The following scanned copies of these newspapers are contributions by Dana Wheeler of newspapers that her Great Grandfather Frank W. Johnson either wrote or edited while he worked at the The Centerville Times and The Astoria Printer.

Thank you Dana for bringing us this wonderful look back into local history!

Please note that these are scans of photocopies of old newspapers. During the copying process, only portions of the newspaper were duplicated. The scans we were ultimately given (in some cases) have subsequently been altered with some articles or advertisements relocated on the page to reduce the size of the jpg. The family of Mr. Johnson saved what was dear to their heart -- which was primarily the editorials written by Mr. Johnson. They provide a historical viewpoint on The Centerville community. Of particular interest to me was Mr. Johnson's perspective on the demise of the business community in Centerville -- which you will find on page 4 of The Astoria Printer. If you should have a more pristine preservation of any of these newspapers, or of other local papers, we would be glad to hear from you!

The photos remain very large files so may take awhile to load. They are between 500 and 600 kb.