Sprague City Census 1902
                                                                                Submitted by Marge Womach
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Howard, Earl			m	 8	MN	s
Howard, Effie			f	 4	MN	s
Howard, Janette		        f	 2	MN	s
Biles, Nellie			f	18	IA	s
Fitswater, T C			m	57	OH	m		carpenter
Fitswater, T J			f	50	IN	m
Fitswater, Harry		m	21	CA	s
Sirginson, B C			m	25	CA	m		laborer
Sirginson, A B			f	25	IN	m
Sirginson, E			f	 2	WA	s
Blake, F E			m	34	TN	m		laborer
Blake, Eula			f	25	IL	m
Blake, Philip N		        m	 2	TN	s
Buchanan, V			m	72	PA	s		farmer
Buchanan, Ella		        f	20	NE	s
Buchanan, Minnie		f	18	OR	s
Rochl, Ed			m	36	NE	m		carpenter
Roehl, N E			f	29	NE	m
Rochl, Mary			f	10	WA	s
Rochl, Elsie			f	 8	WA	s
Rochl, Freda			f	 6	WA	s
Rochl, Gerta			f	 5	WA	s
Rochl, Edna			f	 4	WA	s
Rochl, Adolph			m	 2	WA	s
Rochl, baby			m	 8m	WA	s
Greenwood, Ed		        m	34	CA	m		laborer
Greenwood, L M (or R M)	        f	24	IA	m		wife
Wilson, Arthur		        m	 6	WA	s
Wilson, baby			m	__	WA	s
Winter, D			m	76	Eng.	m		shoemaker
Winter, Pauline		        f	71	MA	m
Menger, H T			m	36	PA	m		merchant
Menger, Eva			f	27	MN	m
Menger, Grace			f	 8	CA	s
Menger, Elma			f	 6	WA	s
Frey, Kate C			f	20	MN	s	
Bradley, W			m	44	Ireland	m		Rail roading
Bradley, Mary			f	26	KY	m
Bradley, Robert		        m	 7	WA	s
Bradley, Loretta		f	 3	WA	s
Ribeck, John			m	48	Swed.	s		laborer
Ryan, John			m	39	Ireland	s		laborer
Young, J H			m	40	VA	s		laborer
Olson, Vivian			m	44	Swed.	s
Gesten, John			m	28	Russ.	m		farmer
Gesten, Barhard		        f	57	Russ.	m		
Gesten, Peter			m	24	NE	s		(not shown)
Gesten, Mat			m	19	NE	s
Gesten, Maggie		        f	18	NE	s
Gesten, Wm			m	14	NE	s
Baird, S T			m	40	MO	m		farmer
Baird, M M			f	35	IL	m
Baird, B A			m	16	NE	s
Baird, Bessie			f	11	NE	s
Baird, S F			m	 1	NE	s
Bradley, Mary			f	 5	WA	s
Craig, W P			m	78	IL	m		farmer
Craig, J C			f	56	Scot.	m		
Craig, Ella			f	23	NV	s		teacher
Craig, Maggie			f	19	NV	s		teacher
Chandler, A E			f	50	NV	s	
Chandler, Ada E		        f	34	IL	s
Chandler, Wm G		        m	24	IL	s
Chandler, Ida			f	14	WA	_
Hinton, G T			m	49	WI	m		laborer
Hinton, J G			f	43	WI	m
Hinton, Scott			m	21	IL	s
Hinton, Charles		        m	18	SD	s
Hinton, Belle			f	13	SD	s
Hinton, Lora			f	11	SD	s
Hinton, Jessie			f	 7	SD	s
Hinton, Edward		        m	 4	SD	s
McGoff, Mary			f	33	Ireland	s		
Stockman, Julius		m	40	Germ.	m		laborer
Stockman, Elizabeth		f	35	Germ.	m
Richards, L M or T M		f	56	IL	w
Sackman, C			m	46	Germ.	m		laborer
Sackman, Agusta		        f	39	Germ.	m
Sackman, Minnie		        f	16	MI	s
Sackman, Annie		        f	15	MI	s
Sackman, Clara		        f	18/12	WA	s
Sackman, Rosa		        f	11	WA	s
Sackman, Lillie		        f	 5	WA	s
Ridout, S O or LO		m	51	IN	m		carpenter
Ridout, Ella A			f	44	IA	m
Ridout, Frank B		        m	23	IA	s
Ridout, Ray C			m	21	IA	s
Ridout, Leland C		m	19	IA	s
Ridout, Ella May		f	13	IA	s
Nickerson, C L		        m	21	MN	s		laborer
Nickerson, B F		        m	26	MN	s		laborer
Nickerson, Myrtle		f	16	MN	s
Nickerson, Minnie		f	12	MN	s
