Harrington City Census 1902                    


                                                                Submitted by Marge Womach



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Name, male/female/age-birthplace/ married or single/ occupation


Ellis, C. D., m,  32-MI, m, mill manager

Ellis, Nettie, f, 32-IN,  m

Ellis, Claudine, f, 7-WA, s

Ellis, James, m, 1-WA, s

Turner, H. C., m, 21-IA, s, bookkeeper

Woodard, H. R., m, 34-KS, m, engineer

Woodard, A. E., f, 26-IA, m        

Thompson, W. S., m, 39-TN, m, salesman

Thompson, Ione M., f, 39-OR, m

Thompson, M. B., f, 8-OR, s

Hannum, W. C., m, 22-CA, m, druggist

Hannum, Ora E., f, 20-CA, m

Mitchum, A. G., m, 40-CA, m, banker

Mitchum, M. E., f, 40-CA, m

Mitchum, Lela, f, 16-WA, s

Mitchum, Imogene, f, 13-WA, s

McAtee, F. L., m, 23-CA, s, collector

Jessep (Jesseph), Ward, 18-MI, s, bookkeeper

McCready, S. C., m, 32-IA, s, druggist

Spight, J. B., m, 32-MS, s, minister

Adams, M. F., m, 43-KY, m, merchant

Adams, L. K., f, 37-KY, m        

Adams, Ethel, f, 10-WA, s          

Adams, Wade, m, 8-WA, s

Adams, Marguerite, f, 5-WA, s

Adams, M. F., m, 2-WA, s

Adams, Hubert (babe), m, _-WA, s
Newland, B. A, f, 60-VA, widow

Newland, T. W., m, 35-MO, s, merchant

Newland, J. M, m, 32-MO, s, merchant

Lamona, E. M., f, 40-MO, widow 

Frasier, S. W., m, 48-IN, m, real estate agent

Frasier, Anna C., f, 44-WI, m

Van Netter, J. B., m, 53-NY, m, saloon keeper

Van Netter, M, E., f, 53-IL, m

Fallut, Henry, m, 30-PA, s, bar tender

Campbell, F., m , 21-MO, s, laborer

Parry, B. F., m, 34-Wales, s, laborer

Parlish, Henry, m, 19-MO, s, laborer

Lighthizer, F. M., m, 56-OH,w, post master

Ross, W. G., m, 34-IL, m, salesman

Rosebaugh, W., m, 22-KY, s, merchant

Reynolds, F. E., m, 18-MI, s, merchant

Harmichael, J. G., m, 25-TN, s, laborer

Mossong, M. J., m, 18-MN, s, laborer

Harris, W. A., m, 28-MO, m, real estate agent

Harris, S. L., f, 25-TX, m        

Harris, E. L., m , 5-WA, s

Harris, Dortha, f, 3-WA, s

Harris, Oma E., f., 25-MO, s, teacher

Morgan, T. R., m, 31-IL, m, butcher

Morgan, Mary E., f, 36-VA, m

Morgan, Fern , f, 10-IA, s

Morgan, Frank, m, 8-IA, s

Samuels, Cook, m , 43-MO, s, drayman

Samuels, M., m, f , 33-MO, s, teacher

Carson, S. K ., m, 24-MO, s, laborer

Lighthizer, Lloyd, m, 18-SD s, _____

Charlton, F. M., m, 25-OR, s, merchant

Fisk, Claud, m, 27-MO, s, merchant

Curry, J. W., m, 28-KS, m, laborer

Curry, May B., f, 24-IL, m

Curry, Leroy, m, 4-IA, s

Curry, G. W., m, 2-IA, s

Wilson, G. M., m, 37-PA, s, saloon keeper

Ivy, J. T., m, 27-OR, m, bar tender

Ivy, Anna, f, 21-WA, m

Brown, W. T., m, 35-CA, s, laborer

Mossong, Thomas, m, 39-MN, s, restaurant keeper

Kemble, L., m, 44-NJ, s, barber

Dow, W. J., m, 30-Canada, s, barber

Spauldings, A., m. 40-MI, s, barber

Brenchley, R., m, 68-England, m, merchant

Brenchley, E. M., f, 57-England, m        

Johnson, H. J., m, 35-UT, s, laborer

Lynch, F. M., m, 26-NV, s, laborer

Dobsson (Dobson), W., 30-IN, m, butcher

Dobsson, Emma, f , 24-AR, m        

Dobsson, Grace, f,  6-IL, s

McCorm, P., m, 34-MN, s, merchant

Moore, W. A., m, 43-AR, m, drayman

Moore, N. H., f, 40-AR, m

Moore, Ora, f, 14-WA, s

Moore, Belle, f, 11-WA, s

Moore, Hazel , f, 3-WA, s

