New Babies in Lincoln County

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From the newspapers, mostly Harrington Citizen and Lincoln County Times....These are in alphabetical order, followed by the date the item appeared in the newspaper. Most are births, some are deaths. 


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Abbot, of Rocklyn, Saturday, February 24, a son. (Mar 02, 1917)

---In reporting the birth of a child last week to Mr. and Mrs. Adams we could not get the initials in time for publication.  Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Adams are the proud parents of that 7 1/2 pound son. (Oct 02, 1908)

---Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Agte, who reside about twenty miles southwest of Odessa, and whose ages are 70 and 50 years respectively , are rejoicing over the birth of a baby girl which came to brighten their home Friday of last week. (Odessa, Nov 18, 1904, LCT)

---Born to Howard Amon, a boy, on Nov 22, Friday, Harrington

---An infant son born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas Amrine, Saturday, lived but a few hours. (Sep 15, 1916)

---Born to Mrs. E. S. Anderson on Thursday, Nov 13, 1902, a girl. (Nov 21, 1902)

---Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Armstrong, Wednesday, Sept 8, 1909, a boy baby. (Sep 10, 1909)

---New Mistress at Valley Farm: A daughter was born at 4:30 Sunday afternoon May 3, to Mr. and Mrs. Herb Armstrong at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane.  She weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces, and has been named Marciel Marie, (Citiz,  May 08, 1942)


---Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Bailey, Wednesday morning, Oct 14, 1908, a daughter.


---Born to Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Baker, Tuesday, January 24, an 8 pound girl. (Jan 27, 1911)


---On July 4th the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Benham died a few minutes after birth.  Burial occurred in the Harrington cemetery Saturday, July 5th.  Undertaker J. T. Lyse of Davenport cared for both bodies owing to the absence of  J. E. Turner the local mortician.  (Jul 11, 1919)


---Born Oct 23rd to the wife of F. M. Benway, a daughter. (NW Tribune, Nov 25, 1887)


---A seven pound son, Lanny Everett, was born at 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bakken at the hospital in Ione.  Mrs. Bakken is the former Marjorie Warwick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moss Warwick.  Mrs. Warwick has been at the Baken home the past six weeks.


---To Mr. and Mrs. George Black of Bluestem, Thursday, January 23rd, a son. (Jan 31, 1908)


---A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Bowers Monday of this week.  The father has gained several pounds in flesh since the arrival of the heiress and both mother and child are doing nicely. (Jun 25, 1905, Citizen) (Mohler)


---The Brown Twins were presented with a fine baby carriage by Mr. and Mrs. J. McInnis. (Oct 21, 1904, Citizen)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bruggemeier, January 20, a son. ( Jan 27, 1911)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bruggemeier, January 19, a son. (Jan 27, 1911)


---The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bruns which was born Friday morning April 9th, died last Sunday morning and was buried Monday, April 19th.  It lived but a short time to brighten the home, and the joy was soon turned into sorrow.  The little one merely budded on earth to bloom in heaven. "Verily,", Jesus said, "For of such is the Kingdom of heaven." (Apr 23, 1909)


---A baby boy was born to the wife of G. A. Bumpass of Lord's valley, on Monday last. (Dec 08, 1899, Citizen)


---A boy was born to the wife of G. A. Bumpass of Lord's Valley, the 22nd of this month. (May 31, 1901, Citizen)


---To Mr. and Mrs. I. LeRoy Bundy, June 23, a son. (Jul 02, 1920, LCT)


---Funeral services were held Wednesday for the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cameron. (50 years ago column, Friday January 25, 1901, Citizen)


---The stork paid his visit to Crab Creek, leafing(sp) with Mr. and Mrs. Axtel Carlson a baby girl. (Downs item, May 30, 1919)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. George Wm. Chandler on Monday, August 21, 1916, a son. (Aug 25, 1916)


---The stork settled in Harrington Sunday and called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Charlton where it left a dear little baby girl to be brought up in their home.  Ira had in mind a name that would suggest "coats and vests" but as it is he shall have to patronize the ribbon counter.  (July 19, 1912


---It is reported that Mrs. Theo Child Colburn of Spokane is the proud mother of another child, a daughter. (Jan 10, 1919)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cockle, Saturday May 8, a daughter. ( May 14, 1909)


---The best example of industry in this section, is the way in which the stork is "getting busy" at Harrington.  He called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cohlson Monday evening, January 11th and left a dear baby girl.  If Mr. stork remains here long he will cause a famine in Canton flannel, safety pins and catnip tea.  (Jan 15, 1909)


---To Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Coleman, Saturday, May 10th, a daughter. ( May 16, 1924 )


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cormana, at Spokane, Wednesday, July 13th, a son.  His score is two girls and a boy now ( Jul 15, 1922)


---Born: To Rev Croneck and wife, a son, Jan 17.  (Jan 24, 1908)


---Luther Cummings packed his household goods and went to Spokane, Wednesday.  Mrs. Cummings and baby will follow as soon as Luther secures a house and has things ready for their reception. (Jan 27, 1911, Citizen)


---A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Curry, Wednesday morning the 9th. ( Mar 11, 1904)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Rowland G. Curry, December 3rd, a daughter. (Dec 03, 1920)


--Another girl came to the Curl home, of this place yesterday morning and settled down as if she intended to stay an indefinite period. (Dec 30, 1898)


---A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Davis Saturday, February 25th. (Mar 03, 1899)


--Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Defabaugh, Monday March 8th, a daughter. (Mar 12, 1915)


