1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


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Courtney, H; male, 40, WI, farmer

Pachter, Jno; male, 51, Switzerland, laborer

Reinbold, Simon; male, 32, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, Kate; female, 28, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, A; male, 40, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, Lizzie; female, 35, Germany

Reinbold, Amy; female, 5, WA

Reinbold, August; male, 2, WA

Reinbold, Geo; male, 34, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, Wilhelmine; female, 27, Germany

Reinbold, Lewis; male, 4, Germany

Kahse, Henry; male, 31, Germany, farmer

Wolfrum, Jno; male, 37, Germany, farmer

Wolfrum, Lena; female, 27, Germany

Wolfrum, Jno; male, 1, WA

Lottie, Henry; male, 29, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, Matt; male, 38, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, Christina; female, 33, Germany

Reinbold, Katie; female, 9, WA

Reinbold, Matt; male, 7, WA

Reinbold, David; male, 5, WA

Reinbold, Annie; female, 3, WA

Reinbold, Mary; female, 1, WA

Reinbold, J; male, 31, Germany, farmer

Reinbold, Lenora; female, 22, Germany

Reinbold, Jacob; male, 3, WA

Reinbold, Fred; male, 1, WA

Reinbold, Lucy; female, -1, WA

Shook, H M; male, 45, IN, farmer

Focher, Matt; male, 40, Germany, farmer

Focher, Cath; female, 26, Germany

Focher, Mena; female, 5, WA

Focher, Matt; male, 2, WA

Focher, Gotleib; male, 41, Germany, farmer

Bochemuchl, B; male, 60, Prussia, brewer

Bochemuchl, Annie; female, 60, PA

Bochemuchl, Annie; female, 16, IL

Hart, F; male, 59, Canada, millman

Hart, Caroline; female, 50, Canada

Hart, Ami; male, 23, Canada, millman

Hart, Ida; female, 20, Canada

Hart, Frank; male, 18, Canada

Hart, Dell; male, 14, MN

Hart, Carrie; female, 11, MN

Hart, Etta; female, 9, MN

Erfrerth, Fred; male, 33, WI, farmer

Erfrerth, Christina; female, 20, Germany

Lilienthal, M; male, 34, Germany, farmer

Lilienthal, S E; female, 29, AL

Lilienthal, Elsie; female, 6, WA

Lilienthal, Albert; male, 5, WA

Lilienthal, Henry; male, 3, WA

Lilienthal, Wm; male, 1, WA

Murphy, Jas; male, 27, AL

Hume, E F; male, 24, MI, farmer

Grafmiller, J M; male, 27, Germany, farmer

Detislian, C L; male, 39, OH, farmer

Detislian, N E; female, 34, OH

Detislian, H G; male, 14, OH

Detislian, Emma; female, 12, OH

Detislian, C B; male, 10, OH

Detislian, Luella; female, 8, OH

Detislian, Mary; female, 6, OH

Detislian, Nettie; female, 4, OH

Detislian, G G; male, 34, OH, farmer

Detislian, N J; female, 26, OH

Detislian, Etta; female, 10, OH

Detislian, Chas; male, 8, OH

Detislian, Mary; female, 6, OH

Detislian, Wade; male, 2, WA

Weeks, G N; male, 37, OH, farmer

Weeks, Ida B; female, 29, OH

Weeks, May; female, 11, KS

Laughbon, C; male, 26, OH, farmer

Laughbon, Emiline; female, 20, OH

Laughbon, H A; male, 35, OH, farmer

Laughbon, Lide; female, 30, OH

Laughbon, Leroy; male, 7, KS

