Woodland Cemetery

Name Birth Death Information *Src
Collins, Ellen 06-08-1837 06-22-1915 Obituary (Research and link by Jeffrey Elmer)   Ellen Collins was born on June 9, 1837 in Scotland. She married John Collins in Chicago in 1895. The Collins fmaily settled in Klickitat County in 1898. Ellen died on June 22, 1915 in Klickitat County as the result of a fall.   [Researcher Note: Ellen's maiden name may have been Whitehead as her death certificate stated that her father's surname was "Whitehead"] KGW
Collins, John about 1835 01-02-1908 Gravestone   John was born about 1835 in England. He had three children with his first wife [her name is unknown by this researcher]: John X Collins, Mrs. J Watson and Mrs. W.G. Parker. John was married to his wife Ellen in 1895 in Illinois. They settled in Klickitat County in 1898. John died on January 2, 1908 when he broke his neck after falling from a woodshed.   Gravestone Inscription: "Husband" aged 72 years" GW
Drury, William Riley 11-04-1920 06-08-1938 Metal Marker   Gravestone   Youth Near Death from Bad Tumble (column 5)   Obituary (column 4)   GW
Gharet, Harvey A     Gravestone Photo   Harvey A Gharet served as an S2 in the US Naval Reserve Force in WWI. (Inscription: "HARVEY A. GHARET, WASHINGTON, S2, USNRF, WORLD WAR I, NOVEMBER")   [Researcher Note: It is difficult to ascertain exactly who this person is given that the bottom portion of the gravestone is missing and all that is left is "November" for dates. There was a Harvey Albert Gharet who was born November 21, 1888 in Olney, Illinois to Martha [Gardner] and Charles Gharet. That Harvey married Orpha L. [Hansen] on May 3, 1919 in Yakima County, WA. Harvey died on January 4, 1958 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA. The WA State Digital Archives cite that Harvey was buried in the Tahoma Cemetery in Yakima, WA on January 9, 1958. HOWEVER, on this broken gravestone, there are the tops of two numbers that can be seen after the "November" and it is this researcher's opinion that those numbers are "21" which would likely make this the correct Harvey A. Gharet; but especially given the possibility that he is buried in the Tahoma Cemetery, it remains speculative whether this is the same Harvey Gharet as I can find no empirical records to verify this.] CH
Ingraham, Frank 1860 1911   GW
Ingraham, Mary Lucinda 1869 10-26-1948 Services for Mary Ingraham To Be Held Fri, Oct 29 (column 2)   [Researcher Note: The newspaper masthead deate is incorrect. It is in fact, the October 28, 1948 issue] GW
Ingraham, Shirley May 01-24-1942 05-07-1942 "Ingraham Infant Measles Victim"   Shirley May Ingraham was born on January 24, 1942 to Hazel Alma [Rhoades] and Frank Ingraham. 3 month old Shirley passed away in Goldendale on May 7, 1942 from complications brought on by the measles.
[Researcher Sources: The Goldendale Sentinel; WA Death Records]
Ingraham, Kathryn June 04-20-1943 05-01-1952   GW
Lefever, Luther 09-13-1897 06-13-1908 "Son of F & M Lefever" GW
Marsh, Albertina 1861 1930 "His wife, mother" GW
Marsh, Charles E. 08-19-1882 09-03-1967 b. Calumet, MI / d. Goldendale, WA GW
Marsh, Hjalmar S. 1852 1913 "Father" GW
Neff, Charles A. 1860 1920   GW
Neff, Sarah E. 10-13-1840 01-04-1906 "Wife of Thomas Neff" GW
Rhoades, George W. about 1869 01-12-1944 aged 74 yrs, 1 mo, 25 days GW
Rude, Arthur 1898 1900 "Brother" GW
Rude, Francis Marion 10-20-1852 03-16-1908 Gravestone Photo   Woodland Cemetery faceing east   Klickitat County Pioneer Monument 1   Klickitat County Pioneer Monument 2   Obituary   Francis Marion Rude was born on October 20, 1852, in Springfield, Illinois, and died on March 16, 1908, in Goldendale, Washington. He came to California before 1878 on a wagon with a cousin and was married to Alice Winifred Snodderly on July 1st, 1883, in Ione City, California. They moved to Goldendale in 1884 where they filed for a homestead in Woodland where they remained until Francis death. He and Alice were the parents of 15 children, 3 of them dying young. In 1887 he was converted and became a minister for the Advent Christian Church for several years. The church was built on his property next to where the Woodland Cemetery is located. The church and cemetery land was donated to the Advent Church in 1905. The church building was later moved to a different location. (Gravestone inscription: Francis M. Rude 1852-1908 "Father") -- [Researcher Source: Great Granddaughter Cindy Henry] GW
Rude, Baby 1900 1900 "Sister" GW
Sanders, Wayne   04-14-1912 "Infant son of R.S. & V.E." GW
Watson, George A 06-29-1850 07-11-1935 George A Watson (column 4)   Spouse: Lillie M. Bassett   [Researcher Note: Although George's obituary stated that he was born in the state of Nebraska, several US Censuses cite New York as his state of origin. In 1880, he and his wife were living in Nebraska. N
Watson, Lillie about 1858 01-06-1914 George A Watson (Husband's Obituary - column 4)   Lillie Bassett was born in Michigan. She married George A. Watson about 1873. Lillie died at Indian Springs, Klickitat County CF

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