1885 Lincoln County Census, Washington Territory 


                                    Submitted by Marge Womach


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Abbreviations are from the original, without a key.


Spencer, P K                           35, m, IN, single, Co Auditor

Burton, Dr B F                         26, m, OR, marr, physician

Burton, A E                              22, f, WA Terr

Burton, R A                              4, m, no data

Olds, Dr W F                           27, m, WI, marr, physician

Olds, O D                                25, f, MA, marr.

Olds, B C                                 5, f, OR

Olds, M G                                2, f, WA Terr

Bett, Jen B                               1, f, WA Terr

Wilson, J S                               50, m, OH, attorney

Wilson, J A                              50, f, NY

Roadman, T S                          32, m, TN, attorney

Roadman, M B                         22, f, CA

Roadman, E V E                      2, f, OR

Roadman, O B                         1, f, WA Terr

Sours, Paul                               42, m, PA, hotel

Sours, M E                               30, f, ME

Sours, H P                               1, m, WA Terr

Jergison, A                               14, f, Denmark, nurse

Allison, T J                               30, m, OH, butcher

Allison, Katie                           35, f, Scotland

Allison, Malle                           2, f, UT

Allison, N P                             1, f, WA Terr

White, B B                               37, m, IA, barber

White, E J                                27, f, CA

White, Alvah                            5, m, CA

White, Flossie                          3, f, CA

White, Rebecca                       1, f, WA Terr

White, Mip                               1, f, WA Terr

Woodcock, W F                      44, m, ME, saloon

Woodcock, A J                        7, f, BC

Woodcock, F                           6, m, BC

Woodwock, G                         4, m, BC

Woodcock, C                          3, m, WA Terr

Clinger, Amos                          63, m, PA, carpenter

Garrew, A                                45, m, IA, clerk

Garrew, E F                             42, f, IL

Buehler, E                                26, m, NY

Pendleton, E G                         38, m, IA, J.P.

Pendleton, S                             33, f, NY

Bell, F                                      14, m, NY

Stewart, J M                            39, m, Ireland, marr, carpenter

Stewart, M J                            38, f, MI, marr

Yarwood, W                            65, m, Africa, marr, Co Treas.