Laughbon, Alma; female, 5, KS

Laughbon, Muldoon; male, 3, WA

Parr, Joe; male, 35, OH, farmer

Parr, Jane; female, 33, OH

Parr, Floyd; male, 13, OH

Parr, Alta; female, 11, OH

Parr, Clifton; male, 9, OH

Parr, Rem; male, 7, OH

Parr, Merlin; male, 2, OH

Edwers, Jas; male, 38, Cork Ire, farmer

Edwers, Margaret; female, 36, NY

Edwers, Jas; male, 12, NY

Edwers, Etta; female, 8, WA

Edwers, Jno; male, 6, WA

Dolan, P H; male, 48, Ireland, farmer

Snyder, T M; male, 47, PA, farmer

Snyder, S A; female, 41, TX

Snyder, Regina; female, 19, CA

Snyder, Edna; female, 16, CA

Snyder, Henry; male, 18, CA

Snyder, Roy; male, 14, CA

Snyder, Chas; male, 12, WA

Snyder, Maud; female, 10, WA

Martin, J E; male, 36, NE, farmer

Snyder, J W; male, 50, PA, blacksmith

Snyder, Frankie; female, 37, CA

Snyder, Arthur; male, 12, OR

Snyder, Alice; female, 11, OR

Jacobson, ____; male, 29, Germany, farmer

Jacobson, Jno; male, 31, Germany, farmer

Thompson, S; male, 23, Germany, farmer

Keener, J D; male, 70, NC, farmer

Keener, Ellen; female, 66, MO

Bassett, Jas; male, 68, England

Bassett, Eliza; female, 59, Australia

Bassett, A F; male, 23, CA

Bassett, Richard; male, 18, CA

Bassett, Fred; male, 14, OR

Bassett, Henry; male, 12, WA

Bassett, Ellen; female, 10, WA

Sutherlin, J D; male, 58, IN, farmer

Sutherlin, W P; male, 21, TX, pressman

Duncan, W T; male, 27, TX, book keeper

Cole, Alex; male, 26, MO, farmer

Slade, J I; male, 56, OH, farmer

Slade, ______; female, 46, VT

Beeman, Wm; male, 18, NE, farmer

Frans, J S; male, 48, IL, farmer

Frans, David; male, 19, TX, farmer

Frans, Wm; male, 17, TX, farmer

Frans, Annette; female, 14, TX

Frans, Hawden; male, 12, WA

Frans, Cora; female, 10, WA

Carpentia, W J; male, 60, KY, farmer

Duncan, M J; female, 68, IL

Craven, N E; female, 40, MO

Kerry, Alice; female, 11, MT

Kerry, Chas; male, 19, MO

Keener, J E; male, 33, TX

Keener, Rachel; female, 39, IA

Nichols, J W; male, 60, NY, farmer

Inkster, St Clair; male, 60, Scotland, farmer

Inkster, Margaret; female, 54, Scotland

Inkster, Wm; male, 24, IL

Inkster, George; male, 17, IL

Moore, T __; male, 54, England, farmer

Moore, M A; female, 48, Scotland

Moore, Wm G; male, 27, Canada, farmer

Moore, M E; female, 23, Canada

Moore, J T; male, 20, Canada

Moore, J C; female, 18, Canada

Moore, Herbert A; male, 16, Canada

Moore, Chas S; male, 14, Canada

Inkster, Jno; male, 62, Scotland, farmer

Inkster, Phillis; female, 60, Scotland

Inkster, Arch; male, 21, IL

Inkster, Euphemia; female, 23, IL

Moore, Geo H; male, 32, Canada, farmer

Moore, I M; female, 31, WI

Moore, M; female, 1, WA

Moore, T W; male, 30, Canada, farmer

Moore, Susan; female, 21, IA

Snook, Ed; male, 40, England

Snook, Mary A; female, 36, Canada

Snook, Har_y J; male, 15, Canada

Snook, Wm E; male, 14, Canada

Snook, Kate C; female, 11, OR

Snook, Emma; female, 9, OR

Snook, Grace; female, 7, OR

Snook, Alice; female, 5, OR

Snook, Georgia; female, 3, WA

Snook, Bertha; female, 1, WA

