1885 Lincoln County Census, Washington Territory 


                                    Submitted by Marge Womach

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Hansen, C                                29, m, Ger, single, farmer

Hansen, L                                 24, m, Ger, single, farmer

Hansen, K C                            31, m, Ger, single, farmer

Thompson, R                            39, m, Norway, single, farmer

Hasting, J H                              40, m, NY, marr, farmer

Hasting, John                            13, m, WA Terr, single

Hasting, E                                 12, f, WA Terr, single

Hasting, J                                 9, f, WA Terr, single

Hasting, A                                7, f, WA Terr, single

Henninger, S                             32, m, PA, marr, farmer

Henninger, M J                         29, f, IA, marr

Henninger, F L                         10, m, IA, single

Henninger, N P                        6, f, Da (Dakota?), single

Willie (Wiley), N                      53, m, IL, marr, farmer

Willie, E V                                26, f, CA, marr

Willie, G A                               7, m, WA Terr, single

Willie, M E                               4, f, WA Terr, single

Willie, R G                               2, f, WA Terr, single

Pellacere, A D                          20, f, (not shown), single

Pellacere, M M                        16, f, (not shown), single

Fredericks, A F                      37, m, MA, marr, farmer

Fredericks, M E                      23, f, OR, marr

Fredericks, S                           2, m, OR, single

Littlefield, Wm                         53, m, PA, marr, farmer

Littlefield, L T                           54, f, PA, marr

Ravenaugh, J                            63, m, OH, marr, farmer

Ravenaugh, M                          41, f, Mexico, marr

Maldonado, E M                     23, m, CA, single, farmer

Days, R                                    14, f, Mexico, single

Vaneto, A                                6 (or 26), f, Mexico, single

Littlefield, C W                         32, m, PA, marr, farmer

Littlefield, J M                          32, f, TN, marr

Littlefield, V E                          9, f, TN, single

Littlefield, P                              5, f, MI, single

Earle, E H                                55, m, NY, single, farmer

Baugh, W                                 37, m, IA, marr, farmer

Baugh, M E                              33, f, IA, marr

Baugh, M E                              7, f, IA, single

Baugh, N E                              10, f, IA, single

Burke, Jas E                             23, m, MA, single, farmer

Condon, Wm                           11, m, WA Terr, single

Condon, L                               15, m, ID, single

Burke, Edward                        3, m, WA Terr, single

Walsh, J W                              30, m, OH, marr, engineer

Walsh, M                                 22, f, CA, marr

Blake, Wm                               22, m, OR, single

Spiegel, H                                23, m, IN, single, farmer

Crawford, Wm                         27, m, OR, marr, farmer

Crawford, M                            23, f, OR, marr

Crawford, E                             3, f, WA Terr, single

Hutchins, Wm                           35, m, VA, marr, farmer

Hutchins, M                              33, f, IN, marr

Hutchins, Wm F                       9, m, MN, single

Hutchins, R                               7, m, MN, single

Hutchins, S                               5, m, MN, single

Hutchins, H                              3, m, MN, single

Hutchins, F                               2, m, MN, single

Hutchins, Walter                       1, m, WA Terr, single

Hutchins, Walter                       30, m, VA, single, farmer

Robeb____, O                          48, m. Canada, marr, farmer

Roseb____, J                           49, f, Germany, marr

Witte, H                                   16, m, MS, single

Witte, G                                   25, m, WI, single, farmer

Quinn, Peter                             54, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Quinn, O                                  48, f, Ireland, marr

