1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


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The Lincoln County 1892 census consisted of 5 books, no headings filled in for locations, and the books were not numbered. As such there was no means of being assured that all of the 1892 census was made available. Spellings were used as found, options rarely included. The original file was not usable for internet posting and was retyped in its entirety by Kim Barcewski of CA, to whom all using this file are indebted. I have a photocopy of the original as found at the Lincoln County auditor's office, and would gladly check to see if either of us have dropped any pertinent data from the original. In my own research in Lincoln County I have found names missing from this census that I felt should have been in the county at the time. Census data for this area was taken for 1883, 1885, 1887, 1889, the 1890 destroyed by fire, and 1892. There was also a census taken in 1902; these in addition to the Federal Census each decade. Marge Womach.



Douglass, Sam; male, 51, OH, farmer

Douglass, Z A R; female, 53, IN, farmer

Monk, I H; male, 60, Canada, farmer

Monk, Miranda; female, 50, Canada

Monk, Wesley; male, 31, IA, farmer

Monk, Mary; female, 23, IA

Monk, Wilson; male, 14, IA

Monk, Willie; male, 12, IA

Monk, Peter; male, 27, IA, farmer

Monk, Belle; female, 24, IA

Monk, J W; male, 3, IA

Misner, C E; female, 61, IN

Misner, A Eq; male, 36, IL, farmer

Melcher, A S; male, 37, NY, farmer

Melcher, Mary; female, 32, IL

Melcher, C H; male, 11, OR

Melcher, C J; male, 10, OR

Melcher, E E; female, 6, WA

Melcher, M C; female, 5, WA

Melcher, Loyd; male, 1, WA

Horning, Fred; male, 20, WI, farmer

Scheuss, M; male, 42, Prussia, farmer

Scheuss, Maggie; female,36, Germany

Scheuss, S C; female, 10, WA

Scheuss, Chris; male, 8, WA

Scheuss, William; male,  5, WA

Scheuss, Hannah; female, 3, WA

Scheuss, Lillie; female, 1, WA

Wilcox, S(elim); male, 37, WI, farmer

Wilcox, Eva; female, 32, MN

Wilcox, Seth;  male, 11, WI

Wilcox, Hannah; female, 7, WI

Keaton, J A; male, 48, OH, farmer

Keaton, Nettie R; female, 31, IA

Keaton, M M; female, 10, IA

Keaton, G E; male, 3, WA

Keaton, W P; male, 1, WA

Douglass, C B; male, 31, TX, farmer

Brislawn, J T; male, 30, IA, farmer

Rice, W R; male, 20, IA, farmer

Raymond, G; female, 50, NY, farmer

Raymond, M E; male, 47, OH. farmer

Raymond, Warren; male, 25, IA, farmer

Raymond, Adam; male, 22, IA, farmer

Raymond, Henry; male, 20, IA, farmer

Raymond, George; male, 10, WA, farmer

John, Bernhart; male, 46, Germany, farmer

John, Lena; female, 11, Germany

John, Henrietta; female, 38, Germany

John, Elsie; female, 9, Germany

John, Paul; male, 7, Germany

John, Walter;  male, 5, Germany

John, Emil; male, 2, WA

Studer, E; male, 45, Switzerland, farmer

Studer, Caroline; female, 55, Germany

Studer, William K; male, 16, OH

Fortanier, Robert; male, 53, Germany, farmer

Fortanier, Minnie; female, 47, Germany

Fortanier, Charley; male, 26, __,

Fortanier, Anita; female, 12, NY

Beck, John A; male, 30, Germany, farmer

Beck, M; female, 25, Germany

Beck, Albert; male, 2, WA

Beck, George; male, 6, WA

Jensen, Louie; male, 27, Denmark, farmer

Pickle, J S; male, 44, PA, farmer

Pickle, Malinda; female, 42, IA

Pickle, Annie E; female, 19, IA

