Davenport  City Census 1902
                                 submitted by Marge Womach


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“Census of Inhabitants in Davenport, County of Lincoln, State of Washington, Enumerated this 1st day of March, 1902.” 



Minnick, Isaac J; male, 46, MO, marr, Co. treasurer

Minnick, Myra; fem, 45, I_, marr

Minnick, Mable; male, 18, KS, single

Minnick, Gertrude; fem, 14, WA, single

Harris, J M; male, 46, IL, marr, carpenter

Harris, M J; fem, 46, AR, marr

Harris, Jesse; male, 15, OR, single

Oakley, John; male, 70, NY, marr

Oakley, Virginia; fem, 56, SC, marr

Howerage, John; male, 40, Germany, marr (Horwege)

Howerage, Bessie; fem, 33, OR, marr

Howerage, Jasen; male, 9, WA, single

Howerage, Claudious; male, 3, WA, single

Morrow, Thomas; male, 36, IL, marr

Morrow, Annie; fem, 38, OH, marr

Morrow, Ellen; fem, 9, WA, single

Morrow, Florence; fem, 8, WA, single

Burge, R A; male, 67, IL, marr

Burge, M E; fem, 66, IL, marr

McAvany, J G; male, 48, WI, marr, miner  (?McAviney)

McAvany, Jenny; fem, 32, MO, marr

McAvany, Walter; male, 9, WA, single

Wood, Joseph; male, 28, MO, single

Wilson, Edward; male, 36, IL, marr

Wilson, Emma; fem, 30, IL, marr

Wilson, Lelsie; male, 11, IL, single

Wilson, Orie; male, 8, IL, single

Wilson, Edward; male, 3, IL, single

Hipten, J H; male, 34, MO, marr

Hipten, Annie; fem, 37, NY, marr

Hepton, Maggie; fem, 14, IL, single

Hepton, Freddie; male, 9, IL, single

Fortanier, Robert; male, 62, Germany, marr, laborer

Fortanier, Minnie; fem, 57, Germany, marr

Turner, A B; male, 35, MN, marr, farmer

Turner, Nellie; fem, 33, MN, marr

Hall, Ben; male, 16, IA, single

Paxton, Arthur; male, 27, CA, single

Schnasse, Herman; male, 41, Germany, marr

Schnasse, Minnie; fem, 37, Germany, marr

Schnasse, Clara; fem, 17, NE, single

Schnasse, Martha; fem, 15, NE, single

Schnasse, Dora; fem, 13, NE, single

Schnasse, Lydia; fem, 10, WA, single

Schnasse, Eddison; male, 8, WA, single

Schnasse, Arthur; male, 5, WA, single

Tate, J G; male, 35, MO, marr

Tate, May; fem, 28, MO, marr

Dalton, R L; male, 36, MO, marr, druggist

Dalton, Effie; fem, 29, MO, marr

Dalton, Raymond; male, 5, MO, single

Dalton, Herndan; male, 3, MO, single

Munson, C M; male, 44, PA, marr

Munson, Ratie; fem, 36, IA, marr

Munson, Roy; male, 17, MO, single

Munson, Edith; male, 11, WA, single

Munson, Mable; fem, 9, WA, single

Munson, Guy; male, 7, WA, single

Krunke, Edward; male, 57, Germany, marr

Krunke, Amelia; fem, 55, Germany, marr

Krunke, Edward Jr; male, 17, ND, single

Krunke, Walter; male, 12, ND, single

Krunke, Selma; fem, 19, ND, single

Clem, Charles; male, 27, England, marr

King, E E; male, 34, IA, marr

King, Dilla; fem, 30, OR, marr

King, Erwin; male, 8, WA, single

King, Paul; male, 6, WA, single

King, Raymond; male, 3, WA, single

Brooks, H M; male, 42, MO, single (sic), carpenter

Brooks, Ida; fem, 36, ID, single (sic)

