1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


 Page eight




Baderstscher, E; male, 20, Switzerland, harness maker

Peters, W R; male, 28, Canada, harness maker

Peters, Lillie; female, 18, TN

Rickett, A; male, 55, OH

Peterson, J H; male, 25, Sweden, mason

Peterson, C E; female, 30, Sweden

Staadecker, E; male, 20, Germany, laborer

Adam, Jos; male, 29, Germany, laborer

Hermanson, E; male, 20, Sweden, mason

Bliset, O; male, 26, Sweden, mason

Winters, Reinhold; male, 30, Germany, saloonkeeper

Johnson, P W; male, 28, Germany, saloonkeeper

Dunaway, Jas; male, 27, Ireland, laborer

Richards, R W; male, 31, WI, printer

Richards, Celia; female, 26, CA

Hinman, A B; male, 28, IL, ____

StClair, Abe; male, 38, PA, laborer

Moore, J D; male, 23, WI, Car Rep

Bernard, S H; male, 22, OR, brakeman

Caswell, Chas W; male, 26, MN, waiter

Fitzgerald, Wm; male, 36, NY, teamster

Gibson, B O; male, 32, IA,             cook

Reed, Albert I; male, 29, MN, civil eng

Reed, Mary; female, 23, MN

Knappen, T M; male, 20, WI, civil eng

Reed, C A; male, 20, MN, civil eng

French, H A; male, 29, VT, civil eng

Andrew, Oliver; male, 32, IN, civil eng

Halkins, Thos; male, 58, Ireland, laborer

Morris, Frank; male, 51, Ireland, laborer

Moore, H; male, 35, IL, laborer

Karwyn, Richard; male, 60, Ireland, laborer

O’Donnell, C; male, 29, MN, merchant

Clifford, J W; male, 24, MN, merchant

Niland, P; male, 31, Ireland, _____

Reed, M E; male, 27, MN, civil eng

Smith, A W; male, 30, NY, civil eng

Sherlock, C; male, 24, OR, civil eng

Hummeland, B; male, 25, Norway, ____

Hubbard, W A; male, 19, MA, _____

Burke, J P; male, 35, Sweden, laborer

Swanson, Chas; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Chas; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Bailey, Ed; male, 30, Norway, laborer

Johnson, Emanuel; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Swanson, Gus; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Isaacson, Carl; male, 35, Sweden, laborer

Isaacson, Frank; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Peterson, C A; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Hughes, Thos; male, 52, _____, laborer

Ohlson, Nels; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Galvin, Martin; male, 63, Ireland, laborer

Moran, Mike; male, 20, Ireland, laborer

Beaton, August; male, 56, Canada, laborer

Julling, Phil; male, 32, Canada, laborer

Johnson, J P; male, 30, Canada, laborer

Peterson, Robt; male, 35, Canada, laborer

Donaldson, Harry; male, 24, Canada, laborer

Whalen, Mike; male, 38, Ireland, laborer

McDonald, R W; male, 40, Canada, laborer

Cassidy, Jno; male, 29, Canada, laborer

Hanley, M; male, 32, MA, laborer

Donnelly, Joe; male, 25, NY, laborer

Keller, George; male, 31, PA, laborer

McGowan, Chas; male, 30, WI, teamster

Folsom, Andrew; male, 22, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Martin; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Harkins, J; male, 55, Ireland, laborer

McGinnis, Robt; male, 27, Canada, foreman

Clark, J; male, 27, NY, laborer

Matson, Charles; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Clark, Jno; male, 30, OH, laborer

Gordan, Jas; male, 37, Scotland, laborer

Jacobson, Chas; male, 22, Finland, laborer

Lawson, G; male, 33, Sweden, laborer

Young, Fred; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

O’Dell, Fred; male, 24, WI, laborer

Offmer, George; male, 21, Canada, laborer

Blake, J M; male, 25, NY, laborer

Anderson, Andrew; male, 23, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Gus; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Stockman, Jno; male, 33, Germany, laborer

