1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


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Johnson, J; female, 15, IA

Johnson, E; female, 7, IA

Johnson, W; male, 11, IA

Johnson, L; male, 6, IA

Menke, Fred; male, 32, Germany, farmer

Menke, Herman; male, 23, Germany, farmer

Peterson, Simon; male, 42, Denmark, farmer

Peterson, Anna; female, 30, Denmark

Peterson, John; male, 5, WA

Peterson, Kate; female, 3, WA

Williams, W R; male, 33, KS, horticulture

Nordby, Julius; male, 25, Norway, farmer

Nordby, Norris; male, 20, Norway, farmer

Smith, Geo E; male, 42, MO, farmer

Smith, Lena; female, 35, MO

Campbell, N; male, 24, Canada, horticulture

Clark, Chas; male, 63, NY, horticulture

Litzle, Chas; male, 34, PA, horticulture

Brazell, A J; male, 56, PA

Hart, Simon B; male, 21, PA

Flashman, Millie; female, 20, PA

Campbell, John; male, 31, Canada, horticulture

Campbell, M; female, 27, IA

Campbell, May; female, 8, KS

Campbell, N; male, 6, KS

Campbell, Effie; female, 4, WA

Campbell, R; male, 1, WA

Peasl, J D; male, 37, WI, farmer

Peasl, Ella; female, 25, WI

Peasl, S H; male, 9, MN

Peasl, O B; male, 7, MN

Peasl, M L; female, 5, MN

Peasl, C E; female, 4, MN

Peasl, Ora; male, 1, WA

McDonald, E; male, 21, WI, farmer

Wertz, M L; female, 14, WI

Roberts, William; male, 50, IN, farmer

Flemiing, Wm; male, 24, OH, burm

Oleary, Frank; male, 18, WI

Lewis, Thomas; male, 23, CA, burm

Serritt, Joe; male, 17, NY

Wynhoff, G; male, 23, WI, laborer

Emerson, S C; male, 39, IL, mill man

Richards, H L; male, 33, OR, mill man

Wynhoff, H S; male, 51, Germany, horticulturist

Wynhoff, M O; female, 40, WI

Wynhoff, Theo; male, 20, WI

Wynhoff, Addie; female, 16, WI

Wynhoff, Phronie; female, 15, WI

Wynhoff, Leo; male, 10, WI

Wynhoff, Frankie; female, 5, IA

Wynhoff, Walter; male, 1, WA

Turner, William; male, 55, MO, horticulture

Shminsky, Fred; male, 29, Germany, horticulture

Shminsky, Minnie; female, 29, Germany

Shminsky, A; female, 6, IA

Shminsky, Clara; female, 5, MT

Shminsky, William; male, 3, WA

Shminsky, Caroline; female, 1, WA

Shminsky, Mike; male, 60, Germany, horticulture

Shminsky, Annie; female, 56, Germany

Haas, Peter B; male, 34, WI, farmer

Haas, M; female, 24, WI

Haas, P; female, 3, MN

Haas, Lomer; male, 1, WA

Bruhn, John; male, 34, Denmark, carpenter

Bruhn, Exel; male, 16, Denmark

Wertz, H J; male, 43, IN, farmer

Wertz, E B; female, 34, IL

Wertz, O H; male, 9, IL

Wertz, J B; male, 7, IL

Wertz, H A; male, 3, WA

Wertz, L M; female, 1, WA

Bankstin, S B; male, 74, IL, farmer

Bankstin, J; female, 71, IN

Bankstin, P A; male, 36, IL, farmer

Wynhoff, Hubert; male, 57, Germany, farmer

Wynhoff, C; female, 49, OH

Wynhoff, Lena; female, 16, IA

Wynhoff, Theodore; male, 12, IA

Wynhoff,  B B; female, 10, IA

Wynhoff, George; male, 6, WA

Wynhoff, Edna; female, 5, WA

Jones, John M; male, 49, OH, farmer

Jones, M; female, 40, OH

Jones, Oscar; male, 20, OH

Jones, O; male, 19, OH

Jones, W; male, 15, OH

Jones, Ernest; male, 13, OH

Jones, John; male, 9, OH

Jones, Dan; male, 5, WA

Jones, Stella; female, 1, WA

Sheffler, Fritz; male, 56, Germany, farmer

Sheffler, G; female, 57, Germany

Jones, Thos A; male, 55, OH, farmer

Jones, Mary; female, 47, OH

Jones, Elmer; male, 16, OH

