, Canada, marr

Tierney, J J; 42, Canada, single, farmer

Tierney, Lawrence; 16, WA, single, farmer

Larsen, T; 53, Norway, single, farmer

Kucks, J H; 38, Germany, marr, farmer

Kucks, Ida; 23, Germany, marr

McMillen, Chas; 35, MO, marr, farmer

McMillen, Lavira; 30, MO, marr

McMillen, A; 33, male, MO, single, farmer

Simmons, Angie; 13, WA

Simmons, Eudosia; 17, WA, single

Simmons, Jesse; 14, male, WA

Adams, J B; 55, KY, single, farmer

Robinson, W L; 52, OR, marr, farmer

Robinson, Jane; 22, MO, marr

Robinson, Genevieve; 21, CA, single

Robinson, L H; 16, WA, single

Robinson, Marguerette; 13, WA

Robinson, Hazel; 11, WA

Robinson, Ruth; 3, WA

Smoot, R A; 3;6, WA, single, miner

Pickle, J R; 50, PA, marr, farmer

Pickle, Mary; 44, IA, marr

Pickle, Wm; 23, IA, single, farmer

Pickle, R M; 21, IA, single, farmer

Pickle, Warrice; 19, single, farmer

Pickle, Thomas; 13, single, farmer

Schmitz, B; 42, Germany, marr, farmer

Schmitz, F; 20, MN, marr, farmer

Schmitz, John;  18, MN, single, farmer

Schmitz, B; 16, MN, single, farmer

Schmitz, Mathias; 14, MN,

Schmitz, Annie; 12, WA

Hoffman, Simon; 27, MN, marr, farmer

Hoffman, Ida; 20, MN, marr

Hoffman, Clarence; 2, WA

Bursch, Herman; 29, MN, marr, farmer

Bursch, Mina; 26, MI, marr

Bursch, Chester; 5, WA

Bursch, Ruby; 3, WA

Bursch, Archie; 1, WA

Rux, Charles; 23, MN, marr, farmer

Rux, Julia; 24, MN, marr

Ruir, Ed; 38, MN, marr, farmer

Ruir, Mary; 32, marr

Ruir, Chris; 12, SD

Ruir, Lena; 10, SD

Ruir, Bertha; 8, SD

Ruir, Eddie; 6, SD

Ruir, Clarence; 4, SD

Meckenburg, A; 24, Germany, single, farmer

Wesp, S R; 54, Ny, marr, farmer

Wesp, Mary E; 52, IL, marr

Wesp, S P; 28, IA, single, farmer

Wesp, Carrie; 13, WA

Hataling, C L; 42, IL, marr, farmer (Hotaling)

Hataling, Minnie; 37, marr, OR

Hataling, Vernon; 16, WA

Hataling, Eula; 12, WA

Hataling, Leroy; 10, WA

Sullivan, P B; 34, WI, single, farmer

Larsen, Hans; 40, Denmark, marr, farmer

Larsen, Sarah; 36, Ireland, marr

Larsen, Joe; 20, Ireland, single, farmer

Larsen, Frank; 18, WA, single

Larsen, Mary; 16, WA

Larsen, Sarah; 14, WA

Larsen, Walter; 4, WA

Larsen, Grace; 6 mos, WA

Timm, August; 43, Germany, marr, farmer

Timm, Dora; 36, Germany, marr

Timm, August; 17, Germany, single

Timm, Willie; 15, Germany

Timm, Annie; 14, Germany

Timm, Otto; 11, WA

Timm, Adolph; 9, WA

Timm, Albert; 7, WA

Timm, Mary; 5, WA

Timm, Elsie; 3, WA

Timm, Freida; 1, WA

Kloster, A; 50, France, marr, farmer

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 1902 Census of Zion Vicinity, Lincoln County, Washington submitted 

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