1885 Lincoln County Census, Washington Territory 


                                    Submitted by Marge Womach


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Abbreviations are from the original , without a key.


Phar, U M                                15, f, WA Terr, single

Phar, G E                                 12, f, WA Terr, single

Phar, W H                                6, m, WA Terr, single

Spiva, G W                              34, m, IL, marr, farmer

Spiva, S                                   29, f, OH, marr

Spiva, L                                   8, m, IL, single

Spiva, J L                                 3, m, WA Terr, single

Spiva, G E                                1, m, WA Terr, single

Hane, G A                                33, m, Sweden, marr

Hane, A                                   25, f, Sweden, marr

Level, J A                                 28, m, WI, marr

Level, E                                    21, f, IA, marr

Level, M                                  2, f, WA Terr, single

McQueen, J                             25, f, WI, single

McQueen, M                           2, f, WA Terr, single

Keefer, A                                 52, m, Ger, single, farmer

Runquist, H                              30, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Runquist, E                               72, f, Sweden, single

Hoffman, F W                          44, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Hoffman, B A                           42, f, PA, marr

Hoffman, F A                           14, m, CA, single

Hoffman, H E                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Rogers, E L                              36, m, NY, marr, farmer

Rogers, M A                            21, f, IN, marr

Southerlin, J Y                         30, m, TX, single, farmer

Ryan, J W                                40, m, MI, single, farmer

Cathcart, R                              30, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Cathcart, A                              36, f, PA, marr

Cathcart, R                              10, m, PA, single

Cathcart, L                               8, m, PA, single

Hart, D D                                 60, m, NY, marr, farmer

Hart, S                                     50, f, IN, marr

Hart, D L                                 25, m, IA, single, farmer

Hart, E E                                  22, m, IA, single, farmer

Hart, K                                    27, f, KS, single

Hart, M B                                17, f, CA, single

Hart, C                                     12, f, CA, single

Estep, H S                                34, m, VA, marr, farmer

Estep, F L                                23, f, IA, marr,

Estep, G L                                3, f, CA, single

Estep, O M                              2, f, WA Terr, single

Estep, C U                               1, m, WA Terr, single

Lovett, O H                              68, m, CT, marr, farmer

Lovett, S V _                           70, f, NY, marr

Rogers, O G                             40, m, CT, marr, farmer

Rogers, Anna                           30, f, IL, marr

Rogers, C                                 11, f, CA, single

Rogers, Wm                             9, m, CA, single

Rogers, C                                 5, m, CA, single

Rogers, E                                 3, f, CA, single

Boyes, _ R                               54, m, TN, marr

Boyes, M A                             41, f, MO, single

Boyes, E L                               15, f, CA, single

Boyes, J W                              13, m, CA, single

Boyes, J M                               11, f, CA, single

Boyes, Lev                               8, f, CA, single

Boyes, A M                             4, f, CA, single

Markham, C                             27, m, IL, marr, farmer

Markham, M A                        26, f, KS, marr

Vandine, W H                          62, m, NJ, single, farmer

Boyes, H D                              36, m, MO, marr, farmer

Boyes, J M                               33, f, CA, marr

Boyes, M A                             10, f, CA, single

Boyes, E J                                8, f, CA, single

Boyes, M L                              6, f, CA, single

Boyes, H E                               3, f, WA Terr, single

Boyes, Katie                            1, f, WA Terr, single

Boyes, J B                                76, m, SC, single, farmer

Putman, J O                             55, m, MI, marr, farmer

Putman, F M                            54, f, IN, marr

Cavinaugh, F M                       29, m, OR, single, farmer

Petticrew, A                             20, m, KS, single, farmer

Biech, M                                  54, m, Ger, single, farmer

Parky, O B                               50, m, OH, marr, farmer

Parky, M J                               50, f, IN, marr

Parky, J                                    24, m, IA, single

Parky, L                                   16, f, IA, single

Freese. Wm O                         35, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Freese, H                                 21, f, UT, marr

