Reardan Vicinity 1889 Names of Interest


                                                                          Submitted by Marge Womach


                                                                           Excerpt of 1889 Lincoln Co Census



Coffman, Marion T; 28, male, TN, farmer

Coffman,Eliza J; 33, fem, TN

Coffman, Margareette B; 10, fem, TN

Coffman, Oscar O; 9, male, TN

Coffman, Burt S; 7, male, TX


Thornbrue, E H; 36, male, KS, farmer

Thornbrue, Blanche, 35, fem, MO

Thornbrue,Ernest; 8, male, WA Terr.

Thornbrue, Frank; 6, male, WA Terr.

Thornbrue, Mary; 4, fem, WA Terr.


Brownson, M S; 33, male, OR, farmer

Brownson, John; 65, male, NY, farmer

Brownson, Mary A/O; 63, female, NY

Surber, John; 51, male, IN, farmer

Surber, Missouri; 47, female, MO

Surber, Jno C; 20, male, IN, single

Surber, J B; 15, male, MO, single

Surber, Kate A; 12, fem, MO, single

Surber, Fannie; 7, fem, WA Terr., single

Surber, Jas N; 4, male, WA Terr., single

Hostetter, H W; 8, male, WA Terr., single

Martin, Sam; 38, male, MO, marr, farmer

Martin, Maggie; 27, fem, OH, marr

Martin, Bert; 10, male, MO, single

Martin, Virgil; 2, male, MO, single

Byrd, Richard; 62, male, KY, marr, carpenter

Byrd, M E; 42, fem, MO, marr

Byrd, Viola J; 16, fem, MO, single

Byrd, Sam; 14, male, MO, single

Byrd, Mary E; fem, MO, single

Lain, G H;  63, male, OH, marr, farmer

Lain, Lena; 51, fem, PA, marr

Finley, Jas W; 31, MO, single

Bowen, W W; 27, male, WI, marr, farmer

Bowen, Nettie A; 19, fem, MO, marr

Bowen, Chas A; 1, male, __

Bowen, Ira W; , male, IN

Setters, Peter; 57, male, IN, marr, farmer

Setters, Ellen E; 50, fem, IN, marr

Setters, P W; 24, male, MO, marr, farmer

Setters, Ella A; 17, fem, OR, marr

Setters, H G; 22, male, MO, single, farmer

Setters, M F; 18, male, MO, single

Setters, E J; 17, male, MO, single

Setters, Chas; 15, male, MO, single

Setters, O B; 13, male, MO, single

Hamilton, J V; 28, male, KS, single, farmer

Childs, Wm H; 33, male, NY, marr, farmer

Childs, Kate C; 24, fem, KS, marr

Mann, J W; 38, male, WV, marr, farmer

Mann, Mary; 27, fem, IN, marr

Mann, Kate B; 3, fem, WA Terr., single

Mann, Wm R; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Mann, Chas A; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Mann, M L; 36, WV, single, farmer

Childs, J E; 2, male, WA Terr., single

Grey, Andrew; 42, male, Canada, marr, farmer (Gray)

Grey, E A; 44, fem, Germany, marr

Grey, J A; 16, male, NV, single

Grey, E T/L; 13, male, NV, single

Grey, Emma A; 11, fem, NV, single

Rake, Geo W; 31, male, MO, marr, farmer

Rake, M H; 28, fem, MO, marr

Rake, Ida M; 10, fem, MO, single

Rake, A O; 7, fem, MO, single

Bently, J A; 29, male, MO, marr, farmer (Bentley)

Bently, Gussie; 20, fem, KS, marr

McDougall, John; 25, male, LA, single, farmer

McDougall, Janet; 15, fem, KS, single

Webb, W N; 42, male, IN, marr, farmer

Webb, L J; 38, fem, IN, marr

Webb, Edgar; 16, male, KS, single

Webb, Minnie; 13, fem, CO, single

Webb, Thos; 11, male, CO, single

Webb, Edith; 6, female, WA Terr., single

Webb, Geo; 2, male, WA Terr., single

Webb, Chas; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Bently, Martha J; 52, fem, IN, single (Bentley)

