1885 Lincoln County Census, Washington Territory 


                                    Submitted by Marge Womach


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Abbreviations are from the original, without a key.


Anderson, Louis                       30, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Nicholson, John                        37, m, Norway, single, farmer

Johnson, Erie                            28, m, Norway, single, farmer

Magee, J T                               25, m, Canada, single, stockman

Magee, Thos                            21, m, Canada, single, stockman

Thomas, E C                            50, m, KY, marr, farmer

Thomas, E                                42, f, OH, marr

Thomas, Alfred E                     15, m, MO, single

Thomas, John                           13, m, MO, single

Thomas, Fannie                        10, f, MO, single

Thomas, Daisie                         7, f, MO, single

Thomas, Nettie P                      4, f, MO, single

Hill, J R                                    29, m, MO, marr, farmer

Shrewsbery, L W                     53, m, VA, marr, farmer

Shrewsbery, Lucy                    30, f, WA Terr, marr

Shrewsbery, Sarah                   10, f, WA Terr, single

Shrewsbery, Charlie                 6, m, WA Terr, single

Shrewsbery, Hallie                    4, f, WA Terr, single

Shrewsbery, Albert                   2, m, WA Terr, single

Jones, R G                               36, m, Wales, single, farmer

Jones, E C                                34, m, Wales, single, farmer

Smith, C J                                46, m, MO, marr, stockman

Smith, S M                               40, f, IL, marr

Smith, L T                                17, f, OR, single

Smith, E W                               15, m, OR, single

Smith, S P                                12, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, A M                              10, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, E                                   8, m, WA Terr, single

Smith, M C                              5, f, WA Terr, single

Smith, R D                               2, m, WA Terr, single

Whitelane, J R                          55, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Whitelane, Nellie                      32, f, WA Terr, marr

Whitelane, Jennie                     10, f, WA Terr, single

Whitelane, John                        5, m, WA Terr, single

Whitelaw, J R                           26, m, CA, single, stockman

Davis, C C                               24, m, IN, marr, farmer

Davis, Meda                             20, f, IN, marr

Erickson, T                               42, m, Norway, marr, blacksmith

McCann, James                        35, m, Canada, single, farmer

Cushman, I N                           33, m, VT, single, farmer

Cushman, M C                        40, f, VT, single, teacher

Cushman, A E                          36, f, VT, single, teacher

Allen, C W                               42, m, ME, marr, farmer

Allen, A M                               31, f, IN, marr

Allen, Frank                             10, m, OR, single

Allen, Ada                                8, f, OR, single

Allen, Willie                              6, m, OR, single

Ohmstead, Ben                         31, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Ohmstead, Emma L                  28, f, IN, marr

