Davenport  City Census 1902
                                 submitted by Marge Womach


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“Census of Inhabitants in Davenport, County of Lincoln, State of Washington, Enumerated this 1st day of March, 1902.” 


Lincoln County Auditor has two bound green volumes containing the 1902 census. One volume contains the towns and the other volume shows no location and is assumed to be rural. The penmanship for the volume containing the towns is quite legible for the most part, but appears that it had been transcribed from its original source, and in the process the use of ditto marks created many married children and infants, and the mislabeling of gender. Some of those errors are noted herein. The spelling of some surnames was obviously wrong or the penmanship left questions.



Anderson, M T; male, 38, WI, marr, engineer

Anderson, T E; female, 39, WI, marr, engineer (dittos)

Owens, O T; male, 32, WI, marr, blacksmith

Owens, M M; female, 18, WA, marr

Butler, Mary; female, 82, Ireland, single

Graff, Emil; male, 41, Germany, marr, harness maker

Graff, E S; female, 48, NY, marr, teacher

Delan, Daniel; male, 32, Sweden, marr, tailor

Delan, M; female, 31, Sweden, marr

Delan, Nellie; female, 3, WA, single

Delan, Oscar; male, 2, WA, single

Delan, Florance; fem, 8 mos, WA, single

Simmons, W E (or E); male, 50, TN, marr, farmer

Simmons, T H; fem, 41, KS, marr

Simmons, Thomas; male, 24, KS, single, farmer

Simmons, J A; male, 22, KS, single, farmer

Simmons, Nellie B; fem, 19, CA, single

Simmons, John; male, 18, CA. single, farmer

Gibson, Frank; male, 26, NE, marr, printer

Gibson, Bertha; fem, 23, WI, marr

Field, A J; male, 31, Canada, marr, blacksmith

Field, L C; fem, 29, IL, marr

Field, Wayne; male, 9, WA, single

Field, Ella; fem, 8, WA, single

Field, Vera; male, 7, WA, single

Field, Robert; male, 2, WA, single

Runyon, B F; male, 42, PA, marr, carpenter  (Runyan)

Runyon, S V; fem, 44, PA, marr

Badgley, G W; male, 34, IL, marr, laborer

Badgley, P M; fem, 27, IL, marr, laborer

Badgley, Olive; male, 9, WA, single

Badgley, Ray; male, 8, WA, single

Badgley, Leslie; male, 6, WA, single

Badgley, Vernon; male, 4, WA, single

Badgley, Helen; fem, 1, WA, single

Badgley, Stewart; male, 58, NH, widower, grandmother (sic)

