Published in The Goldendale Sentinel, July 16, 1964 pg 1
[Copied from original newspaper by Researcher Ellen Rowley]

Liquor said cause of man drowning July 11

"Too much intoxicating liquor was blamed for the drowning in the White Salmon River of Alfred O. Olson, 58, Bingen, at approximately 10:30 a.m. Saturday, July 11, investigation disclosed.

The remains of Olson was taken from the water within 30 minutes of the fatality by Henry Myhre and William E. Adams, Vancouver, who were working at the scene and living in a cabin nearby, the report on file at the sheriff’s office states.

Two juveniles, John R. Anglin, 9, Vancouver and John D. Binge of Bingen, also witnessed the tragedy.

Myhre and Adams, according to the report, said that Olson was drunk at the time he took his shirt off and entered the water and that he boasted of drinking four quarts of wine just before coming to the beach. Olson was reported as saying he was “having fun.”

The report also stated that Myhre and Adams, who were working in the water nearby, appealed to Olson to get out of the water, but he refused. Myhre and Adams said they went to their cabin and when they came out they saw Olson face down in the water.

Olson’s body was removed by the two men, who contacted Mrs. W.R. Hearn, who in turn summoned White Salmon police and the Fire Department rescue car.

The remains were taken to a White Salmon Funeral Home from where funeral arrangements were made for the victim."

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