New Babies in Lincoln County

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From the newspapers, mostly Harrington Citizen and Lincoln County Times....These are in alphabetical order, followed by the date the item appeared in the newspaper. Most are births, a few are deaths.


---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fallert, Thursday, December 19th, a daughter. (Dec 20, 1912)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Fowler, on Sunday morning, a girl. (Dec 20, 1901)

---Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gilliam  are rejoicing over the arrival of a girl baby at their home. ( Nov 14, 1913)

---Auditor J. W. Anderson and wife attended the funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Glasscock, at Harrington, Saturday. ( Sep 15, 1899, LCT, Hillcrest)

---To Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Goddy, Tuesday, March 12th, a daughter. ( Mar 15, 1919)

---Twin girls were born to Mr. and Mrs. John Gooley. One of the twins has since died. (May 30, 1919, Downs)

---Born May 12, 1914, a boy to J. W. Graham. (May 15, 1914,Citizen)

---A daughter was born Oct. 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Keneth Griffin ( Patrica Heimbigner) at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane.  She weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces and has been named Susette Patrica. She has a brother, Steven, who celebrated his first birthday anniversary Oct 16.  Mr. and Mrs. Griffin and children are in Spokane for a while, but plan to return to the farm for the winter. ( Oct 24, 1952, Citizen)

---Born to the wife of C. G. Griffiths, of Mohler, a son, November 1. (Nov 09, 1900, LCT)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Grimes, Jan 08, a daughter. (Jan 12, 1912, Citizen) in 1937)

---Born May 14, a girl to Mr. and Mrs. Groebli. (May 15, 1914, Citizen)

---A boy was born to the wife of Fred Groth, living three miles south of Rocklyn, Wednesday night.

---The many Harrington friends of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Gunning sorrow with them in the loss on April 23rd, of their little 16 days old babe, Jean. Cardiac insufficiency was given as the cause of the little one's demise.

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Hall, Friday, Feb. 12th, a ten pound boy. ( Feb 19, 1909)

---To Mr. and Mrs. I. Haji, Bluestem, May 5th, a daughter. ( May 16, 1924)

---The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hamilton, born Wednesday, died at birth. ( Sep 17, 1920, 25 years ago column of Oct 05, 1945)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hardy, Saturday, April 24th, 1909, a daughter ( Apr 30, 1909, Citizen)

---Mr. and Mrs. Ted Harms are the proud parents of twin baby girls born Saturday night, May 4th, at the home in Harrington of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Baker.  One twin weighs 5 1/2 pounds and the other 5 pounds. This is the first visit of the stork to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harms although they have been married for ten years, but good measure was given the first visit.  Mr. and Mrs. Harms reside on a farm north of Davenport. ( Jun 10, 1932)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harper, Saturday night, August 10th, a son. ( Aug 16, 1912)

---The three months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Harris died of pneumonia last Monday night and was buried Tuesday. ( Nov 22, 1901)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Harter, Wednesday, November 7, an 8 1/2 pound boy.  The lad has been named Gerald Ralph.  Dr. R. J. Sewall of Davenport was the attending physician and Mrs. Harter's mother, Mrs. Cortez Brown of Davenport, is caring for them. ( Nov 16, 1934)

---On July 3d the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Haskins died a half hour after birth. Burial occurred Saturday, July 5th, in the Harrington cemetery. ( Jul 11, 1919)

---The little baby girl, born to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hatcher, Friday evening, February 12th, died Monday, February 15th at 10 O'clock and was buried in the Harrington cemetery with a simple ceremony at the grave. We take this method of thanking the friends who lent us assistance and sympathy during the illness, death and burial of our little babe. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hatcher. ( Feb 19, 1909)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Haynes, October 15, 1908, a daughter.

