1892 Census, Lincoln County, Washington


Submitted by Marge Womach & Kim Barcewski


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The Lincoln County 1892 census consisted of 5 books, no headings filled in for locations, and the books were not numbered. As such there was no means of being assured that all of the 1892 census was made available. Spellings were used as found, options rarely included. The original file was not usable for internet posting and was retyped in its entirety by Kim Barcewski of CA, to whom all using this file are indebted. I have a photocopy of the original as found at the Lincoln County auditor's office, and would gladly check to see if either of us have dropped any pertinent data from the original. In my own research in Lincoln County I have found names missing from this census that I felt should have been in the county at the time. Census data for this area was taken for 1883, 1885, 1887, 1889, the 1890 destroyed by fire, and 1892. There was also a census taken in 1902; these in addition to the Federal Census each decade. Marge Womach.



Vest, J E; 54, IN, farmer

Vest, Kate; 49, OH

Vest, Carrie; 25, IL

Vest, Ed; 18, IL

Vest, Martha; 13, IL

Vest, Mary; 13, IL

Vest, Mabel; 8, IL

Kelly, Minnie; 22, IL

Kelly, Leroy; 0, WA

Ball, J L; 45, OH

Ball, Theresa; 47, IL

Mack, Thos S; 12, WA

Bowers, A; 40, PA, farmer

Bowers, Mary; 38, VA

Bowers, Ruben; 14, OR

Bowers, Barbary; 13, OR

Bowers, J A; 12, OR

Bowers, Kate; 9, OR

Bowers, Paul; 7, OR

Bowers, Mary O; 5, WA

Bowers, Alula; 1, WA

Russell, Thomas; 35, Canada

Buck, A A; 42, IL

Buck, May; 34, IA

Buck, Rex; 15, IL

Buck, Murray; 10, OR

Buck, Charles; 7, IA

Buck, Muriel; 5, IA

Buck, Edith; 3, WA

Buck, Allen; 1, WA

Watson, J; 27, MO

Watson, Mariah; 25, VA

Watson, Cora; 6, CA

Watson, Estella; 5, CA

Watson, Jessie; 2, WA

Turner, L P; 29, TN

Turner, Jane; 24, TN

Turner, Maud; 4, TN

Turner, Lillie; 2, WA

Paxton, John; 20, MO

Kals, R; 63, Germany

Kals, Lizzie; 10, CA

Fries, A; 69, Germany

Taylor, J S; 36, MO, farmer

Taylor, Susan; 33, MO

Taylor, Edith; 4, WA

Taylor, Ethel; 3, WA

Taylor, Hazel; 2, WA

Johnston, A; 19, MO, laborer

Glasscock, W F; 51, VA, farmer

Glasscock, L J; 36, VA

Glasscock, Emmet; 14, CA

Glasscock, Vernon; 12, CA

Glasscock, Roberta; 9, CA

Glasscock, Elizabeth; 7, CA

Trumble, George; 68, OH, farmer

Trumble, Mary; 56, OH

Trumble, Jose; 20, IL

Trumble, Hanora; 18, IL

Muller, J H; 37, Switzerland

Muller, Theresa; 21, Switzerland

Follett, Henry; 28, MO, laborer

Muller, John; 3, WA

Muller, Emma; 2, WA

Kelly, John; 44, IN, farmer

Ludy, J E; 33, MO, farmer

Ludy, Josie; 31, MO

Ludy, Adams E; 8, WA

Ludy, Clarence; 3, WA

Ludy, (             ); 3m, WA

Ludy, A; 61, MD

Ludy, Amanda; 57, OH

Allison, W; 42, PA

Graff, F; 47, MO

Graff, Kate; 33, PA

Graff, Walter; 12, MO

Graff, May; 10, MO

Graff, Lou; 9, MO