Ohmstead, H D                        6, f, KS, single

Ohmstead, Mag C                    5, f, WA Terr, single

Ohmstead, I S                          3, f, WA Terr, single

Geer, T D                                42, m, IL, marr, farmer

Geer, Minnie                            40, f, OR, marr

Geer, Fred                               21, m, OR, single

Geer, Stella                              18, f, OR, single

Geer, Walter                            15, m, OR, single

Geer, Charlie                            13, m, OR, single

Geer, Eva                                 11, f, OR, single

Geer, Ida                                  9, f, OR, single

Geer, Hattie                              7, f, OR, single

Geer, Lester                             2, m, OR, single

Prather, Chas                           52, m, IL, marr, farmer

Prather, Mary                           41, f, IL, marr

Prather, M J                             16, f, MO, single

Prather, C M                            12, f, MO, single

Prather, H                                8, m, KS, single

McQuery, N H                        44, m, NY, marr, farmer

McQuarie, A T                        41, f, IL, marr

McQuarie, E D                        15, m, IA, single

McQuarie, E M                       10, f, IA, single

McQuarie, P A                        4, m, IA, single

McManis, H                            50, m, OH, Marr, farmer

McManis, Rachel                     40, f, PA, marr

McManis, Jessie                      16, m, IL, single

McManis, N E                         9, f, IA, single

McManis, Allie                         4, m, IA, single

McManis, N M                        1, f, WA Terr, single

Stookey, A E                           40, m, IL, marr, farmer

Stookey, Mary                         33, f, IL, marr

Stookey, Nora                         15, f, KS, single

Stookey, Lizzie                         8, f, IL, single

Stambaugh, J                            39, m, OH, marr, farmer

Stambaugh, M                          40, f, KY, marr

Stambaugh, John                      14, m, IL, single

Stambaugh, Margaret               10, f, IL, single

Stambaugh, Annie                    8, f, IL, single

Stambaugh, T M                      6, f, IL, single

Stambaugh, S O                      4, m, IL, single

Stambaugh, E G                       2, f, WA Terr, single

Stambaugh, G G                      32, m, IL, marr, farmer

Stambaugh, A                          27, f, IL, marr

Stambaugh, Mary                    2, f, WA Terr, single

Stambaugh, G S                      1, m, WA Terr, single

Lane, G W                               28, m, MO, marr, farmer

Lane, M L                                20, f, WA Terr, marr

Lane, Lottie                              3, f, WA Terr, single

Lane, Chas                               1, m, WA Terr, single

Lane, Emma                             24, f, MO, single

Miller, J H                                28, m, PA, single, farmer

Bean, Jasper                             27, m, IL, marr, farmer

Bean, Trancy                            23, f, IL, marr

Bean, Ray                                4, m, IL, single

McKay, F D                            29, m, Canada, single, farmer

Fletcher, Chas                          25, m, MO, single, farmer

Smyer, Thos                             27, m, OR, single, farmer

Mangis, Jarvis E (James)           25, m, TN, marr, farmer

Mangis, A C                             23, f, IL, marr

Mangis, M                                2, f, IL, single

Wood, J C                               39, m, CA, marr, farmer

Wood, E                                  30, f, PA, marr

Wood, John                             5, m, NE, single

Wood, Walter                          2, m, WA Terr, single

Bayley, L S                              33, m, OH, marr, farmer

Bayley, H M                             20, f, IA, marr

Bayley, Jas W                          3, m, WA Terr, single

Bayley, Marcus                        1, m, WA Terr, single

Chol, Jam                                 36, m, China, single, miner

Chin, John                                55, m, China, single, miner

Hing, A                                    40, m, China, single, miner

Lung, John                                18, m, China, single, miner

Hon, Och                                 40, m, China, single, miner

Dolan, F H                               39, m, AL, single, farmer

Igo, Albert                                45, m, MO, single, laborer

Coverington, J C                       59, m, VA, single, saloon

Coverington, Robert                 24, m, WA Terr, single, labor

Coverington, Henryetta             20, f, WA Terr, single

Coverington, Henry                  18, m, WA Terr, single, labor

Mon, Loy                                 20, m, China, single, cook

Cameron, E                              33, m, CA, marr, mech d

Cameron, Mrs E                       27, f, CA, marr

Cameron, Emma                       1, f, ID, single

Bishop, B F                              22, m, IA, single, clerk

Feblin, Louie                            25, m, WI, single, blacksmith

Tewig, Em                                27, f, IA, marr, milliner

Sheber, Lottie                           26, f, OH, single, milliner

Glines, Annie                            6, f, ID, single

Timm, All                                 20, m, China, single, cook

Sheran, Patrick                        34, m, NY, single, farmer

Berg, Chas                               30, m, Denmark, single, stone cutter

McCliughlin, Thos                    46, m, Ireland, single, harnessmaker

Frazier, J C                              29, m, Canada, single, farmer