---The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William Dellinger, who lives north of Davenport died Wednesday of last week of pneumonia.  There are a number of cases of flu and pneumonia in this district and twenty cases of measles are reported among children of grade school age.  (Feb 04, 1927)


---A 10 pound  baby boy was born to the wife of Oliver Dobson last Tuesday evening.  The mother and child are doing nicely, and there are strong hopes that the happy papa may survive.  (Nov 24, 1899)


---A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Dobson last Saturday.  (Dec 04, 1903)


---Born: Monday evening last to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Driscoll, a daughter.  To say that this little stranger was heartily welcomed would be superfluous.  Just look at the grin on Jimmy's face as he offers you a cigar. Reardan Gazette.  (Jul 25, 1901)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Pete Duncan, Monday, Aug. 14th, a son. ( Aug 18, 1922)


---Word is received that R. M. Dye, former grand chancellor of the Knights of Pythias of the Grand Domain of Washington, is a proud father for the second time.  A "repeater"---another girl.  How unfeeling the stork is, sometimes. 

 ( Nov 14, 1913)


---Last Sunday evening at the close of quarterly meeting services at the M. E. church, the wife of Rev. Eakin presented her husband with a fine ten pound boy. (Jul 05, 1895)


---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Earl on Thursday, June 11, a girl. ( June 26, 1903)


---A son was born Feb 23 to Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Earney. (Feb 26, 1926, 25 yrs ago column)


---A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Berry Evans last Saturday.  (Jun 25, 1905)


---Born--Jan 26 to Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Farmer, a girl. (Feb 14, 1982)


---A seven and a half pound daughter was born October 11 to Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Foster.  Mr. Foster is Lincoln county extension agent. (Oct 27, 1939)


---A boy was born to the wife of H. H. Fox, May 10.  (May 17, 1901)


---After over eight years of married life a 10 pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Froman.  Tuesday the 23rd inst.  Mr. and Mrs. Froman were formerly in the Hotel Lincoln but have been farming this summer about eight miles south of Harrington.  Mother and child were doing nicely at the last report and father is gaining flesh rapidly.  ( Oct 26, 1906)


---Born  on June 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gibson, a daughter.  ( Jun 12, 1903)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Green, June 11, a son. (1910 births, 25 yrs ago column, Jun 28, 1935)


---A son at the home of Mr. John Harper are the most recent arrivals in the vicinity. (LCT Sep 23, 1902, in Lorene.)


---Births: On Friday, September 14, to Mr. and Mrs. D. D. King, a girl. (Sep 20, 1900, LCT)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. H. Mawhinney, June 10, a daughter. (1910 births, 25 yrs ago column, Jun 28, 1935)


---Born April 24, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCall. ( Apr 30, 1920)


---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Grant McCann on June 5, a daughter.  ( Jun 12, 1903)


---Births: On Friday, September 14, to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDonald, of Hartline, a son. (Sep 20, 1900, LCT)


---To Mr. and Mrs. D. McMaster, June 28th, a daughter. (Jul 02, 1920, LCT)


---A daughter at the home of Mr. Henry Mints.... the most recent arrivals in the vicinity. (LCT Sep 23, 1902, in Lorene.)


---Born April 25, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Morgan. ( Apr 30, 1920)


---Born to Mr. and Mrs. Cal Patty on June 5, a daughter.  ( Jun 12, 1903)


---To Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Thomas, Sunday, June 27, a daughter. (Jul 02, 1920, LCT)


---Births: On Friday, September 14, to Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ulrich, a son. (Sep 20, 1900, LCT)


---Births: On Thursday, September 13, to Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Voorhes, a boy. (Sep 20, 1900, LCT)


---Born-- to Mr. and Mrs. R. Warwick of Mohler on Tuesday last, a girl. (Dec 30, 1898)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Warwick,   a daughter, June 12. (1910 births, 25 yrs ago column, Jun 28, 1935)


---Born April 11, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Warwick. ( Apr 30, 1920)


---Born April 26, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Karl Williams. ( Apr 30, 1920)


---Born: To Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Wilson, a daughter, June 16th.  (1910 births, 25 yrs ago column, Jun 28, 1935)



45 Born in 1921....15 Deaths, Jan 06, 1922

"Records from the books of H. S. Bassett, the local registrar of vital statistics, show that the year 1921 there were 45 births....of these births 27 were females and 18 were males.  Two of this number of females were Japanese, born to parents residing in Harrington. Of the deaths, five were children.


Births in 1926.....Jan 07, 1927

"During the year of 1926 the Stork left 14 baby boys and 10 baby girls in this registration district, sates H. S. Bassett the local registrar of vital statistics.  Mr. Stork left five boys before leaving the first girl. "


Stork Calls 14 Times in '34......Jan 11, 1935

"During the year of 1934 there were 14 births in Registration District No. R-3, six of whom were boys and eight girls.  This district comprises the voting precincts of Earl, Yarwood, Downs, Mohler, Sedalia, Harrington (city) and Harrington (outside City).

Here are the young Americans:

Norman Archie Stelzer, Lloyd Ronald Makey, Clair Richard Hildebrand, Alfred Allven Stelzer, Robert Dean Birge, F. William Knapp, Doris  Mae Brockob, Naomi Rae Lynch, Marzene Delaine Chappell, Gloria Gwyndalyn Werner, Helen Shirley Whitney, Claris Mae Guhlke, Donna Lou Smith, Beverley Jean Maras.  Doris Mae Brockob, only infant death."



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