1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


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The Lincoln County 1892 census consisted of 5 books, no headings filled in for locations, and the books were not numbered. As such there was no means of being assured that all of the 1892 census was made available. Spellings were used as found, options rarely included. The original file was not usable for internet posting and was retyped in its entirety by Kim Barcewski of CA, to whom all using this file are indebted. I have a photocopy of the original as found at the Lincoln County auditor's office, and would gladly check to see if either of us have dropped any pertinent data from the original. In my own research in Lincoln County I have found names missing from this census that I felt should have been in the county at the time. Census data for this area was taken for 1883, 1885, 1887, 1889, the 1890 destroyed by fire, and 1892. There was also a census taken in 1902; these in addition to the Federal Census each decade. Marge Womach.



McLean, P; male, 27, IN, Sec Foreman

McLean, S; female, 21, IL

McClain, Myrtle; female, 2, ID

McClain, Grover; male, 0, WA

Turner, T E; male, 33, MN, eng.

Turner, Louisa; female, 38, IL

Bregelton, J L; male, 25, IN, laborer

Bregelton, Andy; female, 23, IN

Sackman, C F; male, 36, Germany, laborer

Sackman, Gusta; female, 27, Germany

Sackman, Minnie; female, 6, MI

Sackman, Annie; female, 3, MI

Sackman, Clara; female, 2, WA

Sackman, Rosa; female, 0, WA

Pryor, Wm; male, 36, IL, laborer

Pryor, Mary A; female, 30, MI

Pryor, Archie; male, 4, KS

Bruner, Charles; male, 27, Switzerland

Bruner, Amelia; female, 24, Germany

Bruner, Sophia; female, 7, NE

Bruner, Ben; male, 6, NE

Bruner, Chris; male, 3, NE

Bruner, Roland; male, 1, WA

Huffman, J M; male, 31, IA, laborer

Huffman, Carrie; female, 34, MO

Huffman, Floyd; male, 3, MO

Somerville, Thomas; male, 30, Canada, trainman

Somerville, Agnes; female, 28, Canada

Clarey, N T; male, 46, MI, laborer

Clarey, Lucy E; female, 36, WI

Clarey, Maggie E; female, 15, MN

Clarey, Lucy F; female, 13, MN

Clarey, Mary T; female, 8, Dakota

Shulk, D W; male, 23, IN, wiper

Fries, Matthias; male, 38, Denmark, machinist

Fries, T; female, 22, Russia

Fries, Theo; male, 6, Russia

Fries, Sophia; female, 1, WA

Long, C E; male, 26, PA, machinist

Abbott, V J; male, 33, WV, machinist

McDonald, Thomas; male, 40, Ireland, machinist

White, J M; male, 45, NY, machinist

Mostenan, Nels; male, 36, Denmark, painter

Mostenan, Mary; female, 38, Denmark

Mostenan, Otto; male, 10, Denmark

Mostenan, Nels; male, 8, Denmark

Shupert, H L; male, 37, IN, machinist

Shupert, Anna; female, 32, MI

Shupert, Fred; male, 13, IN

Shupert, Gertrude; female, 3, MI

McCoy, Thomas; male, 53, Ireland, laborer

Welch, Mary; female, 17, MI

Welch, Maggie; female, 15, MI

Sullivan, Thomas; male, 10, IA

May, Fred; male, 30, England, machinist

McGloshen, Wm; male, 35, Scotland, machinist

McGloshen, Jane; female, 35, Scotland

McGloshen, Jessie; female, 7, SD

McGloshen, Janie; female, 5, SD

Jarvis, Harry; male, 20, Canada, machinist

Adams, Alex; male, 19, WI, machinist

Mosher, W F; male, 23, CA, machinist

Hartill, Enoch; male, 22, IN, machinist