Nelson, O; male, 25, Norway, laborer

Hansen, Ben; male, 38, Norway, laborer

Hawkins, Andrew; male, 29, Norway, laborer

Johnson, O; male, 34, Sweden, laborer

Lyons, R C; male, 20, CA, laborer

Lee, Christq; male, 26, Norway, laborer

Soderstrom, Gus; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Lind, John; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Dufra, Andrew; male, 39, Sweden, laborer

Thomison, Robt; male, 40, Norway, laborer

Fossil, Ole; male, 29, Norway, laborer

Brown, Fred; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Olsen, John; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Nelson, Alfred; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Waleen, Charles; male, 35, Sweden, laborer

Hegburg, Andrew; male, 46, Sweden, laborer

Engstrom, Frank; male, 37, Sweden, laborer

Sullivan, Jno; male, 25, Ireland, laborer

Gerard, Ed; male, 26, OH, laborer

Tralm, Jos; male, 14, PA, laborer

Burke, Jno; male, 47, Ireland, laborer

Anderson, Andrew; male, 23, Sweden, laborer

Sass, Charles; male, 24, IA, laborer

Buckley, J L; male, 18, Sweden, laborer

Oian, Christ; male, 21, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, W; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Bishop, W; male, 61, NB, laborer

Souza, Jno; male, 40, Austria, laborer

Olson, Andrew; male, 21, Sweden, laborer

Carlson, C J; male, 37, Sweden, laborer

McGraw, Pat; male, 52, Ireland, laborer

Dunn, Pat; male, 37, PA, laborer

Carlwick, Dan; male, 33, Austria, laborer

Bedford, Wm            ; male, 26, MI, cook

Lytle, George; male, 25m OH, cook

Mather, Myson; male, 20, WI, cook

Layden, William; male, 18, PA, cook

Anderson, Robert; male, 21, Sweden, cook

Johnson, Anton; male, 32, Norway, laborer

Anderson, John; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Gustave; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Nelson, Nels; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Ceder, Ed; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Hill, Antone; male, 21, Norway, laborer

Johnson, Fred; male, 47, Norway, laborer

Eriksen, Ludwick; male, 25, Norway, laborer

Anderson, Holger; male, 30, Norway, laborer

Wolfe, Wm; male, 21, Ireland, laborer

Carlson, Pete; male, 23, Sweden, laborer

Grugg, William; male, 25, MI, laborer

Davis, Joe; male, 40, Wales, laborer

Martinson, Nels; male, 35, Sweden, laborer

Peterson, John; male, 45, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Axel; male, 23, Sweden, laborer

Moberg, Andrew; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Selmer, John; male, 22, Norway, laborer

Olson, P W; male, 47, Sweden, laborer

Lindquist, Gus; male, 33, Sweden, laborer

Malgren, J M; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Andrew; male, 41, Sweden, laborer

Gilles, J M; male, 24, Prince Ed Is, cook

Roach, Dan; male, 27, Canada, laborer

Wimpenny, Sam; male, 34, Canada, laborer

Bradwant, Jno; male, 35, England, laborer

Finn, W; male, 21, England, laborer

Killing, Thomas; male, 26, England, laborer

Lupfer, E P; male, 23, PA, civil eng.

Thomison, William; male, 24, Scotland, civil eng

Carlin, Dan; male, 34, Canada, civil eng.

Grant, J M; male, 27, Canada, laborer

West, H J; male, 36, Canada, laborer

Carney, John; male, 20, Canada, laborer

Mize, W S; male, 21, Canada, laborer

Scott, T; male, 18, Sweden, laborer

Lunberg, Helmer; male, 16, Sweden, laborer

Wallin, M W; male, 24, Sweden, laborer

Jerke,  August; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Oman, John; male, 36, OR, laborer

Coop, W T; male, 44, WI, laborer

Coop, Christina; female, 44, NE

Coop, Malinda; female, 18, OR

Coop, A B; male, 17, OR

Coop, Maude S; female, 4, WA

Wilson, C B; male, 30, IN, brakeman

Glasscock, B B; male, 48, MO, real estate

Glasscock, Annie; female, 34, CA

Undernach, Sophia; female, 30, IA

Armstrong, Wm; male, 40, Canada, laborer

Hagen, Chas; male, 32, Norway, carpenter

Hagen, Lizzie; female, 25, IL

Hagen, Walter; male, 2, WA

Hagen, Hugh; male, 4, WA

Williams, C A; male, 31, NY, RR Cond.