Freese, A                                 65, f, Ger, single

Wynhoff, H                              50, m, Ger, marr

Wynhoff, C                              45, f, OH, marr

Wynhoff, H G                          15, m, IA, single

Wynhoff, L M                          13, f, IA, single

Wynhoff, M L                          11, f, IA, single

Wynhoff, C L                           9, f, IA, single

Wynhoff, T H                           5, m, IA, single

Wynhoff, B B                           2, f, IA, single

Leonard, John                          29, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Leonard, Dan                           35, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Leonard, B                               30, f, Ireland, marr

Curtin, J                                    6, m, CA, single

Curtin, A                                   4, m, CA, single

Signor, C                                  17, m, MO, single

Signor, C                                  20, f, MO, single

Laton, D C                               36, m, ME, single

Simons, G H                             33, m, PA, marr, farmer

Simons, E J                               25, f, CA, marr

Simons, W W                           5, m, OR, single

Simons, H S                              4, m, WA Terr, single

Simons, O M                            3, f, WA Terr, single

Simons, E F                              2, m, WA Terr, single

Weaver, G B                            34, m, NY, marr, sawyer

Weaver, S D                            30, f, NY, marr

Weaver, W B                           8, m, NY, single

Weaver, H C                            4, m, NY, single

Weaver, A M                           1, f, WA Terr, single

Schwart_, A D                         25, m, MO, single, farmer

Zim (Sim), J                              29, m, CA, marr, farmer

Zim, M J                                   36, f, MO, marr

Bront, J L                                 15, m, MO, single

Cronauder, M M                      3, f, MO, single

Dow, J G                                 60, m, NH, marr, farmer

McMillan, H H                         29, m, Canada, single, clergyman

Bartlett, John                            24, m, CA, marr, farmer

Bartlett, Mrs J                          18, f, CA, marr

Buck, C                                   40, m, France, marr, farmer

Buck, L _                                 40, f, KY, marr

Buck, B A                                 7, f, CA, single

Buck, R L                                 6, f, CA, single

Buck, K D A                            1, m, WA Terr, single

Buck, S M P                            1, f, WA Terr, single

Ahlf, J                                      36, m, Ger, single, farmer

Ahlf, H                                     35, m, Ger, single, farmer

Rice, J H                                  26, m, MO, marr, farmer

Rice, E C                                 24, f, MO, marr

Rice, R                                     4, f, CA, single

Rice, Jennie                              1, f, WA Terr, single

Waller, H                                 39, m, Ger, single, farmer

Rice, C F                                 50, m, MO, marr, farmer

Rice, E                                     40, f, TN, marr

Rice, J                                      16, m, MO, single

McNew, W N                          39, m, KY, single, farmer

Hansen, A C                            35, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Hansen, M                               32, f, VA, marr

Hansen, A B                             8, f, NE, single

Hansen, T A                             6, m, NE, single

Hansen, C E                             4, f, NE, single

Hansen, D E                             1, f, WA Terr, single

Gorton, C                                 55, f, KY, single

Legerwood, T                          54, m, MO, marr, farmer

Legerwood, E J                       56, f, IN, marr

Legerwood, S R                      28, m, OR, single, farmer

Legerwood, T J                       26, m, OR, single, farmer

Legerwood, M E                     16, f, OR, single

Camblin, W F                          29, m, IN, marr, farmer

Camblin, M A                          26, f, KY, marr

Camblin, B                               5, f, KS, single

Camblin, E                               1, f, WA Terr, single

Cregar, H (Krueger)                 35, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Cregar, D                                 27, f, Ger, marr

Nelson, S                                 42, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Holbert, J                                 48, m, MO, single