Pickle, Edna; female, 16, IA

Pickle, Elvenice; female, 12, IA

Pickle, Joseph W; male, 9, IA

Pickle, Malinda C; female, 4, IA

Hellinger, M; female, 57, Germany, farmer

Hellinger, Frank; male, 25, MN

Hellinger, Clare; female, 20, MN

Hellinger, Lizzie; female, 19, MN

Hellinger, Lucinda; female, 16, MN

Hellinger, John; male, 32, MN

Hellinger, Wm; male, 29, MN

Hucks, ___; male, 28, Germany

Burrill, S L; male, 49, MA, farmer

Burrill, A S; male, 18, IA

Burrill, J R; male, 16, IA

Burrill, Thomas; male, 14, OR

Burrill, R I; male, 12, OR

Buob, William; male, 58, Germany, farmer

Laber, Philip; male, 25, Germany, farmer

Laber, Mary; female, 23, IL

Laber, Laura; female, 3, MN

Laber, Alfred; male, 2, MN

Morgan, George; male, 37, OR, farmer

Morgan, Elizabeth; female, 30, IN

Morgan, Lulu; female, 8, WA

Morgan, Ethel; female, 6, WA

Morgan, Abram; male, 3, WA

Morgan, Geo Jr.; male, 1, WA

Wesp, S R; male, 45, Canada, farmer

Wesp, Mary E; female, 41, IL

Wesp, Sidney P; male, 18, IA

Wesp, Estella E; female, 16, IA

Wesp, Mable C; female, 14, IA

Wesp, Guy S; male, 12, IA

Wesp, Carrie; female, 3, WA

Bohnsin, W L; male, 42, OR, farmer

Bohnsin, Lizzie H; female, 32, CA

Bohnsin, Tina?; female, 11, CA

Bohnsin, Hay; male, 6, WA

Bohnsin, Marguerite; female, 3, WA

Bohnsin, Hazel; female, 1, WA

Hoffman, L; male, 51, Germany, farmer

Hoffman, Henrietta; female, 47, Germany

Hoffman, Julius; male, 23, MN

Hoffman, Ida; female, 19, MN

Hoffman, Simon; male, 17, MN

Hoffman, Emma; female, 15, MN

Hoffman, Henry; male, 11, MN

Hoffman, Louie; male, 9, MN

Hoffman, Lelia; female, 5, WA

Hoffman, Benjamin; male, 3, WA

Hoffman, Freddie; male, 2, WA

Kloster, A; male, 40, Lorraine, farmer

Kloster, Mary; female, 25, Germany

Kloster, Bertha; female, 3, WA

Wilkire, Fred; male, 39, IA, saloon keeper

Wilkire, Katie; female, 27, IA

Whitaker, J R; male, 60, PA, farmer

Whitaker, Caroline; female, 58, Canada

Whitaker, Effie; female, 20, NV

Whitaker, Ida; female, 17, NV

Whitaker, Louela; female, 14, NV

Huesman, F; male, 22, Germany, farmer

Huesman, Bertha; female, 19, NY

Mielke, G; male, 43, Germany, farmer

Mielke, Minnie; female, 55, Germany

Mielke, Bertha; female, 15, MN

Mielke, Eddie; male, 13, MN

Kruger, E; male, 26, MN, farmer

Kruger, Roman; male, 23, MN, farmer

Kruger, Minnie; female, 21, MN

Kruger, Ida; female, 18, MN

Kruger, Gus; male, 30, MN, farmer

Wolkie, ____; male, 52, Germany, farmer

Wolkie, Amelia; female, 22, WI

Wolkie, Martha; female, 3, WA

Wolkie, Attilie; female,1, WA

Borck, C; male, 36, Germany, farmer

Borck, Minnie; female, 31, MI

Borck, Louisa; female, 13, MI

Borck, Martha; female, 11, MI

Borck, Arthur; male, 9, MI

Borck, Paulina; female, 7, MI

Borck, Herman; male, 5, MI

Borck, Omer; male, 3, MI

Borck, Leonard; male, 1, WA

Schultz, A; male, 49, Germany, farmer

Schultz, Caroline; female, 56, Germany

Clausen, F; male, 43, Germany, farmer

Schlaflier, A; male, 40, Germany, farmer

Adams, J B; male, 42, KY, farmer

Adams, Gregory; male, 22, KY

Kik, J D; male, 48, Germany, farmer

Kik, Louisa; female, 26, Germany

Kik, Emma; female, 18, Dakota

Kik, Louisa; female, 17, Dakota

Kik, David; male, 16, Dakota

Kik, Charles; male, 15, Dakota

Kik, William; male, 5, WA

Kik, Minnie; female, 3, WA

Kik, Bertha; female, 1, WA

