1887 Census, Lincoln County, Washington Territory 


                                          Submitted by Marge Womach


Page 7




Jamieson, W                                         46, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Jamieson, R                                          40, m, Ireland, single

Klobuchar, J                                         33, m, Austria, marr

Klobuchar, L                                        25, f, Austria, marr

Klobuchar, M                                       27, m, Austria, single

Klobuchar, M                                       1, f, WA Terr, single

Hoke, Richard                                      32, m, IN, single

Roberts, A D                                        32, m, MO, marr, farmer

Roberts, E H                                        25, f, NV, marr

Roberts, Della                                      5, f, MO, single

Roberts, A B                                        3, f, MO, single

Roberts, N                                           1, f, WA Terr, single

Roberts, F T                                         29, m, MO, marr

Roberts, M                                           26, f, MO, marr

Roberts, R                                            5, f, MO, single

Biork, Thomas                                      25, m, __, single

Biork, Thomas C                                 __, m, __, single

Proebetel, M                                        74, f, AR, single

Proebetel, Albert                                36, m, MO, single, farmer

Proebetel, W                                        31, m, WA Terr, single, farmer

Proebetel, F A                                      26, m, WA Terr, single, farmer

Stevenson, J A                                     32, m, NC, single, farmer

Walters, C                                            40, m, Germany, single, farmer

Towner, Henry                                    36, m, M_, single, farmer

Gaskell, F P                                          33, m, VA, marr, farmer

Gaskell, L A (or S A)                          24, f, CA, marr

Gaskell, H S                                         5, m, CA, single

Gaskell, E                                             4, f, OR, single

Gaskell, H                                            3, m, OR, single

Gaskell, _                                             1, m, WA Terr, single

McInnis, C                                           25, m, Germany, single

LaFollette, G A                                    24, m, IN, single, farmer

LaFollette, W J                                    30, m, WI, single, farmer

Buckley, S W                                       28, m, IL, single, farmer

Williams, O                                          54, m, Wales, single, farmer

Jones, E C                                            33, m, Wales, single, farmer

Cole, D R                                              29, m, VA, marr, merchant

Cole, M M                                            21, f, OR, marr

Cole, Ethel                                            2, f, WA Terr, single

Cole, Alvin                                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Frildboy, Gals                                      27, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Frildboy, De___ria                             26, f, Germany, marr

Lyse, N                                                57, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Lyse, E                                                 57, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Lyse, M                                               26, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Lyse, P                                                 23, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Lyse, N                                                18, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Lyse, Mary                                          19, f, Denmark, single

Lyse, Emma                                         16, f, Denmark, single

Lyse, E                                                 12, f, Denmark, single

Jurgensen, G                                       52, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Jurgensen, J                                        52, f, Denmark, marr

Jurgensen, Azzo                                 12, m, IA, single

Jurgensen, Sarah                                10, f, IA, single

Jurgensen, Gray                                  7, m, IA, single

Nygaard, O                                          25, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Linder, Wm H                                      27, m, IA, marr, farmer

Linder, S C                                           22, f, MO, marr

Linder, C A                                          1, m, WA Terr, single

Daily, M                                               66, m, Ireland, marr

Daily, E                                                 66, f, NY, marr

Hire, F                                                  45, m, OH, marr, farmer

Hire, M E                                             34, f, IL, single

Hire, Ger                                              16, f, IL, single

Hire, Ruby                                           14, f, IL, single

Hire, Oren                                            11, m, IL, single

Hire, John                                             8, m, IL, single

Hire, A__dy                                         5, m, IL, single

Hire, Wm                                              3, m, WA Terr, single

Hire, Fred                                             1, m, WA Terr, single

Bean, J M                                             29, m, IL, marr, farmer

Bean, F                                                 24, f, IL, marr, farmer

Bean, Ray                                            5, m, IL, single

Davis, C                                               24, m, IL, single, farmer

Bean, Roy                                            2, m, IL, single

Henry, M D                                         22, m, __, single, farmer

Howard, H V                                       42, m, NY, marr, painter

Howard, E M                                       41, f, IA, marr

Falborg, Carl                                        32, m, Denmark, single

Baug, Harry                                         32, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Connery, P                                           28, m, NY, single