Holbert, J C                             18, m, MO, single

Holbert, J                                 15, f, MO, single

Holbert, J W                            13, m, MO, single

Holbert, S                                10, m, CA, single

Holbert, G                                8, m, CA, single

Wood, C H                              61, m, VT, marr, farmer

Wood, M J                               42, f, OH, marr

Markham, C                             27, m, IL, marr, farmer

Markham, M A                        26, f, KS, marr

Petticrew, D A                         19, m, KS, single

Serall (Sevall), B                       63, m, OH, marr, farmer

Serall, J                                    53, f, OH, marr

Gibson, O H _                          70, m, CA, marr, farmer

Gibson, M J                              53, f, VA, marr

Gibson, Wm                             16, m, MO, single

Gibson, L                                 12, f, MO, single

Gibson, G                                 9, m, MO, single

Killam, W W                            31, m, OR, single, US Mail

Rogers, J M                              49, m, NY, marr, hotel

Rogers, H L                              42, f, IL, marr, hotel

Rogers, H O                             22, m, CA, single

Rogers, J A O                          17, m, CA, single

Rogers, A H                             14, m, CA, single

Rogers, J M                             10, f, CA, single

Winchell, A B                           18, f, OR, single

Cameron, Rob J                       47, m, CA, single, stage

Nichols, J H                             33, m, Canada, marr, merchant

Nichols, E A                            23, f, ME, marr

Nichols, J R                             3, m, WA Terr, single

Hopkins, M M                         43, m, IL, marr, MD

Hopkins, M B                          29, f, IA, marr

Hopkins, Y                               4, f, MT, single

Hopkins, J                                2, f, IA, single

Todd, H                                   20, m, IA, single

Traul, R                                    33, m, IA, single, saloon

Small, J C                                 38, m, IN, single, attorney

Campbell, C                             50, m, Scotland, single, hardware

Johnson, J W                            31, m, Norway, single, blacksmith

Timmons, O C                          46, m, MI, marr, farmer

Timmons, H A                          36. f. PA, marr

Timmons, L O                          6, f, CA, single

Pryor, C H                               29, m, IA, single, Co Supt of Schools & teacher

Melzer, A                                 27, m, Ger, single, brewery

Davis, J L                                 50, m, Wales, marr, wagon maker

Davis, A                                   43, f, Wales, marr

Davis, G W                              23, m, WI, single, blacksmith

Davis, E A                                20, f, WI, marr

Davis, M J                                18, f, WI, marr

Davis, S E                                15, f, WI, single

Davis, V                                   13, m, WI, single

Davis, J                                    11, f, WI, single

Davis, M                                  9, f, WI, single

Davis, K                                   7, f, WI, single

Davis, J                                    3, m, WI, single

Bond, J H                                 46, m, IL, marr, farmer

Bond, N M                              33, f, PA, marr

Bond, E H                                13, m, IA, single

Bond, J P                                 11, m, OR, single

Bond, S A                                10, f, OR, single

Bond, M L                               8, f, OR, single

Bond, E O                                3, f, WA Terr, single

Woodine, D M                         76, m, MA, marr, farmer

Woodine, E M                         51, f, VT, marr

Woodine, J D                           48, m, NY, single, farmer

Woodine, R L                          16, m, WI, single

Simmons, C L                          24, m, IL, single, farmer

Rambo, W D                            35, m, IA, single, farmer

Harisen (Hausen), J D               33, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Harisen, M                               33, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Harisen, R                                24, f, Denmark, single

Lange, M C                              49, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Kennedy, L A                          30, m, AL, marr, farmer

Kennedy, M A                         25, f, GA, marr

Kennedy, W V                         7, m, CA, single

Kennedy, L L                           5, f, WA Terr, single

Kennedy, W C                         3, m, WA Terr, single

Kennedy, H M                         1, f, WA Terr, single

Buck, Philip                              26, m, Ger, single, farmer

Scovile, E                                 60, m, IN, single

Coonrod, S                              30, m, IA, single, farmer

Peterson, P M                          29, m, Ger, single, farmer

Thomas, G W                           30, m, MD, single, farmer

Edwards, Geo                          30, m, Eng, single, farmer

Selde, P                                   47, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Selde, M                                  47, f, Denmark, marr

Ramm, E                                  23, m, CA, marr, farmer

Ramm, Anne                            20, f, UT, marr

Selde, Peter                              15, m, UT, single

Selde, H                                   12, m, UT, single

Selde, N                                   9, m, UT, single

Selde, E                                    6, m,UT, single

Wirs, P W                                34, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Steudar (Stendar), H                 29, m, Ger, single, farmer