Donnell, Grace; fem, 29, KS, single, teacher

Donnell, Eva; fem, 24, KS, single, teacher

Donnell, Walter; male, 21, KS, single, teacher

Taylor, G H; male, 48, CA, marr, carpenter

Taylor, Hettie; fem, 39, CA, marr

Taylor, Leslie; male, 11, WA, single

Taylor, Earnest; male, 7, WA, single

Cook, Henry; male, 47, Germany, marr, laborer

Cook, Rosa; fem, 39, WI, marr

Cook, Lyle; male, 15, NE, single

Cook, Lusha; male, 13, NE, single

Cook, Ray; male, 11, NE, single

Cook, Claud; male, 9, WA, single

Cook, Vivian; fem, 6, WA, single

Cook, Willie; male, 4, WA, single

Cook, Pearl; fem, 1, WA, single

Raymond, A E; fem, 40, MN, single, dressmaker

Raymond, Lola; fem, 15, SD, single

Raymond, Grover; male, 17, SD, single

Dunning, A S; male, 70, OH, marr, laborer

Dunning, Sidney; fem, 66, PA, marr

Dunning, Frank E; male, 39, MN, single, laborer

Hill, J F; male, 45, MO, marr, bookkeeper

Hill, Margaret; fem, 40, OH/OR, marr

Hill, Russell; male, 14, OR, single

Hill, Margaret; fem, 13, OR, single

McKinnon, Dan; male, 22, Canada, single, flour packer

McRae, J C; male, 36, Scotland, single, miller

Olwell, W J; male, 35, WI, marr, miller

Olwell, Emma; fem, 30, IL, marr

Olwell, Murray; male, 3, WA, single

Olwell, Eugene; male, 1, WA, single

Kyser, Jess; male, 27, PA, single, mill hand

Redick, J A; male, 34, IA, single, mill hand

Smith, A Y; male, 25, MO, marr, laborer

Smith, A; fem, 24, AR, marr

Smith, Erastus; male, 4, MO, single

Smith, Oby; male, 2, MO, single

Branser, H C; male, 30, Germany, marr, laborer

Branser, E T; fem, 29, Germany, marr

Branser, Alfred; male, 7, NE, single

Branser, Hellen; fem, 5, NE, single

Branser, Della; fem, 1, NE, single

Williams, Annie; fem, 60, Sweden

Williams, Hannah; fem, 19, UT, single

Williams, Chrittie; fem, 16, UT, single

Harris, Alonza; male, 27, IN, marr

Harris, K B; fem, 26, IL, marr

Harris, Felix; male, 45, IN, marr

Harris, E E; fem, 3, IL, marr (error)

Schlechting, Wm; male, 50, Germany, single

Schlechting, August; male, 20, WI, single

Schlechting, Carl; male, 18, WI, single

Schlechting, Martha; fem, 16, MN, single

Schlechting, Mary; fem, 8, MN, single

Schlechting, Willie; male, 7, MN, single

Stiller, Reinhart; male. 53, Germany, marr, laborer

Stiller, Agusta; fem, 50, Germany, marr

Stiller, Emma; fem, 30, WI, single

Stiller, Edith; fem, 28, WI, single

Stiller, Henry; male, 26, WI, single

Stiller, Edward; male, 24, WI, marr

Stiller, Lilly; fem, 17, MN, single

Stiller, Annie; fem, 14, MN, single

Stiller, Nellie; fem, 10, MN, single

Stiller, Ruth; fem, 1, MN, single

Kent, Simon; male, 39, MO, marr, laborer

Kent, Sarah; fem, 33, MO, marr

Kent, Floy; fem, 14, MO, single

Kent, Lula; fem, 12, MO, single

Bond, J M; male, 42, TN, single, laborer

Terrerol, F E; fem, 24, TN, single

Level, J A; male, 44, WI, marr, laborer

Level, Ella; fem, 34, IA, marr

Level, Minnie; fem, 18, WA, single

Level, Anna; fem, 16, WA, single

Level, John; male, 13, WA, single

Level, Eddie; male, 7, WA, single

Estep, Henry; male, 51, VA, marr, miller

Estep, Florance; fem, 41, IA, marr

Estep, Ollie; fem, 19, WA, single

Estep, Chister; male, 17, WA, single

Estep, Archie; male, 10, WA, single

Schlechting, Bertha; fem, 13, MO, single

Estep, Floyd; male, 6, WA, single

Estep, Myrtle; fem, 3 mos, WA, single

Timm, Albert F; male, 32, WI, marr, carpenter

Timm, Lucy; fem, 24, UT, marr

Timm, Caroline; fem, 59, Germany, single

Peebles, John; male, 36, Australia, marr, engineer (Pebles)