Jones, H; male, 14, OH

Jones, C; male, 12, OH

Jones, Fred; male, 8, OH

Lowell, Dan; male, 54, IL, farmer

Robertson, T B; male, 40, MO, farmer

Martin, Peter; male, 60, Norway, farmer

Martin, O; female, 49, Norway

Martin, C; female, 13, MN

Martin, A; male, 11, MN

Martin, Peter; male, 8, MN

Martin, Henry; male, 3, WA

Martin, Isabel; female, 26, Norway

Lee, Joe R; male, 32, VA, farmer

Spencer, M E; female, 42, NY

Spencer, D E; male, 50, NY

Hadahl, K; male, 35, Norway, blacksmith

Sigenwalt, A J; male, 53, OH, farmer

Sigenwalt, A; female, 55, OH

Sigenwalt, Lewis; male, 25, KS

Sigenwalt, Ettie; male, 23, KS

Sigenwalt, Chide; male, 20, KS

Anderson, H; male, 55, Norway, laborer

Farey, A J; female, 58, IN

Farey, Clark; male, 19, IA, farmer

Davis, J T; male, 29, OH

Davis, Albert; male, 30, OH

Davis, Lizzie; female, 26, OH

Martin, J P; male, 29, MN, farmer

Martin, Mary; female, 25, MN

Martin, P; male, 4, WA

Martin, A; male, 2, WA

Hopkins, Frank; male, 36, IA, farmer

Hopkins, Carrie; female, 35, OH

Hopkins, Nell; female, 15, WA

Hopkins, E; male, 11, WA

Hopkins, Wm; male, 10, WA

Nygren, Alfred; male, 31, Sweden, farmer

Willets, Wm M; male, 44,KY, farmer

Willets, A; female, 43, KY

Willets, Lillie; female, 16, KS

Willets, Myrtle; female, 14, KS

Willets, P; female, 12, KS

Willets, A; male, 6, OR

Grim, Jacob; male, 43, OH, farmer

Grim, Lorinda; female, 33, MO

Grim, P M; female, 12, CA

Grim, W F; male, 9, CA

Grim, J S; female, 7, CA

Grim, Emma; female, 5, CA

Grim, H J; female, 2, CA

Stephey, D E D; male, 32, PA, farmer

Stephey, Eva; female, 24, IL

Stephey, Maud; female, 4, WA

Stephey, S L L; male, 1, WA

White, C B; male, 63, TN, carpenter

Trussell, Dayton; male, 31, OH, farmer

Sherman, G W; male, 42, WV

Sherman, S M S; female, 86, MA

Chapman, O A; male, 38, PA, farmer

Chapman, O N; female, 31, OH

Chapman, C R; male, 13, KS

Chapman, D E; male, 11, KS

Chapman, C R; male, 5, KS

Chapman, I M; female, 1, WA

Portch, E A; male, 30, IL, farmer

Portch, Dolly; female, 25, IA

Portch, C R; male, 2, WA

Grinstead, J N; male, 33, VA, farmer

Grinstead, Rowena; female, 33, IA

Grinstead, Lela; female, 6, WA

Grinstead, Emma; female, 4, WA

Grinstead, R L; male, 27, VA

Renand, H; male, 43, MO, farmer

Simons, Peter H; male, 22, PA, farmer

Galloway, James; male, 35, Canada, farmer

Galloway, Mattie; female, 38, VA

Housten, Walter; male, 20, TX, farmer

Housten, Tom; male, 17, VA

Housten, Bertha; female, 15, VA

Housten, Maud; female, 6, VA

Galloway, A; male, 2, WA

Galloway, Jennie; female, 1, WA

Shull, Sam M; male, 54, OH, farmer

Shull, L E; female, 47, MO

Shull, O L; male, 21, CA

Shull, R; male, 19, CA

Shull, H M; male, 4, WA

Robertson, Wm; male, 39, Scotland, farmer

Robertson, Catherine; female, 31, Canada

Robertson, Annie; female, 12, Canada

Robertson, Mary; female, 11, Canada

Robertson, Charley; male, 9, WA

Robertson, B H; male, 7, WA

Robertson, Grace; female, 5, WA

Robertson, Archie; male, 1, WA

Simons, Wm; male, 62, PA, farmer

Simons, E J; female, 52, PA

Simons, Lou; female, 19, NE

Galavan, H; male, 36, DC, farmer

Galavan, H; female, 34, PA

Galavan, Thomas; male, 10, IA

Galavan, F; male, 9, IA

Galavan, Charles; male, 7, NE

Galavan, Annie; female, 7, NE

Galavan, B; male, 4, KS

