1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


 Page twelve 



Buck, M; male, 32, Germany, farmer

Buck, Katherine; female, 27, Germany

Buck, L; female, 4, WA

Buck, Maggie; female, 3, WA

Vanatta, S P; m, 26  IA, farmer

Vanatta, B M; female, 20, IA

Vanatta, I B; female, 2, IA

Bell, M L; male, 38, IN, farmer

Bell, M; female, 8, IN

Bell, Edward; male, 6, IN

Nicholls, J H; male, 41, Canada, farmer

Nicholls, E A; female, 30, ME

Nicholls, J R; male, 10, WA

Nicholls, M; female, 6, WA

Hansen, M; male, 29, Denmark, farmer

Humphrey, A; male, 37, MI, farmer

Nugent, Owen; male, 34, Ireland, laborer

Nugent, Pat; male, 35, Ireland, laborer

Gleason, Jerry; male, 37, Ireland, laborer

Kelly, William; male, 60, Ireland, laborer

Adam, F; male, 31, Ireland, laborer

Thompson, T A; male, 26, OR, laborer

Quinlan, T J; male, 26, NY, laborer

Ryberg, J N; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Ryberg, Chas; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Brant, J T; male, 46, Sweden, contractor

Wacore, Joe; male, 45, Germany, laborer

Ness, Fred; male, 28, Germany, laborer

Anderson, Chas; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Lund, J F; male, 22, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, G; male, 34, Sweden, blacksmith

Gelgren, C; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Kank, A; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Bergman, Frank; male, 25, Sweden, laborer

Wells, Thos; male, 33, LA, laborer

Brandt, Gilbert; male, 24, Norway, laborer

Nelson, Chas; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Peterson, Chas; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Olsen, Chas; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Larson, Frank; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Larson, Jno; male, 33, Sweden, laborer

Olson, Jno; male, 32, Sweden, laborer

Armstrong, Jno; male, 21, Sweden, laborer

Lunden, A; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Berg, Chas; male, 34, Sweden, laborer

Erikson, M; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Brown, J H; male, 38, Sweden, laborer

Nelson, Jno; male, 22, Sweden, laborer

Banks, Geo; male, 31, Ohio, laborer

Lind, E; male, 28, Sweden, laborer

Evanson, C; male, 28, Norway, laborer

Anderson, O; male, 24, MI, cook

Anderson, A; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Wakefield, W; male, 21, OR, laborer

Conway, Arthur; male, 20, IL, laborer

Guerin, Martin; male, 18, IA, laborer

Goodburg, Chas; male, 24, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Jno; male, 21, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Andrew; male, 38, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Ole; male, 24, Sweden, laborer

Isakson, Jno; male, 34, Sweden, laborer

Andrew, Andrew; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, Peter; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Carlson, Chris; male, 23, Sweden, laborer

Lawson, August; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Evanson, A; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Larson, Jack; male, 21, Sweden, laborer

Stone, S; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Quest, Nels; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Anderson, Chas; male, 18, Sweden, laborer

Alwehauson, Andrew; male, 20, Sweden, laborer

Munson, ____; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Kelter, Thos; male, 24, NY, laborer

Olson, August; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Vaully, Richard; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Foss, Erick; male, 40, Sweden, laborer

Spray, Jno; male, 18, Sweden, laborer

Shaw, Albert; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Pearson, P G; male, 64, Sweden, laborer

Johnson, W F; male, 26, Sweden, laborer

Benson, T B; male, 27, IL, laborer

Anderson, J E; male, 18, IL, laborer

Hansen, J; male, 19, Sweden, laborer

Selberg, Chas; male, 22, Sweden, laborer

Peterson, Alex; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Lund, Jno; male, 31, Sweden, laborer

Dulberg, Chas; male, 33, Sweden, laborer

Bergquist, Chas; male, 36, Sweden, laborer

Swanberg, S; male, 44, Sweden, laborer

Olson, Peter; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Leudill, Andrew; male, 27, Sweden, laborer