Buckley, Ben; male, 58, England, machinist

Buckley, Rachael; female, 52, England

Montgomery, Jos; male, 17, Canada, machinist

Bower, Wm; male, 18, MO, machinist

Stewart, W F; male, 23, IA

Kretzer, D J; male, 25, IA, machinist

Kretzer, Caroline; female, 22, Switzerland

Scothorn, E W; male, 36, OH, machinist

Scothorn, Mary A; female, 32, IL

Scothorn, Charles; male, 11, MO

Scothorn, Willie; male, 2, WA

Hollingsworth, D M; male, 41, IN, boilermaker

Hollingsworth, Mary I; female, 14, IN

Wilkes, Fred; male, 27, NJ, machinist

Wilkes, L M; female, 25, PA

Dudley, F T; male, 26, England, machinist

Twist, David; male, 49, NY, L. Engineer

Twist, Nettie; female, 44, NY

Stenburg, Charles; male, 33, Sweden, carpenter

Kenney, J T; male, 20, MN, machinist

Morrill, W W; male, 20, MO, machinist

Koontz, B E; male, 22, OH, machinist

Koontz, Rosa; female, 19, MO

Koontz, Helen; female, 0, WA

Young, T R; male, 29, England, boilermaker

Pickens, W M; male, 25, VA, wiper

Pickens, Mannie; female, 23, IA

Pickens, Marie; female, 2, IA

Hall, Sam; male, 26, IN, machinist

Hall, Mary; female, 20, OR

Houghton, W G; male, 27, MN, L. engineer

Houghton, Mary; female, 19, OH

Houghton, Ellen; female, 2, WA

Houghton, Lew; male, -1, WA

Stauffer, H; male, 51, Canada, L. engineer

Stauffer, Minnie; female, 31, Germany

Lott, Elvina; female, 5, CA

Dunn, H W; male, 42, Canada, machinist

Dunn, Mary; female, 35, Canada

Dunn, Charles; male, 16, Canada

Miller, Thomas; male, 19, VA

Damon, R L; male, 28, ME, fireman

Herider, Jacob; male, 30, OH, fireman

Swain, Clay; male, 34, KY, L. engineer

Swain, Jennie M; female, 24, N B

Mack, John; male, 27, Canada, fireman

Blunt, M; male, 38, NY, L. engineer

Blunt, Mary G; female, 30, Sweden

Blunt, Agnes; female, 5, IL

Blunt, Stella; female, 3, WA

Blunt, Harry; male, 2, WA

Campbell, J E; male, 43, NY, L. engineer

Campbell, Jennie; female, 39, OH

Campbell, Harry; male, 17, OH

Vetter, Maurice; male, 33, IN, L. engineer

Vetter, Kate; female, 28, IL

Vetter, Marguerite; female, 3, WA

Daily, Charles; male, 26, WI, boilermaker

Davis, L A; male, 29, MO, tinner

Davis, Louisa; female, 25, PA

Davis, Ollie; female, 6, NE

Davis, Pearl; female, 4, WA

Davis, Lena; female, 2, WA

Allen, Dwight; male, 20, WI, M. appr.

Newall, Hugh; male, 57, Ireland, engineer

Newall, Mary; female, 50, Ireland

Banditt, Wm; male, 15, Germany

Banditt, Amelia; female, 45, Germany

Banditt, Amelia; female, 18, Germany

Stulk, Ida; female, 20, Germany

Luckow, Gust; male, 23, Germany

Luckow, Ernest; male, 4, WI

Pfansteel, John; male, 52, Germany, machinist

Pfansteel, Amelia; female, 46, Germany

Pfansteel, Allie; female, 17, IL

Pfansteel, Otto; male, 15, IL

Pfansteel, Bertha; female, 11, IL

Pfansteel, Fred; male, 8, IL

Pfansteel, Robt; male, 3, WA

Krause, August; male, 38, Germany, laborer

Krause, Willie; male, 10, WI

Krause, Arthur; male, 8, WI

Krause, Frank; male, 7, WI

Krause, Ella; female, 4, WI

Krause, August; male, 2, WI

Kupetz, Jos; male, 41, Hungary, blacksmith

Kupetz, Susanne; female, 32, Hungary

Kupetz, Annie; female, 11, Hungary

Kupetz, Joe; male, 4, WA

Kupetz, Mike; male, 2, WA

Williams, T R; male, 32, Wales, Blk. H.

Trewick, John; male, 65, England, Blk. H.