Graff, Maud; 4, MO

Graff, Fred; 1, WA

Stone, G L; 33, MO, farmer

Stone, M F; 58, KY

Stone, Lula; 23, IL

Stone, Ruby; 18, MO

Stone, John; 15, TX

Cardwell, Charles; 33, MO, carpenter

Amon, J R; 22, OR, merchant

Amon, M; 18, AR

Amon, Maud; 4m, WA

Lowery, Joseph; 19, MO, clerk

Wilder, Bayard; 33, MO, farmer

Milliken, J F; 48, ME, farmer

Milliken, G; 49, ME

Dysart, W D; 32, MO

Dysart, Maggie; 24, MO

Dysart, Carol; 8, OR

Dysart, Eliz; 5, WA

Dysart, Lula; 2, WA

Logan, Viola; 29, WI, landlady

Logan, Lucy B; 12, WI

Logan, Nora M; 9, WI

Logan, Eva; 8, WI

Logan, Alice L; 6, WI

Shaw, Charles; 22, CA, stagedriver

Anence, Harry; 33, NJ, blacksmith

Ryan, T F; 29, IL, blacksmith

Riordan, B W; 30, Ireland, saloonman

Ratcliff, R; 30, IA, saloonman

Arthur, A L; 30, MO, barber

Myers, A D; 20, IA, cook

Calahan, John; 45, IL, cook

Beck, Paul; 19, Germany, butcher

Conoly, Charles; 36, NH, blacksmith

Carrig, E W; 30, CT, cook

Chapman, John; 19, MA, cook

Chapman, C H; 21, MA, cook

Lee, F C; 25, WI

Wright, F; 22, MO

Meed, Clem; 26, IL

Hannum, C H; 32, CA, farmer

Hannum, S C; 31, MD

Hannum, Elma; 7, WA

Hannum, Vesta; 4, WA

Bond, Eugene; 20, __, laborer

Buob, C Sr; 78, Germany, farmer

Buob, C Jr; 48, Germany, farmer

Buob, Mary; 45, Germany

Buob, Henry; 20, CA

Buob, Chris; 13, CA

Buob, Dora; 11, CA

Buob, William; 9, WA

Buob, Marghreta; 6, WA

Buob, Fred; 4, WA

Reiland, William; 66, Germany, farmer

Reiland, Kate; 64, Germany

Reiland, Fred; 24, MN

Reiland, Josephine; 15, MN

Reiland, Mary; 26, MN

Reiland, Babe; 3, __

Reiland, Babe; 6m, __

Cathern, W; 31, OH, farmer

Worth, John; 51, Germany, farmer

Luper, L T; 43, IL, farmer

Luper, Eliz; 41, IA

Luper, Berry; 15, OR

Harper, V; 19, WI, laborer

Hubenthal, T H; 52, Germany, farmer

Hubenthal, Mary; 38, Switzerland

Beck, Wm; 36, Germany

Beck, Katie; 30, Germany

Beck, Annie; 8, WA

Beck, Mary; 7, WA

Beck, Minnie; 5, WA

Beck, Paul; 4, WA

Beck, Henry, 2, WA

Beck, ______; 3m, WA

Beck, ______; 3m, WA

Buler, Emma; 15, Germany

Timm, A; 33, Germany

Timm, Dora; 26, Germany

Timm, August; 7, Germany  

Timm, William; 5, Germany

Timm, Annie; 4, Germany

Timm, Otto; 1, WA

Miller, J H; 35,

Lugenbuhl, C; 25, Switzerland

Adams, John; 40, MI

Tinsley, A J; 29, MO, farmer

Tinsley, A F; 29, MO

Tinsley, Clifford; 5, WA

Tinsley, Richard; 2, WA

Tinsley, Eliza; 56, MO

Tinsley, Byron; 18, CA

Buob, J W; 44, Germany

Buob, M D; 31, Germany

Buob, M D; 14, CA

Buob, Annie; 10, CA

Buob, Amelia; 9, WA

Buob, William; 6, WA

Buob, Fred; 5, WA

Buob, Dave; 3, WA

Buob, Martha; 2, WA

Buob, Chris; 2m, WA

Brown, Jamie; 43, MO

Brown, Frank; 22, CA, farmer

Brown, Avett; 16, CA

Brown, Harry; 12, CA

Smith, J B; 47, MO, farmer

Billings, H S; 55, NH

Billings, E C; 53, NH

Yarwood, W J; 35, NY, farmer

Gop, Seth; 22, KS, laborer

Gop, Eva; 20, KS

Smith, G W; 40, MA, farmer