Rogers, J                                  25, m, Ger, single, farmer

Korwege, H                             18, m, Ger, single, farmer

Stout, A D                                37, m, ME, marr, farmer

Stout, A E                                27, f, CA, marr

Stout, A D                                9, m, CA, single

Stout, A V                                6, f, CA, single

Stout, L J                                  3, f, WA Terr, single

Stout, M M                              1, f, WA Terr, single

Nichols, W P                            32, m, MO, marr, farmer

Nichols, T C                             33, f, NC, marr

Nichols, J J                               10, f, MO, single

Nichols, D L                             8, m, MO, single

Nichols, E M                            6, f, MO, single

Nichols, H C                            4, m, OR, single

Nichols, A O                            2, f, WA Terr, single

Camp, J L                                40, m, GA, single, farmer

Lusher, F W                             44, m, MO, single, farmer

Anderson, H N                         33, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Anderson, C                             27, f, Ger, marr

Anderson, J                              10, m, Ger, single

Anderson, M                            2, f, Canada, single

Anderson, A                             2, f, Canada, single

Anderson, K                            1, f, WA Terr, single

Anderson, S O                         29, m, Denmark, marr

Anderson, M L                        18, f, Canada, marr

Lane, J                                     51, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Lane, J                                     30, f, WI, marr

Lane, S                                    13, f, WA Terr, single

Lane, H                                    10, f, WA Terr, single

Lane, D                                    7, m, WA Terr, single

Lane, W                                   2, m, WA Terr, single

Hogan, J                                   49, m, ME, marr, farmer

Hogan, H C                              37, f, IL, marr

Dowling, E C                            16, m, MA, single

Manning, Jas                            37, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Anderson, O                            29, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Tucker, O                                26, m, CA, single, farmer

Riley, J                                    35, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Riley, K A                               30, f, Ireland, marr, farmer

Riley, A D                                7, m, NE, single

Riley, V A                                4, f, NE, single

Riley, J F                                  3, m, CA, single

Long, G W                               52, m, TN, marr, farmer

Long, D J                                 40, f, AR, marr

Long, D E                                13, f, AR, single

Long, B C                                11, f, AR, single

Long, A B                                9, f, AR, single

Long, L L                                 7, m, AR, single

Long, T M                                5, m, AR, single

Long, J H                                 52, m, TN, marr, farmer

Long, E A                                52, f, TN, marr

Long, A W                               27, m, TN, marr

Long, P T                                 26, m, TN, single

Long, W S                               19, m, TN, single

Long, C J                                 16, f, TN, single

Long, M C                               21, f, OR, marr

Long, C M                               1, f, WA Terr, single

Warwick, H M                         30, m, TN, marr, farmer

Warwick, S J                           22, f, TN, marr

Warwick, V S                          6, f, OR, single

Warwick, E J                           3, f, OR, single

Warwick, J L                           1, m, OR, single

Sharp, W P                              28, m, IL, marr, farmer

Sharp, C W                              25, f, IL, marr

Sharp, B F                               3, m, WA Terr, single

Sharp, L W                              1, m, WA Terr, single

Hall, O                                     32, m, TN, marr, farmer

Hall, M J                                  21, f, TN, marr

Petree, C R                              26, m, TN, marr, farmer

Petree, C E                              20, f, WA Terr, marr

Petree, B                                  2, f, WA Terr, single

Petree, G                                  1, m, WA Terr, single

Miller, S H                               24, m, OH, single, farmer

Bregger (Brugger), C                27, m, Switzerland, single, farmer

Scott, S E                                 26, m, MI, marr, farmer

Scott, M C                               24, f, MI, marr

Scott, E C                                28, m, MI, marr, farmer

Hunter, D M                             25, m, IN, single, farmer

Robinson, J E                           27, m, IN, single, farmer

Luper, L T                                37, m, IL, marr, farmer

Luper, E                                   32, f, IA, marr

Luper, G                                  8, m, OR, single

Hubenthan (Hubenthal), T         45, m, Ger, single, farmer

Davis, W E                               38, m, IN, marr, farmer

Davis, N A                               39, f, IA, marr

Davis, J L                                 16, f, OR, single

Davis, H C                               14, m, OR, single

Davis, E L                                10, f, WA Terr, single

Suggett, J E                              30, m, MO, single, farmer

Wesp, J F                                35, m, CA, marr, farmer

Wesp, F A                               25, f, IA, marr

Wesp, V M                              4, f, IA, single

Wesp, C                                  2, m, IA, single

Shields, Z W                            29, m, OR, marr, farmer

Shields, L L                              29, f, MO, marr

Shields, D D                             3, m, CA, single

Shields, C V                             2, m, OR, single

Shields, R C                             1, m, WA Terr, single

Fortanier, R                              45, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Fortanier, M                             40, f, Ger, marr

