1885 Lincoln County Census, Washington Territory 


                                    Submitted by Marge Womach


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Brown, V C                             3, f, OR, single

Brown, S L                              1, m, WA Terr, single

Chambers, J H                         36, m, VA, single, preacher

Greeves, T                               35, m, MN, single, farmer

Frazier, D                                 30, m, CA, single, farmer

Frazier, A                                 47, m, CA, single, farmer

Frazier, S                                 25, m, CA, single, farmer

Cole, J J                                   30, m, VA, marr, farmer

Cole, M E                                30, f, VA, marr

Byron, H                                  28, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Byron, T F                               30, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Cuddebeck, P W                     42, m, IL, single, farmer

Simmons, W T                         30, m, PA, single, farmer

Simmons, W                             55, m, PA, marr, farmer

Simmons, E J                            50, f, PA, marr

Simmons, E                              27, m, PA, single, farmer

Simmons, L M                          47, m, PA, single, farmer

Robertson, Wm                        37, m, Canada, marr, farmer

Robertson, C                            30, f, Canada, marr

Robertson, A                            6, f, Canaca, single

Robertson, M                           4, f, Canada, single

Robertson, C                            3, m, WA Terr, single

Robertson, W H                       1, m, WA Terr, single

Ramm, Ed                                23, m, Ca Terr, marr

Ramm, Mrs E                           21, f, (WS), marr

Enos, John                                45, m, Port., single

Roe, E                                      37, (WS), single

Jones, J R                                 35, m, NY, single

O’Connor, D (or P)                 45, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

O’Connor, Mrs                        40, f, Ireland, marr

Glascock, W F                         37, m, VA, marr, farmer

Glascock, Mrs L                      35, f, VA, marr

Glascock, John                        8, m, CA, single

Glascock, M                            4, f, CA, single

Jones, R R                                40, m, ___, marr, carpenter

Jones, Mrs                               38, f, __, marr

Jones, J                                    12, m, CA, single

Jones, M                                  8, f, WA Terr, single

Jones, E                                   7, m, WA Terr, single

Corcoran, James                      35, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Leach, A J                               56, m, OH, marr, farmer

Leach, Christina                       49, f, OH, marr

Leach, G W                             30, m, OH, single, farmer

Leach, J A                               18, m, (W S), single

Kinsley, P E                             38, m, SC, single, farmer

Thorp, E W                              41, m, __, marr

Thorp, Emie                             27, f, __, marr, sheepraiser

Leaky, Michael                        19, m, Canada, single, laborer

Murphy, E C                            40, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Murphy, Mary                          45, f, Ireland, marr

Murphy, John                           10, m, NY, single

Dowell, August                         49, m, Germany, single, farmer

Dowell, Hannah                        35, f, Germany, single

Dowell, Augustus                      9, m, CA, single

Dowell, Oscar                          7, m, CA, single

Dowell, Charles                        3, m, WA Terr, single

Dowell, Lula                             1, f, WA Terr, single

Ruiguett (Ringuett), Frank         50, m, Canada, marr, stockraiser

Ruiguett, Augustine                   30, f, OR, marr

Woodcick, Annie                     7, f, WA Terr, single

Wordcick, Fred                       6, m, WA Terr, single

Workick, Augustus                  5, m, WA Terr, single

Woodcick, Francis                  3, m, WA Terr, single

Baugh, B H                              24, m, IA, single, dude

Ringwood, Samuel                   63, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Ringwood, W M                      32, m, WI, marr, farmer

Ringwood, Lizzie                      25, f, WI, marr

Ringwood, Grace                     6, f, IL, single

Ringwood, Sarah                     4, f, IL, single

Ringwood, Samuel                   3, m, WA Terr, single

Ringwood, Margarette             1, f, WA Terr, single

Ringwood, Martin                   70, m, WI, single

McCaffery, Hugh                    47, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

McCaffery, Ann                       37, f, Ireland, marr

McCaffery, James                  10, m, IA, single

McCaffery, J M                      8, m, IA, single

McCaffery, T H                      6, m, IA, single

McCaffery, M T                      3, m,  IA, single

McCaffery, A J                        1, m, WA Terr, single

Marrow, Thos                          35, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Brislawn, Matthew                    34, m, PA, marr, farmer