Fitch, E S; 51, NH, farmer

Fitch, S E; 50, NH

Samuels, B; 33, MO, teacher

Samuels, C; 33, MO, farmer

Faulding, C; 40, England, farmer

Gohlman, Wm; male, 29, IA, farmer

Gohlman M; male, 24, IA, farmer

Gohlman H; male, 26, IA, farmer

Yarwood, Wm; male, 74, Africa, farmer

Yarwood, D S; male, 38, NY, farmer

Yarwood, Eliza; female, 43, England

Yarwood, Jos; male, 33, WI, farmer

Yarwood, Elie; male, 31, WI, farmer

Yarwood, C E; male, 28, IN, farmer

Anderson, A; male, 19, IL, laborer

Hill, W P; male, 37, OH, farmer

Hill, Elsie; female, 30, IA

Hill, W E; male, 15, IA

Hill, J R; male, 11, IA

Hill, M I; female, 8, IA

Riley, T H (L H); male, 40, NY, farmer

Wright, L J; male, 30, OR, farmer

Wright, Josie; female, 18, CA

McCarty, Jas; male, 45, NY, farmer

Blair, Jerome; male, 39, IN, farmer

Blair, Sarah; female, 36, IN

Blair, Winnie; female, 16, WA

Blair, Marion; female, 10, WA

Blair, George; male, 8, NE

Blair, Myrtle; female, 4, WA

Simmons, D M; male, 44, IL, farmer

Bonneywell, A; male, 53, England, farmer

Bonneywell, S J; female, 51, England

Bonneywell, W H; male, 26, England

Hart, J N; male, 38, IA, farmer

Hart, Emma; female, 35, TN

Hart, Bertie; female, 14, NV

Hart, Maud; female, 13, ID

Hart, Minnie; female, 10, WA

Hart, Claude; male, 8, WA

Hart, Myrtle; female, 5, WA

Andrews, Steve; male, 30, Prussia, laborer

Lybecker, A; male, 40, Sweden, farmer

Lybecker, Mary; female, 33, CA

Lybecker, Charles; male, 7, CA

Knapp, Chris; male, 29, Germany, farmer

Knapp, Paulina; female, 22, Germany

Knapp, Mary; female, 2, WA

Bethel, C W; male, 34, IL, farmer

Bethel, M B; female, 31, MO

Bethel, Georgia M; female, 6, WA

Hankser, A; male, 23, IN, laborer

Berg, H; male, 50, WI, laborer

McCoy, William; male, 27, OH, laborer

William, J W; male, 57, KY, farmer

William, Annie; female, 44, PA

William, J S; male, 22, KY

William, Sallie; female, 18, IL

William, Agnes; female, 16, IL

William, John W Jr; male, 13, IL

Swenson, S P; male, 30, Sweden, farmer

Swenson, Natalie; female, 24, Sweden

Swenson, Henry; male, 2, WA     

Olson, N G; male, 57, Sweden,

Olson, Alma; female, 42, Sweden

Olson, Eleanor; female, 18, Sweden

Olson, Alvin; male, 15, Sweden

Pohlson, O C; male, 53, Sweden, farmer

Pohlson, Jeannette; female, 31, Sweden

Pohlson, Carl; male, 3, WA

Pohlson, Georgia; female, 1, WA

Lybecker, Joseph; male, 15, UT

Lybecker, E_____; male, 10, UT

Lybecker, Nettie; female, 8, UT

Witt, G M; male, 29, TN

Witt, Alma; female, 17, CA

Witt, Maida; female, 3m, WA

Warwick, J J; male, 32, TN

Witt, Natt; male, 27, TN, farmer

Witt, Mollie; female, 25, TN

Witt, L August; male, 6, TN

Witt, Winnie; female, 4, WA

Witt, Roy; male, 2, WA

McCarty, L A (TA); male, 38, NY, farmer

Haynes, Horace; male, 38, MI

Haynes, Emma; female, 36, MI

Haynes, Hugh; male, 12, MI

Haynes, Earll; male, 11, CA

Haynes, Arthur; male, 9, CA