Bently, J A; 17, male, MO, single

Bently, J W; 13, male, MO, single

McLain; Thomas; 44, male, MO, marr, farmer

McLain, Nell; 30, fem, KY, marr

Hinkle, G E; 27, male, IN, marr

Hinkle, C L; 21, fem, IN, marr

Hinkle, Della; 5, fem, WA Terr., single

Hinkle, Eva; 3, fem, WA Terr., single

Hinkle, Mary; 1, fem, WA Terr., single

Sailor, C J; 29 (or 27), male, KS, marr, farmer

Sailor, Mary M; 18, fem, MO, marr

Sailor, JS; , male, WA Terr., single

Sexson, J C; 41, male, IN, marr, farmer

Sexson, Mary J; 31, MO, marr

Sexson, Wm; 11, male, MO, single

Sexson, Bessie E; 8, fem, NE, single

Sexson, Ira H; 2, male, WA Terr., single

Landreth, S B; 54, male, NC, marr, farmer

Landreth, L E; 42, fem, MO, marr

Landreth, Henry; 24, male, OR, single, farmer

Landreth, Wm; 22, male, OR, single, farmer

Landreth, Mary M; 10, fem, WA Terr., single

Landreth, Ella E; 8, fem, WA Terr., single

McLain, J T; 67, male, KY, single, farmer

McLain, Nettie; 14, fem, KS, single

Easton, Henry; 40, male, WI, single, farmer

Easton, Margaret; 69, fem, PA, single

Langster, Geo; 43, male, Scotland, single, farmer

Warren, C S; 24, male, MO, single, farmer

Warren, J M; 46, male, MO, marr, farmer

Warren, Sarah C; 43, fem, MO, marr

Warren, B F; 20, male, MO, single, farmer

Warren, L L; 16, male, MO, single

Howard, A; 41, male, IA, marr, farmer

Howard, Mary C; 27, fem, IN, marr

Howard, Clayton; 9, male, OR, single

Howard, Lee; 7, male, CA, single

Howard, Minnie; 6, fem, CA, single

Howard, Willard; 4, male, WA Terr., single

Turner, J B; 61; male, OH, marr, farmer

Turner, Harriett; 58, fem, OH, marr

Turner, Jennie B; 18, fem, __, single

Boyd, Joshua; 64, male, __, marr, farmer

Boyd, Minerva; 54, fem, IN, marr

Boyd, Joshua; 19, male, IA, single

Boyd, Lena; 14, fem, MO, single

Boyd, May; 16, fem, UT, single

Taylor, M S; 46, male, IN, marr, farmer

Taylor, Sarah C; 39, fem, IN, marr

Cone, A J; 32, male, Canada, marr, farmer

Cone, L A; 28, fem, Canada, marr

Cone, Edna E; 21, fem, Canada, single

Cone, Jennie; 1, fem, Canada, single

Cone, Della; 1, fem, Canada, single

Little, E H; 32, male, MI, marr, farmer

Little, Anna A; 29, fem, WI, marr

Little, John; 7, male, NE, single

Little, Bessie; 6, fem, NE, single

Little, Arthur; 3, male, NE, single

Wollweber, Otto; 30, male, Germany, single, farmer

Wollweber, Robt; 21, male, Germany, single, farmer

Golland, Matilda; 35, fem, WI, marr

Golland, Edward; 13, male, MI, single

Golland, Agnes; 15, fem, MI, single

Golland, Louisa; 11, fem, MI, single

Golland, Minnie; 8, fem, MI, single

Avenell, Chas; 25, male, MO, single, farmer

Smelsher, Wm; 26, male, MO, single, farmer (Smelcer)

Smelscher, Geo; 17, male, MO, single, farmer

Avenell, Jacob; 20, male, MO, single, farmer

Platt, J C; 26, male, Canada, single, laborer

Jarvis, Alfred; 48, male, Canada, single, lawyer

Bousquet, Ed; 29, male, Canada, marr, engineer

Bousquet, Nora L; 28, fem, Canada, marr

Avenell, Wm; 63, male, IL, marr, farmer

Avenell, Elizabeth; 53, fem, IN, marr

Thornbrue, Jos; 54, male, IL, marr, carpenter

Thornbrue, Julia; 55, fem, IN, marr

Thornbrue, J H; 16, male, KS, single

Thornbrue, Geo; 14, male, KS, single

Bush, Ira D; 7, male, WA Terr., single

Bush, Carrie L;  6, fem, WA Terr., single

Holman, A J; 37, male, IA, marr, farmer

Holman, Amelia; 36, fem, IA, marr

Holman, S A; 14, male, OR, single

Holman, G A; 12, male, OR, single

Holman, C W; 10, male, OR, single

Holman, B W; 7, male, __, single

Holman, Rosa; 4, fem, WA Terr., single

Appleyard, Mary B; 64, fem, VA, single

Webb, A; 69, male, IN, single, farmer

Webb, Emery;  20, male, KS, single

Rockhold, Jerry; 55, male, OH, marr, farmer

Rockhold, Annie; 46, fem, IL, marr

Rockhold, Kate W; 19, fem, ID, single

Rockhold, Blanche; 8, fem, WA Terr., single

Adams, Wm; 42, male, Germany, marr, mason

Adams, Christine; 35, fem, Germany, marr

Adams, Minnie; 14, fem, NY, single

Adams, Emma; 11, fem, NE, single

Adams, Elizabeth; 7, fem, MT, single

Adams, Willie; 5, male, MT, single

Adams, Rosa; 4, fem, MT, single

Benend, Wm E; 17, male, KS, single

Carstens, Oscar; 24, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Carstens, Jennie; 17, fem, WA Terr., marr