Peebles, Lucy; fem, 30, MN, marr

Peebles, Joseph; male, 11, WA, single

Peebles, Henry; male, 4, WA, single

Russell, C W; male, 52, OH, marr, blacksmith

Russell, Caroline; fem, 49, OH, marr

Russell, H M; male, 19, OH, single

Russell, Frank _; male, 10, OH, single

Ross, Robert; male, 22, MO, marr, laborer

Ross, Rose; fem, 19, WI, marr

Ross, Blanch; fem, 3 mos, WA, single

Snyder, Francis; male, 47, CA, single, laborer

Snyder, Hazel; fem, 8, WA, single

Bayliss, Mary; fem, 18, WA, single, stenographer

Anderson, F W; male, 33, MN, marr, banker

Anderson, Grace; fem, 28, IL, marr

Anderson, Reynold; male, 7, MN, single

Anderson, Elizabeth; fem, 5, MN, single

Sly, Fred; male, 36, MN, marr, banker

Sly, Belle; fem, 34, MN, marr

Sly, Harmon; male, 4, MN, single

Anderson, E W; male, 23, MN, single, banker

McLellan, Fred; male, 54, Nova Scotia, marr, merchant

McLellan, Dacy; fem, 38, IL, marr

McLellan, Beatric; fem, 2, WA, single

Glazebrook, John; male, 62, IN, marr, carpenter

Glazebrook, Mary; fem, 59, IL, marr

Glazebrook, Bessie; fem, 19, WA, single

Berge, J H; male, 44, PA, marr, merchant

Berge, Ida; fem, 41, IA, marr

Berge, Clarance; male, 13, NE, single

Berge, Hallard; male, 10, NE, single

Berge, Mary; fem, 8, NE, single

McKay, Albert; male, 50, PA, marr, printer

McKay, Amanda; fem, 50, IL, marr

Staples, Minnie; fem, 17, WI, single

Kruger, Otto; male, 37, Germany, marr, laborer (name reversal)

Kruger, Minnie; fem, 30, Germany, marr

Kruger, John; male, 6, NE, single

Kruger, Emma; fem, 4, NE, single

Kruger, Benjamin; male, 2, NE, single

Logsden, G T; male, 43, IL, marr, merchant (Logsdon)

Logsden, Anna; fem, 32, TX, marr

Logsden, Elmare; male/female, 8, WA, single

Cardin, Ansen; male, 55, TN, marr, carpenter (Carden)

Cardin, Blanch; fem, 16, TN, marr

Buckwalter, Frank; male, 53, IA, marr, laborer

Buckwalter, A L C; fem, 54, MI, marr

Buckwalter, Anna; fem, 20, KS, single

Buckwalter, Elmer; male, 18, KS, single

Buckwalter, Ralph; male, 14, KS, single

Parroll, John; male, 26, IA, single, engineer

Higgins, Stephen; male, 36, Ireland, marr, engineer

Higgins, Anna; fem, 30, Ireland, marr

Higgins, Christie; male, 11, WA, single

Higgins, Millie; male, 9, WA, single

Higgins, John; male, 8, WA, single

Higgins, Arthur; male, 7, WA, single

Higgins, Harrold; male, 5, WA, single

Higgins, Hellen; fem, 3 mos, WA, single

Knappert, E C; male, 40, Germany, marr, carpenter

Knappert, Anna; fem, 24, Germany, marr

Knappert, Mata; fem, 16, IL, single

Knappert, Lillie; fem, 12, NE, single

Knappert, Walter; male, 6, SD, single

Knappert, Gertrude; fem, 4, SD, single

Knappert, Catherine; fem, 3, SD, single

Payne, C H; male, 48, AR, marr

Payne, Nelnora (sic); fem, 39, CA, marr

Miller, J A; male, 38, Germany, marr, barber

Miller, Anna; male (sic), 36, Canada, marr

Miller, Arthur; male, 13, WA, single

Miller, Matilda; fem, 10, WA, single

Miller, Laylin; male, 8, WA, single

Miller, Myurtle; fem, 6, WA, single

Graham, Earnest; male, 22, MA, marr, barber

Moylan, Dennis; male, 38, Ireland, marr, liveryman

Moylan, Lula; fem, 31, NY, marr

Moylan, John; male, 7, WA, single

Moylan, Rosa; fem, 5, WA, single

Moylan, Joseph; male, 2, WA, single

Johnson, Mary; fem, 14, WA, single

Knapp, H W; male, 38, WI, marr, druggist

Knapp, Ida; fem, 36, IL, marr

Knapp, Ruth; fem, 12, WA, single

Knapp, Hellen; fem, 10, WA, single

Knapp, Howard, male, 8, WA, single

Knapp, Gene; male, 4, WA, single

Neal, Alice; fem, 38, WV, single, teacher

Phar, J T; male, 34, OR, marr, laborer

Phar, Christina; fem, 31, Canada, marr

Phar, Hattie; fem, 9, WA, marr (sic)

Phar, Olif; fem, 6, WA, marr (sic)

Phar, Kattie; fem, 3, WA, marr (sic)