Banello, Banto; male, 24, Italy, laborer

Calesbo, Jack; male, 30, Italy, laborer

Cardano, L; male, 36, Italy, laborer

Diacapano, Frank; male, 30, Italy, laborer

Accrora, F; male, 31, Italy, laborer

Doranto, G; male, 22, Italy, laborer

Celeberto, M; male, 26, Italy, laborer

Pello, Frank; male, 22, Italy, laborer

Mugro, A; male, 31, Italy, laborer

Petrizzo, G; male, 39, Italy, laborer

Leo, D; male, 31, Italy, laborer

Cotra, B; male, 23, Italy, laborer

Wagner, John; male, 26, Germany, laborer

Burke, Thos; male, 39, Ireland, laborer

McMann, John; male, 34, Ireland, laborer

McMann, Mary; female, 26, Ireland, laborer

McMann, Jane; female, 4, OR

McMann, Martha; female, 2, OR

McKinnon, John; male, 34, Canada, laborer

English, A M; male, 25, NY, laborer

Wright, James; male, 36, NY, laborer

Rux, Wm; male, 27, MN, laborer

Stohl, E R; male, 34, MN, laborer

Stohl, Minnie; female, 27, MN

Stohl, Emma; female, 7, MN

Stohl, Wm; male, 5, MN

Stohl, Ernest; male, 3, WA

Stohl, Gus; male, 1, WA

Luke, J H; male, 33, CA, laborer

Tramm, Robt; male, 22, WI, laborer

Tramm, Jas; male, 18, WI, laborer

Carrier, A; male, 21, WI, laborer

Linburg, Jno; male, 30, Sweden, laborer

Davis, Jas; male, 27, Wales, laborer

Lilliengren, Chas; male, 30, Denmark, laborer

Keel, Sam; male, 24, Denmark, laborer

Nelson, N P; male, 38, Denmark, laborer

Burke, Frank; male, 38, NY, laborer

Scott, Jas; male, 36, NY, laborer

Kelly, Geo; male, 27, NY, laborer

Falboth, Wm; male, 22, WI, laborer

O’Connor, Dick; male, 36, Ireland, laborer

Peterson, Ole; male, 29, Sweden, laborer

Ross, Wm R; male, 36, Canada, laborer

Ross, W J; male, 29, Canada, laborer

Chilton, R H; male, 48, VA, Co. Treasurer

Chilton, Ella; female, 46, VA

Anderson, J W; male, 48, VA, Co Auditor

Anderson, Hennah; female, 40, MO

Anderson, Virgie; female, 18, CA

Anderson, Henry; male, 16, CA

Anderson, Ernest; male, 14, CA

Anderson, Annie; female, 11, CA

Anderson, J W Jr.; male, 8, CA

Anderson, B B; male, 6, WA

Anderson, Robt L; male, 4, WA

Anderson, M N; male, 2, WA

Keaton, Rosanna; female, 53, MO

Keaton, James; male, 15, MO

Keaton, Albert; male, 13, MO

Keaton, Arthur; male, 10, IA

Keaton, Susan; female, 7, IA

Duffy, Thos; male, 39, NJ, farmer

Duffy, Maggie; female, 36, IL

Duffy, Thomas; male, 9, WA

Duffy, Belle; female, 7, WA

Duffy, Cody; male, 5, WA

Duffy, Alice; female, 3, WA

Duffy, Maggie; female, 0, WA

McGlade, Mary; female, 52, Ireland

McGlade, E P; female, 19, IA

McGlade, Wm H; male, 15, IA

McGlade, Frank; male, 28, IA

McGlade, James; male, 25, Canada

McGlade, Charles; male, 21, IA

Lawson, Ezra; male, 61, WY, farmer

Lawson, Nellie; female, 44, England

Lawson, Charlie; male, 27, IL, farmer

Fogarty, John; male, 44, Ireland, farmer

Fogarty, Margaret; female, 33, Ireland

Fogarty, Margaret; female, 10, WA

McCanley, ____; male, 51, Ireland

Olson, Cornelius; male, 23, Norway, laborer

Desmond, H J; male, 35, Canada, farmer

Desmond, Carrie; female, 29, OH

Desmond, F H; male, 1, WA

Corcory, Pat; male, 60, Ireland, farmer

Groskopf, Alvina; female, 22, France