Connery, C                                           50, f, Ireland, single

Meachen, W                                        35, m, “Nov”, single, farmer

Seymour, F                                          32, m, “Nov”, single, farmer

Keller, Chas                                         25, m, OH, single, merchant

Keller, Cris                                           28, m, OH, marr, merchant

Keller, Amelia                                      25, f, OH, marr

Keller, Elma                                          3, f, OH, single

Eckel, E                                                 30, m, OH, single, farmer

Mitchell, Wm                                      56, m, IN, marr, farmer

Mitchell, M                                          46, f, MO, marr

Mitchell, A M                                      22, m, OR, single

Redwine, Wm                                      29, m, GA, marr, merchant

Redwine, C                                          26, f, GA, marr

Redwine, F                                           7, m, GA, single

Rankin, J                                              35, m, KY, single

Rowe, F                                                25, m, __, single, farmer

Kramer, F                                             51 (or 57), m, Holland, marr, farmer

Kramer, M                                            29, f, Holland, marr

Kramer, Albert                                     4, m, WA Terr, single

Harrold, C P                                          33, m, CA, sinlge

Bodeau, Thomas                                 25, m, Holland, single, farmer

Hass, John                                            40, m, Holland, marr, farmer

Hass, Maggie                                       37, f, Holland, marr

Hass, M                                                7, f, MN, single

Ney, Nick                                              35, m, Holland, single, farmer

Mitchell, Jno                                         31, m, IL, single, farmer

Mitchell, A R                                        33, m, IL, single, farmer

Ingram, H                                              32, m, IL, single, farmer

Hurlbert, W T                                       45, m, IN, marr, farmer

Hurlbert, M J                                        37, f, OH, marr

Hurlbert, R _                                        20, m, MO, single

Hurlbert, W H                                      18, m, MO, single

Hurlbert, Geo B                                   16, m, IA, single

Hurlbert, S G                                        14, f, MO, single

Hurlbert, L R                                        11, f, OR, single

Hurlbert, Levi                                       7, m, WA Terr, single

Hurlbert, _ C                                        2, f, WA Terr, single

Rinker, S C                                           46, m, IN, marr, farmer

Rinker, Caldona                                   37, f, AR, marr

Rinker, W                                            16, m, MO, single

Rinker, P                                              15, m, MO, single

Rinker, Ida                                           7, f, KS, single

Rinker, Henry                                      3, m, WA Terr, single

Flint, Geo                                             __, m, __, single

Coffman, Wm                                      35, m, __, marr

Indian                                                   __, F, __, marr

Watson, Geo N                                   47, m, Canada, marr

Watson, M                                          40, f, OH, marr

Watson, D H                                       20, f, CA, single

Hall, Jas                                               50, m, KY, marr

Hall, S J                                                44, f, IL, marr

Hall, J S                                                19, m, OR, single

Hall, W W                                           17, m, OR, single

Hall, B B                                              15, f, WA Terr, single

Hall, S J                                               13, f, WA Terr, single

Hall, Leonora                                      9, f, WA Terr, single

Hall, Gennetta                                     7, f, WA Terr, sinlge

Hall, Jas                                               5, m, WA Terr, sinlge

Hall, J A                                               5, m, WA Terr, single

Hall, J L                                                3, f, WA Terr, single

Neal Robert                                         34, m, IL, marr, farmer

Neal, L                                                 34, f, IL, marr

Neal, Rame                                          7, m, KS, marr

Neal, Ollie                                            5, f, NV, single

Neal, F                                                 2, m, OH, single

Smith, Mathew                                   65, m, OH, single

Smith, M A                                          15, f, OR, single

Smith, Wm                                           12, m, OR, single

Jackson, D J                                         28, m, TX, marr

Jackson, M                                          16, f, OR, marr

Smith, David                                         30, m, IA, single

Humphrey, O                                       __, m, __, single

Davis, wm                                            __, m, __, single

Miller, Thomas                                    __, m, __, single

Roberts, G R                                        42, m, Wales, single, farmer

Feil, Charles                                         26, m, MA, single, farmer

Williams, Benj.                                     60, m, MA, marr, farmer

Williams, M                                          62, f, MA, marr

Williams, W                                          22, m, MA, single

Williams, L D                                       19, m, PA, single

Evans, C                                               22, f, Wales, single, farmer

