Odessa City Census 1902


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Name, age, gender, occupation, married/single, birthplace


Golden, Charles, 32, saloonkeeper,  _ , IL

Golden, Bessie, 22, ns, _ , IL

Dugan, C., 32, laborer, s, NY

Scott, James, 41, laborer, s, Scotland

Freeby, Eva, 42, ns, w, NY

Freeby, Eugene,12, ns, s, CO

McCann, A., 36, restaurant kpr, s, Canada

Lodenok, N. (female), 40, cook, w, KS

Pittner, Lottie,18,domestic, s, IL

Manchester, A. H., 20, druggist, s, WA

Tucker, C. B., 27, book keeper, s, IL

Barton, Henry, 30, book keeper, s, KS

Place, Albert, 25, baker, s, England

Guth, F. J., 26, merchant, s, MN

Hollenbery, H, 26, salesman, s, MO

Rodgers, M., 28, salesman, s, MO

Zimmer, L. P., 34, merchant, m, MI

Zimmer, Corra, 2, ns, m, MO

Berkshire, G. W., 46, millwright, s, NY

Miller, Joseph, 27, laborer, s, Sweden

Ford, Arthur, 42, laborer, s, IL

Luiten, Peter, 23, ns, s, MN

Hansen, J. P., 37, R R agt, s, MN

Philips, H. C., 24, bookkeeper, s, MO

Fomer, J. A., (Farmer), 68, carpt, w, IL

Finney, G. W., 40, merchant, w, MO

Finney, Lullea (female), 5, ns, s, WA

Finney, Pearl, 2, ns, s, WA

Worley, Charley, 40, laborer, s, England

Curdis, Anna, 18, domestic, s, MN

Ardoff, F. J., 25, merchant, m, MN

Ardoff, Hellen, 24,ns, m, Hungary

Ardoff, Wm (Babe), 0, ns, s, WA

Logsdon, F., 34, merchant, m, WA

Logsdon, C. E., (female), 22, ns, m, IA

Logsdon, Alva H., 7, ns, s, WA

Logsdon, Elsa H., 4, ns, s, WA

Logsdon, Viola T., 2, ns, s, WA

Heinrich, Siler, 53, agent, m, Russia

Heinrich, Elizabeth, 51, ns, m, Russia

Heinrich, L. (female, 21, ns, s, SD

Heinrich, George, 19, ns, s, SD

Heinrich, Mannet, 17, ns, s, SD

Heinrich, Herbert,13, ns, s, SD

Heinrich, Rose,12, ns, s, SD

Heinrich, Victor, 9, ns, s, SD

Heinrich, Seigmond, 7, ns, s, SD

Jirek, Frank, 33, blacksmith, s, Austria

Berg, J. D. (female),32, ns, s, IN

Schatz, Fred, 40, laborer, m, Russia

Schatz, Mary, 38, ns, m, Russia

Schatz, Charley,16, ns, s, SD

Schatz, Bertha,14, ns, s, SD

Schatz, Anna,13, ns, s, SD

Schatz, Martha,11, ns, s, SD

Schatz, Henry, 9, ns, s, OR

Schatz, Nathaniel, 7, ns, s, OR

Schatz, E. (female), 3, ns, s, OR

Bonney, S. S., 36, merchant, m, MA

Bonney, B. V. (female), 28, wife, m, IA

Bonney, Lucy, 3, ns, s, NE

Zimmerman, H., 22, salesman, s, MN

Kemp, G. B., 20, salesman, m, IA

Kemp, Ada, 24, ns, m, IN

Low, J. R.,36, hotelkeeper, m, WA

Low, J. R. (female),33, ns, m, UT

Low, Rosa, 4, ns, s, WA

Low, Ralph, 15, ns, s, WA

Schridtz, Anna,19, waitress, s, KS

Yeska, Jacob, 34, laborer, m, Russia

Yeska, Dortha, 34, ns, m, Russia

Yeska, Magdaline,10, ns, s, Russia

Yeska, Matilda, 9, ns, s, Russia

Yeska, Henry,3, ns, s, Russia

Yeska, Annie,1, ns, s, Russia

Schmauder, Christa, 48, ns, w, Russia

Schmauder, August,12, ns, s, Russia

Kunze, Vincent, 56, farmer, m, Bohemia

Kunze, Earnestine, 55, ns, m, Germany

Kunze, Levi, 20, ns, s, NE

Kunze, Emma,16, ns, s, NE

Kunze, Teressa,14, ns, s, NE

King, F. V.,39, salesman, m, IL

King, Augusta, 31

Totusek, Chenek,52, tailor, m, Bohemia

Totusek, Marie, 34, ns, m, Bohemia

Totusek, Vincent, 13, ns, s, MN

Totusek, Briroslow,11, ns, s, MN

Totusek, Vicoria (female), 9, ns, s, MN

Totusek, Bleslow, 7, ns, s, MN

Totusek, Ladimer, 5, ns, s, MN

Totusek, Lidomil, 3, ns, s, MN

Totusek, Javoslow,1, ns, s, MN



(The rural areas of the Odessa vicinity may not be listed on this Odessa Census, rather they are unidentified regions of rural Lincoln County. The sex of each individual was listed on the original, but is only specified herein for those individuals using initials that were females. All other initials will denote males. The use of “ns” signifies the response for that item was “not shown”. In the marital status column, “m” for married; “s” for single; and “w” for widow or widower were used. Undescored responses signifies that it was not legible enough to ensure accuracy.)



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