New Babies in Lincoln County

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From the newspapers, mostly Harrington Citizen and Lincoln County Times....These are in alphabetical order, followed by the date the item appeared in the newspaper. Most are births, a few are deaths.


---Twins sons, Gail Edwin and Gordon Mathew, were born to Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Nelson at Edwall Christmas Day. Gail lived only a short time.  He was buried in the Harrington cemetery where short graveside services were conducted by Rev. E. C. Scott. ( Jan 02, 1920, Cit)

---Born  to Mrs. Hary Ochs, on Wednesday, a boy. ( Nov 21, 1902)

---Alvan Olson was in town yesterday passing the cigars around the event being the birth of an heiress last Friday.  The mother and daughter are in Spokane but will be home at an early date.  ( April 28, 1905, Cit)

---A girl was born at the Schwab home Thursday of last week, a boy put in his appearance at Sam Virtues' Tuesday and Wednesday John Patty's household was increased one, a girl.  All of which shows general activity among the republicans.  (Nov 11, 1904)

---A daughter was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Paige.  It would take more than one "page" of the TRIBUNE to picture the happy father. ( Oct 09, 1902, Thursday. Dav. Tribune)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Cal Patty on June 5, a daughter. ( June 12, 1903, Cit.)

---January 29, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Platter, a son.  Papa expressed himself as delighted.  May the boy grow up to be an honor and comfort to his parents. ( Jan 31, 1908)

---Born:  a son to Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Phillips. ( Apr 16, 1915)

---Twin girls were born to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Powers yesterday morning. ( Jun 25, 1905, Cit)

---Born on Wednesday, Oct 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Quade, a 12 1/2 pound boy.  ( Oct 11, 1901, Cit)

---Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reker, Sunday, July 16, 1911, a son. ( July 21, 1911)

---The youngest child of James Ryan section foreman at Lamont developed an abscess on the brain from gathering in the ear.  An opening was made in the skull in the Harrington hospital last Friday and the abscess drained.  The baby is rapidly recovering. ( Nov 21, 1902)

---Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Geo J. Reihle, Wednesday July 9, a daughter. ( July 11, 1913)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Geo Reihle, March 6th, a son. ( March 14, 1924)

---Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schille, Thursday, July 25, 1912, a boy. ( July 26, 1912, Cit)

---Born: May 13, a boy to Chas Schille. ( 50 yrs ago column May 15, 1914, Cit)

---A boy came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schmitt several days ago.( Jun 25, 1905, Cit)

---A girl was born to the household of John Schmitz Monday morning and the father is exceedingly happy over the addition to the family. ( Jun 22, 1900, LCT)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schrinsher, Tuesday, Sept. 9th, a son. ( Sep 10, 1915)

---To Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schultz, Saturday, August 2nd, a son.  This is the fourteenth child born to this mother. ( Aug 08, 19191)

---Born: Sunday, May 3, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schultz, a daughter. ( May 08, 1908)

---A girl was born at the Schwab home Thursday of last week. ( Nov 11, 1904, Cit)

---Born: to Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Schwab on Nov. 16, a 11 pound boy.  His name is Alfons Sylvester, and he is the seventh son. ( Nov 28, 1902)

---The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Scott died Sunday. Funeral services were held at the Harrington church with Rev. Edwards of Sprague in charge.  Burial was in the Harrington cemetery. (Apr 12, 1901)

---A girl was born to the wife of  E. S. Scott, March 25th. ( Mar 29, 1901)

---The George Seversons had a telephone call from Smelterville, Idaho from Amos Severson announcing the birth of a son, December 9.  He has been named Dennis Eugene and he weighed 6 pounds.  The Seversons have a son Roger Dean who was 6, Sept. 16; daughter, Marie Kristine, 3 last May 19; and Lila Jean, 2, September 10. ( Dec 12, 1958)

---Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Shepard, Oct 24th, a daughter. ( Oct 29, 1915)