Reis (Rees), Thomas                          35, m, Wales, single, farmer

Wilken, James                                     29, m, Germany, single, farmer

Hill, J R                                                 32, m, MO, marr, farmer

Hill, A                                                   29, f, OH, marr, farmer

Hill, W T                                               9, m, MO, single

Hill, J A                                                 8, m, MO, single, farmer

Hill, N                                                    6, f, MO, single

Hill, Henry                                            5, m, MO, single

Hill, Homer                                           3, m, MO, single

Thompson, Anne S                            62, m, England, single

Stuckey, Jacob                                    52, m, Switzerland, single, farmer

Boghholz, Peter                                   29, m, Germany, single, farmer

Beckman, A                                         28, m, Germany, single, farmer

Beare, H                                               30, m, Germany, single, farmer

Retewsky, P                                        __, m, Germany, single, farmer

Szeckai, T                                            __, m, Germany, single, farmer

Johnson, R J                                       __, m, Germany, single, farmer

Fortier, Jos                                           27, m, Canada, single, farmer

Schei, O E                                            __, m, Canada, single, farmer

Harft, J                                                 __, m, Canada, single, farmer

Gill, A W                                              __, m, Canada, single, farmer

Meyer, P                                              __, m, Canada, single, farmer

Wolf, J G                                             43, m, OH, marr, farmer

Wolf, A                                                33, f, OR, marr

Wolf, B B                                             10, m, CA, single

Wolf, D _                                             6, m, CA, single

Smith, T M                                           __, m, CA, single

Buckinham, J                                       __, m, __, single

Parry, _                                                __, m, __, single

Hughes, H                                            41, m, England, marr, farmer

Hughes, E                                             32, f, PA, marr

Hughes, Webber                                 15, m, DE, single

Hughes, H                                            10, m, IA, single

Hughes, A                                            8, m, IA, single

Hughes, R                                             6, m, IA, single

Kirk, W H                                             49, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Kirk, H E                                              40, f, IL, marr

Kirk, J B                                               18, m, MO, single, farmer

Kirk, H E                                              16, f, MO, single

Kirk, W H                                            14, m, MO, single

Kirk, M E                                             11, f, MO, single

Kirk, E A                                              9, f, KS, single

Kirk, L A                                              7, f, KS, single

Hatch, Thomas                                   30, m, __, single

Prichard, Thomas                               25, m, England, single, farmer

Twining, T W                                      30, m, England, single

Wisemen, K                                         32, m, Prussia, single

Wisemen, R C F                                  5, m, Denmark, single

Wisemen, R M                                    3, f, Denmark, single

Wisemen, O I                                       1, f, PA, single

Hughes, Thomas                                 39, m, England, single

Hughes, A                                            14, f, IA, single

Hughes, V T                                         12, m, IA, single

Peterson, G___                                    35, m, Denmark single

Roberts, J C                                         24, m, England, single, farmer

Johnson, Call.                                     35, m, Germany, single, farmer

Peterson, C                                          22, f, Sweden, single

Wilson, S_____                                 28, m, Canada, single

Robert, P P                                          46, m, Wales, marr

Robert, J                                              36, f, WI, marr

Holte, R R                                            32, m, Norway, marr

Holte, A M                                           _7, f, Norway, marr

Holte, A M                                           _, f, WA Terr, single

Holte, Robt                                          _, m, ME, single

Halon, D                                              46, m, KY, single, farmer

Halon, H                                              17, m, AR, single

Halon, J                                               15, m, AR, single

Halon, C                                              12, f, AR, single

LaFollette, J C                                     73, m, IN, marr, farmer

LaFollette, A                                       67, f, IN, marr

LaFollette, M F                                   _8, m, IN, single, farmer

LaFollette, J H                                     33, m, IN, single, farmer

LaFollette, S W                                   32, m, IN, single, farmer

LaFollette, N D                                    26, m, IN, single, farmer

LaFollette, N J                                     43, m, IN, single

Halon, F                                                9, m, AR, single

Halon, Jas                                             7, m, AR, single

Robinsen, J H                                      29, m, “Nov”, single

Lewis, L                                               42, m, TN, marr, MD

Lewis, F M                                          36, f, TN, marr

Lewis, Jas H                                        14, m, TN, single

Lewis, L A                                           12, f, TN, single

Lewis, H J                                            9, f, TN, single

Lewis, D S                                           3, m, TN, single

Lewis, L                                               1, f, WA Terr, single

Wilson, A L                                        45, m, TN, single, farmer

Heaton (Keaton), James                   53, m, TN, marr, farmer

Heaton, N                                            48, m, TN, marr

Heaton, M J                                         29, f, TN, single

Heaton, J M                                         27, m, TN, single, teacher

Barry, Andrew                                     40, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Barry, D                                                32, f, AR, marr