Johnstone, Peter; male, 38, England, preacher

Ricketts, S W; male, 34, OR, farmer

Ricketts, Netta; female, 27, MO

Ricketts, B A; male, 6, WA

Ricketts, M E; female, 4, WA

Ricketts, C D; female, 2, WA

Ryan, B A; female, 51, Ireland

Ryan, Andy; male, 17, AL

Ryan, Tom; male, 15, AL

Murphy, Joe; male, 26, AL, farmer

Murphy, Wm; male, 20, AL

Jeffries, A W; male, 27, Scotland, farmer

Hunsaker, J W; male, 36, IL, farmer

Webb, Mary; female, 52, __

Webb, W H; male, 26, OH, farmer

Mason, H D; male, 28, WA, stockman

Mason, Eva; female, 20, WA

Mason, J R; male, 21, WA, stockman

Mahar, K; male, 50, Ireland

Mahar, Lizzie; female, 34, ME

Foley, J J; male, 29, WI, farmer

Foley, Mary; female, 21, WI

Foley, Marcel; female, 3, WA

Foley, Joe; male, 1, WA

Quinn, Wm; male, 22, MO, laborer

Welch, Sarah; female, 19, WA

Welch, Francis; female, 14, WA

Bayley, L S; male, 39, OH, farmer

Bayley, Amelia; female, 27, IA

Bayley, Jarvis; male, 10, WA

Bayley, Marcus; male, 8, WA

Bayley, Emery; male, 6, WA

Bayley, Lizzie; female, 5, WA

Messinger, L; male, 31, IA, farmer

Messinger, Mattie; female, 26, CA

Messinger, Chas H; male, 8, WA

Messinger, Jas; male, 6, ID

Messinger, May; female, 4, WA

Messinger, Wm; male, 2, WA

Lumper, Fred J; male, 40, Austria, farmer

Lumper, Frances; female, 30, Austria

Lumper, Henry; male, 10, MN

Lumper, Mike; male, 8, MN

Lumper, Mary; female, 5, WA

Keller, Jas; male, 18, OR

Whiteshead, J B; male, 37, VA, farmer

Whiteshead, Sarah; female, 30, TN

Whiteshead, Jno; male, 4, CA

Whiteshead, Ina; female, 3, WA

Holverson, H; male, 34, Norway, farmer

Holverson, D O; female, 32, MN

Holverson, Oscar; male, 4, MN

Holverson, Alex; male, 2, WA

Holverson, Edna; female, 1, WA

Coman, S M; male, 62, IN, farmer

Dayton, C L; female, 24, CA

Rivers, C H; male, 40, CA

Rivers, Mary; female, 42, IA

Keller, May; female, 12, OR

Rivers, Pearl; female, 10, OR

Rivers, Rosa; female, 8, WA

Rivers, Annie; female, 4, WA

Rivers, Lola; female, 1, WA

Holiday, W H; male, 35, NY, farmer

Holiday, J D; male, 32, NY

Holiday, M J; female, 69, Ireland

Emerson, A; male, 44, IL

Emerson, Clara; female, 38, TN

Emerson, Clarence; male, 13, IL

Emerson, Archie; male, 9, IL

Emerson, Otis E; male, 7, WA

Emerson, Beutia; female, 4, WA

Emerson, Alva; male, 3, WA

Emerson, Mary E; female, 1, WA

Edwards, J W; male, 31, IL, farmer

Edwards, Frances; female, 25, IL

Edwards, Lucius; male, 7, IL

Edwards, Lau___; female, 4, WA

Edwards, A M; male, 1, WA

DeLong, C A; female, 64, TN

Cherry, Wm; male, 50, OH, stockman

Cherry, Ann; female, 47, England

Cherry, Frances A; female, 13, IL

Cherry, Jno T; male, 11, IL

Jacobson, Jacob; male, 70, Norway, farmer

Jacobson, Benta; female, 66, Norway

Jacobson, Henry; male, 21, Norway

Sumerlin, W B; male, 38, TX, farmer

Sumerlin, Lucretia; female, 36, MO

Sumerlin, Jamesen; male, 15, TX

Sumerlin, Geo; male, 11, AR

Sumerlin, A B; male, 8, TX

Sumerlin, Hendricks; male, 6, TX