Trewick, Ellen; female, 56, Scotland

Trewick, Lizzie; female, 19, NV

Wendel, Frank; male, 25, IN, B. helper

Wendel, Martha; female, 25, TN

Wendel, Lewis; male, 5, KS

Wendel, Edna; female, 2, WA

Dawant, Thos; male, 48, Belgium, blacksmith

Raridon, R D; male, 38, MI, blacksmith

Raridon, Mary  E; female, 31, Canada

Raridon, Nellie; female, 12, KS

Raridon, Robert; male, 14, KS

Shields, E E; male, 37, OH, B. helper

Shields, Clara; female, 27, OR

Shields, Cleavie; male, 3, WA

Duggan, P D; male, 31, IN, blacksmith

Debus, M; male, 40, France, blacksmith

Debus, Mary; female, 37, France

Debus, Frank; male, 14, KS

Debus, Charles; male, 12, KS

Debus, Euphemia; female, 10, KS

Debus, August; male, 8, KS

Debus, Emma; female, 1, KS

Johnson, John M; male, 32, Sweden, B. helper

Evans, Nathaniel; male, 24, Wales, B. helper

Evans, Rachael; female, 24, Wales

Evans, Ruth; female, 3, KS

Evans, Levi; male, 1, WA

Shipman, W H; male, 35, OH, blacksmith

Rhodes, Dwight; male, 40, IN, B. helper

Rhodes, Edith; female, 35, WI

Rhodes, Edgar; male, 13, KS

Rhodes, Millie; female, 11, KS

Rhodes, Maude; female, 9, KS

Van Allen, Asa; male, 46, NY, blacksmith

Van Allen, Mary; female, 42, IN

Van Allen, Anna; female, 15, IN

Van Allen, Lelia;  female, 10, IL

Van Allen, Ethel; female, 6, IN

Van Allen, Peterq; male, 3, IN

Jordan, A J; male, 24, IL, B. helper

Meade, John; male, 31, England, blacksmith

Meade, Sarah; female, 25  England

Meade, Jas; male, 6, England

Meade, Thos; male, 5, England

Meade, Wilfred; male, 3, England

Meade, Geo A; male, 1, MA

Reding, Peter; male, 30, MN, laborer

Reding, Cecelia; female, 29, NY

Barber, J H; male, 37, IN, L. fireman

Bosworth, H W; male, 28, IL, L. fireman

Heard, J F; male, 44, AL, laborer

Cronk, A F; male, 32, IA, laborer

Lang, J; male, 29, Canada, laborer

Deitrich, George; male, 50, MO, laborer

Norris, Frank; male, 29, Canada, laborer

Bryant, H H; male, 31, MO, laborer

Hop, Sing; male, 28, China, laundryman

Wong, Sing; male, 40, China, laundryman

McCarty, J A; male, 27, WI, yard master

McCarty, Louise; female, 20  Canada

McCarty, Ethel; female, 2, WA

McCarty, Raymond; male, 0, WA

Diver, Joseph;  male, 32  Canada, switchman

Riley, M J; male, 32, NJ, switchman

Sandygren, John; male, 45, Sweden, laborer

Olson, J A; male, 26, Sweden, switchman

McHugh, James; male, 25, Ireland, fireman

Bell, W S; male, 21, Canada, fireman

Moore, Jas; male, 24, TN, brakeman

Harm, John; male, 31, MO, miner

Conlay, J H; male, 25, IA, brakeman

Weber, F T; male, 26, WI, bartender

Downs, Jas P; male, 23, WA, brakeman

Cosgrove, George; male, 26, WA, saloonkeeper

Vigars, David; male, 22, Scotland, cook

Warren, Robt; male, 35, England, cook

Walker, J S; male, 24, OH, cook

Smith, H B; male, 19, MO, restaurant

Carroll, J; male, 27, WI, laborer

