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Sprague Herald, Jan 20, 1892

To the wife of J. C. Pembrooke, on January 14th, 1892, a daughter

To the wife of Geo. M. Beardslee, on January 14, 1892, a son.

To the wife of O. C. Jensen, on January 15th, 1892, a son.

To the wife of Matt Brislawn, on January 19th, 1892, a daughter.



 No date or newspaper given on my copy. Do you know?

ON Sunday, the eight year old child of Mr. J. McHugh.

On Sunday, the little child of  S. K. Gregg passed away.

The little son of Wm Reed died suddenly on Sunday, without apparent cause.

Sprague Herald, Feb 28, 1894

Born, to the wife of Mr. Geo. Simons, of Sherman, on Monday last, a boy.  This makes four children which have been born to them (and are still living) within three years. Twins were born Feb. 20th, 1891, another child was born in the summer of 1892 and the above mentioned child makes that fourth in one day less than three years.  Mr. Simons would like to hear of some one that can beat this record.  There are just a dozen persons in Mr. Simons' family.

The Sprague Times, September 05, 1902

--Died--On Friday, September 5, 1902, the 17-months-dauther of Mr. and Mrs. JOE FISH.  The funeral services will be held in the Catholic church at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.

...Died--On Friday, August 29, 1902, LOIS, the two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. GRANT ROBINSON.  The funeral services were held in the Baptist church Saturday afternoon.

...Died--On Saturday, August 30, 1902 WALTER CHARLES, the eight-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. BOEHL.  Funeral services were held Sunday morning in the Congregational church.


The Sprague Times, Oct 10, 1902 

..BORN-- On Saturday, October 4, 1902, to the wife of G. W. THOMPSON, a 10-pound daughter.


Lincoln County Times, Sep 20, 1907

Born--To Mr. and Mrs. Lee Limbocker on Tuesday, September 17, a girl.

Born--To Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beiler, on Saturday, September 14th, a son.

Born--To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilkerson, Sunday, Sep. 15, a girl. The little girl died the next morning and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery the next day.

Born--To Mr. and Mrs. Frank McMasters on Monday, September 16th, a son.

Born-- To Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McCall to Tacoma, Wash., August 28th a girl.

The Sprague Advocate, Feb 09 1917

...Mr. and Mrs. J. B. GODFREY welcomed a daughter into their home on Saturday last.  The little one will be called PRINCESS PATRICIA in honor of a famous Canadian regiment of the Godreys native land, Canada.

The Sprague Advocate, Feb 23, 1817   

..Born to Mr. and Mrs. MIKE KINTACHI of Edwall on Monday, a boy.

The Sprague Advocate, Mar 16, 1917              

..A little girl came to the Z. E. MYERS home on Wednesday last.

...Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BROPHY on Wednesday a girl.

The Sprague Advocate, April 27, 1917   

...Born to Mr. and Mrs. PETER FAHEY on April 23, a girl.

The Sprague Advocate,  July 9, 1925

Martha Jane, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dooly fell while playing and suffered a broken arm week before last, but is getting along nicely.


Davenport Times-Tribune, Oct 12 , 1939

---Born-- to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Geier who reside on Hawk Creek northwest of Davenport, a son, at the Mrs. George Bair home hospital in Davenport.  Dr. J. F. Poynter was the attending physician. 


Davenport Times-Tribune, Oct 19, 1939

---Born-- to Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Foster of Davenport, a 7 1/4 pound daughter, Wednesday  evening; October 11, at the Deaconess hospital in Spokane.  Mr. Foster is Lincoln county Extension agent.

---Born_ to Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Warwick, who resides on a farm southeast of Davenport, a daughter at the Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane,

 Thursday, October 12. 


Davenport Times-Tribune, Nov 2, 1939

---Born-- to Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Oertel of Davenport, an 8 pound son, Friday, October 27, at the family home in Davenport.  Dr. J. F. Poynter was the attending physician.

---Born--to Mr. and Mrs. Donald French of Telford, a son, Monday, October 30, at the Mrs. George Bair home hospital here.  Dr. Ralph Sewall was the attending physician.  Mrs. French is the former Amanda Stelzer.


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