Nickerson, Charles		m	19	MN	s		(not shown)
Carpenter, Elmer		m	 4	WA	s	
Hall, J G			m	48	KY	m		merchant
Hall, M M			f	28	AR	m		merchant
Hall, Athol			m	 9	WA	s
Shinn, George			m	52	IL	s		painter
Cannon, G W			m	50	TN	w		farmer
Cannon, Mabel		        f	19	TN	_
Cannon, Fannie		        f	17	TN	s
Cannon, George		        m	14	WA	s
Cannon, Frank			m	 6	WA	s
Biacker, John			m	53	IL	m		farmer
Biacker, Ann			f	52	IL	m
Charbonneau, L		        m	55	Can.	m		laborer
Charbonneau, S		        f	71	PA	m	
Geist, G P			m	27	NY	m		miller
Geist, Lulu			f	26	NY	m
Walker, Geo			m	28	MO	m		painter
Walker, Nora			f	26	MO	m
Walker, Elmer			m	 6	MO	s
Ridout, W L			m	16	IA	s
Littlefield, W			m	69	PA	m		farmer
Littlefield, Lidia		f	71	PA	m
Miller, W			m	55	PA	m		rail roading
Miller, Kate			f	49	NY	m
Miller, Agness			f	 8	IN	s
Barton, Edward		        m	30	MI	m		carpenter
Barton, M E			f	33	MI	m
Barton, Charlott		f	 3	MI	s
Barton, Wm			m	 1	MI	s
Densmore, E M		        m	38	MO	m		farmer
Densmore, Cora A		f	36	MO	m
Densmore, Linnet		m	15	MO	s
Densmore, Coswell		m	13	MO	s
Densmore, Katheline		f	11	MO	s
Densmore, Vouman		m	 6	MO	s
Reese, C M			m	38	MN	m		laborer
Reese, E S			f	34	MN	m	
Reese, Mabel			f	16	MN	s
Reese, Harrold			m	14	MN	s
Reese, Berrill			m	 7	MN	s
Reese, Clifford		        m	 6	MN	s
Reese, Olive			f	 4	MN	s
Rees, Gladys			f	 1	WA	s
Fish, Richard			m	50	MI	m		farmer
Fish, I J or J J		f	39	PA	m	
Fish, L				m	16	WA	s
Fish, Richard			m	13	WA	s
Fish, Carelone			f	10	WA	s
Kupers, Henry			m	38	Germ.	m		laborer
Kupers, Gusta			f	22	Germ.	m
Kupers, Mammie		        f	 3	WA	s
Kupers, Edmond		        m	 1	WA	s
Shelley, E M			m	54	NY	m		carpenter
Shelley, R			f	51	NY	m
Reams, Thomas		        m	68	WV	m		laborer
Reams, Mary			f	64	PA	m
Reams, Thomas		        m	21	MO	s		(not shown)
Payne, Albert			m	32	IA	m		miller
Payne, E M			f	26	KS	m
Payne, Pearl			f	 6	WA	s
Martin, Roy			m	27	OR	m		(not shown)
Martin, M			f	26	IN	m
Hawgo, _ P			m	36	IL	m		carpenter
Hawgo, A E			f	33	PA	m
Hawgo, E P			f	 4	NE	s
Hawgo, V E baby		        f	babe	WA	s
Johnson, Nord			m	33	NE	m		(not shown)
Johnson, Jennie		        m	 3	WA	s
Rouse, Irwin			m	19	WA	s		laborer
Ligio, Tony			m	50	Italy	m		laborer
Fish, Joseph			m	53	Italy	m		laborer
Fish, L				f	45	Italy	m
Fish, Belle			f	14	Italy	s
Fish, Anna			f	 2	WA	s
Ferars, Giorgo			m	35	Italy	m		laborer
Ferars, Mary			f	30	Italy	m
Ferars, Giorge			m	11	Italy	s
Ferars, baby			f	 3m	WA	s
Savanna, Jim			m	34	Italy	m		laborer
Sirrinne, Peter			m	32	Italy	m		(not shown)
Sirrinne, James		        f	28	Italy	m
Sirrinne, Hall			m	 4	WA	s
Sarrinno, Lizzie		f	 2	WA	s
Sauto, Sero			m	54	Italy	s		laborer
Dutcher, C L			m	28	MI	m		miller
Dutcher, Nora			f	27	CA	m
Dutcher, Allen			m	 3	WA	s
Dutcher, Chester		m	 1	WA	s
Smith, G E			m	52	NH	m		merchant
Smith, Anna M		        f	39	MI	m
Enumerated March 1, 1902. Total in Sprague tallied at 1016. 549 males. 467 females


 1902 Sprague City Census, Sprague, Washington, submitted to the

 WAGenWeb January 2006, by Marge Womach

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