Williams, Nettie; female, 26, MI

Williams, Ralph; male, 1, WA

Bevier, Eliza; female, 54, MI

Bevier, Frank; male, 24, MI, clerk

Baskerville, M; male, 34, England, minister

Baskerville, Emma; female, 29, England

Baskerville, Hedley; male, 7, IL

Baskerville, Ethel M; female, 3, NE

Hallam, Libbie; female, 25, CA

Hallam, Forrest; male, 2, WA

Hunter, John; male, 24, Canada, laborer

Merrill, F; male, 26, ME, civil eng.

Kiene, E A; male, 20, MN, civil eng.

Mulhall, Jas; male, 51, Canada, _____

Otto, Chris; male, 27, WI, cook

Lupfer, A M; male, 34, PA, civil eng.

Nutguat, Wm; male, 52, Ireland, laborer

Loganbill, Chris; male, 25, Switzerland, laborer

Keel, Sam; male, 35, PA, laborer

Lillengren, Chas; male, 32, Denmark, laborer

Davis, J; male, 23, MO, laborer

Linburg, Jno; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Thomson, Pete; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Frank; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Nelson, N P; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Allison, W H; male, 42, OH, laborer

Skegen, Matt; male, 28, Norway, laborer

Bodin, Mike; male, 53, Ireland, laborer

Kelly, William; male, 48, PA, laborer

Boyle, J H; male, 60, PA, laborer

Gordon, David; male, 20, PA, laborer

Saloner, Jack; male, 14, PA, laborer

Haley, Jas; male, 50, PA, laborer

Hollister, Ernest; male, 15, Ireland, laborer

Powers, John; male, 55, Ireland, laborer

Kennedy, Wm; male, 38, Canada, laborer

Caker, John; male, 20, Canada, laborer

Crine, Bill; male, 20, Canada, laborer

Tiffany, Joe; male, 26, Canada, laborer

McGrath, Pat; male, 52, Canada, laborer

Lawson, Alex; male, 54, Canada, laborer

Erikson, Alex; male, 56, Sweden, laborer

Preston, Jos; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Screene, Pete; male, 14, Italy, laborer

Vegenaugh, August; male, 53, Sweden, laborer

Day, W H; male, 50, Sweden, laborer

McCarthy, Jack; male, 20, Ireland, laborer

Lightfoot, Walter; male, 20, Ireland, laborer

Kelly, John; male, 20, Ireland, laborer

Scott, L T; male, 20, NY, laborer

Wilson, John; male, 52, NY, laborer

Anderson, Gust; male, 22, OH, laborer

Damon, Wm; male, 20, OH, laborer

Maxwell, C; male, 20, OH, laborer

Mahoney, Tom; male, 60, Ireland, laborer

McLaughlin, Jno; male, 52, Ireland, laborer

Seaman, Chris; male, 56, Germany, laborer

Spencer, John; male, 52, OH, laborer

Squire, Sam; male, 18, OH, laborer

Lyons, R C; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Dahlstrom, John; male, 17, Sweden, laborer

Burkman, J L; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Page, S; male, 38, WI, farmer

Parker, Horace; male, 60, PA, farmer

Parker, Louise; female, 56, NY

Parker, Luella; female, 28, OR

Parker, Alpha; female, 25,OR

Capold, Leopold; male, 50, Italy, laborer

Cenniff, John; male, 54, Italy, laborer

Holger, Aggeren; male, 18, Germany, laborer

Louige, Joe; male, 62, Italy, laborer

Vesho, R; male, 42, Italy, laborer

Ruba, Resgua; male, 39, Italy, laborer

Hughes, Pat; male, 52, Ireland, laborer

Garlson, Ole; male, 57, Denmark, laborer

Instrone, Albert; male, 20, Denmark, laborer

Swanson, John; male, 52, Denmark, laborer

N__man, E; male, 19, Denmark, laborer

Anderson, Harry; male, 18, Denmark, laborer

Croswell, Thomas; male, 18, Denmark, laborer

Neal, Ira; male, 20, Denmark, laborer

Anderson, Peter; male, 19, Denmark, laborer

Johnson, Henry; male, 18, Denmark, laborer

Anderson, Robert; male, 26, Denmark, laborer

Peterson, Frank; male, 51, Denmark, laborer

Jackson, W M; male, 39, Denmark, laborer

Graham, W J; male, 28, OH, civil eng.