Brooks, Alice R; fem, 16, IA, single

Lueck, Carl; male, 48, Germany, marr, laborer

Lueck, Margaret; fem, 43, Germany, marr

Lueck, Willie; male, 19, IL, single

Lueck, Fredrick; male, 17, IL, single

Lueck, Margaret; fem, 15, IL, single

Lueck, Earnest; male, 14, IL, single

Lueck, Andrew; male, 11, IL, single

Lueck, Lizzy; fem, 9, IL, single

Lueck, Frank; male, 9 mos, IL, single

Michael, Roy; male, 20, OH, single, operator

Richardson, James; male, 33, Canada, marr, RR agent

Richardson, Roda (sic); fem, 35, England, marr

Richardson, Ruth; fem, 3, WA, single

Molley, Charles; male, 31, Canada, single (?Malley)

Mahoney, David; male, 43, Ireland, marr

Mahoney, Josephine; fem, 34, IA, marr

Richardson, George; male, 36, Canada, marr, operator

Richardson, Annie; fem, 37, Canada, marr

Richardson, Florence; fem, 8, MN, single

Richardson, Farrol; fem, 6, MN, single

McLean, Simon; male, 37, Canada, marr, grain dealer

McLean, Viola; fem, 30, England, marr

McLean, W L; male, 6, WA, single

McLean, L; male, 4, WA, single

McLean, Viola; fem, 1, WA, single

Pickle, J R; male, 51, PA, marr (Pickell?)

Pickle, M S; fem, 45, IA, marr

Pickle, W L; male, 22, IA, single

Pickle, R M; male, 20, IA, single

Pickle, Miranda; fem, 20, IA, single

Pickle, W W; fem, 18, IA, single

Pickle, C G; fem, 13, IA, single

Kuser, Jerome; male, 50, PA, marr

Poling, Nathan; male, 43, WV, marr

Noe, Frazer; male, 43, IL, single

Allen, David; male, 28, OH, single

Hopkins, Zelek; male, 22, IN, single

Bowen, F O C; fem, 60, IL, single

Milten, Alvo; male, 13, WA, single

Milten, M F; fem, 12, WA, single

Birge, G K; male, 39, NY, marr, jeweler

Birge, Minnie; fem, 29, England, marr

Birge, Edward; male, 8, WA, single

Birge, Alfred; male, 6, WA, single

Birge, Francis; fem, 4, WA, single

Birge, Henry; male, 1, WA, single

Knox, Adam; male, 57, Scotland, marr, merchant

Knox, Catherine; fem, 44, NY, marr

Radmacher (sic), Kase; male, 38, Germany, marr, shoemaker (Rademacher)

Radmacher, Marie; fem, 40, Germany, marr

Radmacher, Albert; male, 4, IL, single

Radmacher, Lillie; fem, 2, IL, single

Radmacher, Fritz; male, 3 mos, WA, single

Culdridge, Frank; male, 35, IL, marr, clerk

Culdridge, Rachal; fem, 21, MO, marr

Rogers, John; male, 32, PA, single, minister

Hauesman, Fred; male, 31, Germany, marr, lumber merchant (Huesman)

Hauesman, Bertha; male (sic), 27, NY, marr

Hauesman, Herman; male, 9, WA, single

Parr, Joseph; male, 46, OH, marr, farmer

Parr, Samantha; fem, 45, OH, marr

Parr, Floyd; male, 23, OH, single, clerk

Parr, Arta; male, 21, OH, single

Parr, Casllen; male, 19, OH, single

Parr, Rinnie; male, 7, OH, single

Parr, Merrien; male, 10, OH, single

Anderson, J W; male, 58, VA, marr, Co. auditor

Anderson, H E; fem, 50, MO, marr

Anderson, J W Jr; male, 19, CA, single

Anderson, H G; male, 26, CA, single, druggist

Anderson, Annie; fem, 22, CA, single

Anderson, Brooks; male, 16, WA, single

Anderson, Robert; male, 14, WA, single

Anderson, May; male (sic), 11, WA, single

Petree, C R; male, 45, TN, marr, merchant

Petree, Emma; fem, 47, TN, marr

Petree, Bessie; fem, 18, WA, single

Petree, Grover; male, 17, WA, single

Petree, Willie; male, 16, WA, single

Petree, Agnes; fem, 12, WA, single

Petree, Ira; male, 10, WA, single

Claud, Hart; male, 17, WA, single (? Name reversal)