Carstens, John; 1, male, WA Terr, single

Starkey, Josiah; 51, male, PA, marr, carpenter

Starkey, C J; 48, fem, TN, marr

Cupp, John; 29, male, GA, marr, farmer

Cupp, Sadie; 19, fem, __, marr

Cupp, Virgil; 2, male, WA Terr., single

Shoemaker, J W; 35, male, OH, marr, farmer

Shoemaker, Kate D; 29, fem, OH, marr

Shoemaker, Charles; 7, male, WA Terr., single

Shoemaker, Frank; 5, male, WA Terr., single

Shoemaker, Jos; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Garber, Frank; 21, male, OH, single, farmer

Kimble, Henry; 35; male, OH, single, farmer

Wagner, Charles; 36, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Wagner, Emma; 26, fem, WI, marr

Wagner, Meta; 2, fem, WA Terr., single

Wagner, Walter; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Garber, Gottleib; 30, male, Switzerland, single, farmer

Garber, Charles; 28, male, Switzerland, single

Garber, Barbara; 60, fem, Switzerland, single

Rockhold, Edgar; 11, male, ID, single

Clark, Stephen; 64, male, OH, marr, farmer

Clark, Hannah; 57, fem, OH, marr

Clark, Wm; 23, male, MO, single, farmer

Clark, Stephen; 18, male, MO, single

Wickham, John; 43, male, England, single, farmer

Garber, Fred; 26, male, Switzerland, single, farmer

Schlowsk, Frank; 24, male, Germany, single, farmer

Lutzhoft, August; 36, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Lutzhoft, Annie; 18, fem, Germany, marr

Mahrt, H; 21, male, WI, single, farmer

Capps, Henry; 31, male, CA, single, farmer

Tramm, Peter; 43, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Tramm, Mary; 46, fem, Germany, marr

Tramm, P W; 18, male, WI, single

Tramm, Henry C; 17, male, WI, single

Tramm, Bertha; 16, fem, WI, single

Tramm, Emma; 13, fem, WI, single

Lutzhoft, Jacob; 33, male, Germany, single, farmer

Wagner, Fred; 33, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Wagner, Lena; 23, fem, Germany, marr

Hughston, Clarence; 45, male, ME, single, blacksmith

Holcomb, J; 54 (or 34), male, OH, single, farmer

Seemann, Chris; 38, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Seemann, Gertrude; 25, fem, Germany, marr

Seemann, May; 4, fem, WA Terr., single

Seemann, Ella; 1, fem, WA Terr., single

Stevenson, Theo G; 39, male, Canada, marr, farmer

Stevenson, Anna; 36, fem, Canada, marr

Fisher, Robt; 22, male, IA, single, farmer

Weise, Peter; 38, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Weise, Bertha; 45, fem, Sweden, marr

Weise, Dora; 13, fem, Germany, single

Weise, Amelia; 11, Germany, single

Haak, Peter; 42, male, Germany, single, farmer

Davidson, Gamaliel; 52, male, OH, marr, farmer

Davidson, Isabel; 47, fem, OH, marr

Davidson, Fannie; 17, fem, MO, single

Davidson, Emma; 13, fem, MO, single

Davidson, Jessie M; 11, fem, MO, single

Davidson, Florence; 9, female, MO, single

Bowie, Neil; 28, male, Canada, single, farmer

Flewelling, J B; 51, male, Canada, marr, farmer

Flewelling, Mary L; fem, MO, marr

Flewelling, Hattie F; 7, fem, WA Terr., single

Thing, C E; 29, male, OR, marr, farmer

Thing, Ida L; 23, fem, OR, marr

Waldron, John; 35, male, Ireland, single, farmer

Grout/Grant, Henry; 27, IL, single, laborer

Holliday, J I; 42, male, IL, marr, farmer

Holliday, Ann; 42, fem, OH, marr

Holliday, Birdie; 15, fem, IL, single

Holliday, George; 13, male, IL, single

Holliday, Anna; 10, fem, WI, single

Holliday, Leona; 9, fem, MO, single

Bently, G B; 32, male, OH, marr, farmer (Bentley)

Bently, Mary; 30, fem, IL, marr

Franz, C F; 28, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Franz, Unice; 23, fem, IA, marr

Franz, Fannie A; 3, fem, IA, single

Franz, Geo A; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Rice, J T; 44, male, MO, marr, farmer

