Harrington City Census 1902                    


                                                                Submitted by Marge Womach



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Name, male/female/age-birthplace/ married or single/ occupation


Cowder, Harvy, m, 35-NE, m, engineer

Cowder, Nora, f, 31-IL, m

Cowder, Edith , f,  9-WA, s

Sing, Yip, m, 50-China, s, laundryman

Wo, Charly, m, 35-China, s, laundryman

Fox, A. H., m, 39-IL, m, carpenter

Fox, Jennie, f, 34-IA, m

Fox, Raymond, m, 14-IA, s

Fox, Ellen, f, 6-IA, s

Fox, Etha, f, 4-IA, s

Fox, Warren, f, 1-IA, s

McInnis, J., m, 32-Canada, m , liveryman

McInnis, C., f, 22-IA, m

McInnis, Margaret, f, 1-WA, s

Dobson, O., m, 28-IN, m, butcher

Dobson, G. E., f, 24-NE, m

Dobson, Cecil W., m, 2-WA,s

Trumble, Myrtle, f, 19-WA, s, domestic

Strickler, A. C., f, 26-OR, widow

Strickler, W. J., m, 8-WA, s

Strickler, Ruth, f , 6-WA, s

Strickler, Hazel , f, 3-WA, s

Anderson, E. S., m, 34-OH, m, carpenter

Anderson, May, f, 28-OH, m        

Johnson, Charles, m, 31-IA, s, carpenter

Brown, Jennie, f, 52-MO, widow

Mathews, G. A.,  m, 47-OH, m, laborer

Mathews, E. P., f, 31-MO, m        

Mathews, Ray S., m, 5-WA, s

Mathews, Loren C.,  m, 3-WA, s

Mathews, D. A., babe, m  _-WA, s

Hong, O. K., m, 46-Norway, s, photographer

Fowler, T. E., m, 32-CA, m, miller

Fowler, Ada, f, 31-MO, m

Fowler, Burt m, 3-WA, s

Fowler, Edna, babe, f, _-WA, s

Lowry, Frank, m, 30-MO, m, plasterer

Lowry, Maud, f, 20-MO, m

Lowry, R. L., f, 2-MO, s

Lowry, Earnest, 6mo, m, -1-WA, s

Lowery, Curtis, m, 21-MO, s, laborer

Allen, Charles, m, 36-IL, m, carpenter

Lowery, Joseph,  m, 31-MO, m, laborer

Robison, W. A., m, 30-IL, m, teacher

Robison, M. R., f, 22-NE, m

Ness, John, m, 37-PA, m, laborer

Ness, E. M., f, 28-CA, m

Ness, Hellen, f, 1-WA, s

Braden, J. L., m, 63-OH, m, teacher

Braden, S. E., f, 52-MO, m

Braden, Bertha M., f, 24-MO, s

Braden, Homer, m, 21-MO, s, teacher

Scott, S. E., m, 44-MI, m, farmer

Scott, M. C., f, 42-MI, m

Scott, Eudora , f, 16-WA, s

Scott, Gertrude, f, 14-WA, s

Scott, Frank, m, 12-WA, s

Scott, Freedie, f, 10-WA, s

Scott, Walter, m, 7-WA, s

Scott, Mary, f, 3-WA, s

Rehm, G., m, 51-Germany, m, brick mason

Rehm, Ella, f, 31-OH, m

Rehm, Lena, f, 17-MO, s

Rehm, Fred, m, 15-MO, s

Rehm, Mabel f, 11-MO, s

Rehm, Avness, f, 9-MO, s

Rehm, Beatrass, f, 3-WA, s

Adams, Frank, m, 45-MI, farming

Adams, M. A., f, 50-NY, m

Adams, Gertrude B., f, 15-MI, s

Adams, Glenn W., m, 5-MI, s

Adams, John, m, 49-MI, s, salesman

Johnson, Dave , m, 35-IA, m, miller

Johnson, M. C., f, 28-NY, m

Johnson, Winnie R., f, 10-WA, s

Johnson, Ida I., f, 10-WA, s