Quinn, P                                   13, m, WA Terr, single

Quinn, E                                   11, m, WA Terr, single

Hewet, Robt                             27, m, VA, single, farmer

Godwin, P W                           35, m, IN, single, farmer

Donahue, D                              31, m, IN, single, farmer

Richards, H A                          29, m, MI, single, farmer

Richards, C B                           32, m, MI, single, farmer

Hutchinson, R A                       31, m, MS (or MO), marr, farmer

Hutchinson, Amelia                  18, f, WA Terr, marr

Hutchinson, M E                      1, f, WA Terr, single

Hutchinson, W H                     26, m, MO, marr, farmer

Hutchinson, Mary C                 25, f, VA, marr

Ripley, George                         12, m, VA, single

Nelson, Henry                          38, m, Norway, single, farmer

Hughes, J S                              42, m, CT, marr, farmer

Hughes, E J                              37, f, MS (or MO), marr

Hughes, A C                            12, m, MS (or MO), single

Hughes, C                                32, m, Canada, single, farmer

Striab, Charles                          44, m, Germany, marr, farmer

Striab, L                                   35, f, PA, marr

Striab, C W                              17, m, PA, single

Striab, C A                               15, m, PA, single

Striab, M A                              13, f, PA, single

Mulherin, W B                          73, m, KS, marr, farmer

Mulherin, A                              68, f, MO, marr

Thornbrue, Chas A                   22, m, IA, marr, farmer

Thornbrue, N                           22, f, IL, marr

Thornbrue, C E                        2, m, WA Terr, single

Thornbrue, F A                        1, m, WA Terr, single

Thornbrue, E H                        28, m, IA, single, farmer

Plummer, A W                         38, m, IL, marr, farmer

Plummer, A                              38, f, IA, marr

Plummer, M _                          15, f, IA, single

Plummer, W O                         12, m, NE, single

Plummer, J A                            11, f, WA Terr, single

Muhlerin(Hulherin), I                 41, m, MO, marr, farmer

Plummer, T H                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Avenill, Wm                             56, m,  England, marr, farmer

