Memorial To The Dead
Of World War I

Klickitat County, Washington

Built by Sam Hill, son-in-law of the railroad magnate James J. Hill, pioneer advocate of good roads, promoter of international peace and friend of royalty, Stonehenge is a replica of the mysterious Stonehenge in England.  The plaque dedicating the American Stonehenge reads:
"In memory of the soldiers of Klickitat County who gave their lives in defense  of their country.  This monument is erected in the hope that others inspired  by the example of their valor and their heroism may share in that love of liberty and burn with that fire of patriotism which death can alone quench."
Name Born Died Note
James Henry Allyn Apr 12, 1897 Jul 15, 1918 The Allyn Boys Write   Corp. Henry Allyn Dies in France
Charles Auer Jul 17, 1894 Jun 06, 1918 Arlington Cemetery   Hall of Valor  
John W. Cheshier Jun 13, 1890 Feb 05, 1918 Link to news reports  
Evan Childs Jul 14, 1893 Sep 30, 1918 Body of Evan Childs (Link by Jeffrey Elmer)  
Harry Cotfredson May 06, 1894 Jul 30, 1918 Harry Gotfredson of Bickleton, was killed in action   Findagrave Memorial, Picardie, France  
James D. Duncan Jul 15, 1897 Jun 16, 1917 Death of Donald Duncan (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer)  
Robert F. Graham Feb 29, 1896 Apr 17, 1917 Oregon Guardsman Dies  
Louis Leidl Mar 05, 1894 Oct 14, 1918 France Findagrave Memorial   Leidl Boys Write From Over-The-Sea March 14, 1918 newspaper   Louis Leidl Writes Home from France (August 4, 1918) - September 12, 1918 newspaper   ...word from Louis (See column 2) December 5, 1918 newspaper   Lewis Leidl Listed as Missing in Action   Lieut Leidl (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer)
Carl A. Lester Oct 06, 1988 Mar 15, 1918 Grim Reaper Calls (link by Jeffrey Elmer)    
Edward Lindblad Mar 25, 1899 Sep 15, 1918 Missing   American Battle Monuments Commission   [Note: Some records are listed under Linblad]

Samuel Hill, 1857 - 1931
"Amid nature's great unrest, he sought rest."