Jump, John; male, 30, MO, farmer

Jump, Addie E; female, 20, CA

Jump, W E; male, 1, WA

Simons, Geo H; male, 40, PA, farmer

Simons, L E; female, 32, CA

Simons, W W; male, 12, OR

Simons, H C; male, 11, WA

Simons, O; male, 10, WA

Simons, E; male, 8, WA

Simons, Carrie; female, 7, WA

Simons, M M; male, 3, WA

Simons, Ed; male, 38, PA, farmer

Simons, L E; female, 29, PA

Simons, Fasco; male, 1, WA

Simons, Rosco; male, 1, WA

Darley, H; male, 42, OH, farmer

Darley, E A; female, 32, PA

Darley, David; male, 9, KS

Darley, L; female, 8, KS

Darley, A; male, 6, KS

Darley, R; male, 5, KS

Darley, G; male, 3, WA

Blackfan, C T; male, 44, IL, farmer

Blackfan, M; female, 39, Canada

Blackfan, Roy; male, 16, IL

Blackfan, H S; male, 8, WA

Anderson, H; male, 55, Norway, farmer

Anderson, R; female, 52, Norway

Anderson, A H; male, 24, MN, farmer

Anderson, M; female, 20, MN

Anderson, J; female, 18, MN

Anderson, H; female, 13, MN

Anderson, Henry; male, 8, MN

Zaegler, E; male, 46, OH, farmer

Zaegler, Carrie; female, 52, MI

Simons, Fred; male, 24, PA, farmer

Dunning, W; male, 24, MN, farmer

Snyder, George; male, 35, CA, farmer

Snyder, E; female, 22, MO

Snyder, E; male, 11, WA

Jump, B; male, 18, MO

Shuck, Fred; male, 34, IL, farmer

Sherrod, D L; male, 39, IN, farmer

Snyder, Dan; male, 64, OH, farmer

Snyder, L J; female, 59, IN

Snyder, Carrie; female, 25, CA

Houston, Carl; male, 10, VA

Portch, J H; male, 25, IL, farmer

Portch, Hannah; female, 63, Ireland

Portch, William; male, 20, IL

Long, F M; male, 53, TN, farmer

Long, S J; female, 51, VA

Bishop, L C; male, 34, VA, farmer

Bishop, Sarah E; female, 35, VA

Bishop, L M; male, 2, WA

Houston, E; male, 13, VA

Houston, C; male, 9, VA

Cole, J J; male, 37, VA, farmer

Cole, J M; female, 37, VA

Cole, John C; male, 33, VA, farmer

Cole, N A; female, 36, VA

Cole, G C; male, 2, WA

Hire, Albert; male, 27, IL, farmer

Florence, J H; male, 53, MO, farmer

Florence, L J; female, 57, OR

Florence, Maud; female, 15, OR

Florence, Edgar; male, 13, OR

Florence, Daisy; female, 7, WA

Florence, Claire; male, 2, WA

Florence, Carlin; male, 2, WA

Verfurth, Thomas; male, 20, WI, farmer

Bogart, J W; male, 57, IN, farmer

Bogart, C; female, 48, MO

Bogart, Josie; female, 13, OR

Bogart, Nellie; female, 9, OR

Diamond, John; male, 75, ___, farmer

Moody, J; male, 63, OH, farmer

Moody, E; female, 52, Sweden

Moody, E; male, 23, CA

Moody, Annie; female, 23, CA

Moody, Ollie; female, 19, IA

Moody, Mabel; female, 12, IA

McKray, Lester; male, 65, PA, teamster

Pasley, E; male, 53, MO

Spurgen, W; male, 2, WA

Pasley, L B; female, 13, WA

Pasley, B; female, 10, WA

Pasley, Mathew; male, 18, OR

Dimgan, James; male, 33, VA, farmer

Dimgan, E; female, 21, CO

Dimgan, M W; female, 3, WA

Dimgan, I; female, 1, WA

Jump, Jos H; male, 52, MO, farmer

Jump, M; female, 54, TN

Jump, Riley; male, 19, MO

Jump, P B; male, 18, MO

Jump, Tam; female, 15, MO

Cole, A J; male, 29, VA, farmer

Fraser, Allen; male, 25, Canada, farmer

Fraser, Simon; male, 30, Canada

Fraser, Dan; male, 35, Canada

Fraser, Alex; male, 40, Canada

Fraser, John; male, 46, Canada

Cameron, Hugh; male, 49, Canada, farmer

Cameron, C; female, 43, Canada

Cameron, T; male, 14, Canada

Cameron, A; male, 12, Canada

Cameron, A; male, 19, Canada