Jones, R W; male, 20, IA, civil eng.

Cleary, W E; male, 19, WI, civil eng.

Clark, A J; male, 22, Canada, laborer

Shipley, Wm; male, 34, IL, laborer

Donahue, Jas; male, 35, IL, laborer

Hiltman, W; male, 30, OH, laborer

Morris, F M; male, 38, IN, laborer

Henry, Thomas; male, 30, OR, laborer

Munson, H; male, 26, ID, laborer

Jensen, Andy; male, 28, UT, laborer

Evans, Frank; male, 37, MO, laborer

Engleton, Wm; male, 27, NY, laborer

Munson, L; male, 17, UT, laborer

Munson, John; male, 55, Denmark, contractor

Munson, Mary C; female, 42, Denmark

Munson, C L; male, 20, UT, ______

Christianson, Jas; male, 75, Denmark,

Munson, Pete; male, 35, Sweden, laborer

Hagman, Chas; male, 20, MN, laborer

Coughlin, Steve; male, 22, MN, laborer

Olson, S P; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Coughlin, Dan; male, 18, IA, laborer

Hedin, Alfred; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Peterson, Frank; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Coughlin, Wm; male, 26, IA, laborer

Hedford, John; male, 24, Sweden, laborer

Hedford, Peter; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Ryan, J; male, 45, Ireland, laborer

Hedford, Gus; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Hedford, Louis; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Erikson, August; male, 46, Sweden, laborer

Gomery, R; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Lyons, R C; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Burdick, Pogy; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

McBrathy, Jas; male, 52, Sweden, laborer

Higgarty, Jerry; male, 61, Sweden, laborer

Audy, Herbert; male, 21, MO, laborer

Chambers, Wm; male, 32, WI, laborer

Rees, John; male, 26, OH, laborer

Minton, R; male, 25, MO, laborer

Dawson, Thos; male, 24, IL, laborer

Olson, Sam; male, 19, Norway, laborer

Kemrey, Thomas; male, 24, PA, laborer

Dunphy, Peter; male, 28, IL, laborer

Shannon, Thos; male, 24, IL, laborer

Clark, T C; male, 34, CA, laborer

Welch, Charles; male, 31, NY, laborer

Lund, Peter; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Brooks, Wesley; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Lane, Jas; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Chaine, Seth; male, 58, Sweden,             laborer

Chaine, Horace; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Lawson, James; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Erway, Ed; male, 20, A____sk, laborer

Palmquist, Chas; male, 30, A________, laborer

Hall, Amon; male, 56, A_______, laborer

Erikson, Gus; male, 34, A_______, laborer

Swanson, Andrew; male, 40, A______, laborer

Hohn, Erik; male, 40, Norway, contractor

Hohn, Gunhila; female, 35, Norway

Hohn, Henry; male, 10, WI

Hohn, Ella; female, 4, WI

Gilles, J M; male, 26, WI, laborer

Gragg, Wm; male, 20, WI,             laborer

Hill, Antone; male, 22, Denmark, laborer

Anderson, Robert; male, 24, Denmark, laborer

Carlson, Peter; male, 28, Denmark, laborer

Birdsell, M S; male, 36, Denmark, laborer

Swanson, D M; male, 41, Denmark, laborer

Swanson, Nels; male, 44, Denmark, laborer

Anderson, S A; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Henratty, P M; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Benson, B; male, 33, Sweden, laborer