Barry, T G                                             9, m, AR, single

Davis, C L                                            34, m, OH, single, farmer

Hatch, Thomas                                   34, m, MA, single, farmer

Wood, J K                                           17, m, PA, single, farmer

Baldwin, H K                                       27, m, MA, single, farmer

Green, B F                                            30, m, IL, single, farmer

Wallace, W _                                      30, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Davis, C C                                            26, m, IN, marr, farmer

Davis, A                                               22, f, IN, marr

Hughes, J J                                          31, m, Wales, single, farmer

Hughes, G                                            27, m, Wales, single, farmer

Smith, Cirines                                      50, m, NV, marr, farmer

Smith, S M                                           42, f, IL, marr

Smith, E N                                            17, m, OR, single

Smith, Jos                                             34, m, Canada, single

Smith, _ P                                             14, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, A M                                          12, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, E M                                           10, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, M C                                           7, f, WA Terr, single

Smith, R D                                            4, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, A                                               1, f, WA Terr, single

Cunningham, James                           24, m, IN, single

Duffield, Robt                                      3_, m, CA, single

Whitelow (Whitebow), J                   36, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Whitelow, Nellie                                 35, f, WA Terr, marr (Indian)

Whitelow, J                                          12, f, WA Terr, single (Indian)

Whitelow, J                                          8, m, WA Terr, single (Indian)

Whitelow, Susie                                  3, f, WA Terr, single (Indian)

Whitelow, Gus                                    1, m, WA Terr, single (Indian)

Jones, Ed O                                         36, m, Wales, single

Jones, R G                                           38, m, Wales, single

Shrewsberry, I W                                34, m, __, marr

Shrewsberry, Lucy                             38, f, __, marr (Indian)

Shrewsberry, D                                    12, f, __, single (Indian)

Shrewsberry, C                                    8, m, __, single (Indian)

Shrewsberry, A                                   3, m, __, single (Indian)

Shrewsberry, N                                    1, f, __, single (Indian)

Curl, John                                             25, m, __, single

Howard, John                                       46, m, IL, single

Howard, Ed                                           13, m, D Terr, single

Howard, Ella                                         11, f, D Terr, single

Howard, R                                             6, m, WA Terr, single

Bateman, H B                                       45, m, RI, marr, farmer

Bateman, J M                                       41, f, NY, marr

Bateman, L H                                       20, m, WI, single

Bateman, H W                                     17, m, WI, single

Bateman, El__a                                    7, f, WI, single

Chandler, Wm                                      60, m, PA, marr

Chandler, I (or S)                                 56, f, PA, marr

Wallace, J                                             42, m, England, marr, farmer

Wallace, W E                                       28, f, WI, marr

Wallace, A B                                        3, f, WA Terr, single

Wallace, N E                                        2, f, WA Terr, single

Wallace, W A                                      1, m, WA Terr, single

Teall, W H                                           25, m, Canada, marr, farmer

Teall, N L                                             23, f, NY, marr

Brooks, E                                             __, m, PA, single

Brooks, ___ _                                      _5, f, NY, single

Brooks, W                                           _0, m, PA, marr

Brooks, C                                            _3, Canada, marr

Brooks, H                                             5, m, MI, single

Brooks, W                                            4, m, MI, single

Littlefield, J O                                       31, m, PA, marr, farmer

Littlefield, J                                           25, f, TN, marr

Littlefield, P                                          9, m, TN, single

Littlefield, E                                          7, , MI, single

Littlefield, C___                                  6, m, MI, single

Littlefield, Chas                                  4, m, WA Terr, single

Patty, J H                                             21, m, NV, single, farmer

Applegate, W                                     35, m, OH, marr, farmer

Applegate, _                                       30, f, OH, marr

Applegate, E                                        1, f, WA Terr, single

Walker, F                                             42, m, OH, marr, farmer

Walker, M                                           40, f, IL, marr

Hosier, J                                               58, m, IN, single, farmer