---The funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Halipeter ( Hollopeter) who died last Sunday night of cholera infantum took place on Monday afternoon.  Rev. A. A. Powers officiating.  A large number of friends of the bereaved parents were present. (Oct 04, 1901)

---Born Wednesday, August 15th, to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Holmes, a girl. ( Aug 31, 1900, LCT)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Homer, Tuesday morning May 18th, a son. ( May 21, 1909)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. A. Hufman, Wednesday, June 5th, a daughter. ( Jun 07, 1918)

---A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Huddle of Lake creek, this week.  Mr. Huddle is the gentleman who was fortunate enough to draw the $75 saddle at J. E. Williams' this fall. ( Nov 23, 1906)

---The little baby boy, still born to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Johnson Friday morning, was buried Saturday morning.( Jun 28, 1912)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. V. Johnson, Friday, November 7th, a daughter. ( Nov 14, 1919)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. (Frank?) Johnson of Lamona, Monday, Sept., 14, 1914, a daughter. ( Sep 18, 1914)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Monday, May 22, 1916, a boy. ( May 26, 1916, Citizen)

---To Mr. and Mrs. Lester Karr, Downs, May 11th, a son. ( May 16, 1924)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Keyser, Friday, June 21, 1912, a daughter.  Mrs. Keyser is stopping with her mother, Mrs. Crout, and they have already named the baby Ella May. ( Jun 28, 1912)

---A son was born November 24 to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kiehn. ( Dec 08, 1916)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kitt, December 1st, a daughter. ( Dec 03, 1920)

---Born a daughter to wife of John Kleba. (Jan 23, 1904)

---Gus Klumb was visited by the stork Saturday morning.  A fine baby girl was left at his place. ( Mar 25, 1910)

---A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Koppel, of Ruff, at the home of Mrs. W. Heineman in Odessa, Friday.  However the baby lived only a few minutes after its birth.  The body was taken to Ruff Saturday where it was buried that afternoon. ( Nov 21, 1924)

---A son was born Aug. 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Lakin, at Portland, Oregon.

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lawrence, Saturday, February 18th, a daughter. (Feb 19, 1909)

---Rev. Isaac Leonard took a day off last Sunday, the cause of his indisposition being the arrival of a girl in the early hours of the Sabbath.  The deacons of his church express the opinion that he will be able to fill his pulpit as usual by the time next Sunday rolls around. ( May 25, 1906, Cit.)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. Lockhart on day last week, a baby girl. ( Apr 27, 1900)

---Born a daughter, Jan 23, at Bluestem to Mr. and Mrs. Mason Long. ( Jan 31, 1908)

---A daughter, Jeanne Ann was born, 11:20 p.m. Wednesday night, September 24, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lybecker at Walla Walla.  She weighted 6 1/2 pounds and is the first girl in the E. E. Lybecker family--their children were sons, and their grandchildren to have were all grandsons. The Earl Lybecker on Martin will be three years old Feb 11, 1948. ( Sep 26, 1947)

---A daughter, Kira Lynn, was born at 9:16 a.m. Monday, December 8, at Sacred Heart hospital to Mr. and Mrs. William C. MacArthur (Peggy Kerr).  She weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and is 22 inches long.  She is the second grandchild for W. J. ( Bill) Kerr-his first is Creed Morgan son of Mr. and Mrs. Creed Morgan ( Patty Kerr). The Citizen editor who is reporting this birth, is happy to say " Peggy wrote a letter to me that day of December 8, telling of the joy this lovely daughter brings them. ( Dec 12, 1958,  Cit.)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Magnason, Nov 26, at Waukon, a daughter. ( Nov 29, 1912, Citz)

---The fourteen-year-old daughter of Fred Mahrt met with a peculiar accident last Thursday.  She was pushed out of a swing and in falling struck the side of a building and ran a sliver five inches long into her back just under her right shoulder blade.  She was brought to town and Dr. Ellis successfully removed the splinter. The Reardan Gazette, Nov 13, 1903)