Brislawn, Mary E                      31, f, PA, marr

Brislawn, J F                            10, m, IA, single

Brislawn, J H                            8, m, IA, single

Brislawn, M T                          6, m, IA, single

Brislawn, J W                           5, m, WA Terr, single

Brislawn, M E                          3, f, WA Terr, single

Brislawn, M P                          1, m, WA Terr, single

Brislawn, Fred                          26, m, IA, single, farmer

McCaffery, Frank                    46, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Davies, H H                             24, m, UT, single, farmer

Kastter (Kastler), George         51, m, France, marr, farmer

Kastter, Terresa                       48, f, France, marr

McGiss (McGue), James          55, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Kirk, John                                47, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Kirk, John                                12, m, WA Terr, single

Kirk, Mary                               9, f, WA Terr, single

Kirk, Bessie                             4, f, WA Terr, single

Kirk, Peter                               3, m, WA Terr, single

Brislawn, Mike                         36, m, IA, marr, farmer

Brislawn, Brigget                      25, f, MN, marr

Brislawn, Annie                        4, f, WA Terr, single

Brislawn, george                       3, m, WA Terr, single

Kirk, Richard                           23, m, MN, single, farmer

Conner, Patrick                        30, m, MN, single, farmer

Conner, Simon                         36, m, MN, single, farmer

Conner, Kate                           28, f, MN, single

McSchane, Hugh                     40, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Linch (Luich), William               27, m, MD, single, farmer

Ames, E                                   40, m, IL, single

Ames, Philander                       32, m, IL, single, farmer

Ebell, Isaac                               37, m, WA Terr, marr, farmer

Ebell, Celestine                         32, f, OR, marr

Ebell, S A                                 14, m, WA Terr, single

Ebell, Rosa                               13, f, WA Terr, single

Ebell, Esther                             13, f, WA Terr, single

Ebell, B A                                11, m, WA Terr, single

Ebell, Louisa                             9, f, WA Terr, single

Ebell, Selestine                          6, f, WA Terr, single

Farell, Michael                          35, m, Canada, marr, farmer

Farell, Mary C                          25, f, Ireland, marr

Green, J W                               37, m, IA, marr, farmer

Green, Lintha                            38, f, IN, marr

Green, Hattie                            8, f, IA, single

Green, Rollen                           4, m, IA, single

Roy (Ray), W T                       33, m, IN, marr, farmer

Roy, Lucinda                            32, f, IN, marr

Roy, Cornelius                         12, m, IA, single

Lears, J D                                56, m, NJ, marr, farmer

Lears, M A                              54, f, MI, marr

Lears, J C                                22, m, NV, single, farmer

Lears, Nettie                            15, f, NV, single

Keogan, Patrick                       55, m,  Ireland, marr, farmer

Keogan, Elizabeth                    43, f, Canada, marr

Keogan, Maggie                      14, f, CA, single

Keogan, Patrick                      18, m, CA, single

Keogan, Bridget                      13, f, CA, single

Keogan, Lawrence                  11, m, CA, single

Keogan, Christe                       9, f, NV, single

Keogan, Lizzie                         7, f, NV, single

Keogan, Annie                         6, f, CA, single

Desmond, Thos                        34, m, Canada, marr, mechanic

Desmond, Mary                       24, f, Canada, marr

Thays, E M                              38, m, IL, marr, sheepraiser      

Thays, Elizabeth                       38, f, IN (or IA), marr

Thays, Simon                            11, m, CA, single

Thays, Elva                               9, f, CA, single

Thays, E E                                7, m, WA Terr, single

Thays, Alice                             2, f, WA Terr, single

Fogarty, John                           40, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Fogarty, Margaret                    30, f, Ireland, marr

Fogarty, James                         8, m, CA, single

Fogarty, Margaret                    4, f, WA Terr, single

Corkary, Pat                            50, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Jessen, Chas                             39, m, Germany, single, farmer