Richter, C                                39, m, Ger, single, blacksmith

Kipp, Wm                                29, m, PA, marr, labor

Wo__am, J                              28, m, Ger, single, labor

Merriam, W H                         29, m, ME, marr, engineer

Merriam, Mrs P                       30, f, MN, marr

Merriam, Grace                        3, f, WA Terr, single

Merriam, N J                            41, m, ME, marr, mill wright

Merriam, C H                           38, f, ME, marr

Merriam, Myrtle E                    5, f, MN, single

Merriam, Wm  E                      7, m, MN, single

St Clair, Wm                            34, m, PA, single, labor

Gardner, J H                            44, m, MY, marr, blacksmith

Dalton, H                                 24, m, CA, single, farmer

Calbett, E J                              35, m, VA, marr, farmer

Calbett, Laura                          26, f, OR, marr

Calbett, Percie                         1, m, WA Terr, single

Pitney, A                                  34, m, OR, single, farmer

Oliver, Wm                              27, m, ME, single, carpenter

Folkingham, D B                      28, m, OH, marr, carpenter

Folkingham, Mary                    22, f, NE, marr

Folkingham, Willie                    2, m, CO, single

Bruce, C F                               22, m, Meraland, single, carpenter

Monghan_, J                            45, m, Ireland, marr, mch d

Monghan_, M                          33, f, Ireland, marr

Monghan_, R                           13, m, WA Terr, single

Monghan_, M                          9, f, WA Terr, single

Haste, J H                                30, m, CN, single, clerk

Martin, M (or W)                     35, m, Denmark, single, clerk

Nee, J T                                   37, m, Ireland, marr, saloon

Nee, M                                    36, f, Ireland, marr, hotel

Nee, John                                 17, m, KY, single

Nee, W M                               15, m, AL, single

Nee, Ida M                              13, f, FL, single

Nee, Jennie                              11, f, GA, single

Nee, Thos                                9, m, AL, single

Nee, Melvin                             7, m, OR, single

Nee, Jas                                   5, m, WA Terr, single

Nee, Jo                                    1, m, WA Terr, single

Doyle, Jas                                31, m, IL, single, saloon

Chaffee, H N                            38, m, MA, single, saloon

Fuller, Nellie                             31, f, OR, single, cook

Hall, Lottie                               27, f, BC, single, cook

Young, E J                               23, m, NY, single, clerk

Po (or Do), John                      32, m, China, single, wash

Matson, Henry                         35, m, Denmark, single, labor

Murphy, D J                             20, m, AL, single, farmer

Fitzgerald, Thos                        46, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Seymour, R                              35, m, NB, single, labor

Boyd, W L                               51, m, NE, marr, farmer

Boyd, A J                                 45, f, MA, marr

Boyd, A W                              17, m, ME, single

Boyd, K P                                14, f, ME, single

Boyd, E E                                11, f, ME, single

Boyd, B M                               8, f, ME, single

Boyd, J G                                 5, m, ME, single

Murphy, B A                            44, f, Ireland, single

Murphy, Willie                          15, m, AL, single

Rian (Ryan), Andie                   10, m, AL, single

Rian, Thos                                8, m, AL, single

Underwood, H M                     45, m, MA, marr

Underwood, A L                      40, f, MA, marr

Bevis, Chas                              39, m, IN, single

Shook, Louisa J                       28, f, IN, single

Ryall, Wm                                48, m, Canada, marr

Ryall, Mary E                           38, f, MI, marr

Ryall, Effie                                17, f, MI, single

Ryall, Alberta                           15, f, MO, single

Ryall, John                                11, m, MO, single

Ryall, Cora                               8, f, MO, single

Barnett, R                                 63, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Barnett, H                                49, f, Ireland, marr

Barnett, Nora                           14, f, WI, single

Barnett, Pat                              12, m, WI, single

Barnett, Katie                           6, f, WI, single

Gilfoil, M                                  23, m, WI, single, farmer

Conadner, Henry                      24, m, WI, single, farmer

Gilfoil, T R (or F R)                 30, m, WI, single, farmer

Shook, J P                               34, m, IN, marr, farmer

Shook, M J                              21, f, SC, marr

Shook, Alice                            2, f, MO, single

Shook, Frank                           1, m, MO, single

Rainibolt, Mat (Reinbold)         3, m, Ger, marr

Rainbolt, C                               25, f, Ger, marr

Rainbolt, Katie                         2, f, WA Terr, single

Rainbolt, Mat                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Rainbolt, Jacob                        24, m, Ger, single, farmer

Rainbolt, Andrew                     33, m, Ger, single, farmer

Rainbolt, Samuel                      25, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Rainbolt, Katie                         21, f, Ger, marr