---Joan Kay Mann, four months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Mann of Walla  Walla, formerly of Davenport, smothered to death in her crib at the Mann home early Thursday morning.  Mrs. Mann had been up with the child about 6:30 a. m. , and on arising about an hour later, found the little girl had pulled a blanket over head in some manner and was lifeless.  She was rushed to a hospital where resuscitation methods of all sorts were tried without avail.  Mr. Man was a Eureka, Ore. of a business trip when he received the sad news.  The body of the child was brought to Spokane and funeral services were held at Haze and Jaeger parlors....Mrs. Lloyd Peffley of Davenport and Mrs. W. J. Colville of Reardan, sang. Interment was in Riverside Park cemetery.  The baby was born in Spokane last July. ( Nov 26, 1937)

---The two year old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Masters is very low of ptomain poisoning.  ( Aug 18, 1911)

---The little girl, two years old, of Mr. and Mrs. Masters has been quite ill with cholera infantum, all week, but is better at this writing, Thursday. ( Oct 31, 1913)

---About 8 o'clock last evening G. A. Mathews entered the sanctum sanctorum of the Citizen and in an excited manner informed the editor that "it" weighed 9 pounds.  After the cigars had been passed around George explained that a boy had just made its appearance at his home and that the mother is doing nicely.  ( Jan 13, 1899, Citz.)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Grant McCann on June 5, a daughter. ( June 13, 1903, Citz.)

---"It's a boy" said Pete, as he paid for the fourth box of cigars. "a 12 pound boy and there's not another like it in Uncle Sam's realm" and he walked away with the air of an emporor without the slightest signs of rheumatism to see if Mrs. McCann and the boy needed him.  Both were doing nicely and Pete straightened up another inch. ( Jan 01, 1904)

---Evelyn, little daughter 13 months old, of Mr. and Mrs. McLain, died Tuesday of cholera infantum.  The little one was buried in the Harrington cemetery on Tuesday. She is the of Mrs. Sarah Opal McLean, a sister of Mrs. Clanaence Partridge, who arrived the 21st day of June from DesMoines, Iowa.  Rev. A. A. Powers held the funeral services at the Evangelaical church.  The exact age of Evelyn was 1 year, 1 months and 12 days.  ( Sep 17, 1915, Death certificate, Dunham)(note: Spelling typed as per article)

---Mrs. F. H. McKay presented her husband with a fine boy last Wednesday night.  ( Mar 08, 1901, 50 years ago column)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. James McKinnon, Jr., Friday, April 14, at 8:45 p.m., a son.   The baby weighed 5 pounds and 12 ounces, and he and his mother are doing nicely at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane. The question is now settled as to whether the new arrival was to be a beauty operator or a barber.  The newly initiated papa thinks it is certain that this contribution to the third generation of Harrington McKinnons will bear the name of his two grandfathers-Robert James.    ( Apr 21, 1939)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Mills, Sunday, September 5th, a daughter. ( Sep 10, 1915)

---Richard Henry Milton, the two and a half year old son of Rev. and Mrs. Ralph J. Milton of Harrington, died Friday of influenza. Some days before death occurred the child's lungs had been tapped and this afforded relief but for the time being only.  In spite of every car the child passed away.  Mr. Milton has had a hard time himself and is still weak but is now able to leave the home and take exercise.  The funeral service was held Sunday afternoon at the Baptist church, the Rev. Mr. Scott, officiating.  Burial took place in the Harrington cemetery. The relatives have the sympathy of the entire community. ( Apr 08, 1921)

---On July 5th, Mr. and Mrs. John Moos, of Edwall, were presented by the Stork with twins- a boy and a girl. ( Jul 16, 1909, Cit.)

---Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morgan are parents of a 9 lb. daughter, born Oct 27. ( Nov 03, 1911, in Nov 1936 Citizen)

---Robert Haynes of Edwall, was here Tuesday, coming down in capacity of funeral director in charge of the remains of the infant girl babe of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan, which was born and died the same day--Monday, Oct 10th. The little body was given burial in the Harrington cemetery, Tuesday. ( Oct 14, 1910)

---Born Thursday, Aug 21, 1890, to the wife of Robert Mowlds, of Minnie Falls, a son. ( Aug 27, 1890, Sprague Herald)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Murakami, Jan 11th, a son. ( Jan 17, 1919)


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