Schmitz, B; male, 32, Germany

Schmitz, Paulina; female, 30, Germany

Schmitz, Francis P; male, 10, MN

Schmitz, John; male, 8, MN

Schmitz, Bartholomew; male, 6, MN

Schmitz, Mathias; male, 4, MN

Schmitz, Annie; female, 2, WA

Buehler, J; male, 39, MI, farmer

Buehler, Mary; female, 36, MI

Buehler, Minnie; female, 16, MI

Buehler, Emma; female, 14, MI

Buehler, George; male, 13, MI

Buehler, Lydia; female, 10, MI

Buehler, Maggie; female, 8, MI

Buehler, Philip; male, 6, MI

Buehler, Hulda; female, 4, MI

Mitchum, A G; male, 31, CA, farmer

Mitchum, Mattie E; female, 31, CA

Mitchum, Lella N; female, 7, WA

Mitchum, Imogen; female, 4, WA

Button, Lee; male, 56, NY, farmer

Eddie, L B; male, 22, NY, farmer

Knott, John; male, 25, KY, farmer

Tierney, John J; male, 33, NY, farmer

Tierney, Emma; female, 25, CA

Tierney, Lorence; male, 7, WA

Tierney, Mable; female, 5, WA

Tierney, Joseph; male, 2, WA

Huck, A; male, 40, Canada, farmer

Layson, Y H; male, 39, OR

Dodge, G W; male, 28, MI, farmer

Adams, M F; male, 33, KY, farmer

Adams, Lulu; female, 26, KY

Adams, Joseph; male, 4, WA

Adams, Ethel; female, 1, WA

Hughes, J W; male, 27, KY, farmer

Hughes, Emelie; female, 26, KY

Hughes, Albert T; male, 3, WA

Hughes, Mary B; female, 1, WA

Denham, I F; male, 39, MO, farmer

Griffin, W F; male, 22, MO, farmer

Crawford, I N; male, 72, AL, farmer

Crawford, W W; male, 44, IL

Crawford, Katie; female, 22, IL

Crawford, Rebecca; female, 11, IA

Crawford, James R; male, 8, IA

Crawford, Maggie; female, 5, WA

Crawford, William; male, 3, WA

Mulkey, I B; male, 25, OR, stockman

Mulkey, C C; male, 27, OR

Mulkey, S I; female, 64, KY

Conway, John; male, 53, Ireland, farmer

Conway, Hugh; male, 61, Ireland, farmer

LeClair, W E; male, 33, NY, farmer

Grinnell, E; male, 42, NY, farmer

Grinnell, Maggie; female, 40, IL

Grinnell, May; female, 16, CA

Grinnell, Katie; female, 12, CA

Grinnell, Fred; male, 7, CA

Grinnell, Rolla; male, 5, WA

Grinnell, Chancie; male, 3, WA

Grinnell, Lulu; female, 1,WA

Yenne(Jenne), Fred; male, 40, Germany, farmer

Yenne(Jenne), Catherine; female, 34, Germany

Yenne(Jenne), Conrad; male, 13, Germany

Yenne(Jenne), John; male, 8, IL

Yenne(Jenne), Mathilda; female, 5, IL

Holbert, J; male, 55, MO, farmer

Holbert, J W; male, 20, MO

Holbert, Gus;  male, 15, CA

Neilson, S; male, 49, Denmark, farmer

Maurer, J G; male, 62, Germany, farmer

Maurer, Annie; female, 54, Germany

Maurer, Michael; male, 22, MI

Maurer, William; male, 22, MI

Maurer, Sophia; female, 19, MI

Maurer, John; male, 9, MI

Maurer, Herman; male, 15, MI

Holbert, J; male, 55, MO, farmer

Holbert, J W; male, 20, MO

Holbert, G; male, 15, CA

Neilson, S; male, 49, Denmark, farmer

Wood, Martha; female, 49, OH

Belknap, G T; male, 35, PA, farmer

Belknap, Hattie; female, 34, IL

Lawrence, J P; male, 33, OH, farmer

Lawrence, Ella B; female, 30, OH

Lawrence, Edna M; female, 4, WA

Lawrence, Arta F; female, 2, WA

Kruger, H; male, 45, Germany, farmer

Kruger, Dora; female, 35, Germany

Kruger, Grover C; male, 6, WA

Kruger, Charlie C; male, 3, WA

Kruger, Emma; female, 1 , WA

McMillan, J A; male, 30, Canada, farmer

McMillan, Isabella; female, 24, Ireland

Parry, Morris; male, 25, Wales, farmer

Earles, J W; male, 40, OH, farmer

Earles, Julia A; female, 38, OH

Earles, Verdi; female, 11, OH