Kastler, George; male, 56, France, farmer

Kastler, Theresa; female, 53, France

Cavanaugh, J W; male, 33, IA, farmer

Cavanaugh, Mary E; female, 24, MO

Cavanaugh, James A; male, 3, WA

Cavanaugh, Wm L; male, 2, WA

Cavanaugh, M M; female, 0, WA

Power, John; male, 51, Ireland

Brislawn, Matt; male, 41, Ireland

Brislawn, Mary E; female, 38, PA, farmer

Brislawn, James; male, 17, IA

Brislawn, Jno H; male, 18, IA

Brislawn, M T; male, 13, IA

Brislawn, I W; male, 11, WA

Brislawn, M E; female, 9, WA

Brislawn, Matt P; male, 7, WA

Brislawn, M A; female, 5, WA

Brislawn, A I; female, 4, WA

Brislawn, A; male, 2, WA

Brislawn, C E; female, 0, WA

McGue, James; male, 65, Ireland, farmer

Leigh, Ed; male, 35, England, farmer

Leigh, Paulina; female, 33, IA

Leigh, George; male, 13, IA

Leigh, Emma; female, 11, IA

Leigh, Mary; female, 8, IA

Leigh, Hattie; female, 4, WA

Welch, Carl D; male, 33, NE, farmer

Welch, Phoebe Mq; female, 33, IL

Welch, Walter; male, 3, KS

Brown, P A; male, 72, NY, carpenter

Brown, Charlie; male, 33, IL, farmer

Brown, Fannie; female, 27, IA

Brown, Clara B; female, 1, WA

Ames, Wm M; male, 30, IL, farmer

Bruner, E C; male, 29, KS, farmer

Bruner, Etta; female, 23, IL

Bruner, Earl; male, 5, NE

Bruner, Amy; female, 2, NE

Bruner, E C; male, 0, WA

Ames, Emma; female, 16, NE

Box, Thomas; male, 25, PA, farmer

Box, Jennie; female, 24, IL

Box, Charles; male, 2, WA

Box, Clyde; male, 1, WA

Brown, L H; male, 29, IL

Puls, Chris; male, 65, Germany, farmer

Puls, Christina; female, 63, Germany

Puls, George; male, 19, WI

Maddock, C M; male, 52, PA, farmer

Maddock, Frances; female, 56, NJ

Maddock, Charles; male, 22, MN

Maddock, A L; female, 20, MN

Maddock, Robert; male, 15, MN

Wells, E W; male, 55, NY, farmer

Wells, Clinton; female, 50, NY

Bracken, John; male, 43, OH, farmer

Bracken, Nettie; female, 46, KY

McCaffrey, Frank; male, 53, Ireland, farmer

Schroeder, G P; male, 36, Germany, farmer

Banter, S S; male, 30, IN, farmer

McShane, H; male, 53, Ireland, farmer

Kirk, John; male, 54, Ireland, farmer

Kirk, John; male, 19, WA, farmer

Kirk, Mary; female, 16, WA

Kirk, Bessie; female, 11, WA

Kirk, Peter; male, 10, WA

Newman, W H; male, 26, VA, farmer

Raforth, W T; male, 31, Germany, farmer

Raforth, Annie; female, 26, Germany

Raforth, Flora; female, 2, WA

Raforth, Effie; female, 1, ID

Bottcher, ____; male, 25, Germany, farmer

Keogan, Pat; male, 64, Ireland, farmer

Keogan, Elizabeth; female, 50, Canada

Keogan, Maggie; female, 22, NV

Keogan, Bridget; female, 19, NV

Keogan, Larry; male, 17, NV

Keogan, Chris; male, 15, CA

Keogan, Elizabeth; female, 13, CA

Keogan, Annie; female, 12, CA

Keogan, Mike; male, 6, WA

Ames, E E; male, 45, PA, farmer

McDonnell, P J; male, 50, Ireland, farmer

McDonnell, Margaret; female, 44, Ireland

McDonnell, James; female, 21, IA

McDonnell, Mary; female, 19, IA

McDonnell, Maggie; female, 17, NV

McDonnell, Katie; female, 15, NV

McDonnell, Lizzie; female, 12, WA

McDonnell, Alice; female, 10, WA

McDonnell, Annie; female, 7, WA

Brenan, Mike; male, 44, Ireland, farmer