Jones, Mrs T A                                   60, f, TN, single

Patty, John                                          51, m, TN, marr, farmer

Patty, M J                                            43, f, MO, marr

Patty, S F                                             18, f, AR, single

Patty, C                                                17, m, AR, single

Patty, J H                                             15, m, AR, single

Patty, M J                                            13, f, AR, single

Patty, C W                                           10, m, AR, single

Patty, M C B                                        8, f, AR, single

Patty, G E                                             1, m, OR, single

Algea, J J                                             47, m, Canada, marr, carpenter

Algea, M                                              34, f, England, marr

Algea, C J                                            18, m, NY, single

Algea, M C                                          13, f, Canada, single

Algea, W                                              8, m, Canada, single

Carpenter, J                                         24, m, AR, single, farmer

Peterson, G K                                      45, m, Norway, marr, farmer

Peterson, Ellen                                    37, f, Norway, marr

Peterson, J                                           11, f, Norway, single

Peterson, A                                          9, m, Norway, single

Peterson, _                                           7, m,  Norway, single

Peterson, M                                         1, f, WA Terr, single

Kirkhoefer, John                                 30, m, Switzerland, single, farmer

Lynch, J                                               50, m, Prussia, single, farmer

Tinel, E                                                 63, f, TN, single, farmer

Billings, Geo                                        26, m, TN, single, farmer

Billings, M                                           17, f, TN, single

Rose, A A                                            12, f, TN, single

Billings, _ W                                        1, m, TN, single

Tinel, F                                                 31, m, TN, single, farmer

Tinel, Geo                                            30, m, TN, single, farmer

Rose, Mrs E                                         34, f, TN, single, farmer

McKay, Wm                                        65, m, Scotland, single, farmer

Butler, Geo E                                       57, m, MO, marr, farmer

Butler, M                                              40, f, NV, marr, farmer

Butler, Belle                                          20, f, NV, single

Butler, Geo                                           19, m, NV, single

Butler, V                                                15, m, NV, single

Butler, E                                                13, m, NV, single

Butler, May                                          11, f, NV, single

Butler, Gracie                                       10, f, NV, single

Butler, Gertie                                        8, f, NV, single

Butler, Glennie                                     6, f, NV, single

Butler, Estella                                       4, f, NV, single

Miller, E P                                            35, m, TN, marr, farmer

Miller, E J                                             27, f, TN, marr

Miller, M J                                           8, f, TN, single

Miller, R E                                            6, f, TN, single

Miller, J R                                            5, m, TN, single

Miller, L M                                           2, f, WA Terr, single

Miller, G R                                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Miller, Mrs E                                       56, f, TN, single

Egbers, _                                              22, m, IL, marr

Egbers, C                                             20, f, IL, marr

Neal, L                                                 46, m, MO, marr

Neal, __                                               41, f, MO, marr

Neal, Ira                                               12, m, OR, single

Neal, Lilly                                             7, f, OR, single

Neal, N                                                 5, f, OR, single

Johnson, Frank                                   31, m, MN, marr, farmer

Johnson, D                                          33, f, IL, marr

Johnson, Chas                                    7, m, I. Terr, single

Johnson, Hattie                                   2, f, WA Terr, single

Day, Marion                                         34, f, PA, single

H____ett, J                                          27, m, OH, marr

Wilson, Wm                                         60, m, __, single

Lamona, J H                                         50, m, NY, marr

Lamona, Hessa                                    41, f, TN, marr

Lamona, Perry W                                21, m, OR, single

Lamona, W                                          19, f, WA Terr, single

Lamona, Estella                                   8, f, WA Terr, single

Lamona, Alma                                     5, f, WA Terr, single

Meyers, Peter                                      47, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Meyers, T                                            33, f, CA, marr

Meyers, E L                                         8, f, WA Terr, single

Meyers, O                                            6, f, WA Terr, single

Meyers, M                                           3, f, WA Terr, single

Meyers, H                                            1, m, WA Terr, single

Gurriff (Griffith), C G                           24, m, MI, single

Carliel, Hugh                                        37, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Holinquist, Aug                                  35, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Rose, J D                                             25, m, OH, marr, farmer