Rice, Sarah B; 44, fem, WI, marr

Rice, Chas P; 16, male, __, single

Rice, Gertie E; 14, fem, __, single

Mahrt, Fred; 29, male, WI, marr, farmer

Mahrt, Emma; 19, fem, __, marr

Mahrt, Anna; 1, fem, WA Terr., single

Mahrt, Maggie; fem, 1, WA Terr., single

Mahrt, John; 32, male, WI, marr, farmer

Mahrt, Julia; 28, fem, __, marr

Mahrt, Annie; 7, fem, WA Terr., single

Mahrt, Chas; 5, male, WA Terr., single

Jacobson, John; 22, male, Germany, single, farmer

Wendlandt, August; 21, male, MN, single, farmer

Shultz, Wm; 28, male, Germany, single, farmer

McLain, Jeptha; 37, male, MO, marr, farmer

McLain, Jane; 37, fem, OH, marr

McLain, Martin; 11, male, KS, single

McLain, Bert; 7, male, KS, single

McLain, Thos C; 3, male, WA Terr., single

McLain, Alice; 2, fem, WA Terr., single

Kroger/Kruger, Henry; 36, male, Germany, single, farmer

Bentley, Sherman; 24, male, MO, marr, farmer

Bentley, Mollie; 22, fem, MO, marr

Bentley, Lolo; 1, fem, WA Terr., single

Leslie, James; 44, male, Scotland, single, farmer

Hamilton, W T; 42, male, IL, marr, farmer

Hamilton, Sarah S; 32, fem, MO, marr

Hamilton, Anna A; 6, fem, MO, single

Getty, Moore; 38,male, Ireland, marr, farmer

Getty, Kate; 35, fem, Ireland, marr

Getty, Jas; 11, male, IN, single

Getty, Mary; 9, fem, IN, single

Reynolds, J Q; 63, male, __, marr, farmer

Reynolds, Nancy P; 56, fem, MO, marr

Reynolds, J Q; 22, male, MO, single, farmer

Reynolds, Mary R; 27, fem, MO, single

Harder, Henry; 48, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Harder, Wilhem; 38, fem, Germany, marr

Harder, Mata;16, fem, CA, single

Harder, Clara; 15, fem, CA, single

Harder, Rosa; 13, fem, CA, single

Harder, Henry; 12, male, CA, single

Harder, Hulda; 10, fem, WA Terr., single

Harder, Annie; 8, fem, WA Terr., single

Harder, Emma; 5, fem, WA Terr., single

Harder, Adolph; 3, male, WA Terr., single

Capps, J S; 63, male, TN, marr, farmer

Capps, Elizabeth; 48, MO, marr

Capps, George; 25, CA, single, farmer

Capps, Nellie; 14, fem, CA, single

Richter, Julius; 25, male, Germany, marr, farmer

Richter, Ella; 18, fem, CA, marr

Olson, Martin; 30, male, Denmark, marr, merchant

Olson, Caroline; 24, fem, Denmark, marr

Jensen, Maggie; 20, Denmark, single

Ensor, L E; 26, male, MD, single, farmer

Buckman, J H; 52, male, MO, marr, farmer

Buckman, Eliza; 40, fem, TN, marr

Buckman, Grace; 18, fem, KY, single

Buckman, Gertrude; 12, fem, OH, single

Buckman, Bertha; 10, fem, KY, single

Buckman, Mabel; 9, fem, Ky, single

Buckman, Mollie; 6, fem, OH, single

Buckman, Florence; 3, fem, WA Terr., single

Austine/ Anstine, W J; 37, male, England, single, farmer

Austine/Anstine, Elizabeth; 7, fem, England, single

Johnston, J; 22, male, Norway, single, farmer

Nelson, Chas; 40, male, Sweden, single, farmer

Long, Arthur; 23, male, England, laborer

Davidson, J R; 34, male, CA, marr, farmer

Davidson, Susan L; 30, fem, IN, marr

Davidson, Harold L; 6, male, WA Terr., single

Davidson, Ralph E; 4, male, WA Terr., single

Prince, Geo G; 35, male, PA, marr, farmer

Prince, Kate B; 26, fem, NY, marr

Prince, Frank A; 5, male, WA Terr., single

Prince, Chas; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Price, E T; 59, male, NY, marr, farmer

Price, Mary D; 53, fem, IL, marr

Price, Jessie; 8, fem, CA, single

Derby, Helen G; 34, fem, IL, single

Derby, Albert E; 17, male, OR, single

Derby, Anna M; 14, fem, OR, single

Christopherson, A C; 36, male, Sweden, single, farmer

Barry, Geo; 40, male, __, single, farmer

Gravelle, Alfred; 35, male, Canada, single, farmer

Gravelle, Delphine; 26, fem, Canada, single

Davidson, D E; 33, male, CA, single, farmer

Zwainz, Chris; 29, male, Austria, marr, farmer

Zwainz, Minnie; 21, fem, Austria; marr

Zwainz, Jos; 1, male, WA Terr., single

Shepherd, S S; 37, male, NY, marr, farmer

Shepherd, Kate; 36, fem, NY, marr


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