Yarwood, H                             62, f, England, single

Benson, E F                             24, m, ME, Probate Judge

Benson, Mrs E                         22, f, MA

Clurgan, G W                           44, m, PA, mcd

Clurgan, M                               39, f, IL

Clurgan, W M                          1, f, WA Terr

Putman, W P (MD)                  25, m, IL, druggist

McMasters, F M                      33, m, IN, editor

McMasters, Mrs Katie             26, f, IL

McMasters, Fred B                  3, m, IL

Howe, Harrie                           26, m, England, printer

Quin, W M                               15, m, ___, apprentice printer

McLoney, M J                         25, m, MO, officer

McLoney, Olio E                      21, f, OR

McLoney, Nellie                       23, f, MO

Kelly, J W                                38, m, VA, printer

Kelly, V A                                27, f, OR

Kelly, A S                                9, m, OR

Kelly, L                                    7, f, OR

Kelly, J W                                5, m, OR

Kelly, Bessie                            1, f, WA Terr

Sanderson, C E M                    29, m, MA

Coleman, J                               27, m, Ireland

Jensen, O C                             33, m, Denmark, hardware

Brooke, H W                           24, m, IA, hardware

McClintock, Wm                     50, m, Ireland, RR

Comasky, Patrick                    60, m, Ireland, stock r

Rogers, O J                              33, m, OH, marr, restaurant

Rogers, F M                             26, f, IL, marr

Rogers, E G                              6, m, OH, single

Plumb, Geo                              53, m, __, single, painter

Ever, Ellen                                11, f, OR, single, ___ in hotel

Shelton, W R                           50, m, IN, marr, baker

Shelton, S E                             50, f, IN

Romick, M                              17, f, IN, marr, schoolgirl

Shelton, L                                13, m, IN, single

McAllister, L                            41, m, NB, single, harness

Brendle, J E                             40, m, IL, single, harness

Rupert, U C                             24, m, IL, single, harness

Sciffen, T E (or F E)                 24, m, OH, single, RR

Reding, E                                 30, m, Franco, marr, me d

Reding, B K                             26, f, NY, marr

Reding, Sedaly                         2, f, IA

Dillonhoffer, Wm                     27, m, GA, single, me d

Fairweather, H W                    33, m, NB, marr, banker

Brook, Geo S                           33, m, IA, marr, banker

Brook, Julia                              25, f, CT, marr

Brook, R D                              1, m, WA Terr, single

Fairweather, Matte                   31, f, NY, marr

Fairweather, Fred                     8, m, WA Terr, single

Fairweather, Sprague                6, m, OR, single

Fairweather, Ethel                     4, f, __, single

Brook, A B                              17, m, WA Terr, single

Hicks, H P                               30, m, IL, marr, hardware

Hicks, C                                   22, f, MO, marr

Hicks, F                                   1, m, WA Terr, single

Hicks, F                                   63, m, NY, single, blacksmith

Buckley, Ben                            51, m, England, marr, machinist

Buckley, W A                          16, m, England, single, tinner

Heard, T H                               44, m, MO, marr, carpenter

Heard, M B                              35, f, IL, marr, milliner

Heard, J _                                9, m, KS, single

Heard, L H                               7, f, CA, single

Heard, F                                  4, m, CA, single

Clinton, M                                43, m, Ireland, marr, merchant

Clinton, Bessie                          27, f, WI, marr

Gibbs, James                            39, m, NY, marr, farmer

Gibbs, Janetta                           32, f, IA, marr

Gibbs, Mistie                            8, f, IA, single

Gibbs, Irvis                               3, f, IA, single

Shield, J H                                30, m, NY, marr, lumber

Shield, R                                  25, f, CA, marr

Judge, Katie                             19, f, CA, single

Bartlett, L                                 19, f, CA, single

Indau (Jirdan), M F                  35, m, ME, marr, farmer

Indau (Jirdan), B D                   25, f, ME, marr

Gehres, F J                               32, m, France, single, mch d

Hertrich, V                               30, m, Germany, single, mch d

Powers, John                            45, m, Ireland, single, clerk

Hertrick, Frank                         20, m, Germany, single, clerk