Burge, J H; male, 26, IA, laborer

Burge, Mary; female, 22, IA

Jenkins, Wm; male, 28, Wales, laborer

Jenkins, Martha; female, 21, KS

Jenkins, Richard; male, 1, WA

Harmer, George R; male, 30, IA, L. fireman

Harmer, Anna; female, 29, IA

Harmer, Margaret; female, 2, IA

Fraser, C F; male, 26, England, cram__man

Fraser, Annie; female, 26, England

Fraser, Gertie; female, 4, MN

Fraser, Maggie; female, 1, MN

Fraser, Charles; male, 0, WA

Greig, David; male, 25, Scotland, machinist

Gibbon, Frank J; male, 36, Canada, laborer

Gummunde, James; male, 36, NY, L. engineer

Gummunde, Annie; female, 31, IA

Gummunde, Harry; male, 7, IA

Gummunde, Lillian; female, 5, IA

Gummunde, Joe; male, 2, IA

Davis, R M; male, 40, Wales, foreman

Davis, Louisa; female, 37, Canada

Rayner, R J; male, 31, Canada, laborer

Hinderlong, W P; male, 26, OH, laborer

Know, Ed; male, 29, MO, laborer

Know, Eva; female, 22, MO

Know, Kate; female, 16, MO

Deeg, Chris; male, 37, Germany, laborer

Nordin, August; male, 30, Sweden, carpenter

Nordin, Amanda; female, 22, Norway

Nordin, Nellie; female, 0, WA

Ranberg, Alex; male, 34, Norway, carpenter

Ranberg, Jennie; female, 24, Norway

Ranberg, Dora; female, 3, MN

Nelson, Ole; male, 54, Sweden, carpenter

Nelson, Mattie; female, 46, Norway

Nelson, A_om; male, 14, Norway

Nelson, Magnus; male, 10, Norway

Nelson, Louis; male, 5, MN

Anderson, C W; male, 39, Norway, carpenter

Anderson, Mary J; female, 26, ME

Anderson, Howard; male, 3, OR

Anderson, Ethel; female, 1, WA

Krigbaum, J D; male, 50, PA, carpenter

Krigbaum, Mary; female, 40, Canada

Krigbaum, Maria; female, 12, OH

Krigbaum, Chas I; male, 10, OH

Krigbaum, Ethel M; female, 8, Dakota

Krigbaum, Frank H; male, 5, Dakota

Buckley, Wm A; male, 22, England, fireman

Fehrman, Julius; male, 24, WI, car rep.

Fehrman, Froney; female, 23, WI

Fehrman, Theo; male, 0, WA

Roush, J C; male, 21, IN, car rep.

Riegler, John; male, 31, OH, car rep.

Riegler, Sarah; female, 30, OH

Riegler, Florian; male, 9, MI

Price, George W; male, 46, Wales, car rep.

Price, Martha; female, 25, Wales

Price, David; male, 17, CA

Price, Lottie; female, 14, CA

Price, Maude; female, 10, CA

Price, Charles; male, 7, WA

McNeilly, J J; male, 39, Scotland, boilermaker

Wallace, W H; male, 30, Canada, painter

Wallace, Hannah; female, 25, MN

Wallace, Mary F; female, 3, MT

Cole, A O P; male, 52, England, car repairer

Cole, Catherine; female, 41, Scotland

Cole, Raymond; male, 10, MN

Cole, Edwin; male, 5, MN

Bevier, Frank; male, 24, MI, clerk

Marcellus, Frank; male, 36, IL, car repairer

Marcellus, Fannie; female, 25, MO

Marcellus, Ole; male, 3, MO

Henderson, John; male, 35, PA, laborer

Porter, William; male, 29, Canada, car repairer

Porter, Jane; female, 33, Canada

Porter, Annie; female, 6, Canada

Anderson, O P; male, 42, Norway, car rep.