Brenan, Ellen; female, 40, Ireland

Brenan, Larry; male, 12, MN

Brenan, Katie; female, 11, MN

Brenan, John; male, 10, Canada

Brenan, Maggie; female, 8, Canada

Brenan, Ellen; female, 6, WA

Brenan, Lizzie; female, 5, WA

Brenan, Mary; female, 3, WA

Brenan, Patrick; male, 1, WA

Burrow, Charles; male, 42, England, farmer

Burrow, Sarah A; female, 41, England

Burrow, B A; female, 15, England

Burrow, Drusilla; female, 14, England

Burrow, S J; male, 12, England

Burrow, Lorina; female, 10, IA

Burrow, W E; male, 9, IA

Burrow, E J; female, 8, IA

Burrow, J H; male, 7, IA

Burrow, Nellie; female, 5, IA

Burrow, A M; female, 3, WA

Kiphart, J A; male, 39, IA, farmer

Kiphart, Melissa; female, 40, OH

Kiphart, L M; female, 3, WA

Thorp, E M; male, 46, IL

Thorp, Elizabeth; female, 46, IN

Thorp, Eva; female, 15, CA

Thorp, Edward; male, 14, CA

Thorp, Alice; female, 9, WA

Thorp, Frances; female, 5, WA

Knight, S W; male, 18, MO

Goodridge, James; female, 15, WA

Goodridge, Annie; female, 15, WA

Goodridge, Oliver; male, 9, WA

Durdap, Stephen; male, 29, England, farmer

Durdap, Cora; female, 23, WI

Durdap, Marshall; male, 0, WA

Robinson, Jane; female, 56, ___

Robinson, John; male, 31,

Robinson, Nettie; female, 15

Robinson, Harry; male, 8

Blip, Clarence; male, 23, __, farmer

Blip, Bertha; female, 19, __

Murphy, E C; male, 52, Ireland, farmer

Murphy, Mary M; female, 52, Ireland

Murphy, John A; male, 16, __

Corcoran, Mitchell; male, 36, Ireland, farmer

Leach, John A; male, 26, __, farmer

Leach, Lizzie; female, 26, __

Leach, Andrew; male, 3  __

Leach, Fred; male, 1, __

Casper, J F; male, 39, Germany, farmer

Farrell, Michael; male, 43, Canada, farmer

Farrell, Mary C; female, 37, Ireland

Farrell, F C; female, 4, WA

Farrell, G I; female, 2, WA

Farrell, Thomas; male, 0, WA

Sawyer, Andrew; male, 44, OH, farmer

Sawyer, Fidelia; female, 40, IN

Sawyer, Rizpah; female, 21, OH

Sawyer, G H W; male, 14, OH

Sawyer, Alice; female, 10, OH

Sawyer, Grace; female, 5, WA

Wood, Preston; male, 33, __, farmer

Wood, Lizzie; female, 31, __

Shearer, J W; male, 33, PA, farmer

Shearer, Anna; female, 24, OH

Shearer, Grace; female, 3, WA

Shearer, Pearl; female, 2, WA

Shearer, J W; male, 0, WA

Burrow, W J; male, 48, __, farmer

Burrow, Mary A; female, 32, __

Burrow, Willie; male, 6, WA

Burrow, Jesse; male, 1, WA

Mann, Frank; male, 28, OH, farmer

Mann, Nevada; female, 22, IA

Mann, H E; female, 3, __

Murray, J F; male, 30, IA, farmer

McGoff, John; male, 62, Ireland, farmer

McGoff, Mary; female, 53, Ireland

McGoff, Almira; female, 17, IL

McGoff, Louisa; female, 15, WI

Mann, Avola; female, 2, WA

Mann, Martina; female, 0, WA

McCaffrey, James; male, 16, IA, farmer

McCaffrey, Joseph; male, 14, IA

McCaffrey, Miles; male, 9, IA

McCaffrey, Agnes; female, 7, WA

McCaffrey, Mary; female, 5, WA

McCaffrey, Theresa; female, 3, WA

McCaffrey, John; male, 0, WA

McCaffrey, Hugh; male, 68, Ireland, farmer

McCaffrey, Ann; female, 40, Ireland

McCaffrey, Frank; male, 12, IA

Morrow, Thomas; male, 50, Ireland, farmer

McGough, P E; male, 31, WI, farmer