Lee, S                                      22, m, China, single, laundry

Gong, Won                              24, m, China, single, laundry

Langley, H A                            33, m, MA, marr, shoemaker

Langley, R T                             35, f, MA, marr

Langley, W A                           12, m, MA, single,

Langley, D T                             7, m, WA Terr, single

Langley, G                                3, f, WA Terr, single

King, J C                                  60, m, VT, single, mechanic

Chandler, W M                        27, m, OR, marr, insurance agt

Chandler, M T                          19, f, OR, marr

Newman, I                               49, m, Russia, marr, mch d

Newman, R                              33, f, PA, marr

Newman, Hattie M                   12, f, CA, single

Newman, Jessie D                    10, m, CA, single

Newman, C S                           6, m, CA, single

Newman, S                              36, m, TX, single

Wagen, Louis                           56, m, Norway, marr, furniture

Wagen, M                                57, f, Norway, marr

Wagen, L                                 16, m, MO, single

Wagen, C                                 25, m, Norway, single

Archer, M J                              40, m, OH, marr, engineer

Archer, Cassie                          28, f, NY, marr

Burke, B                                  60, m, Ireland, marr, RR

Burke, M                                 51, f, Ireland, marr

Burke, Lou                               22, m, MN, single, RR

Burke, John                              19, m, WI, single, RR

Burke, Mary                             17, f, MN, single

Burke, E                                   15, m, MN, single, farmer

Lee, Hop                                  22, m, China, single, wash house

Lee, John                                  22, m, China, single, wash house

Martin, C F                              36, m, Ge____, marr, laborer

Martin, _ J                                51, f, PA, marr

Minser, Laura                           24, f, PA, milliner

Richardson, _ B                        32, m, OR, single, jewelry

Richardson, B T                        27, m, OR, single, jewerly

Burns, J J                                  29, m, PA, marr, mch d

Burns, M E                               25, f, PA, marr

Murphey, Geo  (Murphy)          43, m, Ireland, marr, mch d

Murphey, Belle                         28, f, PA, marr

McGuiver, Geo                        40, m, Ireland, marr, clerk

Taylor, Wm M                         29, m, England, marr, laborer

Taylor, C                                  25, f, Ger, marr

Taylor, Ed                                7, m, NY, single

Taylor, Wm                              5, m, MN, single

Taylor, Chas                             3, m, MN, single

Taylor, Louie                            1, m, WA Terr, single

Jordan, J T                               34, m, IL, marr, clerk

Jordan, J A                               24, f, IL, marr

Wilson, J D                               46, m, NY, marr, livery

Wilson, S J                               33, f, OR, marr

Oliphant, L B                            28, m, TN, single, farmer

Kropke, Wm G                        26, m, Ger, single, barber

Saling, F                                   41, m, Ger, marr, barber

Kreirerner, H                            22, m, Ger, single, barber

Benninghoff, Geo                      34, m, Ger, single, hotel

Benninghoff, A M                     23, f, Ger, single, hotel

Woe, La                                   22, m, China, single, washing

Saling, J S C                             37, f, NY, marr

Saling, S                                   16, f, NY, single

Saling, Gelly            (Lilly)         14, f, NY, single

Rasch, C                                  42, m, Norway, single, saloon

Cameron, Laura                       24, m, IL, single, bartender

Garvey, Ed                               24, m, Canada, single, rancher

Garvey, I J                               32, m, Canada, single, rancher

Anderson, F                             22, m, WI, single, RR

Kau, C W                                30, m, CA, single, dep marshal

Bannan, W F                            28, m, IL, single, machinist

Stips, Fred                               23, m, WI, single, shoemaker

Weyer, J W                              25, m, Ger, marr, shoemaker

Weyer, Eva                              20, f, IA, marr

Muehlman, C _                         30, m, MI, single, carpenter

Tayler, A                                  44, m, England, marr, machinist

Tayler, E                                  40, f, Eng, marr

Tayler, R                                  21, m, Eng, single, cigars

Tayler, Annie                            19, f, NY, single

Tayler, W                                 9, m, CA, single