Rathgen, J; male, 32, Germany, farmer

Baldwin, W P; male, 33, IA, farmer

Baldwin, Harriet; female, 23, OR

Baldwin, LaGrande; male, 1, WA

Galloway, W H; male, 21, ___

Sayne, A; male, 56, ___

Sayne, Mary; female, 1, ___

Horwage, J; male, 60, Germany, farmer

Horwage, Katie; female, 57, Germany

Rice, C F; male, 60, MO, farmer

Rice, Elizabeth; female, 60, TN

Rice, John; male, 23, MO, farmer

Hansan, C; male, 40, Denmark, farmer

Hansan, Mollie; female, 40, VA

Hansan, Anna Bell; female, 16, NE

Hansan, Thomas H; male, 13, NE

Hansan, Clara E; female, 11, NE

Hansan, Dora E; female, 8, WA

Hansan, Lulu M; female, 2, WA

Waller, H; male, 44, Germany, farmer

Berg, A; male, 35, Germany, farmer

Sharp, S; male, 32, AR, farmer

Sharp, Clara R; female, 29, AR

Sharp, Clara; female, 6, AR

Sharp, Minnie; female, 4, OR

Sharp, Agnes; female, 2, WA

Galloway, A; male, 58, MI, fruit raiser

Galloway, Elizabeth; female, 46, MO

Galloway, William; male, 21, WA

Galloway, Hattie; female, 16, WA

Galloway, Effie; female, 12, WA

Galloway, Charles; male, 10, WA

Galloway, Eddie; male, 7, WA

Defrees, James; male, 65, MO, farmer

Defrees, Sarah; female, 63, MO

Defrees, Gilpin; male, 40, MO

Chapel, Wm; male, 36, IL, farmer

Ruse, Wm; male, 33, Germany, farmer

Ruse, Augusta; female, 31, Germany

Ruse, Edward; male, 8, Germany

Ruse, Amelia ; female, 6, Germany

Ruse, Ida; female, 4, MN

Ruse, Emma; female, 3, MN

Kurge/Kruger, L; male, 27, Germany

Kurge, Maggie; female, 29, MI

Kurge, Alkie; female, 1, WA

Borck, G; male, 32, Germany

Borck, Annie; female, 27, MI

Borck, Johanna; female, 10, MI

Borck, Arthur; male, 7, MI

Borck, Orla; male, 5, MI

Borck, Ervin; male, 3, MI

Borck, Harvey; male, 1, WA

Graff, C; male, 66, Germany, farmer

Graff, Mary; female, 64, Germany, farmer

Perry, W G; male, 39, NY, farmer

Perry, Emma; female, 35, AR

Perry, Albert; male, 11, MO

Perry, Lige; female, 10, AR

Perry, Jessie; female, 7, WA

Perry, Nellie; female, 5, WA

Grant, W A; male, 33, MO, farmer

Grant, Anna; female, 35, IL

Grant, Edward A; male, 14, MO

Grant, Prisilla J; female, 12, MO

Grant, Nettie A; female, 11, MO

Grant, Dennis E; male, 9, MO

Cagle, J F; male, 39, TN, farmer

Cagle, Flora; female, 36, MO

Cagle, Laura; female, 15, AR

Cagle, Nora; female, 14, TN

Cagle, Luman; male, 12, MO

Cagle, Walter; male, 6, WA

Cagle,  Anna; female, 4, WA

Cagle, Ira J; male, 2, WA

Wilson, C; male, 28, MO, farmer

Holgendorf, G; male, 19, MO

Earl, Robert; male, 57, IL, farmer

Earl, Lorena; female, 56, IL

Earl, Harry W; male, 20, CA

Earl, Joseph L; male, 18, CA

Earl, Ernest L; male, 11, CA

McMillen, M A; female, 57, IN, farmer

McMillen, C E; male, 27, MO, farmer

McMillen, G A; male, 24, MO, farmer

Baynes, J; male, 34, OH, farmer

Tallent, W; male, 46, Canada, farmer

Huck, M; male, 49, NY, farmer

Huck, George; male, 20, WI, farmer

Huck, Augusta; male, 18, WI, farmer

Timm, F D; male, 35, NY, farmer

Welsch, I; male, 45, Canada, farmer

Welsch, Martha; female, 43, PA

Welsch, Warren; male, 19, KS

Welsch, May; female, 17, KS

Welsch, Isaac; male, 15, KS

Welsch, Claude; male, 10, WA

Oligher, J; male, 42, PA, farmer

Oligher, Ellen; female, 30, WI

Oligher, Josephine; female, 13, CA

Oligher, Johnnie; male, 10, CA

Oligher, Edward; male, 8, CA

Dodge, A E; male, 66, OH, farmer