McGough, Kate; female, 31, IA

McGough, J E; male, 5, WA

McGough, J P; male, 3, WA

McGough, J L; male, 1, WA

Cavanaugh, M; female, 32, IA, farmer

Conner, George; male, 26, MN, farmer

Conner, Simon; male, 43, MN, farmer

Conner, Patrick; male, 36, MN, farmer

Parker, H M; male, 57, KY, farmer

Wilson, N H; male, 37, IN, farmer

Wilson, L F; female, 28, CA

Wilson, Alice; female, 3, CA

Hammersmith, Fred; male, 25, NY, cowboy

Dawant, Leopold; male, 46, Belgium, machinist

Dawant, Felucy; female, 46, Belgium

Dawant, Leopoldine; female, 21, Belgium

Dawant, Augusta; female, 16, Belgium

Vent, W H; male, 26, WA

Brislawn, Michael; male, 35, Ireland, farmer

Brislawn, Rosanna; female, 33, WI

Yarham, R B; male, 35, OH, farmer

Long, V J; male, 72, TN, farmer

Long, Mary M; female, 69, OH

Smith, P; male, 21, Germany, farmer

Reinhardt, A; male, 38, IL, farmer

Reinhardt, Belle; female, 22, IL

Reinhardt, William; male, 2, WA

Reinhardt, Nellie; female, 3, WA

Miller, Norton; male, 21, OR, farmer

Miller, Bertha; female, 17, KS

Carey, Manuel; male, 26, OR, farmer

Carey, Mattie; female, 22, OR

Carey, Clem; male, 3, WA

Carey, Earl; male, 1, WA

Miller, Ben; male, 22, OR, farmer

Meekey, Ira; male, 14, IA

Baugh, W C; male, 43, IN, farmer

Baugh, Mary E; female, 38, IA

Baugh, Nora E; female, 17, IA

Baugh, Myrtle; female, 13, IA

Biernbach, Henry; male, 23, IN, farmer

Smith, Job; male, 58, OH, farmer

Smith, Mollie; female, 39, MO

Boyer, Samuel; male, 34, IN, farmer

Boyer, Laura; female, 31, IN

Boyer, Eliza; female, 8, IN

Boyer, F M; female, 4, MO

Boyer, M R; male, 0, WA

Baldwin, A; male, 55, NY, farmer

Baldwin, A A; female, 41, PA

Baldwin, A A; female, 7, WA

Bell, Peter; male, 65, Scotland, farmer

Bell, Margaret; female, 55, Ireland

Bell, John; male, 23, Canada

Bell, Frank; male, 17, NV

Cope, Harry; male, 27, Germany

Burge, R A; male, 57, IL, farmer

Burge, Mary E; female, 56, IL

Nicholls, Summer; female, 12, IA

Shearn, Martin; male, 23, IA, farmer

Berscheid, Antoine; male, 29, MN, farmer

Moore, G W; male, 49, NY, farmer

Moore, Mary; female, 41, MO

Moore, Ray; male, 7, OR

Sanborn, A; male, 43, MI, farmer

Sanborn, Belle; female, 38, MI

Sanborn, Willie; male, 18, MI

Sanborn, Clayton; male, 15, MI

Sanborn, Fern; female, 8, MI

Gibbs, James; male, 43, NY, farmer

Gibbs, Nettie; female, 38, IA

Gibbs, Myrtle; female, 14, IA

Gibbs, Jovie; male, 9, IA

Gibbs, Grace; female, 5, WA

Gibbs, Reese; male, 3, WA

Ekins, Claudins; male, 58, Ireland, farmer

Ekins, Eliza I; female, 33, OR

Ekins, Walter; male, 11, OR

Ekins, Myra; female, 7, WA

Manning, Martha; female, 24, MA

Manning, Geraldine; female, 1, WA

Ringwood, Wm; male, 42, WI, farmer

Ringwood, Lizzie; female, 33, WI

Ringwood, Sadie; female, 11, IL

Ringwood, S J; male, 9, WA

Ringwood, May; female, 7, WA

Ringwood, Gertie; female, 5, WA

Ringwood, Edward; male, 4, WA

Ringwood, Wm; male, 1, WA

Ringwood, Samuel; male, 70, Ireland

Schy, Charles; male, 27, MA, farmer

Schy, Edith; female, 19, Germany

Taylor, Wm; male, 36, England, farmer

Taylor, Edward; male, 14, NY