---A son Joe Morgan, was born October 22 to Mr. and Mrs. (Ward) Ray Sherwood of Spokane.  This is the Sherwood's fourth son.  The oldest is about 14 years old. ( Nov 07, 1947, Cit)

---Born: February 6, to Mr. and Mrs. John Shimek, a boy. ( Feb 14, 1902, Cit)

--Born: to Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson, Wednesday, July 30th, a daughter. ( Aug 08, 1919)

---To Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Smith, Tuesday, March 12th, a daughter. ( Mar 15, 1918)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Snider, Thursday, May 20, a daughter. ( May 21, 1909)

---We omitted to state the advent of a girl into the family of Dan Snyder last week.  The mother is getting along well.        ( Nov 30, 1900, Cit)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Sorrels, Sunday morning, September 1, 1907, a son.  They say the scales was a short-weight article, and should have recorded the weight at 10 pounds. ( Sep 6, 1907)

---Mr. J. H. Stover's  little daughter has diphtheria.  The family were placed under quarantine Wednesday. ( Apr 09, 1907)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Swenson, Dec 11th, a son, Henry, Carl and Gus Swenson each now has a son and a daughter. ( Dec 12, 19191)

---A nine pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Talkington of Lord's Valley last Wednesday night. ( Jan 05, 1905, Cit)

---A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Tate, Sunday last.  The father is doing reasonably well. (Apr 11, 1902)

---A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor the first of the week. ( Nov 20, 1903)

---A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor Monday of last week ( May 25, 1906, Cit)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Thomas, Sunday, Dec. 2nd, a son. ( Dec 07, 1917)

---A girl was born to the J. J. Tierneys this week. ( Mar 09, 1906, Cit, 45 yrs ago Column)

---Born: To Mr. and Mr. J. J. Tierney, Monday, May 17th, a daughter. ( May 21, 1909)

---To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Timm, Harrington, May 7th, a daughter. ( May 16, 1924)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Turner on Wednesday, June 10, a boy. ( Jun 26, 1903, Cit)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Viets, June 7, a 9 lb son. ( Jun 17, 1898)

---A boy put in his appearance at Sam Virtue's Tuesday. ( Nov 11, 1904, Cit)

---The baby daughter recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner now makes them a family of five children: four boys and a girl. ( Feb 02, 1922)

---The two years old baby of G. Walenturger is seriously will with pneumonia. ( Nov 21, 1902)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Weller, Friday of last week, a girl.( Mar 12, 1915)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. C. W. White, Thursday, August 17, 1911, a son. ( Aug 18, 1911)

---The stork, the enemy of race suicide, has to keep busy this cold weather or freeze one foot.  This time he called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Winkleman, Tuesday, January 12trh, and made them a present of a daughter.  The little newcomer is boss of ceremonies and everyone in the house "sits up" and takes notice whenever she speaks in her foreign language.  ( Jan 15, 1909)

---Root Withee walks about which such a buoyancy these days that he touches only the high places.  If he isn't addressed as "dad" his feelings are injured, because a lovely girl baby came to the Withee home last Wednesday. Sprague Times. ( Sep 16, 1904)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. George Wood, Wednesday, May 20th, a daughter. ( May 22, 1908)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yadon on the 11th, a fine 12 pound boy.  ( Feb 14k, 1902)

---Born: On Saturday April 25th, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Yaden, of Bluestem, a daughter. ( May 01, 1908)

---A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Milo Yale ( June Tierney) at 1:30 a. m. December 24, and weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces.  The child has been named Milo William, and his birthday will always be celebrated in colorful and festive manner.  Mrs. Yale and baby who are at the Deaconess hospital in Spokane, are reported fine.  ( Dec 31, 1943)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yardwood,  Tuesday, Oct 22nd, a son. ( Oct 25, 1918, Cit)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Yarwood, Mohler, Tuesday, Oct 22, a boy.  ( Oct 28, 1932)

---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Young, Sunday, Jan 5th, a son.  This is their second child, their first born being a daughter. ( Jan 10,1919)


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