Haynes, Robert; male, 7, CA

Haynes, Ralph; male, 5, WA

Fitch, J S; male, 26, __

Reed, Frank; male, 31, OH

Reed, Margaret; female, 55, OH

Bumpass, G A; male, 32, TN, farmer

Bumpass, Annie; female, 22, AR

Bumpass, Mabel; female, 6, AR

Bumpass, Bertha; female, 4, AR

Bumpass, Cecil; male, 2, WA

Bumpass, Lenora; female, 3m, WA

Matherly, J W; male, 50, KY

Matherly, E J; female, 44, TN

Matherly, Clara; female, 18, IA

Matherly, Harry; male, 15, KS

Matherly, Jesse; male, 12, KS

Matherly, Bertie; female, 10, AR

Matherly, Edward; male, 5, ID

Matherly, P G; male, 2, WA

McKee, E J; male, 28, MN

McKee, T M; female, 21, OR

McKee, Ada; female, 2, WA

McKee, _____; male, 2, WA

Crim, M; male, 50, OH, farmer

Crim, Jennie; female, 40, IA

Crim, George; male, 18, IA

Crim, William; male, 15, IA

Crim, Charles; male, 9, KS

Crim, Harry; male, 6, NE

Stewart, Robert; male, 48, IN, farmer

Stewart, Ellen; female, 28, IL

Stewart, Clara; female, 16, CA

Stewart, Arthur; male, 6, IL

Stewart, Daisey; female, 4, IL

Talkington, J A; male, 30, AR

Talkington, S B; female, 24, TX

Talkington, J B; male, 4, CA

Talkington, P P; male, 2, WA

Talkington, L L; male, 1, WA

McMillan, L V; female, 50, AR

Phillips, J B; male, 28, AR, farmer

Phillips, Josie; female, 27, IA

Phillips, Earl; male, 8, AR

Phillips, Ethel; female, 5, ID

Phillips, Eugene; male, 3, WA

Phillips, Eva; female, 1, WA

Wimbles, F C; male, 42, MI, farmer

Daily, G H; male, 41, NY, farmer

Daily, Hattie; female, 31, MI

Daily, Myrtella; female, 14, MI

Daily, Maud; male, 13, MI

Daily, Frankie; male, 8, MI

Daily, Ruth; female, 6, WA

Dunlap, J H; male, 34, New Foundland, farmer

Dunlap, Ida; female, 31, CA

Dunlap, Clyde; male, 7, WA

Dunlap, Edward; male, 5, MT

Oman, G H; male, 26, CA

Oman, Annie S; female, 26, CA

Oman, Lassie; male, 8, WA

Washburn, S; male, 40 IA, farmer

Oman, John; male, 53, IN, farmer

Oman, Susan, female, 47, KS

Oman, John; male, 19, CA

Oman, Maud; female, 14, CA

Miller, B R; male, 23, IL, teacher

Thompson, J P; male, 32, IL, teacher

Smart, Jos; male, 20, AR,

Talkington, T E; male, 28, AR, farmer

Talkington, Walter; male, 17, AR

Wimbles, F H; male, 33, MI, farmer

Mitchell, Robt; male, 20, Ireland, laborer

Phillips, R; female, 53, AR

Smith, Eva; female, __, MI

Denson, Thos; male, __, England

Mockler, T M; male, __, Nova Scotia

Warwick, H M; male, 37, TN, farmer

Warwick, S J; female, 33, TN

Warwick, V S; female, 12, OR

Warwick, E J; female, 10, OR

Warwick, J L; male, 8, WA

Warwick, H C; male, 6, WA

Warwick, G B; male, 4, WA

Long, G W; male, 60, TN, farmer

Long, Jeannette; female, 51, AR

Long, Ella; female, 20, AR

Long, Charlotte; female, 18, AR

Long, Belle; female, 16, AR

Long, Lee; male, 14, AR

Long, Mason; male, 12, AR

Danson, F E; male, 34, MI, farmer

Danson, Mary; female, 32, MI

Danson, Rena; female, 5 MI

Danson, Fred; male, 2, WA

