The following are research notes/thoughts regarding the story found in the Goldendale Sentinel
It is NOT FACT. It is an attempt to put the pieces together to who this man is and should be treated as fodder for additional research -- E. Rowley

Reprinted in the July 2, 1942 edition of The Goldendale Sentinel
"Clippings of the Past"
Originally printed on September 29, 1887

Jake Burgen

"The startling information regarding the sudden death of Jake Burgen, son of Uncle Johnny Burgen, of this couny [sic], was brought into town on last Thursday evening. It seems on the evening mentioned he took the shot gun and went out for the purpose of shooting some prairie chickens, and as he started out his mother cautioned him to be careful and not kill his ducks that were swimming on the pond near the house, and proceeded to prepare the evening meal. He was only gone a short time and returning to a fence about 30 yards from the house he set the gun down and climbed over to the opposite side and after standing a moment in the plain sight of the house he passed his hand through the fence, took hold of the gun and endeavored to pull it through to him, when the hammer must have caught on something causing the gun to be discharged, the whole conents entering his right side just below the ribs."

The above story appears to be about a man who is killed in a tragic accident in Klickitat County. I believe it is about Jacob Burgen, son of Susannah [Simpson] and John Smith Burgen. John brought his family to Klickitat County in 1859 and built a cabin and established a stock ranch. His son Jacob was born on October 21, 1861 in Klickitat County, while it was still Washington Territory. If this is the correct person, then he died in September 1887. A place of burial has not been identified by this researcher.

[Research Sources: "Klickitat County, WA Death & Birth Records From Other Sources (Nov 1859 to Dec 1899)"; 1880 U.S. Census; 1871, 1883 & 1885 WA State & Territorial Censuses; his mother's Susan Burgen's Obituary in The Goldendale Sentinel (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer); Susan Burgen's Obituary in the Klickitat County Agriculturist (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer)]

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