Reinbold, Geo                          27, m, Ger, single, farmer

Frans, J S                                 41, m, NO (MO), single, farmer

Frans, Wm M                           19, m, TX, single, farmer

Frans, A X                               17, m, TX, single, farmer

Frans, C J                                13, f, TX, single

Frans, J D                                11, m, TX, single

Frans, Webster                         9, m, TX, single

Frans, F A                                7, f, TX, single

Frans, C H                               5, m, WA Terr, single

Frans, C L                                3, f, WA Terr, single

Duncan, M J                             47, f, IL, single

Duncan, C J                             18, f, TX, single

Duncan, E                                12, f, TX, single

Foehr, Mat                               33, m, Ger, single, farmer

Shook, J J                                60, m, OH, marr, farmer

Shook, J                                   64, f, OH, marr

Shook, Henry                           35, m, IN, single, farmer

Shook, John                             18, m, IA, single, farmer

Kerry, Nancy E                        32, f, MO, single

Kerry, Emma                           15, f, MO, single

Kerry, Chas                             12, m, MO, single

Kerry, Hobbie                          9, f, MO, single

Kerry, Alice                             4, f, MT, single

Mitchel, E D                             25, m, IN, single, labor

Keener, J D                              62, m, NE, marr, farmer

Keener, E                                 58, f, MO, marr

Walters, C R                            22, m, IL, single, teacher

Southerlind, S A (Sutherlin)       33, m, IL, marr, farmer

Southerlind, H A                       27, f, TX, marr

Southerlind, Wm                       10, m, TX, single

Southerlind, P                           5, f, TX, single

Southerlind, W                         3, m, WA Terr, single

Southerland, Arthur                  1, m, WA Terr, single

Allen, G O                                32, m, OH, single, carpenter

Herkimer, S M                         51, m, Canada, marr, sawyer

Herkimer, J                              28, f, OR, marr

Herkimer, L F                          10, m, CA, single

Herkimer, Maud                       7, f, WA Terr, single

Herkimer, Mary                        4, f, WA Terr, single

Herkimer, Thos                        2, m, WA Terr, single

Inkster, John                             56, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Inkster, P                                 53, f, Scotland, marr

Inkster, John Jr                         27, m, Eng, single, farmer

Inkster, J S                               25, m, Eng, single, farmer

Inkster, L A                              20, m, Scot, single

Inkster, CA                              18, m, IL, single

Inkster, E P                              16, f, IL, single

Inkster, A H                             14, m, IL, single

Nichold (Nichols), J M             53, m, NY, single, farmer

Moore, T R                              50, m, Eng, marr, farmer

Moore, Mary                            47, f, Scot, marr, farmer

Moore, W G                             22, m, Canada, single, farmer

Moore, M J                              19, f, Canada, single

Moore, M E                             16, f, Canada, single

Moore, J T                               14, m, Canada, single

Moore, J C                              12, f, Canada, single

Moore, H A                             8, m, Canada, single

Moore, C E                              6, m, Canada, single

Moore, _ H                              25, m, Canada, single, farmer

Moore, T W                             28, m, Canada, single, farmer

Smith, J C                                51, m, OH, marr, farmer

Smith, S J                                 48, f, OH, marr

Smith, A S                                27, m, IA, single, farmer

Randall, L A                             24, f, IA, marr

Smith, T J (or F J)                     14, f, CA, single

Bowers, Thos                           35, m, IN, marr, farmer

Bowers, M E                            25, f, MO, marr

Bowers, W                               3, m, WA Terr, single

Bowers, Jimmie                        1, m, WA Terr, single

Bowers, J                                 43, m, PA, single, farmer

Bowers, G T                            30, m, PA, single

Russell, J H                              30, m, IL, marr, farmer

Russell, M M                            25, f, IN, marr

Russell, M A                            8, f, IL, single

Russell, A                                 5, m, CA, single

Russell, Mattie                          2, f, WA Terr, single

Russell, Geo                             1, m, WA Terr, single

Sezlove, John                           38, m, IN, marr, farmer

Sezlove, Sarah                          18, f, OH, marr

Sezlove, Elma                           2, f, WA Terr, single

Sezlove, Chas                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Lasher, A F                              38, m, WI, marr, farmer