Fortanier, M                             17, f, G, single

Fortanier, B                              12, f, NY, single

Fortanier, A                              6, f, NY, single

Bush, W                                   51, m, Ger, single, farmer

Wolks (Wolke), A                   41, m, Ger, single, farmer

Beck, J A                                 26, m, Ger, single, farmer

Hellinger, M                             51, f, Ger, single, farmer

Hellinger, J                               25, m, MN, single, farmer

Hellinger, W                             23, m, MN, single, farmer

Hellinger, Frank                        18, m, MN, single

Hellinger, S                               16, f, MN, single

Hellinger, Su                             14, f, MN, single

Hellinger, C                              13, f, MN, single

Hellinger, L                               12, f, MN, single

Hellinger, L                               9, f, MN, single

Mielke, G                                 35, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Mielke, M                                50, f, Ger, marr

Mielke, E                                 7, m, MN, single

Mielke, B                                 9, f, MN, single

Kruger, H                                 27, m, MN, marr, farmer

Kruger, G                                 25, m, MN, single

Kruger, A                                 22, m, MN, single

Kruger, R                                 17, m, MN, single

Kruger, M                                14, f, MN, single

Kruger, J                                  12, f, MN, single

Huffman (Hoffman), L               45, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Huffman, H                               39, f, Ger, marr

Huffman, J                                16, m, MN, single

Huffman, I                                12, f, MN, single

Huffman, S                               10, m, MN, single

Huffman, E                               9, f, MN, single

Huffman, H                               4, f, MN, single

Huffman, D (or L)                     1, m, MN, single

Steinka, J                                 35, m, Ger, single, farmer

Cunningham, D                         24, m, Scotland, single, farmer

Magers, I W                             37, m, TN, marr, farmer

Magers, S E                             37, f, AR, marr

Magers, N                                7, f, MO, single

Magers, J                                 4, m, WA Terr, single

Magers, E                                1, f, WA Terr, single

Button, L                                  45, m, NY, single, farmer

Murphy, J C                             60, m, IN, single, farmer

Rice, J L                                   61, m, NY, single, farmer

Robinson, W L                         34, m, OR, marr, farmer

Robinson, E                              26, f, CA, marr

Robinson, J                              6, f, CA, single

Robinson, E                              3, f, CA, single

Buehler, A                                30, m, MI, marr, minister

Buehler, R                                32, f, MI, marr

Buehler, M                               2, m, OH, single

Buehler, L                                1, f, WA Terr, single

Bush (Bursch), O                     53, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Bush, H                                    35, f, Ger, marr