Cameron, Catherine; female, 17, Canada

Cameron, Annie; female, 15, Canada

Cameron, M; male, 10, Canada

Cameron, Q; male, 1, Canada

Powell, James; male, 35, England, farmer

Ring, Charles; male, 24, MN, farmer

Ring, Mary; female, 19, MN

Clancy, A; male, 36, MN, farmer

Clancy, Annie; female, 20, MN

Houck, O C; male, 49, PA, farmer

Houck, R; female, 51, PA

Ring, Maud; female, 18, MN

Collins, M; female, 17, MN

Holmes, C C; male, 68, NY, farmer

Holmes, L; female, 55, OH

Holmes, Rush; male, 21, MN

Harshman, Wm; male, 17, MN

Harshman, Wm; male, 20, MN

Brown, Wm E; male, 35, MO

Brown, O; female, 30, MO

Cardwell, E; male, 10, MO

Brown, Wm P; male, 5, MO

Brown, L E; male, 3, WA

Sherrod, C P; male, 49, OH, farmer

Sherrod, Sarah; female, 43, MA

Sherrod, Mary; female, 21, MI

Sherrod, Geo W; male, 19, MI

Sherrod, K M; female, 16, MI

Sherrod, J B; female, 14, MI

Sherrod, Rosa; female, 12, MI

Wiseman, Clara; female, 12, MO

Bandy, R H; male, 35, NC, farmer

Bandy, C E; female, 33, NC

Bandy, John; male, 12, NC

Bandy, Mary; female, 10, NC

Bandy, W L; male, 9, NC

Bandy, E; male, 7, NC

Holmes, C H; male, 27, MN, farmer

Holmes, Emma; female, 23, MN

Holmes, Roy; male, 1, WA

Holmes, Harry; male, 2, WA

Hartt, Joe; male, 46, Germany, farmer

Retshousky, Fred; male, 30, Germany, farmer

Retshousky, August; male, 27, Germany, farmer

Retshousky, A; female, 27, Germany

Bair, ____; male, 45, Germany, farmer

Bair, A; male, 2, WA

Bair, O; male, 1, WA

Frazer, J W; male, 25, NC, farmer

Wisdom, J B; male, 51, MO, farmer

Wisdom, Emma; female, 28, MO

Wisdom, Lillie B; female, 9, MO

Wisdom, Willie; male, 5, MO

Johnson, E J; male, 27, MO, farmer

Johnson, Cora; female, 22, MO

Johnson, O; male, 5, MO

Johnson, E; male, 3, MO

Johnson, Annie; female, 1, WA

Kaufman, A; male, 36, PA, farmer

Kaufman, Anna; female, 30, Wales

Kaufman, M A; female, 14, OH

Kaufman, Lizzie; female, 12, OH

Kaufman, C; female, 9, OH

Kaufman, Carrie; female, 7, IL

Kaufman, Maudie; female, 4, WA

Kaufman, Charlie; male, 1, WA

Hammond, R; male, 55, Wales, farmer

Hammond, J; female, 57, Wales

Bender, Joe; male, 23, IA, farmer

Bucholz, J; male, 36, Germany, farmer

Thompson, H D; male, 26, OH, farmer

Thompson, Hattie; female, 24, M__

Thompson, Claud; male, 1, WA

Thompson, Henry M; male, 30, OH

Thompson, A; female, 26, M__

Thompson, Grace; female, 5, WA

Holmes, Rush; male, 22, MN, farmer

Hyde, S C; male, 50, IL, farmer

Hyde, L S; female, 43, M__

Hyde, Nellie; female, 19, MN

Hyde, Fred; male, 17, MN

Bender, T I; male, 62, PA, farmer

Bender, A; female, 48, Germany

Bender, Enos; male, 14, KS

Bender, Ed; male, 8, IA

Magee, Joe; male, 35, Canada, farmer

Magee, Alma; female, 22, MN

Magee, John; male, 4, WA

Magee, Myrtie; female, 2, WA

McCann, Peter; male, 45, Canada, farmer

McCann, Sarah; female, 33, WV

McCann, May; female, 11, WV

Smith, E H; male, 25, OH, farmer

Lutzhoft, W R; male, 34, Germany, farmer

Lutzhoft, Ella; female, 24, Germany

Mahrt, Henry; male, 24, WI, farmer

Mahrt, Anne; female, 28, Scotland

Mahrt, John; male, 6, Scotland

Mahrt, H A; female, -1, WA

McRae, James; male, 26, Scotland, plasterer

Drayer, Charles; male, 58, PA, farmer

Harder, Henry; male, 51, Germany, farmer

Harder, Wilhelmina; female, 41, Germany