Lasher, Marg                            33, f, MO, marr

Lasher, Lucy                            15, f, MO, single

Lasher, John                             12, m, MO, single

Lasher, Will                              6, m, MO, single

Lasher, Katie                            3, f, MO, single

Randale, Chas                          31, m, RI, marr, farmer

Randale, L                                2, f, WA Terr, single

Miller, W M                             40, m, OH, marr, farmer

Miller, H E                               38, f, OH, marr

Miller, E                                   15, f, WI, single

Miller, M J                               13, f, WI, single

Miller, M                                  11, f, WI, single

Miller, J T                                 9, m, NE, single

Miller, W F                              7, m, NE, single

Miller, M A                              5, f, WA Terr, single

Miller, Clara                             2, f, WA Terr, single

Worts, J K                               43, m, PA, single

Worts, B L                               18, m, PA, single

Inkster, S                                 53, m, Scotland, marr

Inkster, J J                                25, m, Scotland, single

Inkster, Z                                 23, m, Scotland, single

Inkster, Albert                          20, m, IL, single

Inkster, Wm                             17, m, IL, single

Inkster, Lawrence                     12, m, IL, single

Inkster, Geo                             10, m, IL, single

Fergason, Jas                           32, m, Canada, single

Oakley, John                            53, m, NY, marr, farmer

Oakley, H                                53, f, NY, marr

Brand, H E                               22, m, MS, single, farmer

Young, C _                              32, m, MO, marr, farmer

Young, S                                  34, f, NC, marr

Griswold, J W                          16, m, NV, single

Young, C T                              7, m, UT, single

Young, J T                               4, m, WA Terr, single

Young, D                                 2, m, WA Terr, single

Moss, J S                                 33, m, IA, marr, farmer

Moss, M H                              29, f, NV, marr

Moss, J W                               13, m, CA, single

Moss, Geo                               11, m, CA, single

Moss, Wm                               8, m, CA, single

Moss, Chas                              6, m, WA Terr, single

Moss, Ida                                 5, f, WA Terr, single

Moss, Ella                                3, f, WA Terr, single

McInnis, Dan                            28, m, Canada, single, farmer

Oleson, O                                32, m, Norway, single, farmer

Combs, L                                 24, m, ___, single, farmer

Harte, Thos                              60, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Harte, Wm                               27, m, Canada, single, farmer