Erikson, O; male, 39, Sweden, laborer

Miller, Andrew; male, 41, Sweden, laborer

Whitestine, Earl; male, 22, Sweden, laborer

Sharpnack, R; male, 40, NJ, laborer

Komarek, Albert; male, 26, NJ, laborer

Marshall, Sam; male, 20, NJ, laborer

Hirsch, Ed; male, 20, Germany, laborer

Fischer, Mark; male, 26, Germany, laborer

Shoberg, Nels; male, 27, Germany, laborer

Anderson, Ole; male, 24, Germany, laborer

Moriarity, Dan; male, 28, Ireland, laborer

Burke, M; male, 24, _______, laborer

Kelly, Thomas; male, 26, Ireland, laborer

Frazer, John; male, 44, Ireland, laborer

Hollinger, Ed; male, 61, Ireland, laborer

Carlson, John; male, 74, Sweden, laborer

Swanson, John; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Gus; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Lindquist, John; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Sea, Charles; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Lindquist, Nels; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Peter; male, 24, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Peter; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Oson, Nels; male, 18, Sweden, laborer

Berghind, Chas; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Reynolds, J; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Gus; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Hansen, Lewis; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Raier, Joe; male, 22, Sweden, laborer

Moran, Joe; male, 27, Ireland, laborer

Thomson, Lu; male, 35, Ireland, laborer

Harpin, Fred; male, 49, Ireland, laborer

Craven, John            ; male, 27, Ireland, laborer

McLaren, Charles; male, 25, Scotland, laborer

Vetter, William; male, 24, IN, laborer

O’Neil, Henry; male, 39, Ireland, laborer

Conardy, John; male, 28, Ireland, laborer

Swain, J; male, 35, Sweden, laborer

Devemy, Charles; male, 24, IA, laborer

Peterson, Pete; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Peterson, Tam; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Nortin, Harry; male, 24, IL, laborer

Graham, Jas; male, 33, IL, laborer

Dolan, Pat; male, 29, Ireland, laborer

Tabin, Dave; male, 26, Ireland, laborer

Middlebanks, E K; male, 54, Ireland, laborer

Anderson, Nels; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Hans, Lee; male, 43, Sweden, laborer

Petterson, Charles; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Lundquist, Gus; male, 36, Norway, laborer

Lundquist, Gus; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Lundquist, Frank; male, 24, Sweden, laborer

Newberry, John; male, 39, Sweden, laborer

Hansen, Peter; male, 37, Sweden, laborer

Swanson, H; male, 46, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Gus; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Shelburg, Martin; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Erikson, Charles; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Carlson, Andrew; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Olson, Andrew; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Huld, Nels; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Davis, John; male, 36, Wabs, laborer