Harder, Clara A; female, 18, CA

Harder, Rose E; female, 16, CA

Harder, Henry; male, 14, CA

Harder, Hulda; female, 12, WA

Harder, Annie; female, 10, WA

Harder, Emma; female, 8, WA

Harder, Adolph; male, 6, WA

Harder, Carl; male, 2, WA

Shalock, Frank; male, 25, Germany, farmer

Shalock, Mattie; female,19, CA

Lutzhoft, J; male, 35, Germany, farmer

Lutzhoft, Dora; female, 25, Germany

Tramm, Peter; male, 47, Germany, farmer

Tramm, Mary; female, 49, Germany

Tramm, P N; male, 21, WI

Tramm, H C; male, 20, WI

Tramm, Emma; female, 16, WI

Zunker, H; male, 26, Germany, farmer

Seaman, C; male, 42, Germany, farmer

Seaman, G; female, 27, Germany

Seaman, Mary; female, 7, WA

Seaman, Emma; female, 5, WA

Seaman, Ella; female, 3, WA

Seaman, W; male, 1, WA

Steveson, T G; male, 42, Canada, farmer

Steveson, Annie; female, 37, Canada

Reese, John; male, 30, KS, farmer

Reese, Annie; female, 25, KS

Reese, John; male, 3, WA

Reese, Mary; female, 1, WA

Byers, S R; male, 59, PA, farmer

Byers, Mary; female, 38, VA

Byers, H B; female, 8, MO

Byers, Lizzie; female, 5, MO

Byers, R M; female, 3, MO

Schulz, Herman; male, 21, Germany, farmer

Blake, Charles; male, 40, OH, hotel keeper

Blake, Mattie; female, 40, NY

Davis, Lillie; female, 17, PA

Haak, Peter; male, 50, Germany, farmer

Overdorf, __ H; male, 39, PA, farmer

Overdorf, Annie; female, 35, IA

Overdorf, Jake; male, 10, IA

Overdorf, Elmer; male, 8, MO

Overdorf, Earnest; male, 6, IA

Overdorf, Dell; male, 3, OR

Wicham, J; male, 47, England, merchant

Austin, A; male, 40, England, farmer

Austin, I G; female, 31, M__

Austin, E; male, 8, WA

Austin, M R; male, 6, WA

Gillett, Charles; male, 23, OH, laborer

Gillett, Mary; female, 24, IA

Gillett, Ralph; male, 2, WA

Alley, A J; male, 33, CA, saloon keeper

Alley, Mary; female, 25, NE

Alley, Mabel; female, 7, CA

Alley, Grace; female, 5, CA

Bentley, S S; male, 26, MO, merchant

Bentley, M E; female, 24, MO

Bentley, L E; female, 3, WA

Bentley, J M; male, 1, WA

Warren, J M; male, 48, MO, merchant

Warren, S C; female, 47, VA

Warren, C S; male, 27, MO, merchant

Capps, J C; male, 67, TN, farmer

Capps, Elizabeth; female, 50, MO

Capps, Nettie; female, 15, CA

Latham, F H; female, 25, Canada

Latham, L M; female, 18, Canada

Moriarty, M F; male, 31, MN, merchant

Moriarty, Maggie; female, 25, PA

Ogg, F T; male, 37, IL, saddler

Ogg, R E; female, 31, IL

Ogg, A P; female, 11, IL

Ogg, B W; male, 8, IL

Ogg, Ray; male, 3, IL

Childs, E W; male, 32, NY, druggist

Childs, Grace; female, 18, NY

Fiets, Enstar; male, 58, WI, painter

Rayner, John; male, 35, MI, merchant

Menger, O A; male, 27, KY, merchant

Menger, Lizzie; female, 25, Switzerland

Olson, M; male, 33, Denmark, merchant

Olson, C; female, 28, Denmark

Jenson, A K; female, 58, Denmark

Olson, Karl; male, 4, Denmark

Scharman, C; male, 32, Germany, butcher

Otterbone, F; male, 28, Germany, shoemaker

Denney, L M; male, 58, NY, merchant

Denney, M M; male, 50, IL, merchant

Denney, H A; male, 44, IL, farmer

Denney, Unice; female, 33, IA

Denney, Myrtle; female, 12, IA

Byrd, Richard; male, 65, KY, carpenter

Byrd, Mary E; female, 43, MO

Byrd, Minnie; female, 13, MO

Byrd, John; male, 17, MO

Byrd, W; male, 19, MO


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