Harte, Thos                              24, m, Canada, single, farmer

Butler, C R                               33, m, MO, marr, farmer

Butler, S E                                24, f, CA, marr

Butler, J B                                3, f, WA Terr, single

Butler, C O                              1, m, WA Terr, single

Featherkile, Geo                       75, m, KY, marr, farmer

Featherkile, L                           65, f, KY, marr

Featherkile, David                    50, m, IL, single, farmer

Featherkile, J                            40, m, IL, single, farmer

Featherkile, E                           35, f, IL, single

Featherkile, J H                        30, m, IL, single, farmer

Featherkile, Jas                        26, m, IL, single, farmer

Featherkile, Mary                     24, f, IL, single

Parker, Levy                            18, m, IL, single

Parker, Ike                               9, m, KS, single

Featherkile, Albin                     10, m, IL, single

Parker, L T                              6, m, KS, single

Featherkile, Able                      38, m, IL, single

Stanford, F A                           27, m, WI, single, blacksmith

Mintz, John                               46, m, NC, marr, farmer

Mintz, S                                   36, f, VA, marr

Mintz, W H                              13, m, KY, single

Mintz, Labert                            11, m, NE, single

Mintz, Alice                              9, f, , NE, single

Francis, V                                37, m, Eng, marr, farmer

Beieler, Fred                            35, m, Switz, marr, farmer

Beieler, M M                            32, f, MO, marr

Beieler, Fannie M                     6, f, MO, single

Beieler, M F                             5, m, MO, single

Beieler, M A                            4, f, MO, single

Guidinger, F                             27, m, WI, single, farmer

Kastak, Thos                            44, m, Austria, marr, farmer

Kastak, _                                 38, f, Austria, marr

Kastak, M                                16, f, Austria, single

Logsdon, J O                           60, m, KY, marr, farmer

Logsdon, S E                           56, f, KY, marr

Logsdon, J G                            29, m, MO, single, farmer

Logsdon, Thos                         27, m, MO, single, farmer

Logsdon, S C                           21, f, MO, single

Logsdon, W F                          19, f, MO, single

Kirkpatrick, R O                     51, m, MO, marr, farmer

Kirkpatrick, S M                     49, f, OH, marr

Hanmutt, Sam                           43, m, OH, single, farmer

Rogers, G S                             65, m, PA, marr, farmer

Rogers, M                                63, f, IN, marr

Hardin, F P                              30, m, TN, marr, farmer

Hardin, M                                26, f, IN, marr

Heid, J                                     34, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Heid, D                                    21, f, IL, marr

Heid, H                                    2, m, WA Terr, single

Hatch, John                              26, m, ME, marr, farmer

Hatch, E                                   23, f, MO, marr

Hatch, I                                    3, m, WA Terr, single

Hatch, T                                   1, m, WA Terr, single

Alwin, J M                               38, m, Scotland, marr, farmer

Alwin, J                                    38, f, Scotland, marr

Alwin, J C                                14, f, IL, single

Alwin, A                                   9, f, IL, single

Taylor, B                                  54, m, NH, marr, farmer

Taylor, E A                              44, f, MA, marr

Taylor, I A                               11, f, NE, single

Taylor, E A                              6, f, WA Terr, single

Boyce, B                                  30, m, OH, marr, farmer

Boyce, M C                             19, f, CA, marr

Boyce, Rosa M                        1, f, WA Terr, single

May, C C                                 34, m, NY, single, farmer

Grizzle, J D                               51, m, MO, marr, farmer

Grizzle, E                                  48, f, IN, marr

Grizzle, E                                  16, f, CA, single

Grizzle, G D                             12, f, OR, single

Grizzle, C B                              10, m, OR, single

Grizzle, E A                              3, f, WA Terr, single

Altery, W D                             62, m, IN, single, farmer

Ewell, E                                    36, m, MI, marr, farmer

Ewell, M                                  26, f, KY, marr

Ewell, Wm                               8, m, CA, single

Ewell, M                                  7, f, NE, single

Ewell, F                                    4, m, NE, single

Ewell, J                                    1, m, WA Terr, single

Ewell, F M                               30, m, VA, marr, farmer

McNew, W                              37, m, KY, single, farmer

McNew, C                               53, f, VA, single

Fry, J D                                    30, m, MI, marr, farmer

Fry, J                                       23, f, CA, marr

Fry, Wm                                  2, m, WA Terr, single

Jenson, P                                  30, m, Denmark, marr, farmer

Jenson, H                                 32, f, Sweden, marr

Jenson, Effie                             8, f, UT, single

Jenson, C                                 4, f, UT, single

Sarasin, H                                26, m, Canada, single, farmer

Sarasin, J                                 39, m, Canada, single, farmer

Bowen, A (Bower)                  52, m, IL, marr, farmer

Bowen, F A                             48, f, IL, marr

Bowen, W N                            27, m, IL, single

Bowen, J C                              27, m, IL, single

Phar, C F                                 52, m, IN, marr, farmer

Phar, H M                                43, f, IA, marr

Phar, J E                                  24, m, OR, single, farmer

Phar, J F                                  19, m, OR, single

Phar, U M                                15, f, WA Terr, single

Phar, G E                                 12, f, WA Terr, single

Phar, W H                                6, m, WA Terr, single

Spiva, G W                              34, m, IL, marr, farmer

Spiva, S                                   29, f, OH, marr

Spiva, L                                   8, m, IL, single

Spiva, J L                                 3, m, WA Terr, single

Spiva, G E                                1, m, WA Terr, single

Hane, G A                                33, m, Sweden, marr

Hane, A                                   25, f, Sweden, marr

Level, J A                                 28, m, WI, marr

Level, E                                    21, f, IA, marr

Level, M                                  2, f, WA Terr, single

McQueen, J                             25, f, WI, single

McQueen, M                           2, f, WA Terr, single

Keefer, A                                 52, m, Ger, single, farmer

Runquist, H                              30, m, Sweden, single, farmer

Runquist, E                               72, f, Sweden, single

Hoffman, F W                          44, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Hoffman, B A                           42, f, PA, marr