Lee, Gee                                  28, m, China, single, wash house

Bo, Num                                  18, m, China, single, wash house

Yeu, Euc                                  24, m, China, single, wash house

Cooper, T                                33m nm MO, single, saloon

Gordon, Geo                            24, m, Cana, single, saloon

Janilek, John                             26, m, Aus, single, farmer

Harbaugh, Allen                       33, m, IL, marr, farmer

Harbaugh, M A                        30, f, OR, marr

Harbaugh, O B                         6, f, OR, single

Harbaugh, M                            3, f, WA Terr, single

Greenwood, E                          6, f, OR, single

Greenwood, C                          4, f, OR, single

Mathews, L                              19, m, MA, single, machinist

Worthington, O W                    24, m, N _, single, __

Dencer, P                                 27, m, ME, single, dentist

Bracken, John                          35, m, OH, single, capitalist

Stripe, G W                             50, m, OH, marr, hotel

Stripe, M E                              50, f, OH, marr

Stripe, W H                              19, m, PA, single

Stripe, M                                  10, f, IA, single

Stripe, C B                               24, f, MO, single, music teach

Culross, Jas                              56, m, Scotland, marr, tailor

Muller, A C                              59, m, GA, single, saloon

Johnie, Jaw                               19, m, China, single, coo__

Fulton, J C                               33, m, OH, single, labor

Unbewust, Geo                        29, m, PA, single, labor

Melcher, S H                            23, m, PA, single, labor

Murphy, Mat                            20, m, OR, single, RR

Murphy, H J                             29, m, MA, single, carpenter

Herrider, E                               19, m, OH, single, RR

Bolom, H W                             50, m, NJ, single, machinist

Stewart, J W                            44, m, NY (or KY), single, laborer

Cutchen, Mat                           26, m, WI, single, labor

Newton, Lena                          34, f, MI, marr

Everson, C                               17, m, CA, single, clerk

Baider, Cristen                         18, f, CA, single

Judd, Chas                               27, m, WI, marr, druggist

Judd, C                                    22, f, WI, marr

Judd, M                                   3, f, WA Terr, single

Judd, Maud                              1, f, WA Terr, single

Bartol, John                              48, m, ME, single, Mech d

Bartol, Geo                              20, m, CA, single, stock

Bartole, Frank                          18, m, CA, single, stock

Bartol, Libbie                           18, m, CA, single

Bartol, Clifford                         14, m, WA Terr, single

Conlee, Louis                           29, m, OR, marr, mech d

Conlee, Mary                           24, f, CA, marr

Conlee, Roy                             6, m, WA Terr, single

Shields, W R                            57, m, VA, marr, architect

Shields, S E                              39, f, VA, marr

Shields, C E                              21, m, VA, single, carpenter

Shields, H K                             19, m, VA, single

Shields, J E                               17, f, VA, single

Lee, -                                       45, m, China, marr, wash

Lee, Susan                               35, f, China, marr, wash

Long, Whop                             40, m, China, single, wash

Lee, Sam                                  28, m, China, single, wash

Haw, Bee                                 22, f, China, single, pros

Fairweather, Wm                      32, m, NB, marr, mech d

Fairweather, Annie                   25, f, OR, marr

Fairweather, E O                     3, f, WA Terr, single

Fairweather, Allen                   1, m, OR, single

Mulkey, Gustio                        22, f, Germ, single, domestic

Curtis, Leno                             29, m, IN, single, mech d

Smith, F                                   32, m, TN, single, livery

Maloney, J J                             27, m, MO, marr, livery

Maloney, Mary                        19, f, WA Terr, marr

Maloney, Hattie                       2, f, WA Terr, single

Maloney, Cleveland                 1, m, WA Terr, single

Ternillager, W A                      35, m, NY, marr, labor

Ternillager, J E                         30, f, NY, marr

Ternillager, L                            8, f, NY, single

Wood, G A                              28, m, OR, single, labor

Smith, Dr J S                            37, m, NY, marr, Dr

Smith, Mrs J S                          29, f, OR, marr

Smith, F _                                20, m, WA Terr, single