Dodge, Violet; female, 56, Canada

Dodge, I H; male, 32, MI

Dodge, Mary; female, 27, WA

Dodge, Stanley; male, 2, WA

Dodge, John; male, 30, OH

Dodge, Christina; female, 30, OR

Dodge, Maude; female, 1, WA

Humphrey, __; male, 24, TN, stockman

Clinkington, A; male, 22, AR, stockman

Freeman, W E; male, 35, WI, stockman

Freeman, Elizabeth; female, 20, IL

Freeman, Jessie L; female, 1, WA

Capps, G W; male, 30, CA, farmer

Fitzpatrick, B; male, 55, Ireland, stockman

Staples, C; male, 27, MN, stockman

Staples, R H; male, 33, MN, farmer

Staples, Helena; female, 33, MN

Staples, Minnie; female, 7, MN

Staples, Fred; male, 5, MN

Staples, Ernest; male, 4, MN

Staples, Lee; male, 3, WA

Staples, Edna; female, 1, WA

Staples, John; male, 70, ME, farmer

Staples, Eugene; male, 17, MN, farmer

Staples, Herbert; male, 23, MN, farmer

Hurley, Sarah; female, 65, KY

Hurley, Elizabeth; female, 42, AR

Hurley, B F; female, 38, AR

Gemmill, William; male, 32, WI, farmer

Gemmill, Anita; female, 28, CA

Short, J H; male, 27, IL, farmer

Short, Louisa; female, 30, IL

Short, Samuel H; male, 10, IL

Short, Homer D; male, 8, IL

Short, Lester L; male, 6, IL

Short, Zeno; male, 4, IL

Newall, E P; male, 52, NY, stockman

Bennett, Guy; male, 13, OR

Temple, A J; male, 26, IL, farmer

Bowman, W C; male, 33, MO, farmer

Thomas, J D; male, 44, TN, farmer

Thomas, Rebecca; female, 34, MO

Thomas, P L; male, 19, NE

Thomas, W C; male, 17, MO

Thomas, Stella; female, __, NE

Thomas, Elmer; male, 1, WA

Perkins, Nellie; female, 24, IL

Perkins, Francis; female, 5, WA

Perkins, Lulu; female, 3, WA

Bowman, May; female, 25, OR

Bowman, Jasper; male, 5, WA

Bowman, Carl; male, 1, WA

Cross, Jas R; male, 34, NY, farmer

Cross, Lizzie M; female, 28, OH

Cross, Jennie A; female, 1, WA

Cross, Baby; female, 1, WA

Wilkenson, T C; male, 32, MO, farmer

Wilkenson, Etta M; female, 24, NE

Wilkenson, Roy H; male, 3, NE

McKinney, C D; male, 32, IA, stockraiser

Anderson, Louis; male, 38, Sweden, farmer

Stewart, John S; male, 21, IN, farmer

Stewart, James H; male, 27, IN, farmer

Perkins, A H; male, 36, OR, farmer

Rossman, Joseph; male, 28, Germany, farmer

Johnson, John A; male, 32, Sweden, farmer

Richardson, B F; male, 27, WA, farmer

Richardson, Nellie; female, 20, WA

Richardson, Ipha; female, 1, WA

Wagner, Dan; male, 49, Germany, stockraiser

Wagner, Kate; female, 18, MO

Wagner, Caroline; female, 16, MO

Wagner, George; male, 14, MO

Wagner, Winnie; female, 13, MO

Wagner, Leonard; male, 10, MO

Wagner, Frank; male, 2, WA

Gerlach, F G; male, 24, MI, farmer

Gerlach, C G; male, 29, MI, farmer

Dwinell, Lucius; male, 24, MO, farmer

Draper, W C; male, 27, MI, farmer

Draper, Alice; female, 31, MI

Draper, Ethel            ; female, 8, MI

Draper, Leley; male, 5, MI

Draper, Lettie; female, 2, MI

Shanghnessy, Marguerite; female, 47, Ireland

Shanghnessy, Frank; male, 16, IA

Shanghnessy, Lucy; female, 15, IA

Shanghnessy, George; male, 12, IA

Smith, A J; male, 43, MI, farmer

Smith, Elizabeth; female, 42, England

Smith, Mary; female, 15, MI

Draper, O D; male, 56, NY, farmer

Draper, Esther; female, 50, NY

Draper, Orin; male, 8, MI

Kiner, James; male, 39, IA, farmer

Kiner, M N; male, 15, IA

Kiner, Iowa; female, 12, IA

Kiner, Mary; female, 69, PA


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