Hoffman, F A                           14, m, CA, single

Hoffman, H E                           1, m, WA Terr, single

Rogers, E L                              36, m, NY, marr, farmer

Rogers, M A                            21, f, IN, marr

Southerlin, J Y                          30, m, TX, single, farmer

Ryan, J W                                40, m, MI, single, farmer

Cathcart, R                               30, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Cathcart, A                              36, f, PA, marr

Cathcart, R                               10, m, PA, single

Cathcart, L                               8, m, PA, single

Hart, D D                                 60, m, NY, marr, farmer

Hart, S                                     50, f, IN, marr

Hart, D L                                 25, m, IA, single, farmer

Hart, E E                                  22, m, IA, single, farmer

Hart, K                                    27, f, KS, single

Hart, M B                                17, f, CA, single

Hart, C                                     12, f, CA, single

Estep, H S                                34, m, VA, marr, farmer

Estep, F L                                23, f, IA, marr,

Estep, G L                                3, f, CA, single

Estep, O M                              2, f, WA Terr, single

Estep, C U                               1, m, WA Terr, single

Lovett, O H                              68, m, CT, marr, farmer

Lovett, S V _                           70, f, NY, marr

Rogers, O G                             40, m, CT, marr, farmer

Rogers, Anna                           30, f, IL, marr

Rogers, C                                 11, f, CA, single

Rogers, Wm                             9, m, CA, single

Rogers, C                                 5, m, CA, single

Rogers, E                                 3, f, CA, single

Boyes, _ R                               54, m, TN, marr

Boyes, M A                             41, f, MO, single

Boyes, E L                               15, f, CA, single

Boyes, J W                              13, m, CA, single

Boyes, J M                               11, f, CA, single

Boyes, Lev                               8, f, CA, single

Boyes, A M                              4, f, CA, single

Markham, C                             27, m, IL, marr, farmer

Markham, M A                        26, f, KS, marr

Vandine, W H                          62, m, NJ, single, farmer

Boyes, H D                              36, m, MO, marr, farmer

Boyes, J M                               33, f, CA, marr

Boyes, M A                             10, f, CA, single

Boyes, E J                                8, f, CA, single

Boyes, M L                              6, f, CA, single

Boyes, H E                               3, f, WA Terr, single

Boyes, Katie                            1, f, WA Terr, single

Boyes, J B                                76, m, SC, single, farmer

Putman, J O                             55, m, MI, marr, farmer

Putman, F M                            54, f, IN, marr

Cavinaugh, F M                        29, m, OR, single, farmer

Petticrew, A                             20, m, KS, single, farmer

Biech, M                                  54, m, Ger, single, farmer

Parky, O B                               50, m, OH, marr, farmer

Parky, M J                               50, f, IN, marr

Parky, J                                    24, m, IA, single

Parky, L                                   16, f, IA, single

Freese. Wm O                         35, m, Ger, marr, farmer

Freese, H                                 21, f, UT, marr

Freese, A                                 65, f, Ger, single

Wynhoff, H                              50, m, Ger, marr

Wynhoff, C                              45, f, OH, marr

Wynhoff, H G                           15, m, IA, single

Wynhoff, L M                          13, f, IA, single

Wynhoff, M L                          11, f, IA, single

Wynhoff, C L                           9, f, IA, single

Wynhoff, T H                           5, m, IA, single

Wynhoff, B B                           2, f, IA, single

Leonard, John                          29, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Leonard, Dan                           35, m, Ireland, marr, farmer

Leonard, B                               30, f, Ireland, marr

Curtin, J                                   6, m, CA, single


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