Claud, Myrtle; fem, 14, WA, single

Kidd, Walter; male, 44, England, marr, carpenter

Kidd, Minnie; fem, 29, OR, marr

Inkster, St Clair; male, 70, Scotland, marr

Inkster, Margaret; fem, 65, Scotland, marr

Inkster, Albert; male, 36, IL, single

Inkster, W P; male, 32, IL, single

Medille, Olga; fem, 24, Canada, single

Tickner, J J; male, 49, NY, marr, minister

Tickner, Lydia A; fem, 47, WI, marr

Tickner, F J or L J; male, 28, MI, single

Tickner, Cora V; fem, 26, MI, single, teacher

Brace, Bertha; fem, 17, WA, single

McImes, M; male, 38, Canada, marr, liveryman

McImes, Annie; fem, 31, Canada, marr

McImes, Melville; male, 4, WA, single

Inkster, John; male, 45, England, marr, postmaster

Inkster, Maud; fem, 35, Canada, marr

Inkster, Freddie; male, 12, WA, single

Inkster, Loace; fem, 8, WA, single

Inkster, Harry; male, 3, WA, single

Inkster, John; male, 73, Scotland, marr

Inkster, Philles; fem, 70, Scotland, marr

Inkster, L A; male, 37, Scotland, single, postmaster

Hinds, Winnie; male, 24 or 4, KS, single

Sawyer, G W; male, 46, OH, single, survayer (sic)

Sawyer, Fannie; fem, 43, OH, marr

Sawyer, Archie; male, 18, CO, single

Sawyer, Harry; male, 14, CO, single

Sawyer, Bennett; male, 8, WA, single

Sawyer, Mary; fem, 5, WA, single

Crout, H W; male, 44, Ireland, marr, carpenter

Crout, E M; fem, 39, MI, marr

Robinson, R S; male, 45, OR, single

Sherman, James; male, 38, OR, single

James, D J; male, 56, South Wales, marr

Jones, David; male, 47, Wales, marr

Jones, Margaret; fem, 44, MO, marr

Jones, Minnie; fem, 17, WA, single

Jones, Bernace; fem, 16, WA, single

Jones, Edith; fem, 14, WA, single

Jones, Mady; fem, 10, WA, single

Hutsell, Sadie; fem, 17, WA, single

Lilienthal, Elsie; fem, 16, MO, single

Joyce, J L; male, 32, MO, marr, painter

Joyce, Aggie; fem, 32, MO, marr

Joyce, Floy; fem, 8, MO, single

Joyce, Lerey; male, 6, MO, single

Karr, Oscar; male, 28, MO, marr

Karr, Martha; fem, 26, MO, marr

Karr, Vilger; male, 4, MO, single

Walker, Jayce; male, 19, MO, single (?Name reversal)

Hoffman, John; male, 43, IL, marr, farmer

Hoffman, Ida; fem, 33, IL, marr

Hoffman, Charles; male, 16, KS, single

Hoffman, Newton; male, 12, WA, single

Hoffman, Rames; male, 10, WA, single

Hoffman, Edgar; male, 8, WA, single

Hoffman, Aster; male, 5, WA, single

Huck A J; male, 28, WI, marr, drayman

Huck, Verda; fem, 21, OH, marr

Prest, George; male, 45, NY, marr, laborer

Prest, Lara; fem, 35, N_, marr

Prest, Laura; fem, 11, WA, single

Prest, Ida; fem, 8, WA, single

Prest, Emma; fem, 4, WA, single

Perrey, John; male, 48, NY, marr (?Perry)

Perrey, Emma; fem, 44, AR, marr

Perrey, Albert; male, 21, MO, single (?Parey)

Perrey, Elisabeth; fem, 19, AR, single

Perrey, Jessie; fem, 17, WA, single

Perrey, Nellie; fem, 14, WA, single

Grubb, A M; male, 29, IA, marr

Grubb, Lula; fem, 23, MO, marr

Bruthaupt, Michael; male, 68, Germany, single (?Breithaupt)