Sumerlin, Cleveland; male, 6, TX

Sumerlin, L May; female, 4, WA

Sumerlin, C W; male, 1, WA

Lamott, Minnie; female, 46, OH

Lamott, Alice; female, 15, TX

Lamott, Fred; male, 11, MO

Lamott, Minnie; female, 20, CO

Layton, Dan; male, 43, AL, millman

Yachter, Jno; male, 42, Switzerland, farmer

Dodd, J J; male, 60, IL, farmer

Dodd, M A; female, 54, KY

Dodd, Geo H; male, 20, MO

Dodd, M M; male, 17, MO

O’Leary, Jno; male, 50, NY, farmer

O’Leary, Margaret; female, 40, WI

O’Leary, Michael; male, 23, WI, saloonkeeper

O’Leary, Jno; male, 19, WI, farmer

O’Leary, Frank; male, 18, WI, saw mill

O’Leary, Steve; male, 17, WI, saw mill

O’Leary, Levina; female, 16, WI, saw mill

O’Leary, May; female, 12, WI

O’Leary, Nellie; female, 9, WI

O’Leary, Josephine; female, 7, WI

O’Leary, Ben; male, 4, WA

O’Leary, Daisy; female, 4, WA

Sullivan, Bridget; female, 61, Ireland, farmer

Sullivan, James; male, 24, KS, farmer

Sullivan, Mike; male, 24, KS, farmer

Sullivan, Bridget; female, 21, KS

Sullivan, Molly; female, 25, KS

Sullivan, Richard; male, 18, KS

Sullivan, Dan; male, 18, KS

Adams, J C; male, 39, TN, farmer

Adams, Leuticia; female, 32, KY

Adams, Ruth E; female, 15, KY

Adams, Rachel L; female, 14, MO

Adams, Jas C; male, 13, MO

Adams, Naomi; female, 8, AR

Adams, Edward L; male, 6, AR

Adams, Maggie; female, 4, WA

Adams, Abigail; female, 2, WA

Adams, Craig F; male, 1, WA

Covey, W P; male, 51, NY, farmer

Covey, Alice; female, 28, NY

Covey, Louis; male, 12, Ind Ty

Covey, Mary A; female, 10, Ind Ty

Covey, Jas A; male, 8, Ind Ty

Covey, Grover C; male, 5, Ind Ty

Covey, F A; female, 2, WA

Ettenborough, L; male, 48, MO, farmer

Ettenborough, Ann; female, 38, MO

Ettenborough, James; male, 12, KS

Ettenborough, Alonso; male, 10, KS

Ettenborough, Mary; female, 8, KS

Ettenborough, Snoozer; female, 5, KS

Ettenborough, Uriah ; male, 4, NE

Ettenborough, A V; female, 2, WA

Auritt, Chas; male, 29, NY, farmer

Auritt, Rosa; female, 18, MO

Auritt, Geo W; male, 1, WA

Johnson, W A; male, 45, WI, stockman

Gabbert, J C; male, 40, MO, farmer

Gabbert, Maggie; female, 39, WI

Gabbert, Lizzie; female, 13, MO

Gabbert, Geo O; male, 12, MO

Gabbert, Manta; female, 9, MO

Gabbert, Lottie; female, 7, MO

Moylan, Jno; male, 34, Ireland, farmer

Moylan, Agnes; female, 26, IL

Moylan, Kate; female, 5, KS

Moylan, Mary; female, 3, WA

Moylan, Maggie; female, 1, WA

Moylan, Daul; male, 26, Ireland

Moylan, Kate; female, 78, Ireland

Dodd, J B; male, 22, MO, farmer

Gabbert, J L; male, 45, MO, farmer

Carpenter, Pat; male, 34, Ireland, farmer

Carpenter, Julia; female, 29, KS

Carpenter, Mary; female, 2, WA

Carpenter, Jno; male, 1, WA

Carpenter, Hugh; male, 23, Ireland

Shelley, Mike; male, 66, Ireland

Foster, O B; male, 50, Canada, stockman

Foster, Mattie; female, 40, OH

Ha_____, Fred; male, 13, WA

Stinson, W; male, 66, OH

Stinson, Geo L; male, 24, IA

Stinson, Jas H; male, 18, IA

Barker, T J; male, 32, OR, stockman

Barker, Ora F; female, 25, OR