Taylor, Wm; male, 12, MN

Taylor, Chas; male, 10, MN

Taylor, Louis; male, 8, WA

Taylor, Emma; female, 6, WA

Taylor, Ernest; male, 4, WA

McPeak, Tilden; male, 15, OH

McAvoy, Edward; male, 40, Ireland, farmer

Underwood, W; male, 45, ___, farmer

Underwood, Georgia; female, 45, __

Underwood, Bert; male, 19

Underwood, Guy; male, 17

Underwood, Laura; female, 15

Underwood, Arthur; male, 13

Underwood, Fred; male, 11

Underwood, Edith; female, 9

Hertel, Gustave; male, 55, __, farmer

Hertel, Frederica; female, 45, __

Hertel, Gust; male, 23

Hertel, Lena; female, 21, __

Hertel, Clara; female, 17

Hertel, Fred; male, 12 

Hertel, Annie; female, 11

Hertel, Fred; female, 8

Hertel, Ella; female, 7

Hertel, Lizzie; female, 4

Lonegan, C; male, 25, __, farmer

Balfe, John; male, 33, __, farmer

Balfe, Mary J; female, 21, __

Balfe, John; male, 2, __

Gibson, D W; male, 61, __, farmer

Gibson, S A; female, 61, __

Gibson, Henry; male, 27, __, farmer

Linder, Robert; male, 38, __, merchant

Linder, Mary E; female, 35, __

Linder, Laura; female, 14, __

Linder, Ida; female, 12

Linder, Stella; female, 9

Linder, Lillie; female, 5

Linder, Albert; male, 3

Melrose, J P; male, 39, __, farmer

Melrose, Fannie; female, 31, __

Melrose, Earl; male, 7

Gaffrey, Wm; male, 40, __, farmer

Gaffrey, Nellie; female, 12, __

Mou, Sing; male, 30, __, gardener

Mou, Lung; male, 54, __, gardener

Wong, Hong; male, 31,  __, gardener

Brooks, M L; male, 40, farmer

Brooks, Francis; female, 24, __

Brooks, Loren; male, 8, __

Brooks, May; female, 5, __

Brooks, Nellie; female, 3, __

Brooks, Alma; female, 0, WA

Mou, Sing; male, 18, China, gardener

Wong, Long; male, 54, China, gardener

Lee; male, 55, China, gardener

Turgin; female, 45, China

Reeder, W G; male, 27, __, farmer

Reeder, L C; female, 22, __

Reeder, Arthur; male, 3, __

Reeder, John; male, 1, __

Humber, J A; male, 20, __, farmer

Williams, W H; male, 31, __, farmer

Fugray, Dan; male, 22, __, farmer

Wilson, G A; male, 30, __, farmer

Englehart, Joseph; male, 59, __, farmer

Dowell, A; male, 57, __, farmer

Dowell, Hannah; female, 42, __

Dowell, Gussie; female, 17

Dowell, Oscar; male, 13

Dowell, Charles; male, 10

Dowell, Lulu; female, 7

Dowell, Harris; male, 3

Wragg, Wm H; male, 49, __, farmer

Wragg, Arabella; female, 38, __

Wragg, Carrie; female, 19

Wragg, Alice; female, 18

Wragg, Walter; male, 17

Wragg, Pet; female, 14

Wragg, Peter; male, 12

Wragg, John; male, 10

Wragg, Nancy; female, 9

Wragg, Mamie; female, 4

Gaffney, Michael; male, 38, __

Gaffney, Mary A; female, 27

Gaffney, Joseph; male, 4

Burke, Thomas; male, 65, __

Jensen, Harry; male, 44, __, farmer

Jensen, Regina; female, 37, __

Jensen, Hannah; female, 18

Jensen, Roscoe; male, 9

Jensen, Detle F; male, 7

Jensen, August; male, 5

Jensen, George; male, 3

Jensen, Dora; female, 0

Puls, Jas; male, 23

Burden, Chas; male, 60, __, farmer

Walker, Jennie; female, 24

Walker, Frankie; male, 7

Walker, Carrie; female, 5

Christian, W A; male, 52, __, farmer


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