Nelson, J P                               46, m, NY, marr, livery stable

Nelson, S J                               33, f, OR, marr

Michel, Arthur                          15, m, OR, single

Michel, Wm                             10, m, OR, single

Michel, Maud                           7, f, WA Terr, single

Owen, Frank                            27, m, OR, single, livery

Ford, H J                                 36, m, C_, marr, cook

Ford, Mrs B M                        34, f, ME, marr, restaurant

Dennis, Mrs S                          22, f, NJ, marr, waitress

Dennis, Herbert                        5, m, WA Terr, single

Price, May                               17, f, CA, single, waitress

Haron, May                              31, f, IA, single, waitress

Bennet, Thos                            25, m, MA, single, cook

Vineyard (Vinyard), D              26, m, VA, marr, city marshal

Vineyard, M H                         18, f, IA, marr

Porack (Porak), R O                40, m, Germany, marr, brewery

Porack, Annie                          32, f, MO, marr

Porack, May                            10, f, MO, single

Porack, Annie                           7, f, MO, single

Porack, Rudolph                       5, m, OR, single

Porack, Chas                            4, m, OR, single

Porack, Henry                          2, m, WA Terr, single

Keibler, Wm                            22, m, Ger, single, brewer

Werer, Meus                            24, m, Ger, single, brewer

Deeg, Chris                              30, m, Ger, single, brewer

White, Ida                                22, f, IL, single, domestic

Kirtak, Lillie                             16, f, Ger, single, domestic

White, N H                              49, m, KY, single, farmer

Huff, C C                                 51, m, OH, single, engineer

Sawyer, _                                 35, m, (not shown), marr, hotel

Sawyer, L                                35, f, WA Terr, marr

Sawyer, Rubeck                       5, m, CA, single

Sawyer, Rubie                          5, f, CA, single

Sawyer, Bessie                        16, f, NY, single

Kong, Hong                             23, m, China, single, cook

Lea, Ken                                  24, m, China, single, laundry

Johnston, Knox                        34, m, OH, marr, real estate

Johnston, E _                            21, f, CA, marr

Hanton (Hauton), J F                45, m, Ireland, marr, machinist

Hanton, Mary                           40, f, Ireland, marr

Hanton, Celia                           13, f, PA, single

Hanton, Frank                          7, m, PA, single

Hanton, Wm                             5, m, CA, single

Bryant, Camelia                        58, f, OH, single

Bryant, Frank                           18, m, IL, single

Thrasher, James                        52, m, OH, marr, RR

Thrasher, Nancy                       48, f, CA, marr

Thrasher, Geo                          28, m, IL, single, laborer

Thrasher, B B                           22, m, CA, single, laborer

Thrasher, Chas                          21, m, CA, single, RR

Thrasher, _                               10, m, CA, single

Quinn, J H                                24, m, IA, marr, machinist

Quinn, K E                               19, f, CA, marr

Quinn, W M                             16, m, IA, single

Relland (Reiland), George         34, m, Eng, marr, carpenter

Relland, Carrie                          32, f, Eng, marr

Relland, Willie                          13, m, OH, single

McKinnie, Mrs M E                 33, f, TN, single (McKinney)

McKinnie, Louis                       14, m, TN, single

McKinnie, Annie                       9, f, TN, single

McKinnie, Eddie                       7, m, WA Terr, single

Brown, J M                              42, m, IL, marr, machinist

Brown, Emma J                        25, f, IA, marr

Brown, F                                  13, f, WA Terr, single

Brown, A                                  6, f, WA Terr, single

Brown, G (or C)                       4, m, WA Terr, single

Brown, E                                  3, f, WA Terr, single

Morton, Vance                         33, m, MO, single, farmer

Morton, Willie                          21, m, WI, single, farmer

Morton, Geo                            19, m, WI, single, farmer

Morton, Mary                          16, f, WI, single

Moss, L _                                56, m, NC, marr, farmer

Moss, S J                                 50, f, IL, marr

Moss, G L                                19, m, IL, single, farmer

Moss, James                            16, m, IL, single, farmer

Moss, Edith                              14, f, IL, single

Elam, D                                    58, m, IL, marr, (illegible)