White, H L                               62, m, MA, single, farmer

Alexander, Jas                          39, m, Canada, single, farmer

Brooks, M L                            33, m, IA, marr, farmer

Brooks, E F                             16, f, IL, marr

Brooks, L C                             1, m, WA Terr, single

Bacon, Carrie                           25, f, MA, single, teacher

Fahley, Michael                        40, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Fahley, Ann                              36, f, Ireland, marr

Fahley, John                             12, m, NJ, single

Fahley, Peter                            11, m, NJ, single

Fahley, Mary                            9, f, NJ, single

Underwood, Wm                     38, m, IL, marr, farmer

Underwood, Kate                    38, f, IA, marr

Underwood, B L                      11, m, IA, single

Underwood, G G                     10, m, IA, single

Underwood, L A                      7, f, IA, single

Underwood, W A                     6, m, IA, single

Underwood, R F                      5, m, IA, single

Underwood, E A                      2, f, IA, single

Hanson, J A                             33, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Jensen, Harry                           37, m, Germany, marr, brickman

Jensen, Regina                          30, f, Germany, marr

Jensen, Hanah                          11, f, NJ, single

Jensen, Harry                           4, m, CA, single

Jensen, Rosco                          2, m, WA Terr, single

Jensen, Detlef                           1, m, WA Terr, single

McGinnis, H W                        30, m, IL, marr, dairyman

McGinnis, Estella                      26, f, IL, marr

McGinnis, Nellie                       2, f, WA Terr, single

McGinnis, I P                           24, m, IL, single, dairyman

Rickett, Alford                         50, m, OH, single, brickman

Bell, Peter                                58, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Bell, Margaret                          48, f, Ireland, marr

Bell, W G                                 28, m, Canada, single

Bell, J M                                  16, m, NV, single

Bell, F P                                   10, m, NV, single

Wesham, S A                           26, f, Canada, marr, farmer

Greenwood, W L                     60, m, KY, marr, farmer

Greenwood, L E                      19, m, OR, single

Greenwood, Frank                   15, m, OR, single

Chilton, R H                             43, m, VA, marr, farmer

Chilton, Ella S                           42, f, VA, marr

Chilton, Lilla S                          18, f, VA, single

McWontier, W A                     39, m, IA, single, farmer

Busson, W J                             40, m, IA, marr, sheepraiser

Busson, Mary A                       23, f, NY, marr

Busson, C E                             2, f, WA Terr, single

Cary, T B                                 46, m, MO, marr, farmer (Carey?)

Cary, Martha M                       42, f, IA, marr          

Cary, Frank                              18, m, OR, single

McDonald, P                            51, m, Ireland, single, farmer

McGreavy, Cornelius                56, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

McGreavy, Ellen                       38, f, Ireland, marr

McGreavy, Hugh                      18, m, IA, single

McGreavy, Kate                       14, f, KS, single

McGreavy, Mary                      12, f, WA Terr, single

McGreavy, James                     8, m, WA Terr, single

McGreavy, William                   5, m, WA Terr, single

McGreavy, Cornelius                3, m, WA Terr, single

McGreavy, Ellen                      1, f, WA Terr, single

Brislawn, J F                            23, m, IA, single, farmer

Cavanaugh, J W                       27, m, IA, single, farmer

Nelson, Alfred                          44, m, GA, single, dairyman

Ford, John                                50, m, OH, single, farmer

Ford, Jim                                  15, m, OH, single, farmer

Luper, Gilbert                           28, m, AR, marr, slasher

Luper, Belle                              26, f, OR, marr

Luper, Fannie                           3, f, WA Terr, single

Luper, Jennie                            1, f, WA Terr, single

Beeler, J L                                40, m, __, marr, farmer

Beeler, Mrs                              37, f, MO, marr

Beeler, Clinton                         14, m, MO, single

Beeler, Mary                            12, f, MO, single

Beeler, A                                  9, f, OR, single

Beeler, H                                  7, f, OR, single






Total # of males             2540

Total # of females        1707

Total                              4247


# of whites                     4185

# of blacks                           2

# of Chinese                      33

# of H B Ind.                     27

# of married                  1539

# of male citizens US    1449

# of fem. citizens US       759

# of male aliens                44

# of fem. aliens                 31



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