Garriott, John; male, 32, OH, carpenter

Garriott, Annie; female, 21, OR

Stenburg, John; male, 30, Sweden, carpenter

Kinsley, P E; male, 45, SC, laborer

Coleman, Thos; male, 51, Canada, carpenter

Coleman, Minnie; female, 48, MI

Coleman, Chas; male, 19, Canada

Coleman, Lillie; female, 20, Canada

Coleman, Nettie; female, 17, Canada

Coleman, Belle; female, 8, ND

Rogers, James; male, 53, VA, carpenter

Rogers, Adaline; female, 50, VA

Rogers, Flora; female, 23, VA

Rogers, Lizzie; female, 18, VA

Rogers, Chas; male, 13, VA

Rogers, Anna; female, 11, VA

Rogers, John; male, 9, VA

Rogers, Ernest; male, 7, VA

Kelly, J H; male, 41, OH, brakeman

Gorman, H; male, 43, IA, L. engineer

Gorman, Libbie; female, 36, PA

Gorman, Charles; male, 17, IA

Gorman, Wm; male, 16, IA

Gorman, Hattie; female, 11, IA

Gorman, Edna; female, 3, IA

Anderson, A; male, 26, Sweden, fireman

Moore, John; male, 53, OH, merchant

Moore, Lydia; female, 45, NY

Moore, Charles; male, 19, MN

Moore, Lillie M; female, 17, MN

Morrill, E C; male, 30, UT/VT, fireman

Deforce, James; male, 32, PA, tr. dispatcher

Moore, H A; male, 24, MN, L. engineer

Moore, Jessie; female, 21, WI

Bacon, Wm; male, 32, PA

Bacon, Ella; female, 24, NY

Bacon, Lena; female, 3, PA

Bates, Harry; male, 25, OH, brakeman

Connor, H C; male, 32, IA

Connor, Mary; female, 25, England

Monkers, Frank; male, 26, OR, laborer

Brown, W J; male, 27, NH, brakeman

Meeks, Lou; male, 20, Canada, clerk

Anderson, R D; male, 25, IL, clerk

Barnes, A H; male, 24, MO, tel operator

Barnes, Ida L; female, 21, KS

Barnes, Geo V; male, 0, WA

Jackson, J S; male, 23, KY, clerk

Blashill, Henry; male, 31, MI, butcher

Fischer, August; male, 36, Germany, butcher

Collins, H; male, 39, MO

Connor, George; male, 40, TN, contractor

Connor, Sallie E; female, 30, TN

Connor, Mabel; female, 9, TN

Connor, Annie; female, 7, TN

Connor, George; male, 4, WA

Reed, F C; male, 55, NY, laborer

Reed, Katie S; female, 40, MO

Malloy, Mary J; female, 18, MO

Malloy, Maggie; female, 14, MO

Weichman, August; male, 40, Germany, carpenter

Weichman, Philamina; female, 30, MO

Weichman, Elizabeth; female, 5, KS

Dechenne, Eugene; male, 36, IL, carpenter

Dechenne, Lillie; female, 30, IL

Dechenne, Minnie; female, 8, IL

Dechenne, Ernest; male, 5, IL

Dechenne, Della; female, 0, WA

Sunderman, B; male, 20, IN, laborer

Runberg, Ben; male, 21, Sweden, laborer

Vastpahn, Chris; male, 36, Germany, laborer

Nygard, Chris; male, 37, Denmark, carpenter

Binder, Jacob; male, 50, Germany, laborer

Binder, Josephine; female, 41, Germany

Binder, Rosa; female, 14, Germany

Binder, Josie; female, 12, Germany

Binder, Leo; male, 8, Germany

O’Neil, Ed; male, 60, Ireland, laborer

Bryant, J W; male, 38, IL, teamster

Bryant, Matilda; female, 35, MO

Bryant, John; male, 13, MO

Bryant, Hazel; female, 0, WA

Sirginson, Wm; male, 22, IN, teamster

Early, Wm; male, 30, MO

Flynn, M J; male, 32, WV, laborer

Flynn, Maggie; female, 26, IA

Blattgerste, August; male, 25, Germany, laborer

Blattgerste, Fred; male, 27, Germany, laborer

Robinson, W G; male, 20, WV

Robinson, Effie; male, 25, PA

Gelispie, Wm; male, 30, WI, brakeman

Oyster, M; male, 37, OH, brakeman

Crane, W; male, 26, IN, brakeman

White, W H; male, 56, KY, saloonkeeper

Maloney, W W; male, 44, OH, saloonkeeper

Rogers, Chas E; male, 25, IN, tel operator

Rogers, Emma F; female, 24, NE

Rogers, Ethel; female, 2, KS

Ahpel, Nat; male, 32, CA, merchant

Tuttle, O M; male, 43, CT, merchant

Wagner, E H; male, 32, IA, carpenter

Jim; male, 32, China, cook

Sam; male, 25, China, cook

Kong; male, 25, China, dishwasher

Boehl, Lena; female, 21, NE, waitress

Procter, Mary; female, 28, CA, waitress

Sawyer, Alfred; male, 21, MO

Menkel, Annie; female, 19, MO