Rose, M                                               22, f, TN, marr, farmer

Rose, B                                                 5, f, I. Terr, single

Rose, C D                                             3, m, WA Terr, single

Rose, Dickie                                         2, m, WA Terr, single

Rose, Babie                                          1, f, WA Terr, single

Hewett, J D                                          36, m, OR, marr, farmer

Hewett, M J                                         29, f, NV, marr, farmer

Hewett, E B                                         12, f, OR, single

Hewett, O G                                        10, f, OR, single

Hewett, L _                                          5, f, OR, single

Hewett, R K                                         3, m, OR, single

Schrewsbery, A                                  4, m, OR, single

Chapman, E H                                     54, m, OH, marr

Chapman, M E                                    44, f, OH, marr

Pilcher, J E                                            35, m, WI, single, farmer

Despain, James                                   60, m, KY, marr, farmer

Despain, M                                          54, f, MN, marr, farmer

Despain, A                                           20, m, OR, single, farmer

Robbins, W W                                    26, m, OR, marr, farmer

Robbins, I                                            24, f, OR, marr, farmer

Robbins, G                                           _, m, OR, single

Robbins, C                                           1, m, OR, single

Shaw, C L                                             24, m, CA, single, farmer

Minard, B                                             22, m, IL, single, farmer

Milton, B                                              22, m, Scotland, single, farmer

Bigham, R E                                         28, m, OR, single, farmer

Spencer, S P                                         22, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Oacks (Oakes), Harry                         31, m, Prussia, single, farmer

Clark, J C                                              28, m, MO, marr, farmer

Clark, A                                                26, f, OR, marr, farmer

Clark, J                                                  4, f, OR, single, farmer

Page, I                                                   33, m, WI, single, farmer

Page, E G                                              21, m, WI, single, farmer

Hinshaw, J                                            56, f, IN, marr, farmer

Hinshaw, D                                          34, f, OR, single, farmer

Hinshaw, J D                                        29, m, OR, single, farmer

Hinshaw, W                                         26, m, WA Terr, single, farmer

Hinshaw, A S                                       28, m, MO, single, farmer

McKinney, T J                                    18, f, OR, single, farmer

Grant, John                                           40, m, Nova Scotia, single, farmer

Grant, Gordon                                      37, m, Nova Scotia, single, farmer

Clithero, Wesley                                 27, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Cleary, H T                                          40, f, Ireland, single, farmer

Cleary, B L                                           17, f, CA, single, farmer

Cleary, W J                                           15, m, CA, single, farmer

Cleary, M F                                          12, m, CA, single, farmer

Drinkard, F H                                       _0, m, MO, single, farmer

Tinsley, W H                                        39, m, VA, marr, farmer

Tinsley, D W                                        38, f, __, marr

Tinsley, A C                                         10, m, CA, single

Tinsley, J F                                           7, m, CA, single

Tinsley, _ Roy                                      6, m, CA, single

Tinsley, W                                            1, m, CA, single

Haller, J                                                 23, m, PA, marr, laborer

Haller, _                                               __, f, PA, marr

Clark, Jno W                                        33, m, MO, single, farmer

Alexander, Jno                                    68, m, KY, single, farmer

Cardwell, R                                           57, f, KY, single

Cardwell, M                                         18, m, CA, single

Umbeworst (Unbewust), Jno            29, m, PA, marr, farmer

Umbeworst, C E                                  28, f, PA, marr

Umbeworst, C                                      2, f, WA Terr, single

Umbeworst, E                                      1, f, WA Terr, single

Pea, W A                                             32, m, MO, single, farmer

Pea, Herman                                        27, m, MO, single, farmer

Bunhardt, A                                        33, m, IL, marr, farmer

Bunhardt, Bell                                     18, f, MO, marr, farmer

Perpenler, F C                                      53, f, TN, single

Porch (Portch), E                                 46, m, MI, marr, farmer

Porch, _                                                40, f, MI, marr

Porch, E                                                10, m, MI, single

Porch, C                                                3, m, MI, single

Burgess, J L                                         31, m, ME, single, farmer

Thompson, Geo                                  45, m, KY, marr, farmer

Thompson, D                                       37, f, MO, marr

Thompson, W B                                  12, m, MO, single

Thompson, G M                                 8, f, MO, single

Thompson, A                                       4, f, KS, single

Thompson, D F                                    2, m, KS, single

Gibbons (Gibbins), F M             55, m, AL, marr, farmer

Gibbons, A                                           35, f, AR, marr

Gibbons, L P                                        19, m, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, Geo                                       17, m, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, A                                           13, f, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, W                                          12, m, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, H                                           9, m, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, G                                           6, f, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, Jos                                        4, m, WA Terr, single