Olsen, John; male, 26, Guuden, laborer

Caswell, C W; male, 20, Guuden, laborer

Olson, Peter; male, 29, Guuden, laborer

Carlson, Charles; male, 31, Guuden, laborer

Hansen, Julius; male, 42, Guuden, laborer

Shelburg, Fred; male, 40, Guuden, laborer

Petterson, Lewis; male, 22, Guuden, laborer

Wickstrom, Charles; male, 28, Guuden, laborer

Anderson, John; male, 34, Guuden, laborer

Johnson, Otto; male, 39, Guuden, laborer

Anderson, Pete; male, 41, Guuden, laborer

Wedeen, Andrew; male, 54, Guuden, laborer

Ball, James I; male, 30, OR, horticulturist

Shaw, L S; male, 25, OH, horticulturist

Estey, C F; male, 30, NH, farmer

Randall, W M; male, 37, NJ, farmer

Low, John; male, 38, OR, farmer

Low, Lucinda; female, 32, OR

Low, Mabel; female, 11, WA

Low, Edna; female, 6, WA

Low, Sam; male, 38, OR, _____

Gent, William; male, 30, MO, farmer

Dixon, N G; male, 25, TN, farmer

Fass, Ed; male, 17, OR, laborer

Sulzberger, M; male, 31, IA, farmer

Sheffels, Robert; male, 35, Germany, farmer

Sheffels, Emma; female, 25, Germany, farmer

Sheffels, Herman; male, 18, Germany, farmer

Childs, Wm O; male, 38, NY, farmer

Childs, E B; male, 40, WI, farmer

Childs, Harrison; male, 73, NY, farmer

Davis, D H; male, 28, Wales, farmer

Fowler, A S; male, 41, PA, farmer

Wilson, J D; male, 32, TN, farmer

Wilson, Abe L; male, 30, TN, farmer

Price, S L; male, 33, WI, farmer

Price, Cora; female, 39, IA

Price, Zetta; female, 3, WA

Price, Dewitt; male, 1, WA

Jones, Arthur; male, 23, OR, farmer

Tobias, Raymond; male, 29, MI, farmer

Tobias, Carrie; female, 28, IL

Adelbert, Goldsmith; male, 24, IL, farmer

Mopin, D E; male, 50, TN, farmer

Mopin, M A; female, 46, TN

Mopin, Susie; female, 13, TN

Acord, James; male, 27, OH, horticulture

Acord, Nora; female, 30, OH

Acord, Walter; male, 20, OH

Acord, Ida; female, 19, OH

Shaw, G; male, 35, OH, horticulture

Shaw, J F; male, 56, KY

Fudge, John; male, 21, OH, laborer

Kaufman, William; male, 40, Germany, farmer

Kaufman, Red; female,  __, WA

Neal, Robert; male, 40, IL, horticulture

Neal, Louise; female, 30, IL

Neal, Raney; male, 12, KS

Neal, Ollie; female, 10, NV

Neal, Fred; male, 7, ID

Neal, Frank; male, 5, WA

Neal, Roy; male, 3, WA

Neal, Nora; female, 1, WA

Johnson, Jno E; male, 38, Finland, stockman

Johnson, Nancy E; female, 19, OR

Erikson, J E; male, 69, Finland, stockman

Parker, H E; male, 50, IN, school teacher

Dawson, William; male, 29, England, farmer

Dawson, Rebecca; female, 26, MI

Dawson, Harry; male, 7, WA

Spencer, Charles; male, 33, OH, farmer

Spencer, Lydia; female, 34, OH

Spencer, William; male, 10, WA

Spencer, Nora; female, 8, WA

Gray, W S; male, 80, NY, farmer

Gray, Nancy; female, 42, NY

Gray, Fannie; female, 15, IA

Gray, Geo H; male, 14, OR

Gray, M; female, 11, OR

Gray, Pearl; female, 9, WA

Gray, Ed; male, 5, WA

Aperson, J M; male, 37, CA, farmer

Aperson, May; female, 23, CA

Aperson, A M; male, 3, CA

Aperson, H M; male, 1, WA

Spencer, Wm H; male, 42, OH, farmer

Spencer, M A; female, 41, IA

Spencer, Chas G; male, 10, WA

Spencer, Alice; female, 5, WA

Spencer, Eugene; male, 3, WA

Macy, Wm S; male, 24, WA, farmer

Low, Ike; male, 26, OR, farmer

Low, Ella; female, 25, WA

Low, Blanche; female, 1, WA

Foldburg, C P; male, 34, Denmark, farmer

Bill, Nick; male, 31, Germany, farmer

Simmonds, N; male, 34, IL, schoolteacher

Foster, Thomas; male, 31, Ireland, farmer

Foster, M E; female, 28, OH

Lorrick, Levi A; male, 41, OH, farmer

Lorrick, Jennie; female, 32, NY

Lorrick, Irene; female, 10, WA

Lorrick, Elmer; male, 8, WA

Lorrick, Liza; female, 5, WA

Gilkerson, H; male, 26, WA, farmer

Gilkerson, Malina; female, 23, WA

Whitestine, J M; male, 66, OH, farmer

Whitestine, A; female, 61, MO

Whitestine, John; male, 18, CA, farmer

Wolverton, John; male, 33, CA

Wolverton, George; male, 25, CA

Wolverton, Fred; male, 27, CA, farmer

Wolverton, Fred W; male, 27, CA

Fisher, M; male, 53, OH, farmer

Fisher, Isabella; female, 49, PA

Fisher, Lucinda; female, 8, IA

Fisher, L I; female, 6, IA

Crosby, F L; male, 20, MN

McCuen, J A; male, 47, IN, farmer

McCuen, Sarah; female, 34, NY

McCuen, Edna; female, 16, MN

McCuen, Ed; male, 12, MN

McCuen, Albert; male, 8, MN


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