Bruthaupt, Charles; male, 36, IA, marr

Bruthaupt, Matilda; fem, 35, IL, marr

Bruthaupt, Verna; fem, 15, IA, single

Bruthaupt, Willie; male, 11, IA, single

Myers, Christiana; fem, 60, Germany, single

Buren, G S; male, 43, KY, marr, merchant

Buren, Maud; fem, 34, IL, marr

Buren, Clinten; male, 7, SD, single

Buren, Pauline; fem, 6, SD, single

Buren, Paul; male, 5, SD, single

Buren, Walker; male, 4, SD, single

Anyan, G J; male, 50, England, marr, laborer

Anyan, Adella; fem, 40, WI, marr

Anyan, Roy; male, 18, WA, single

Anyan, Wm; male, 75, England, single

Hills, Hattie; fem, 22, NE, single

Jahn, G A; male, 36, MN, marr, minister

Jahn, Sarah; fem, 29, MN, marr

Jahn, Earl; male, 5, OR, single

Jahn, Verne; male, 1, OR, single

Spencer, E L; male, 48, OH, marr, real estate

Spencer, Alla; fem, 46, NY, marr

Murray, Sarah; fem, 73, MI, single

Riley, Emma; fem, 39, Germany, single

Riley, James; male, 10, WA, single

Riley, Grace; fem, 7, WA, single

Palmer, Charles; male, 25, MO, marr

Palmer, Ida; fem, 24, AR, marr

Palmer, Glen; male, 7 mos, MO, single

Schmidt, Carl; male 41, Germany, marr

Schmidt, Maria; fem, 33, PA, marr

Schmidt, Oscar; male, 10, IL, single

Schmidt, Floyd; male, 8, IL, single

Ferris, Harry; male, 40, PA, single

Rend, Frank; male, 57, MO, marr (?Reud)

Rend, Katie; fem, 54, MO, marr

Smith, Floyd; male 10, WA, single

Ross, Crockett; male, 39, VA, marr (name reversal?)

Ross, Carrie; fem, 26, NC, marr

Ross, Kent; male, 2, WA, single

Wilson, Isaac; fem (sic), 29, IL, marr

Wilson, Lillie; fem, 24, IL, marr

Wilson, Lota; fem 3, IL, single

Wilson, Garnett; male, 2 mos, WA, single

McIntosh, Donald; male, 69, Canada, marr

McIntosh, Jane; fem, 47, Canada, marr

McIntosh, Sarah; fem, 17, Nova Scotia, single

McIntosh, Hattie; fem, 9, WA, single

McKinnon, Dan; male, 22, Canada, single

Lonyfield, W H; male, 45, WI, marr (?Longfield)

Lonyfield, Sarah; fem, 52, VA, marr

Lonyfield, Clarance; male, 14, WA, marr (sic) (Lorryfield?)

Beoren, Elmer; male, 38, IL, marr, RR B (?Buren)

Beoren, Flora; fem, 30, IL, marr

Beoren, Myrtie; fem, 3, NE, single

Zuehlek, Fred; male, 39, Canada, marr, engineer (Zuehlke?)

Zuehlek, Margaret; fem, 34, MI, marr

Zuehlek, Ludes; male, 12, WA, single

Zuehlek, Minnie; fem, 6, WA, single

Zuehlek, John; male, 3, WA, single

Zuehlek, Bertha; fem, 22, MI, single

Wilson, Idola; fem, 3, IL, single

Moore, G W H; male, 36, KS, marr, physician

Moore, Ella; fem, 32, MO, marr

Moore, Lee; male, 18, KS, single

Moore, Warren; male, 16, KS, single

Moore, Nina; fem, 10, MO, single

Moore, Nica; fem, 8, MO, single

Moore, Clyde; male, 7, MO, single

Moore, Arlma; fem, 5, MO, single

Moore, Zosa; fem, 2, MO, single

Josenay, J; male, 40, IL, single, laborer

Porican, Albert; male, 23, IL, single

Allen, Wm; male, 30, MO, marr

Allen, Maud; fem, 25, Wales, marr

Johnson, J W; male. 42, PA, marr

Johnson, Ida; fem, 29, WA, marr

Johnson, Vaughan; male, 11, WA, single

Johnson, Virron; male, 8, WA, single

Johnson, Virgil; male, 5, WA, single

Pearsall, F L; male, 42, KS, marr (?Pershall)

Pearsall, Ida; fem, 32, IA, marr

Pearsall, Nellie; fem, 14, WA, single

Pearsall, Bessie; fem, 11, WA, single

Pearsall, Lester; male, 7, WA, single

Pearsall, Lola; fem, 4, WA, single

Pearsall, Eulice; fem, 1, WA, single

Hughs, Ralph; male, 24, ID, single (Hughes?)