Goulder, Nannie; fem, 19/10, KY, marr (sic)

Perkins, J H; male, 36, MO, marr, teacher

Perkins, Minnie; fem, 34, MO, marr

Perkins, Laura; fem, 12, MO, single

Perkins, Frank; male, 11, MO, single

Perkins, Fredrick; male, 8, MO, single

Keedy, H C; male, 41, MD, marr, merchant

Keedy, Lizzy; fem, 30, CA, marr

Keedy, Bessie; fem, 11, WA, single

Phillips, Josephine; fem, 36, IA, marr

Phillips, J B; male, 39, AR, marr, laborer

Phillips, Earl; male, 17, AR, single

Phillips, Ethel; fem, 15, ID, single

Phillips, Eugene; male, 13, WA, single

Phillips, Eva; fem, 11, WA, single

Phillips, Orlin; male, 8, WA, single

Phillips, Elsie; fem, 6, WA, single

Earl, J W; male, 50, WV, marr, laborer

Earl, Julia; fem, 47, OH, marr

Jackson, Martha; fem, 23, OH, single, teacher

Cuddy, Mary; fem, 57, Ireland, marr

Moore, R P; male, 40, AR, marr, physician

Moore, Belle; fem, 29, MO, marr

Moore, Clay; male, 3, WA, single

Rodgers, Call; fem, 20, IA, single

Hopple, J A; male, 67, Canada, marr, harness maker

Hopple, Hattie; fem, 47, NY, marr

Hopple, Ada; fem, 20, MN, single

Hopple, Archie; male, 14, WA, single

Hopple, Fay; male, 13, WA, single

Davies, L; male, 37, PA, marr, lawyer

Davies, Belle; fem 37, PA, marr

Davies, Wayne; male, 8, WA, single

Hutchinson, Martha; fem, 63, PA, single

Hutchinson, Daisy; fem, 18, PA, single

Peart, W H; male, 39, England, marr, merchant

Peart, Mary; fem, 31, KY, marr

Neyland, C A; male, 30, PA, marr, real estate

Neyland, Effie; fem, 25, UT, marr

Neyland, Virne; fem, 3, WA, single

Kahse, Henry; male, 41, Germany, marr, carpenter

Kahse, Augusta; fem, 23, Germany, marr

Dragar, Jane; fem, 67, Germany, single (Drazar, Drayar)

Turner, L J; fem, 62, PA, single

Cisno, M A; male, 33, IL, marr, hardware

Cisno, Evelyn; fem, 22, WA, marr

Cisno, Richard; male, 2, WA, single

Cisno, Marcella; fem, 6 mos, WA, single

Rowland, G W; male, 50, OR, marr, laborer

Rowland, May; fem, 33, OR, marr

Rowland, Frank; male, 12, WA, single

Rowland, Austin; male, 10, WA, single

Rowland, Destir; male, 8, WA, single

Bigge, J H; male, 47, KY, marr, laborer (Biggs)

Bigge, E T; fem, 38, NH, marr

Luce, F H; male, 43, WI, marr, banker

Luce, Nellie; fem, 40, IL, marr

Graham, W C; male, 28, OH, marr, dentist

Graham, Carrie; fem, 23, IA, marr

Lukas, E E; male, 33, IL, marr, merchant (Lucas)

Lukas, Francis; fem, 25, IN, marr

Lukas, Ellsworth; male, 5, IN, single

Lukas, Adolph; male, 3 mos, IN, single

Nolan, May; fem, 23, IN, marr

Smith, Vernon; male, 30, MO, single, laborer

Jessie, Lydia; fem, 24, MO, marr

Jessie, Emmott; male, 4, MO, single

Jessie, Willmott; male, 3, MO, single

Redick, J H; male, 42, IA, marr

Redick, Ida; fem, 27, CA, marr

Redick, Raymond; male, 2, WA, single

Jaynes, W H; male, 54, PA, marr, carpenter

Jaynes, J J; fem, 58, PA, marr

Jaynes, Stephen; male, 23, PA, single

Jaynes, Townes; male, 21, PA, single

Jaynes, Stanley; male, 18, PA, single

Jaynes, Augusta; fem, 16, PA, single

Baker, H C; male, 31, PA, single

Glasgow, D M; male, 41, IN, marr, Imp.