Menkel, Tina; female, 17, MN

McGrath, Amanda; female, 22, MN

Long, Sam; male, 39, IA, bartender

Matheson, Saml; male, 30, VA, mill man

Donham, G W; male, 37, OH, farmer

Donham, C; female, 27, IA

Donham, M; female, 7, NE

Donham, A; female, 6, NE

Donham, L; female, 4, WA

Kelly, Maurice; male, 19, KY, laborer

Nichols, J W; male, 69, NY, livery

Inbody, Ed; male, 33, IA

Inbody, M; female, 27, KS

Inbody, R; male, 5, WA

Inbody, Sarah; female, 3, WA

Inbody, M; female, 1, WA

Rawland, H W; male, 37, PA, teamster

Gardner, J H; male, 57, NY, blacksmith

Gardner, Eliza; female, 57, IN

Gardner, H N; male, 29, IA, blacksmith

Gardner, C M; male, 23, CA, marshall

Gardner, M A; female, 19, CA

Miller, Reed; male, 30, Switzerland, taylor

Miller, J; female, 19, WA

Miller, E; male, 3, WA

McLean, Jno; male, 29, Scotland, farmer

McLean, Dessler; female, 18, MO

McLean, Snoozer; male, 3, WA

O’Shea, Ed; male, 42, Ireland, merchant

O’Shea, Mary; female, 42, Ireland

O’Shea, Ed; male, 12, WA

O’Shea, Mary; female, 9, WA

Merriam, W J; male, 48, ME, millwright

Merriam, C; female, 46, ME

Merriam, M E; female, 13, MN

Merriam, W H; male, 51, ME, engineer

Merriam, Wm; male, 16, ME

Yeahl, A H; male, 34, Germany, farmer

Yeahl, May; female, 28, IL

Yeahl, Fred; male, 6, WA

Yeahl, Joseph; male, 4, WA

Yeahl, Minnie; female, 1, WA

Wade, Ben; male, 35, Ireland, miner

Nichols, Wm; male, 17, WY, laborer

Fox, Jas; male, 32, Ireland, saloon

Fox, Lizzie; female, 22, KY

Nee, J F; male, 44, Ireland, merchant

Nee, M; female; 43, Ireland

Nee, J W; male, 24, KY, merchant

Nee, Wm; male, 22, AL, merchant

Nee, Ida; female, 20, FL

Nee, Jennie; female, 18, GA

Nee, Tom; male, 16, AL

Nee, Mel; male, 13, OR

Nee, Jas; male, 9, WA

Nee, Jos; male, 7, WA

Nee, Albert; male, 4, WA

Davis, J L; male, 59, Wales, hotel keeper

Davis, A L; female, 49, Wales

Davis, Jemima; female, 17, WI

Davis, Mary C; female, 15, WI

Davis, C E; female, 12, WI

Davis, Jno D; male, 10, WI

Davis, Vespasian; male, 20, WI

French, J A; male, 39, OH, farmer

French, Blanch; female, 39, OH

French, Maud; female, 17, MI

French, Arthur; male, 14, MI

French, Ralph; male, 11, MI

French, Ray; male, 6, MI

French, Myrtle; female, 3, OR

French, Grace; female, 1, WA

Miller, Chas; male, 29, Germany, laborer

Miller, Chrisna; female, 24, Sweden

Wredenwood, H M; male, 52, MA, farmer

Wredenwood, Nettie; female, 40, MA

Wredenwood, Frances; female, 6, CA

Bowen, Geo; male, 36, OR, farmer

Bowen, S J; female, 34, MO

Bowen, Claus; male, 12, WA

Bowen, Ros R; male, 11, OR

Bowen, Eva; female, 9, WA

Bowen, Maud; female, 8, OR

Bowers, Hazel; female, 6, OR

Bowers, Minnie; female, 4, WA

Bowers, Ethel; female, 5, WA

Bowers, Jerry; male, 49, PA

Brodin, H A; male, 30, Sweden, farmer

Brodin, Mat; female, 27, Sweden

Shook, J P; male, 36, IN, farmer

Shook, M J; female, 26, SC

Shook, Frankie; male, 8, MO

Shook, Robt; male, 6, OR

Shook, Chas; male, 4, WA

Bell, Frank; male, 37, NC, farmer

Bell, D; female, 26, IA

Bell, J; female, 7, OR

Bell, A; female, 5, WA

Bell, R S; male, 45, NC, farmer

Bell, M J; female, 41, OH

Bell, Chas A; male, 24, MO, farmer

Bell, Nettie; female, 20, TX      

Dewning, B F; male, 44, NY, farmer

Dewning, Josephine; female, 43, OH

Bevis, Chas; male, 47, IN, farmer

Johnson, Frank; male, 40, MO, farmer

Johnson, Ellen; female, 29, IN

Johnson, Leona; female, 11, OR

Johnson, Verney; female, 5, OR

Johnson, Bessie; female, 3, OR

Johnson, Hector; male, 12, OR

Johnson, Alva; male, 17, OR

Johnson, Amy; female, 1, WA

Rihill, Wm; male, 56, Canada, farmer

Rihill, Mary; female, 46, MI

Rihill, Ettie; female, 24, MI

Rihill, Alberta; female, 22, MO

Rihill, Jno; male, 18, MO

Rihill, Cora; female, 15, MO


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