Krautz, John; male, 44, Germany, marr

Krautz, Annie; fem, 41, Germany, marr

Krautz, Elsie; fem, 12, NE, single

Krautz, Fredie; male, 8, WA, single

Krautz, John; male, 6, WA, single

Grant, A J; male, 33, MO, marr, lawyer

Grant, Ella B; fem, 28, KS, marr

Grant, Grace; fem, 6, MO, single

Grant, Earl; male, 2, MO, single

Martin, J R; male, 30, PA, marr, painter

Martin, Edith; fem, 30, NY, marr

Haynes, Jesse; fem, 24, PA, marr

Haynes, Frank; male, 30, NY, marr, painter

Tobiason, Henry; male, 40, IA, marr, harness maker

Tobiason, Amelia; fem, 28, WI, marr

Tobiason, Powell; male, 9, WA, single

Tobiason, Mona; fem, 5, WA, single

Tobiason, Baby; fem, 1, WA, single

Imus, E N; male, 27, MN, marr, bank clerk

Imus, Eva; fem, 22, CA, marr

Imus, Edith; fem, 12, WA, single

Imus, Mable; fem, 4, WA, single

Imus, Edward; male, 1, WA, single

Neal, C H; male, 41, WV, marr, judge

Neal, Sadie; fem, 42, OH, marr

Neal, Fred T; male, 14, WV, single

Yarwood, W H; male 59, England, marr, clerk of court

Yarwood, Maria; fem, 58, NY, marr

Yarwood, Annie; fem, 27, ID, single

Yarwood, William; male, 25, ID, single

Yarwood, Edward; male, 24, ID, single

Yarwood, Hanford; male, 21, ID, single

Moore, Robert; male, 42, Canada, marr, blacksmith

Moore, Jennie; fem, 45, Canada, marr

Moore, Olphine; fem, 21, Canada, single

Moore, Jasper; male, 12, Canada, single

Moore, Florance; fem, 6, WA, single

Dreitrich, M G; male, 36, MN, marr, engineer (?Dietrich)

Dreitrich, M H; fem, 32, MN, marr

Dreitrich, Jesse; male, 6, MN, single

Dreitrich, Lawrance; male, 4, MN, single

Epperly, A T; male, 37, IL, marr, policeman

Epperly, Mary; fem, 33, IL, marr

Epperly, Pearl; fem, 13, IL, single

Burger, E D; male, 28, ID, marr, laundryman

Burger, Harriet; fem, 22, ID, marr

Burger, Louise; fem, 1, WA, single

Burger, John B; male, 72, Bavaria, single, carpenter

Burger, Carl; male, 18, ID, single

Hall, Oladich; male, 50, TN, single, merchant

Schmidt, John; male, 45, Germany, marr

Schmidt, Clara; fem, 35, NY, marr

Schmidt, Peter; male, 14, MN, single

Schmidt, Lizzy; fem, 11, MN, single

Schmidt, Mary; fem, 7, MN, single

Schmidt, Lewis; male, 6, MN, single

Schmidt, Coney; fem, 3, WA, single

Schmidt, Ella; fem, 1, WA, single

DeHaven, Levi; male, 56, IA, single

DeHaven, Wm; male, 49, OR, single

DeHaven, Barton; male, 47, OR, single

DeHaven, Piley; fem, 74, ID, single

DeHaven, Carl; male, 14, OR, single

DeYoung, James; male, 45, Holland, single, livery

DeVius, Robert; male, 19, Holland, single

Lawrance; Arthur; male, 26, ID, marr (Lawrence?)