Gibbons, M                                          2, f, WA Terr, single

Will, Geo                                              30, m, TN, single

Ficher (Fisher), L C                              28, m, NY, marr

Ficher, E P                                           27, f, CA, marr

Fisher, D G                                          2, m, CA, single

Hall, E S                                               28, m, TN, single, farmer

Hall, J M                                              26, m, TN, single, farmer

Leclair, Ed                                            35, m, TN, single, farmer

Short, F D                                            31, m, IL, single, farmer

Ludy, J E                                              28, m, MO, marr, farmer

Ludy, Josie                                           26, f, MO, marr, farmer

Ludy, A E                                            4, m, WA Terr, single

Trumble, G F                                        63, m, OH, marr

Trumble, M A                                      57, f, OH, marr

Trumble, Geo                                       17, m, IL, single

Trumble, Josephine                                 15, f, IL, single

Trumble, __                                          13, f, IL, single

Muller (Mueller), J H                           32, m, Switzerland, single, farmer

Muller, Chris                                        22, m, Switzerland, single, farmer

Muller, Rosie                                        30, f, Switzerland, single, farmer

Muller, J                                               6, m, Switzerland, single, farmer

Kals, R                                     59, m, Prussia, single, farmer

Kelly, John                                           38, m, IN, single, farmer

Mitchum, A G                                      26, m, CA, marr, farmer

Mitchum, M E                                      26, f, CA, marr, farmer

Mitchum, L M                                      2, f, WA Terr, single

Bowers, A                                            35, m, OR, marr

Bowers, _                                            30, f, OR, marr

Ball, J L                                                41, m, OH, marr

Ball, T A                                              42, f, IL, marr

Mack, Thomas                                     7, m, WI, single

Harper, Mrs Geo___                                    44, f, ME, single

Harper, E                                             17, f, WI, single

Harper, M                                            15, f, WI, single

Harper, S                                             13, m, WI, single

Harper, M                                            7, f, WI, single

Taylor, J S                                            31, m, MO, marr, farmer

Taylor, S E                                           26, f, MO, marr

Wartz, J                                               33, m, Prussia, single

Fitch, E S                                             46, m, NH, marr

Billings, H _                                          22, m, NH, marr

Billings, A C                                         24, m, NH, single

Smith, J Ben                                         41, m, MO, single

Brown, Mrs Ur                         38, f, MO, single

Brown, Lu                                            14, m, CA, single

Brown, Loett                                        12, f, CA, single

Brown, Harry                                       7, m, CA, single

Anderson, W                                        42, m, VA, marr, farmer

Anderson, Hanna E                                   35, f, MO, marr

Anderson, Vir                                       12, f, CA, single

Anderson, Henry                           10, m, CA, single

Anderson, E                                         8, m, CA, single

Anderson, Annie                           6, f, CA, single

Anderson, W                                        4, m, CA, single

Anderson, B B                                     1, m, CA, single

Tinsley, A L                                          63, m, VA, marr, farmer

Tinsley, E                                             56, f, MO, marr, farmer

Tinsley, R E                                          14, m, CA, single

Tinsley, C C                                         18, m, CA, single, farmer

Sullivan, M                                           35, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Dysart, W D                                         25, m, MO, marr, farmer

Dysart, M B                                         21, f, MO, marr, farmer

Dysart, C B                                          2, m, OR, single

Tinsley, A J                                          25, m, MO, marr, farmer

Tinsley, A F                                          25, f, MO, marr

Ludy, A                                                56, m, MD, marr, farmer

Ludy, A                                                52, f, MO, marr

Willis, A H                                           40, f, VA, single, merchant