Bush, G                                    14, m, MN, single

Bush, H                                    12, m, MN, single

Bush, E                                    9, f, MN, single

Bush, J                                     8, f, MN, single

Bush, S                                    6, m, MN, single

Bush, L                                    2, f, MN, single

Whitaker, J R                           54, m, PA, marr, farmer

Whitaker, C                             50, f, CA, marr

Whitaker, M J                          16, f, NV, single

Whitaker, F A                          15, f, NV, single

Whitaker, E M                         13, f, NV, single

Whitaker, J E                           11, f, NV, single

Whitaker, L C                          9, f, NV, single

Johnson, J                                25, m, Denmark, single, farmer

Brown, E C                              45, m, MO, marr, farmer

Brown, J A B                           37, f, MO, marr

Brown, F                                  16, f, CA, single

Brown, L V                              12, f, CA, single

Brown, L                                  9, f, CA, single

Brown, H                                 5, f, CA, single

Glasscock, H                            30, m, CA, single, farmer

Heffelman, I I                           24, m, TX, single, farmer

Anderson, J W                         41, m, VA, marr, farmer

Anderson, H E                         33, f, MO, marr

Anderson, V A                        10, f, CA, single

Anderson, H G                         8, m, CA, single

Anderson, E R                          6, m, CA, single

Anderson, A E                         4, m, CA, single

Anderson, J W                         2, m, CA, single

Billings, H S                              49, m, NH, marr, farmer

Glasscock, L F                         40, m, MO, marr, farmer

Glasscock, L C                        30, f, OH, marr

Glasscock, R                            4, m, WA Terr, single

Billings, C P                              27, m, NH, marr, farmer

Billings, C E                              26, f, MN, marr

Billings, C E                              1, f, WA Terr, single

Buob, C Jr                               41, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Buob, M                                  38, f, Ger, marr

Buob, H                                   13, m, CA, single

Buob, Fred                               12, m, CA, single

Buob, M                                  8, f, CA, single

Buob, C                                   6, m, CA, single

Buob, D                                   4, f, CA, single

Buob, W                                  2, m, WA Terr, single

Buob, C (Sr)                            71, m, Ger, single, farmer

Buob, J W                               37, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Buob, D M                              23, f, Ger, marr

Buob, M                                  7, f, CA, single

Buob, A                                   4, f, CA, single

Buob, A                                   2, f, WA Terr, single

Spuhler, S                                32, m, Ger, single

Spuhler, B                                20, m, Ger, single

Haynes, H                                31, m, MI, marr,

Haynes, E E                             29, f, MI, marr

Haynes, H                                6, m, CA, single

Haynes, E                                 4, m, CA, single

Haynes, A                                2, m, CA, single

Haynes, R                                1, m, WA Terr, single

Mocker, T                                28, m, NS, single, farmer

Wimbles, F C                           27, m, MI, single, farmer

Chilton, H                                 24, m, IA, single, farmer

McCrea, R                               42, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Gray, F M                                39, m, IL, marr, Ed N (or H) Times

Gray, M L                                26, f, OR, marr

Leets, C                                  _6, m, WA Terr, single, printer

Cardwall, Geo (Cardwell)         22, m, CA, single

Drinkard, F H                           33, m, VA, single, carpenter

Smith, J B                                 40, m, MO, single, saloon

Witte, H                                   42, m, Ger, single, shoe mfg

Willis, A H                               38, f, VA, single, mcd

Maxey, A S                              23, m, IL, single, teacher

Hall, L O                                  24, m, MO, marr, blacksmith

Hall, A                                     20, f, IL, marr

Dary (Dory), M E                     46, f, OH, single

Timm, F D                                28, m, NY, single, farmer

Ludy, A                                    54, m, MD, marr, farmer

Ludy, A                                    49, f, OH, marr

Ludy, J E                                  26, m, MO, marr, farmer

Ludy, J                                     24, f, MO, marr

Ludy, A O                                1, m, WA Terr, single

Krum, H A                               22, m, IL, marr, farmer

Krum, C                                   23, f, IL, marr

Krum, R                                   1, m, WA Terr, single

Clarke, A                                 24, f, MO, single

Harper, A                                 51, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Harper, G A                             42, f, ME, marr

Harper, E                                 15, f, WI, single

Harper, F L                              13, f, WI, single

Harper, S                                 11, m, WI, single

Harper, M                                5, f, WI, single

Childs, H                                  65, m, NY, single, farmer

Williams, L P                            34, m, MA, marr, farmer

Williams, E S                            21, f, OR, marr

Wasta, J                                   30, m, Ger, single, farmer

Kelly, J                                     36, m, IN, single, farmer

Mitchem (Mitchum), A S          24, m, CA, marr, farmer

Mitchem, M E                          24, f, CA, marr

Cleary, H E                              38, f, Ireland, single

Cleary, B L                              15, f, CA, single

Cleary, W J                              13, m, CA, single

Cleary, M F                             11, m, CA, single

Coman, T                                 20, m, __, single, labor

Hannum, C H                           25, m, CA, marr, farmer

Hannum, S C                            24, f, MO, marr

Hannum, E                               1, m, WA Terr, single

Trumble, G T                            62, m, OH, marr, farmer

Trumble, M A                          49, f, OH, marr


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