Glasgow, Mar; fem, 31, PA, marr

Glasgow, Cecil; male, 10, WA, single

Glasgow, Leo; male, 8, WA, single

Glasgow, Orpha; fem, 5, WA, single

Glasgow, Arron; male, 3, WA, single

Jerrerso, Anna; fem, 23, WI, single

Mansfield, W O; male, 43, IL, marr

Mansfield, Mary; fem, 35, IL, marr

Mansfield, Claud; male, 10, WA, marr (sic)

Stephens, W E; male, 36, PA, marr, real estate

Stephens, Minerva; fem, 37, PA, marr

Stephens, Ewing; male, 15, PA, single

Stephens, Elenor; fem, 10, IA, single

Stephens, Ruth; fem, 4, IA, single

Huffman, Lula; fem, 29, IL, marr

Laughden, N A; male, 45, OH, marr, farmer  (?Laughbon)

Laughden, Lide; fem, 41, OH, marr

Laughden, Roy; male, 16, KS, single

Laughden, Alma; fem, 13, KS, single

Laughden, Frank; male, 11, WA, single

Laughden, Marien; male/female, 7, WA, single

Laughden, Dewey; male, 5, WA, single

Laughden, Lawrance; male, 2, WA, single

Parks, J H; 36, male, IA, marr, laborer

Parks, Jeannie; fem, 29, WA, marr

Parks, Charles; male, 11, WA, single

Parks, Lillie; fem, 10, WA, single

Parks, Gordon; male, 7, WA, single

Moore, George; male, 42, Canada, marr, mason

Moore, Minnie; fem, 28, MI, marr

Moore, Waller; male, 8, WA, single

Moore, Vinsen; male, 3, WA, single

Inkster, J S; male, 43, England, marr, grain dealer

Inkster, Laura; fem, 36, MO, marr

Inkster, Bernadin; fem, 7, WA, single

Inkster, Winfred; fem, 5, WA, single

Inkster, Ruth; fem, 2, WA, single

Strout, A D; male, 55, MD, marr, farmer

Strout, Addie; fem, 44, CA, marr

Strout, A W; male, 26, CA, marr

Strout, Mabel; fem, 17, WA, single

Strout, Lena; fem, 37, Sweden, marr

Lowary, Adda; fem, 23, CA, marr

Lowary, George; male, 31, MO, marr

Lowary, Blanche; fem, 3, WA, single

Weak, G W; male, 47, OH, marr, teacyher

Weak, Ida; fem, 36, OH, marr

Baske, Fred; male, 39, Germany, marr, lumber merchant

Baske, Laura; fem, 37, Germany, marr

Baske, Fred Jr; male, 16, Germany, single

Baske, Hugo; male, 12, NE, single

Pigg, J W; male, 47, MO, farmer (?Piyg)