Barker, Violet; female, 4, WA

Barker, Horace J; male, 2, WA

Barker, Mary; female, 1, WA

Mollen, E H; male, 37, VA, farmer

Mollen, Mollie E; female, 37, VA

Mollen, Minnie; female, 14, VA

Mollen, Daisy; female, 9, KS

Mollen, Hattie; female, 5, KS

Mollen, Robert; male, 3, KS

Mollen, Lottie; female, 1, WA

Inkster, J S; male, 32, England, Grain dealer

Mangis, J E; male, 32, TN, farmer

Mangis, Alice; female, 30, IL

Mangis, Mary; female, 8, IL

Mangis, Edgar; male, 6, WA

Mangis, Della; female, 4, WA

Mangis, Nora; female, 2, WA

Mangis, Frank; male, 1, WA

Sillman, Wm; male, 26, IL, farmer

Sillman, Delia; female, 22, TX

Sillman, Boy; male, -1, WA

McCallum, Jas; male, 52, Scotland, farmer

McCallum, Janet; female, 46, Scotland

McCallum, Jessie; female, 22, IL

McCallum, Agnes; female, 16, IL

McCallum, J D; female, 5, WA

Rogers, G S; male, 72, PA, farmer

Rogers, Matilda; female, 70, IN

Logsdon, J M; male, 69, KY, farmer

Logsdon, A L; male, 26, OR

Logsdon, G T; male, 33, MO

Logsdon, Sarah E; female, 21, OR

Logsdon, M A; female, 23, TX

Benson, Wm; male, 30, OR, farmer

Benson, Delia; female, 29, OR

Benson, Chas; male, 2, WA

Motlk, S J; female, 62, MO, farmer

Sanders, J S; male, 24, WA

Heid, John; male, 42, Germany, farmer

Heid, Delia; female, 28, IL

Heid, Harry; male, 8, WA

Heid, Emma; female, 5, WA

Rosch, C M; male, 50,  Norway, farmer

Rosch, Marie; female, 35, Ireland

Guidenger, Frank; male, 35, WI, farmer

Kn_____s, Jas; male, 30, Ireland, farmer

Coffman, D F; male, 40, IN, farmer

Graham, G W; male, 30, NY, farmer

Logsdon, A; male, 42, KY, farmer

Logsdon, Cerenia; female, 41, TN

Logsdon, Y T; male, 15, __

Logsdon, Naomi; female, 13, TX

Logsdon, L A; female, 12, TX

Logsdon, Nora; female, 6, TX

Logsdon, Maud; female, 5, WA

Logsdon, Eva; female, 3, WA

Sanders, J H; male, 31, AR, farmer

Sanders, Harriet; female, 28, OR

Sanders, J M; male, 11, WA

Sanders, Myrtle; female, 10, WA

Sanders, Mary; male, 8, WA

Perry, J H; male, 35, KY

Kelly, Mat; male, 44, VA, farmer

Hamilton, Jno; male, 55, __, farmer

Hamilton, F M; female, 30, MI

Hamilton, Eva J; female, 2, WA

Hamilton, Jno; male, 1, WA

Barnett, M F; male, 35, IL, farmer

Barnett, Nerva; female, 34, OR

Heid, Geo; male, 34, Germany, farmer

Learning, J W; male, 24, NE, stockman

Kellogg, Maud; female, 20, NE

Hardin, F P; male, 41, TN, farmer

Hardin, Martha P; female, 34, IN

Hardin, J G; male, 17, WA

Hardin, R M; male, 4, WA

Hardin, M R; female, 1, WA

Moller, Wm; male, 26, OH, farmer

Stock, Fred; male, 35, Germany, farmer

Kirby, Harry; male, 46, __Y, farmer

Kirby, Catherine; female, 30, Germany

Kirby, Kenwitha; male, 4, NY

Kirby, Harold; male, 2, NY

Jeffrey, A J; male, 35, Scotland, farmer

Grous, Chas; male, 36, TN, farmer

Grous, Alice; female, 33, TN

Grous, Rufus; male, 12, TN

Grous, Wm; male, 10, TN

Grous, Etta; female, 8, TN

Grous, John; male, 4, TN

Grous, Nora; female, 2, WA


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