Hoxie, J H                                            22, m, VA, single

Anne, H L                                            27, m, NJ, single, blacksmith

Hill, Egbert                                           44, m, OH, marr, farmer

Hill, Eliza                                              37, f, IA, marr

Hill, Nora                                             14, f, IA, single

Hill, Rubie                                            12, f, IA, single

Hill,   omard                                         10, m, IA, single

Hill, E                                                   5, f, IA, single

Hill, Egbert                                           3, m, IA, single

Hill, ezra                                               1, m, WA Terr, single

Nelms, Lu                                            30, m, VA, single, farmer

Buob, J W                                            40, m, Prussia, marr, farmer

Buob, M D                                           27, f, Prussia, marr, farmer

Buob, M                                              10, f, CA, single, farmer

Buob, Anna                                          5, f, CA, single

Buob, Amelia                                       4, f, WA Terr, single

Buob, Wm                                           2, m, WA Terr, single

Buob, C F                                            1, m, WA Terr, single

Buob, Christian Sr                                 74, m, Prussia, single, farmer

Buob, Christian Jr                                 43, m, Prussia, marr, farmer

Buob, M                                              40, f, Prussia, marr

Buob, Henry                                         15, m, CA, single

Buob, R (or A)                         13, f, CA, single

Buob, M                                              11, f, CA, single

Buob, G                                               8, f, CA, single

Buob, D                                               6, f, CA, single

Buob, W                                              4, m, WA Terr, single

Buob, M                                              2, f, WA Terr, single

Beck, Wm                                            31, m, Prussia, marr

Beck, C                                               25, f, Prussia, marr

Beck, A                                               2, f, WA Terr, single

Beck, M                                               1, f, WA Terr, single

Beck, _                                                1, f, WA Terr, single

Beck, J A                                             27, m, Prussia, single

Hubenthal, Thos                             49, m, Prussia, single

Luper, L                                               38, m, IL, marr

Luper, E                                               36, f, IA, marr

Luper, G                                              10, m, OR, single

Millikin, J                                              42, m, ME, single

Millikin, C                                            16, m, ME, single

Millikin, W                                           15, m, ME, single

Freeman, W                                         30, m, ME, single, farmer

McIntyre, _                                          25, m, Prince Ed. Island, single, farmer

Simmery, V                                          35, m, Austria, single, farmer

Simmery, J                                           30, m, Austria, single, farmer

Earl, E H                                              37 (or 57), m, NY, single, farmer

Reich, V                                               36, m, Austria, marr, farmer

Reich, J                                                35, f, Austria, marr, farmer

Reich, ____                                          2, m, WA Terr, single

Schnase, _                                            64, m, Austria, single, farmer

Schnase, E                                            33, f, Austria, single

West, R E                                             26, m, IL, marr, farmer

West, R E                                             24, f, IL, marr

Heffelman, Jacob                                 81, m, PA, single, farmer

Heffelman, F                                         31, m, IA, single, farmer

Heffelman, Z                                         27, m, TX, single, farmer

Heffelman, F B                                     23, m, TX, single, farmer

Hay, Grace                                           32, f, IA, single

Walters, Thomas                                52, m, IL, single, farmer

Bumgardner, A                                    17, m, MO, single, farmer

Wall, Edwin                                          27, m, MD, single, farmer

Sullivan, O                                            35, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Emms (Ennes), J                                   32, m, Portugal, single, farmer

Stirrett, J                                                28, m, CA, single, farmer

Wallers (Walters), J W                       55, m, IL, single, farmer

Meartz, S A                                         45, f, IL, single, farmer

McCarty, J                                           53, m, PA, single, farmer

McCarty, F                                          14, f, IL, single

Shaw, T                                                35, m, CA, single, farmer

Fruit, C                                                 27, m, WA Terr, marr, farmer

Fruit, M                                                21, f, OR, marr

Strong, M                                             23, m, WI, single, farmer

Fruit, Guy                                             31, m, OR, marr, farmer

Fruit, J                                                  26, f, OR, marr

Fruit, S                                                  9, f, WA Terr, single

Irby, I                                                   29, m, WA Terr, marr, farmer

Irby, L                                                  24, f, WA Terr, marr

Irby, W L                                             3, m, WA Terr, single

Irby, F                                                  1, f, WA Terr, single

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