Pigg, Malenda; fem, 41, MO, marr

Pigg, Almira; fem, 21, MO, single

Pigg, Harry; male, 18, MO, single

Pigg, Rena; fem, 12, MO, single

Pigg, Eva; fem, 10, MO, single

Parks, Elsie; fem, 2, MO, single

Salisbury, A W; male, 37, ME, marr

Salisbury, Elizebeth; fem, 29, NV, marr

Salisbury, Helen; fem, 3, WA, single

Salisbury, Jay; male, 6 mos, WA, single

Sullivan, May; fem, 34, KS, single, dressmaker

Sullivan, Bridge; fem, 73, Ireland, marr

Fraser, J E; male, 31, Scotland, marr, ins. Agent

Fraser, Loo; fem, 25, CA, marr

Fraser, Mildred; fem, 4, WA, single

Inkster, J J; male, 40, Scotland, marr, sheriff

Inkster, Maggie; fem, 35, Canada, marr

Inkster, Mable; fem, 10, WA, single

Gibson, C C; male, 46, MO, marr, bookkeeper

Gibson, Mary; fem, 37, OR, marr

Gibson, Guy; male, 17, WA, single

Gibson, Charles; male, 15, WA, single

Gibson, Arthur; male, 13, WA, single

Gibson, Naomi; fem, 9, WA, single

Gibson, Mabel; fem, 6, WA, single

Gibson, Fredrick; male, 4, WA, single

Gibson, Stanley; male, 1, WA, single

Stiller, Reinhardt; male, 50, Germany, marr, farmer

Stiller, Augusta; fem, 49, Germany, marr

Stiller, Henry; male, 26, WI, single

Stiller, Lillie; fem, 17, MN, single

Stiller, Anna; fem, 14, MN, single

Stiller, Nettie; fem, 10, MN, single

Enbanks, John; male, 10, MN, single

Mattice, Martin; male, 38, NY, marr

Mattice, Edith; fem, 28, WI, marr

Mattice, Archie; male, 14, WI, single

Mattice, Esther; fem, 4, WI, single

Strout, W A; male, 34, OR, marr, carpenter

Strout, Emma; fem, 32, MN, marr

Strout, Gertrude; fem, 9, WA, single

Strout, Zella; fem, 8, WA, single

Strout, Mildred; fem, 3, WA, single

Pershall, J B; male, 39, IA, marr, cattle dealer

Pershall, Della; fem, 37, IA, marr

Pershall, Ora; fem, 18, IA, single

Pershall, Hallie; male, 15, WA, single

Pershall, Effie; fem, 12, WA, single

Pershall, Erma; fem, 6, WA, single

Pershall, Estella; fem, 5, WA, single

Hause, Sarah; fem, 58, MI; single (?House)

Denson, Lena; fem, 15, MI, single

Denson, Fredrick; male, 12, WA, single

Finney, M E; fem, 75, IL, single

Flint, Edith; fem, 40, IL, marr, teacher

Flint, Gladys; fem, 16, WI, single

Flint, Frank; male, 10, WA, single

Koehler, G; male, 26, Germany, single, minister

Koehler, Rudolph; male, 15, Germany, single

Branson, Swain; male, 36, OH, marr, merchant

Branson, Elizabeth; fem, 26, IN, marr

Branson, Gretta; fem, 5, WA, single

Branson, Nathan; male, 1, WA, single

Warwick, Maynard; male, 50, TN, marr

Warwick, Rilda; fem, 45, TN, marr

Warwick, Jesse; male, 17, WA, single

Warwick, Clyde; male, 15, WA, single

Warwick, George; male, 13, WA, single

Warwick, Denny; male, 9, WA, single

Myers, H A P; male, 35, OH, marr, lawyer

Myers, M B; fem, 24, Canada, marr

Myers, Wenzell; male, 1, WA, single

Backenhaus, Minnie; fem, 17, IL, single (Bakenhaus?)

Fry, J W; male, 65, OH, marr, farmer

Fry, Martha; fem, 50, CA, marr

Fry, Rhoda; fem, 18, CA, single

Fry, John; male, 16, WA, single

Fry, William; male, 14, WA, single

Fry, Arthur; male, 10, WA, single

Fry, Cecil; fem, 9, WA, single

Fry, David; male, 6, WA, single

VanHorn, Francis; male. 39, OR, marr, miner

VanHorn, Josephine; fem, 29, MO, marr

VanHorn, Wm; male, 12, OR, single

Pennington, Peter; male, 14, OR, single

Brown, A S; male, 34, OR, marr, dept. auditor

Brown, Berta; fem, 32, TX, marr

Brown, R A; male, 10, WA, single

Brown, V H; male, 8, WA, single

Brown, B B; fem, 3, WA, single

Johnson, Harriet; fem, 37, Canada, marr, music teacher

Johnson, Eleaner; fem, 15, WA, single

Johnson, Walter; male, 14, WA, single

Johnson, Lucile; fem, 12, WA, single

Lambert, A F; male, 44, England, marr, banker

Lambert, Livene; fem, 40, England, marr

Finney, Wm; male, 69, OH, marr, merchant

Finney, Melissa; fem, 65, VA, marr

Finney, W H; male, 30, IL, single

Finney, Ottie; fem, 25, IL, single



Census of Davenport, Lincoln County, Washington

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 Marge Womach

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