McCoy, John; male, 24, TN, farmer

McCoy, E; female, 38, IA

Petree, C R; male, 34, TN, farmer

Petree, Clara; female, 27, WA

Petree, F Bessie; female, 8, WA

Petree, G C; male, 7, WA

Petree, W E; female, 6, WA

Petree, L A; female, 3, WA

Petree, ___; male, 3m, WA

Scott, E C; male, 35, MI, farmer

Scott, Lettie; female, 20 MI

Scott, Chas; male, 3m, WA

Draper, Burt; male, 19, MI

Scott, A J; male, 62, NY, farmer

Scott, H C; female, 48, NY

Powelson, E; female, 16, MI

McClellan, John; male, 48 Nova Scotia, farmer

Brace, George; male, 28, Canada

Scott, S E; male, 32, MI

Scott, Minnie; female, 30, MI

Scott, Dora; female, 6, WA

Scott, Gertrude; female, 4, WA

Scott, Frank; male, 2, WA

Brugger, Chris; male, 35, Switzerland, farmer

Brugger, Rosa; female, 36, Switzerland

Muller, John; male, 11, Switzerland

Brugger, Alfred; male, 3, WA

Brugger, Annie; female, 2, WA

McAllister, Pat; male, 42, Canada, laborer

Clark, W G; male, 37, MO, farmer

Cardwell, A S; male, 27, CA, farmer

Cardwell, T J; male, 31, CA, farmer

Brace, J E; male, 39, Canada, farmer

Brace, Fannie, female, 32, CA

Brace, Robert; male, 10, WA

Brace, Blanch; female, __, WA

Glasscock, Harry; male, 35, MO, farmer

Glasscock, Fannie; female, 25, OR

Glasscock, Mabel; female, 2, WA

Gibson, Joseph; male, 19, MO, laborer

Charlton, Ira; male, 23, OR

Helms, L; male, 34, VA

Anderegg, A; male, 26, Switzerland, laborer

Converse, C; male, 24, NY, laborer

McKinney, H; male, 17, OR

Trumble, J E; male, 36, IN, farmer

Trumble, Rosa; female, 29, IA

Trumble, Ruben; male, 9, OR

Trumble, Myrtle; female, 8, WA

Trumble, Mabel; female, 6, WA

Trumble, Clyde; male, 4, WA

Charlton, M S; male, 53, VA, farmer

Charlton, C; female, 45, IL

Charlton, Della; female, 19 OR

Charlton, Frank; male, 15, OR

Charlton, Ruth; female, 6m, WA

Gilliland, Harry; male, 26, IA, tenant

Fletcher, Jos; male, 25, Ireland, tenant

Langenaur, G; male, 35, __, farmer

Langenaur, __; female, 30, __

Langenaur, Cecil; female, 10, CA

Elliot, Joseph; male, 31, Canada

Elliot, B J; female, 19, CA

Elliot, H L; male, 1, WA

Conner, S R; male, 58, KY, farmer

Conner, Amanda; female, 45, TN

Conner, Joseph; male, 22, TN

Conner, Thomas; male, 16, CA

Conner, Mattie; female, 14, WA

Conner, Viola; female, 10, WA

Conner, G G; male, 8, WA

Moulds/Mowlds, Robt; male, 41, Canada

Moulds, L; female, 31, MO

Moulds, Edna; female, 11, UT

Moulds, Lula; female, 9, UT

Moulds, Rodell; male, 8, UT   

Moulds, Mattie; female, 6, UT

Moulds, Cecil; male, 3, UT

Moulds, Edward; male, 1, UT

Moulds, William; male, 56, England

Moulds, M C; female, 42, Canada

Moulds, Arthur; male, 19, NV

Moulds, Margaret; female, 16, NV

Moulds, Wm; male, 15, NV

Moulds, M C; female, 12, WA

Moulds, D I; female, 9, WA

Moulds, Ernest; male, 7, WA

Moulds, Albert; male, 5, WA

Moulds, E C; male, 1, WA


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