Moore, G. W., m, 37-AR, m, carpenter

Crowell, W. L., m, 44-NJ, s, grain dealer

Crowell, Ella , f, 42-NJ, s, nurse

McDonald, S. E., m, 40-IA,m, merchant

McDonald, M. E., f, 41-IA, m

McDonald, R. L., f, 17-IA, s

McDonald, M. A., f, 15-IA, s

McDonald, M. H., m, 13-WA, s

McDonald, Mary, f, 10-WA, s

McDonald, C. A., f, 6-WA, s

McDonald, James, m, 3-WA, s

Morgan, D. R., m, 27-IA, s, laborer

Billings, A. C., m, 39-NH, m, merchant

Billings, E. J., f, 40-VT, m

Wallace, E. J., f, 60-MA, s, housekeeper

Williams, J. E., m, 40-IN, m, merchant

Williams, Frances, f, 40-MO, m

Ricketts, Henry, m, 36-CA, s, harness maker

Pratt, M. L, m, 33-MN, s, saloon keeper

Glascock, W. F., m, 60-MO, w, bar tender

Vestal, J. W., m, 42-CA, s, bar tender

Smith, J. F., m, 22-MO, s, laborer

Pickell, J., m, 17-IA, s, laborer

Ridnows, E. V., m, 24-OR, s, brick maker

Ditra, John, m, 19-MA, s, waiter

Weiser, J. E., m, 30-MN, m, stone mason

Weiser, M. E., f, 20-MO, m

Weiser, J. E., m, 2-WA,s

Pratt, J. L., m, 35-MN, m, stone mason

Pratt, Emma, f, 30-Sweden, m

Pratt, William, m, 11-MN, s

Pratt, M. L., m , 9-MN, s

Pratt, Bertha, f, 6-MN, s

Pratt, John D., m, 4-MN, s

Pratt, Emma A., f, 1-MN, s

Fuller, John, m, 60-PA, m, carpenter

Weisner, R. E., m, 24-MN, s, miner

Smith, M. J., m, 21-MN, s, brick maker

Lauman, Nik, m, 54-German, m, stone mason

McCorm, G., m, 32-MN, m, merchant

McCorm, L. M., f, 24-MI, m

Bucknall, M., f, 14-MI, s

Stinger, Charles, m, 35-MI, s, salesman

Pea, Thomas, m, 40-MO, s, jeweler

Hansard, T. A., m, 41-TN, m, farming

Hansard, Emma, f, 35-WI, m        

Hansard, L. M., f, 5-WA, s

Hansard, E. C., m, 4-WA, s

Hansard, O. I., f, 2-WA, s

Hansard, C. B, m, 1-WA, s

Smoot, S. T., m, 34-MO, m, carpenter

Smoot, L. M., f, 26-MO, m

Smoot, R. D., m,  6-MO , s                        

Smoot, Elry, m, 3-MO, s

Smoot, Erich, m, 2-MO, s

Smoot, R. A., m, 36-MO, s laborer

Glascock, E. A., m, 24-CA, s, merchant

Glascock, L. J., f, 45-VA, widow

Glascock, V. W., m, 22-CA, s, farmer

Glascock, Elizabeth A., f, 17-WA, s

Graham, A. R., m, 31-IA, m, merchant

Graham, Anna , f, 24-Scotland, m        

Graham, William T., m, 1-WA, s

Folmer, F. C., m, 48-IN, m, laborer

Folmer, M. J., f, 41-IA, m

Folmer, Elizabeth, f, 17-IA, s

Folmer, Fredie, m, 19-IA, s

Tierney, W. H., m, 25-CA, m, farmer

Tierney, M. E., f21-IA, m

Hansell, F. O., m, 41-IA, m, agent G N

Hansell, E. C., f, 36-IA, m

Wilson, Myrtle, f, 23-KS, s, milliner

Linthicun, W. D., m, 35-IA, m, photographer

Linthicun, Anna, f, 30-IA, m        

McInis (McInnis), Alex , 23-Canada,  s, liveryman

Garretson, C. G., m, 23-NH, m, editor

Garretson, Belma, f, 20-NY, m

Goodwin, P. B., m, 19-KS, s, printer

Danilson, T. T., m, 56-NY, m, hotel keeper

Danilson, M. J., f, 53-NY, m        

Danilson, Josie, f, 26-ID, s

Danilson, Anna, f, 20-ID, s

Danilson, James, m, 17-ID, s

O’Connor, Y., m, 30-Japan, s, cook

McCarty, Thomas, m , 25-Japan, s, cook

Loffler, E. E., m, 26-SD, m, MD

Loffler, Lula M., f, 23-IA, m

Setters, M. F., m, 32-MO, m, MD

Setters, Josephine, f, 22-CO, m

Setters, Evalin, f, 4-WA, s

Setters, Dortha, f, 2-WA, s



Harrington City Census, Harrington, Washington, submitted to the

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