Chapman "Sundale" Cemetery
Klickitat County, Washington

Sundale Cemetery is about 50 by 100 feet in area and obviously contains quite a few burials, some of which were marked with missing stones and others with wooden markers that have disappeared.   At the time the cemetery was in use, there were enough people in the area that a post office named Sundale existed in the area from 1915 to 1940.

NAME Birth Death NOTES
Bosshardt, Blanche Sophia 10-14-1879 06-17-1905 (nee Smith)  
Furman, Charles     10-12 yrs old, (one of last to be buried here) -- between 1921-1924
Hartz, Wilhemina      
Hatch, baby      
Hatch, Earlman Roger 09-21-1821 12-22-1894  
Kelley, Sarah Jane 1836 about 1910 (nee Van Orsdoll)  
Landstrom, A.     hobo, about 30 years old, single.   buried around 1905 or later
Peters, Claude Feb 1903 05-18-1903  
Peters, Jennie C Mar 1901 05-06-1903  
Prickett, James R 07-25-1829 08-26-1902  
White, Ada Jane 02-01-1861 04-19-1894 (Nee Purvine) age 33 yr., 2 mo. 16 days; "Mother"
White, Loretta Floyd 09-03-1891 12-18-1900 daughter of Mrs. R.D. White
White (A.J.W.)     White; a stone reading "A.J.W." located some distance from that for Ada J. White

Thanks to Mrs. Fred E. Carver for originally copying the inscriptions, July, 1969