Johnson, Glen, m, 4-WA, s

Odell, Charles m, 24-NY, s, flour packer

Hollingshead, W. C., m, 38-WV, m, laborer

Hollingshead, Alice, f, 27-MO, m

Hollingshead, Georgie, f , 7-MO, s

Hollingshead, Ruth, f, 2-WA, s

Mitter, W., m, 32-IN, m, laborer

Mitter, L. M., f, 32-IA, m        

Mitter, Fred J., m, 4-IA, s

Philips, J.H., m, 36-TN, m, carpenter

Philips, Dina , f , 34-TN, m

Philips, Bertha, f, 13-TN, s

Philips, J. W., m, 11-TN, s

Philips, Jasper, m, 5-TN, s

Logan, Ed , m, 41-IL, m, painter

Logan, Isabella, f, 39-KY, m

Logan, Bessie, f, 19-KS, s

Logan, Charles m, 16-KS, s

Logan, Earnest m, 11-KS, s

Horn, Sidney, m, 49-IA, m, laborer

Horn, L. M., f, 39-MN, m

Horn, Nellie, f, 16-WA, s

Horn, Vivian, m, 12-WA, s

Horn, Cecil, m, 9-WA, s

Horn, Lillie, f, 4-WA, s

Charlton, C., f, 56-IL, widow

Charlton, Ruth, f, 10-WA, s

Trumble, Mabel, f,16-WA , s

Wright, Eva A., f, 20-NE, s

Powers, A. A., m, 48-IL, m, minister

Powers, Cora, f, 29-MO, m

Powers, Ruth, f, 5-WA, s

Powers, Ester,  f, 4-WA, s

Patty, J. H., m, 30-AR, m, stockman

Patty, K. V., f, 29-SD, m

Patty, Jesse, m, 2-WA, s

Patty, Pearl, babe, f, _-WA, s

Brown, C. H., m,  29-KS, m, farmer

Brown, Ada, f , 29-KS, m

Brown, Paul, m, 6-WA, s

Brown, Bonnie, f, 5-WA, s

Barrett, John, m, 37-IA, m, carpenter

Barrett, Jennie, f, 39-NJ, m

Barrett, Russell, m, 4-WA, s

Patty, Calloway, m, 31-AR, m, stockman

Patty, Georgia, f,  22-ME, m

Patty, W., m, 4-WA, s

Patty, Doris, babe, f, _-WA, s

Fallert, Henry, m , 39-MO, s, bar tender

Crisp, F. G., m, 66-Ireland, m, farmer

Crisp, Barbara , f, 58-Canada, m

Crosby, A. D., m, 50-IL, m, laborer

Crosby, L. B., f, 43-IA,  m

Anderson, M. P., m, 32-Sweden, m, R R laborer

Anderson, Ida , f, 26-Sweden, m

Anderson, Alford,  m, 3-WA, s

Berdstrum, Charles, m, 30-Sweden, s, laborer

Johnston, T., m, 33-Canada, s, laborer

Tanka, Y., m, 24-Japan, s, laborer

Ehgnea, S., m, 25-Japan, s, laborer

Eski, J., m, 35-Japan, m, laborer

Yamiki, J., m, 40-Japan, m, laborer

Emiki, T., m, 29-Japan, m, laborer

Katragima, K., m, 41-Japan, m, laborer

Haragnhi, F., m, 29-Japan, m, laborer

Smoot, J. J., m, 32-MO, m, carperter

Smoot, K. M., f, 20-MO, m

Kerrick, L. B., m, 34-MO, m, carpenter

Kerrick, E. L., f, 25-MO, m

Onstott, W., m,  61-IL, s, blacksmith

Haynes, H., m, 48-MI, m, undertaker

Haynes, E. E., f, 46-MI, m

Haynes, Arthur, m, 22-CA, s

Haynes, Robert , m, 18-WA, s

Haynes, Ralph m, 16-WA, s

Haynes, Floyd, m, 9-WA, s

Smalley, J. H., m, 47-MI, m, engineer

Smalley, Alice, f, 46-OH, m

Smalley, Grace, f, 19-OH, s



Harrington City Census, Harrington, Washington, submitted to the

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