Avenill, E                                  44, f, IN, marr

Avenill, C                                 25, m, MO, single, farmer

Avenill, I                                   19, f, MO, single

Avenill, J                                  16, m, MO, single

Avenill, G                                 14, m, MO, single

Avenill, F                                  10, f, MO, single

Luntsford, T                             33, m, VA, marr, farmer

Luntsford, M E                         25, f, TX, marr

Luntsford, A                             7, m, MO, single

Luntsford, G                             6, f, NE, single

Luntsford, E                             11, m, MO, single

Luntsford, Wm                         2, m, WA Terr, single

Thornbrue, J O                         26, m, IA, single, farmer

Leduc, Chas                             47, m, Canada, marr, farmer

Leduc, A                                  33, f, IL, marr

Leduc, C                                  14, m, UT, single

Leduc, M                                 12, f, UT, single

Leduc, J                                   10, m, UT, single

Leduc, E                                  7, m, UT, single

Leduc, S                                  5, f, UT, single

Thornbrue, Joseph                   50, m, IL, marr, farmer

Thornbrue, J A                        51, f, IN, marr

Thornbrue, E _                        27, m, IA, single, farmer

Thornbrue, J A                        18, f, KS, single

Thornbrue, J W                       12, m, KS, single

Thornbrue, G A                       10, m, KS, single

Holman, A J                             33, m, IA, marr, farmer

Holman, A J                             32, f, IA, marr

Holman, V A                            16, m, OR, single

Holman, T A                            8, m, OR, single

Holman, C W                           6, m, OR, single

Holman, S N                            3, m, OR, single

Holman, R M                           1, f, WA Terr, single

Losyd    , J                               61, m, OH, marr, farmer

Sosyd    , M B                          50, f, IN, marr

Losgd    , J                               16, m, IA, single

Cone, Lewis                             25, m, Canada, single, farmer

Cone, Arthur                            28, m, Canada, single, farmer

Golland, M                               31, f, WI, marr

Golland, A                                11, f, MI, single

Golland, E                                9, m, MI, single

Golland, L (or T)                      7, m, MI, single

Golland, M                               4, f, MI, single

Hambleton, Jno W                    24, m, KS, single, farmer

Hebertein, R A                         39, f, England, marr

Hebertein, R                             17, f, MI, single

Hebertein, _                             14, f, MI, single

Hebertein, A                             12, f, MI, single

Hebertein, W                            10, m, MI, single

Hebertein, _                              6, m, CO, single

Hebertein, V                             4, m, UT, single

Clark, S _                                35, m, OH, marr, farmer

Clark, M E                               25, f, MO, marr

Clark, H B                               9, f, MO, single

Clark, E A                                7, f, MO, single

Clark, T L                                6, m, MO, single

Clark, L T                                2, m, ID, single

Rockhold, J                              51, m, OH, marr, farmer

Rockhold, A E                         42, f, IL, marr

Rockhold, A M                        18, f, KS, single

Rockhold, K W                        16, f, KS, single

Rockhold, E                             7, m, ID, single

Rockhold, B (or P)                   4, f, WA Terr, single

Botherell, Samuel                     54, m, PA, marr, farmer

Botherell, F M                          50, f, OH, marr

Botherell, Wm                          28, m, PA, single, farmer

Botherell, C                              24, m, OH, single, farmer

Botherell, John                          22, m, KS, single, farmer

Botherell, James                       19, m, MN, single, farmer

Botherell, L                              14, m, MN, single

Botherell, F                              9, m, KS, single

Botherell, N                              4, f, WA Terr, single

Tayler, M S                              43, m, IN, marr, farmer

Tayler, S C                               36, f, IN, marr

Tayler, H E                               15, f, KS, single

Hambleton, Wm T                    38, m, VA, marr, farmer

Hambleton, S S                         27, f, MO, marr

Hambleton, N M                      11, f, MO, single

Hambleton, O                           2, f, MO, single

Scott, F G                                46, m, VT, marr, farmer

Scott, A J                                 37, f, IL, marr

Scott, F E                                 12, m, MO, single

Scott, A _                                 9, f, IA, single

Scott, A A                                7, f, MO, single

Scott, O A                               2, m, WA Terr, single

McLain, J T                              63, m, KS, single, farmer

McLain, J V                             15, m, KS, single

Easten (Easton), Henry             35, m, WI, single, farmer

Easten, M                                 62, f, PA, single

Sampler, George                      35, m, Scotland, single, farmer

Bowen, I W                             51, m, NY, marr, farmer

Bowen, O H                             47, f, WI, marr

Bowen, W W                           23, m, MN, single, farmer

Bowen, A B                             11, m, IN, single

Sutters, Peter                            54, m, IN, marr, farmer

Sutters, E E                              47, f, MO, marr

Sutters, H G                             19, m, MO, single, farmer

Sutters, N A                             17, f, MO, single

Sutters, M                                14, m, MO, single

Sutters, H E                              13, f, MO, single

Sutters, C                                 11, m, MO, single

Sutters, O B                             9, m, MO, single

Sutters, F                                 7, f, MO, single

Webb, Wm N                          38, m, IN, marr, farmer

Webb, L J                                34, f, IN, marr

Webb, A E                              12, m, KS, single

Webb, M A                             10, f, CO, single

Webb, T O                               8, m, CO, single

Webb, E                                  3, f, WA Terr, single

Webb, B F                               1, m, WA Terr, single

Bently, C W H                         53, m, OH, marr, farmer

Bently, M J                               48, f, IN, marr

Bently, J A                                25, m, MO, single, farmer

Bently, _ _                                23, m, MO, farmer

Bently, J A                               13, m, MO, single

Bently, J W                              7, m, MO, single

Landreth, S P                           49, m, NC, marr, farmer

Landreth, F E                           38, f, MO, marr

Landreth, H H                          20, m, OR, single

Landreth, W W                        18, m, OR, single

Landreth, A A                          16, f, WA Terr, single

Landreth, M M                         6, f, WA Terr, single

Landreth, E E                           4, f, WA Terr, single

Mann, Jno W                           33, m, VA, marr, farmer

Mann, M                                 24, f, CA, marr

Mann, L M                              51, m, VA, single, farmer

McLane, Thomas                     40, m, MO, single, farmer

Archer, C A                             46, m, MI, marr, farmer

Archer, N D                             40, f, New ___, marr

Archer, A                                 10, f, KS, single


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