Elam, E J                                  57, f, TN, marr

Elam, J _                                  18, m, IL, single

Elam, J R                                  15, m, IL, single

Chandler, N J                           42, m, IL, marr, farmer

Chandler, A E                          34, f, MO, marr

Chandler, A J                           17, f, IL, single

Chandler, J H                           14, m, MO, single

Chandler, J E                            7, f, MO, single

Young, Lucy A                        50, f, ME, marr

Young, J E                               45, m, __, marr, shoe man

Read, J C                                 44, m, ME, marr, livery

Read, J E                                 36, f, CA, marr

Diamond, H                             36, m, NY, marr, locom engineer

Diamond, Mrs S                       21, f, Eng, marr,

Diamond, Fred                         5, m, NV, single

Diamond, Ray                          3, m, OR, single

Diamond, H                             1, m, WA Terr, single

Stanley, Lena                            35, f, NY, single, milliner

Cole, Minnie                             17, f, OR, single, milliner

Good, Mollie                            22, f, OR, single, milliner

Wan, On                                  33, m, China, single, cook

Hendrichs, F G                         36, m, MO, marr, laborer

Hendrichs, M F                        28, f, MO, marr

Hendrichs, A W                       6, m, MO, single

Hendrichs, M E                        4, m, NM, single

Hendrichs, John A                    2, m, NM, single

Hiscott, S J                               31, f, OR, single

Hiscott, E                                 17, f, OR, single

Hiscott, O                                11, f, OR, single

Hiscott, W                                7, m, OR, single

Hiscott, Minnie                         5, f, WA Terr, single

Lauriten, Wm                           36, m, Denmark, marr, machinist

Lauriten, Alma                         26, f, Denmark, marr

Lauriten, M                              6, f, IA, single

Lauriten, Laura                         4, f, IA, single

Lauriten, Annie                         2, f, IA, single

Lauriten, Victor                        1, m, WA Terr, single

Hendrichs, Annie                      42, f, Denmark, single, labor

Lyse, Julius                               23, m, Denmark, single, carpenter

Lyse, Peter                               18, m, Denmark, single, carpenter

Hillhouse, W V                         31, m, OR, marr, RR

Hillhouse, L V                          35, f, OR, marr

Hillhouse, Robert                      1, m, WA Terr, single

Keaton, J E                              47, m, IN, marr, farmer

Keaton, R T                             43, f, MO, marr

Keaton, Minnie                        16, f, MO, single

Keaton, J                                 9, m, MO, single

Keaton, A                                6, m, MO, single

Keaton, A                                4, m, IA, single

Keaton, Susan                          2, f, IA, single

Massey, V M                           27, m, VA, marr, RR

Massey, F J                              23/33, f, MN, marr

Massey, Pearl E                       6, f, MN, single

Massey, C M                           3, m, MN, single

Nilcott, Belle                            14, f, MN, single

Sonnersberg, Chas                   49, m, Ger, marr, RR

Sonnersberg, Matilda               50, f, Ger, marr

Sonnersberg, Martha                19, f, Ger, single

Sonnersberg. Bertha                 17, f, Ger, single

Sonnersberg, Lizzie                  15, f, Ger, single

McDonald, Andrew                  50, m, Ireland, single, farmer

Law, Mary                               52, f, Ireland, marr

Law, M                                    52, m, Ireland, marr, laborer

Law, John A                             21, m, IL, single, laborer

Law, May                                16, f, OR, single

Law, Kate                                14, f, OR, single

Leiscky, Leo                            29, m, OH, marr, RR

Leiscky, Lottie                         23, f, OH, marr

Lease, Emma                           14, f, OH, single

Muedell, Moses                        45, m, NY, marr, RR

Muedell, E                                40, f, NY, marr

Muedell, L                                9, f, NY, single

Muedell, G                               7, f, NY, single

Muedell, L                                3, m, NY, single

Muedell, J                                1, m, WA Terr, single

McNally, Jas                            28, m, Ireland, marr, RR

McNally, Mary                        24, f, Ireland, marr

McNally, M                             2, f, OR, single

Stewart, James C                     29, m, Scotland, marr, RR

Stewart, Ellen                           28, f, Scotland, marr

Newell, H                                 50, m, Ireland, marr, RR

Newell, Mary                           44, f, Ireland, marr

McPherson, D _                       41, m, NH, marr, RR

McPherson, P                          39, f, PA, marr

McPherson, Louis                    7, m, KS, single

McPherson, J                           5, m, KS, single

McPherson, J                           5, m, KS, single

McPherson, Katie                    3, f, KS, single

Shellabarg, R                            20, f, PA, single

Trewich, John                           59, m, England, marr, RR

Trewich, E                                48, f, Scotland, marr

Trewich, H                               20, m, Eng, single, RR

Trewich, T                                18, m, Aus, single, farmer

Trewich, Nellie                         15, f, NV, single

Trewich, Lizzie                         12, f, NV, single

Murray, H T                             25, m, IA, marr, butcher

Murray, M A                            24, f, IA, marr

Slater, J S                                 23, m, OR, single, labor

Margo, J C                               28, m, MO, single, artist

Barnett, W M                           38, m, IL, marr, labor

Barnett, H E                             28, f, OR, marr,

Barnett, Geo                             12, m, OR, single

Barnett, Wm                             6, m, OR, single

Barnett, Ema                            10, f, CA, single

Barnett, B                                 4, m, OR, single

Barnett, S                                 3, f, OR, single

Rairdon, R D                            32, m, MI, marr, labor


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