Native American -- Unknown Site of Burial

Name Birth Death Notes
Dave, Emma   1939 Great Spirit Calls Last of Tribe (column 3)   Emma Dave was the last surviving member of her tribe. The Shahaptian tribe were known as mountain dwellers, and were in the Mount Adams area. She was the wife of Little Dave, and the mother of Caples Dave. Emma was nearly 100 years old at her death.
Gibson, Anna     Please see this person under "Weetcapum Gibson, Anna"
Klickitat, Sheppard Peter about 1861 12-01-1935 Old Klickitat Dies (column 2)   Parents: Annie & Peter Klickitat. Spouse: Lottie. Died of exposure near Brownstown, Yakima, WA.   (Head of the Klickitats)
Sampson, Dave abt 1900 12-30-1919 Dave Sampson (Column 2)   Louis Sampson took the bodies (Column 2)   Dave Sampson was a Native American who was born in Washington State about 1900. His father was Louis Sampson. (I believe his mother's name was Supum.) Dave died at the age of 19 on December 30, 1919 from tuberculosis. He was originally buried in "the family lot," but was later buried in "the family burying ground" in the Satus Canyon. The Sampson family were educated farmers and their farm was considered locally as a model farm. [Additional resources: 1910 census Louis Sampson's Death (link by Jeffrey Elmer). Note: This researcher has been unable to locate this cemetery.]
Shillal, David P 03-05-1930 07-21-1948 Body of Indian Youth Recovered (column 2)   David P. Shillal was born to Elizabeth [Tond] and Phillip Shillal. David apparently drowned in the Columbia River and his body was found close to Lyle, WA. He was an Indian Youth from Umatilla and was listed on the U.S. Indian Census Rolls on the Cayuse Umatilla Reservation in Umatilla, Oregon.
Suterlick, Joseph abt 1910 07-14-1942 Indian Dies Under Train At Spearfish   Joseph Lawrence Suterlick was born about 1910 to Mary [Yoke] and James Suterlick. He was married to Alice S.   Joseph died on July 14, 1942 in Rural Klickitat County, WA. when he was hit by an S.P.&S. Freight train. He had been at Celilo fishing.
[Research Resources: WA Death Records; Goldendale Sentinel article on Joseph's death]
Unknown unknown Jan 1918? The dead body (col 1)   The body of an Indian was found in late January 1918. He had frozen to death. His body was temporarily buried on Bowman Creek, and then his native friends/family removed his body and buried it at Rock Creek.
[Research Resources: Goldendale Sentinel]
Weetcapum Gibson, Anna unk 12-03-1948 Annie, wife of George Gibson (column 5)   Annie (or Anna) Weetcapum Gibson was born about 1885 in Washington. According to the WA State Death Records, she was the daughter of A-Che-Walki (father) and At-Tum-Man-Ny (mother). Anna was married to George Gibson. Anna passed away on December 3, 1948 in Klickitat County, WA. The 1940 Census reflects that both Annie and George were Native American [Researcher Note: This is an attempt to identify the death of a local Native American with the barest of newspaper coverage in that tiny note. The name information came from the WA State Digital records and the spellings are often difficult for those transcribing; however, I considered that some information would be better than none and might help a researcher further along in their endeavours.]