Lawrance, Augusta; fem, 29, MO, marr

Lawrance, Daniel; male, 47, ID, marr

Lawrance, Marien; fem, 47, ID, marr

Lawrance, Bunice; fem, 4, WA, marr (sic)

Lawrance, Jessie; fem, 4 mos, WA, marr (sic)

Gibson, M F; male, 42, IL, marr

Gibson, Frankee; fem, 42, IL, marr

Gibson, Walter; male, 22, KS, single

Gibson, Geno; fem, 13, KS, single

Gibson, Grace; fem, 6, KS, single

Gibson, Montie; male, 5, KS, single

Gibson, Nancie; fem, 3, WA, single

Croonquist, A _; male, 50, Sweden, marr, merchant

McKun, Arthur; male, 22, OH, marr, harness maker (McKeen?)

McKun, Myrtie; fem, 20, OH, marr

McKun, Stoyre; male, 2, OH, single

Cardona, Joseph; male, 46, MA, marr, shoemaker

Weisgerber, John; male, 26, WV, single, butcher

Fisher, Fred; male, 35, Germany, single, butcher

Ingerbertsen, C; male, 26, MN, single, butcher

Hoover, N G; male, 38, IL, marr, merchant

Hoover, Dora; fem, 28, IL, marr

Beckelhaupt, George; male, 39, Germany, marr, merchant

Beckelhaupt, Flavie; fem, 29, WA, marr

Beckelhaupt, Irine; fem, 11, WA, single

Beckelhaupt, Stilla; fem, 10, WA, single

Beckelhaupt, Vera; fem, 1, WA, single

Gibson, Angeletta; fem, 17, KS, single

Voitle, John; male, 44, WI, marr, baker

Voitle, Laura; fem, 34, PA, marr

Lamona, Richard; male, 44, MO, marr

Lamona, Lizzie; fem, 37, MO, marr

Walkins, G W; male, 37, IL, single

Laurer, Fred; male, 50, Germany, single, barber

Po, Chan; male, 37, China, marr, cook

Griswold, W W; male, 57, OH, marr, hotel proprietor

Griswold, Elesabeth; fem, 52, NC, marr, hotel proprietor

Griswold, Samuel; male, 31, NV, single, hotel proprietor

Griswold, Sadie; fem, 27, NV, single

Rudolph, Mrs F; fem, 29, NV, marr

Rudolph, Gene; male. 7, WA, single

Hays, Clarance; male, 30, MN, marr, merchant

Turner, A W; male, 42, MN, marr, merchant

Turner, Alice; fem, 28, Canada, marr

Turner, Keith; male, 7, WA, single

Turner, Jean; fem, 2, WA, single

Kelly, R C; male, 29, MN, single, bookkeeper

Wright, D F; male, 24, OH, marr, attorney

Wright, F B; fem, 24, OH, marr

Dillon, P W; male, 45, Ireland, single, real estate

Evans, A E; male, 43, IA, marr, farmer

Evans, Helen; fem, 38, OH, marr

Evans, Gertie; fem, 11, SD, single

Evans, Chas; male, 9, SD, single

Linder, John; male, 47, MN, marr

Linder, Mary; fem, 41, IL, marr

Linder, Lulu; fem, 18, MN, single

Vanstus, Cha; male, 28, OH, single

Horzard, Dan; male, 27, IL, single

Atchison, Wm; male, 28, WA, single, blacksmith

Rumberger, Frank; male, 47, PA, marr, hotel keeper

Rumberger, Olin; fem, 45, Norway, marr

Olsen, Anna; fem, 20, ID, single

Olsen, Emma; fem, 18, ID, single

Olsen, Floyd; male, 6, WA, single

Olsen, Florence; fem, 2, WA, single

Schilling, Carl; male, 28, WI, single

Sullivan, Wm; male, 36, NY, single, saloon keeper

Iveney, Michael; male, 40, IL, single

Mallison, A O; male, 54, IL, marr, restaurant

Mallison, Otilda; fem, 35, Germany, marr

Mallison, Pearl; fem, 2, MN, single

Moody, S J; male, 25, IA, single

Brown, G S; male, 43, KY, marr

Brown, Maud; fem, 35, IL, marr

Brown, Clint; male, 7, SD, single

Brown, Paul’ male, 6, SD, single

Brown, Pauline; fem, 6, SD, single

Brown, Walter; male, 4, SD, single




Census of Davenport, Lincoln County, Washington

submitted  January 20009 to the WAGenWeb by

 Marge Womach

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